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Samsung Galaxy S “Hummingbird” chip to have 3x GPU power of Snapdragon

Did you know the Samsung Galaxy S contains the fastest graphics processing unit of any Android phone? Neither did I because Samsung felt that spec wasn’t important enough to include in their official press release.

It took me awhile to realize it, but I was watching the Galaxy S keynote highlights and noticed Samsung’s Omar Khan mention their 1 GHz chip could “process a staggering 90 million triangles per second”. He claimed this was three times faster than any smartphone so I went and verified the numbers. The Snapdragon platform (QSD8x50) only does 22 million triangles per second.

So how could this be? How could Samsung produce one of the most powerful Cortex-A8 based processors and just completely leave it off their press kit for the Galaxy S?

It took me a lot of searching (really, I should be sleeping), but I was able to dig up all the goods on this magical processor.

Apparently the Samsung Galaxy S features their new S5PC110 application processor which was announced last year. This processor contains an ARM Cortex-A8 core paired with a PowerVR SGX540 GPU.

The Cortex-A8 core is codenamed Hummingbird and it was designed by Intrinsity who claims it is the fastest Cortex-A8 processor around. I will spare you that I’m some kind of ARM architecture expert and refer you to their press release for more info.

Very little is know about the PowerVR SGX540 because it has only been shown off on two device so far – the Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000) and the Samsung Wave (S8500).

Here is a GPU comparison for some of the leading smartphones:

  • Motorola Droid: TI OMAP3430 with PowerVR SGX530 = 7-14 million(?) triangles/sec
  • Nexus One: Qualcomm QSD8x50 with Adreno 200 = 22 million triangles/sec
  • iPhone 3G S: 600 MHz Cortex-A8 with PowerVR SGX535 = 28 7 million triangles/sec
  • Samsung Galaxy S: S5PC110 with PowerVR SGX540 = 90 million triangles/sec

And for comparison a few consoles:

  • PS3: 250 million triangles/sec
  • Xbox 360: 500 million triangles/sec

As you can clearly see, the Samsung Galaxy S comes out on top of the smartphones by a wide margin (but not quite those PS3 graphics in your pocket yet).

So to recap, the Samsung Galaxy S has the best display (Super AMOLED) and fastest processor of any Android smartphone that has been officially announced to launch this year.

I wonder what else Samsung is trying to hide from us (they have not disclosed the RAM either).

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  • stalker

    wow.. that’s cool. But why nexus and droid are far behind then iPhone 3GS though they have 1 Ghz proccy which is 400 Mhz more than iPhone 3GS ?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The Droid, N1, and iPhone all have CPUs that are based off the ARM Cortex-A8 architecture. The differences in performance come from the GPU, RAM, and clock speeds of each device.

      • stalker

        @branda and taylor.

        Got it guys.. Thank you.

        • Electrofreak

          The whole article is full of trash data. I’m going to keep posting this because it’s ridiculous.

          The iPhone 3GS puts out 7m triangles per second per GLBenchmark (Google “GLBenchmark iPhone 3GS” and click the 3D tab), which is a PowerVR SGX 520 at 200 Mhz or 530 at 100 Mhz.

          Ofc the SGX 530 puts out 14 m triangles per second (twice the performance of the 520).

          The Hummingbird doesn’t have an SGX 540, as it puts out only 28m triangles per second (twice the performance of the 530), not 90.

          Ugh. Now this article is all over the internets and every iPhone 3GS user is feeling smug. Like we needed more of that.

          • Electrofreak

            I should clarify, the PowerVR SGX 530 runs at 200 Mhz in the Droid, Pre, etc, (it’s included in the TI OMAP 3430) and does 14m triangles per sec.

            My article actually explains all this.


            And comparing triangle performance on the Xbox 360 and PS3 is ridiculous, completely apples to oranges.

            I was nice when I first posted here, but when the author didn’t correct his data after I pointed it out, and then a bunch of major tech blogs linked his BS, the gloves came off.

          • Electrofreak

            Hell, I would say that the only thing this article got right is the title, but obviously math isn’t his strong point either.

            Try 22 x 4 = 88, the claimed GPU power of the Hummingbird