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Samsung Galaxy S: Hands on wrap up

Hands on with the most powerful Android phone to date

Well after the news that the Samsung Galaxy S has at least 3 times the graphical processing power of other smartphones perhaps it is back on the radar after being rather abruptly unseated by the announcement of the HTC Evo 4G.

The majority of us won’t be covered by 4G WiMax until 2012 anyway; so you’ll have plenty of time to upgrade again. Furthermore this will probably be coming in GSM flavor so those who are with Sprint (or CDMA averse) will be more inclined to check out the Galaxy S as well.

Lets take a spin around the web and see what some of our friends had to say after getting their hands on with Samsung’s latest and greatest.

IntoMobile“Notice the crisp and bright display. Even underneath some seriously bright flourescent lights, the Galaxy S’s Super AMOLED shined flawlessly. The technology that makes the AMOLED display a veritable eye-gasm also allows for…an impressively svelte 9.9mm thin (device)! Combine that with all the smartphone trimmings (3G data, WiFi, GPS, microSD, 3.5 headphone jack) and a 5-megapixel camera, and the Galaxy S has the makings of one super phone.”

Mobile Burn – “Having seen in it person, I have to agree that the new Super AMOLED touchscreen is amazing. It was so sharp, crisp, and colorful that the photos and videos just jumped off the screen. The colorful new TouchWiz 3.0 user interface that runs on the phone, and notably lacks the much maligned widget tray, is a real step in the right direction.

One of the highlights of the device is the 5 megapixel camera and its ability to record 720p HD video. The Swype virtual keyboard is available for text input duties, and Think Free is pre-loaded for viewing and editing Microsoft Office compatible files.”

Engadget – “Let’s just get this out of the way right off: the 4-inch…Super Amoled display on the Galaxy S is nothing short of stunning. Put side by side with an iPhone under some very harsh lighting, the difference between them…is pretty astounding. Everything is bright and crisp, text legible, and the colors are jaw-droppingly beautiful. Touchscreen performance? This is another standout on this Android 2.1 device and coupled with Samsung’s 1GHz Application Processor, not only is it responsive but the UI is smooth and fast.”

One thing that I find interesting is that people don’t seem to be freaking out over the reported 8/16 GB of internal storage plus a micro SD slot, whereas when Taylor reported that the HTC Incredible may be arriving with 6 GB of internal storage there seemed to be a huge backlash refuting that as a possibility.

With the release of this most recent round of Android devices pretty much blowing the competition out of the water on the specs front, are we finally willing to believe that Android can compete on the storage front as well?

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  • Umut Akyol

    It’s design is copy of iPhone, it’s sad… Because otherwise i will buy one of them.

    • Sean Riley

      I have to ask; even if this were an exactly copy of the iPhone (just with Android 2.1 and far better specs than the iPhone), why would that prevent you from buying one?

      • anakin78z

        Personally, I would have to say no, I would not buy it under those circumstances. But I’m very gung ho about Android, and something like that would just piss me off too much (and already does). Why would I want to walk around with something that’s better, yet imitates? I hate to be that shallow, but I want people to know I’m not using an iPhone, or rather, I want them to know I’m using an awesome Android phone. There’s a bit of competition there, and even with better specs, walking around with that phone would be like saying: Yea, your device is better, and no matter how good this phone is, I’m just imitating you.

        But that’s just me.

        • Sean Riley

          Give me a big green Android on the back instead of an Apple and frankly I would find it kind of funny to taunt them with their own device done better.

          I do see your point though, having some differentiation is nice, but in all fairness as these slate style phones are getting thinner and thinner and the bezels shrink more and more they are kind of inevitably going to look pretty similar.

          • anakin78z

            Pretty similar, sure, but there’s a line. There’s also no mistaking a Droid for a Pre, though the other day someone asked me if my Nexus One was an iPhone, which somewhat surprised me.

            I love the idea of a green android on the back of my phone, or even the outline of one, as they had on some of the dev phones, if I remember correctly.
            Frankly, the little green guy is vastly underutilized as a marketing tool :-).

    • http://Website cheena

      I heard about a patent lawsuit against HTC, Nokia… err but to samsung? Not yet, when the 1st iphone was released on 2007, the technology that was infused to it, made it surpassed all its competitors for roughly 18 months — As you can see all phones today, has a resemblance to it (in a way) , but makes no mistake about it, they’re not the same, and not even a copycat. It just so happen, that the iPhone was the first.

      Should you say, yes, then apple should already file a lawsuit against samsung, but of course, the situation speaks, otherwise.

      Samsung Galaxy S Debacle Opinions

  • Andrew

    The software is a rip off of the iPhone. I wonder how many lawsuits Apple will file against Samsung

    • Sean Riley

      Anything is possible, but Samsung is older than Apple and likely has sufficient IP to defend themselves, unlike HTC.

      • Andrew

        I think HTC will succeed. I don’t know why I think that way.

        Apple was awarded all these ridiculous patents, and they shouldn’t have been

        • Sean Riley

          Oh I think HTC will get through this just fine; I just meant that I don’t think Apple would even try suing Samsung.

  • vkelman

    Do you know if Samsung Galaxy uses PenTile technology in its AMOLED screen, so its text clarity might suffer from the same issues as Nexus Ones’s screen?
    Check this incredible interesting article and comments underneath. As an loving owner of Nexus One I still confirm what article says about relatively blurry text on it.

    Vladimir Kelman

  • anakin78z

    Good point, Sean, I got so hung up on some of the other things that I completely forgot about the 8/16 gb storage!

    I have to ask though… Is this any different than the 8gb of storage on the Samsung Galaxy? If I recall correctly, only a small amount of that was actually available for applications.

    • Sean Riley

      Unfortunately that hasn’t been confirmed yet, so yes I’m being a little hopeful here.

  • royksopp82

    This phone looks great. But I had used samsung phone before(Omnia) it was a piece of junk. Like people said up there, it is looks like an iPhone and that’s what it makes 2% less from perfect. No matter what Samsung is sneaky company which I don’t trust anymore.

  • Ben Tolmachoff

    I have zero faith in Samsung Android devices after the Behold II. They have a lot to prove before I’d even consider this a purchase.

    • Sean Riley

      No doubt their current releases have been less than stellar, but they are hitting a lot of the right marks with what we know about this device so far so perhaps they are charting a course for redemption.

    • ExtremeT

      I completely agree with you about Samsung having to prove themselves. The Behold II was such an epic flop coupled with that terrible custom UI. We have the first behold here in my household and they wanted to upgrade and thought the Behold II was a good choice..I gave them the cracked screen G1 I have laying around and said it’s be a better upgrade then the Behold II

  • http://Website akil

    i understand about the faith part but its a with google branded device so no worry of touch wiz, and it looks more like an instinct to me

    • Sean Riley

      It does actually use TouchWiz 3.0, but reports so far have indicated that it is not a heavy skinning of stock 2.1.

  • http://Website akil

    for all of you who wouldn’t get a phone because it looks like an iphone but is way better, what if the phone could play ps3 games like the the windows 7 phones play xbox 360 games would you still say no

  • krazytrixxxsta

    these new phones for android is putting my mytouch to shame

  • Mark

    This is pretty much on the top of my WANT list… I’d even move over to AT&T if (and that’s a HUGE IF) they release Android handsets that aren’t locked down tighter than an iPhone.

  • http://Website gad

    Anyone knows if its got live wallpaper?

  • http://Website Dustin

    very nice, seems great but. what about actually taking pictures? yes 5mp camera… but no flash? and did i hear correctly that big button at the bottom is basically just a home button with no directional? personally i prefer somehow being able to navigate with a trackball or something in certain situations. i feel that slide for the usb will become a hassle in some way, getting jammed broken something or another. and the menu looks way too similar to the iphone for me =/

    i’m not trying to hate this phone or anything, but as a consumer who wants an amazing smartphone along these lines, these are things i look at in all my phones.

  • Alcatel Phones

    That Galaxy S looks too much like an iPhone and it gives the false impression that Android is a copy of the iPhone.

  • http://Website bobby

    Anyone know the 3G frequency on this? GSM or CDMA?

    • Sean Riley


  • Master Of Dinister

    iPhone i build on compunents from samsung!

  • http://Website samdroid

    Rumor has a full qwerty Samsung Galaxy S Pro arriving in June, hopefully its confirmed and US bound

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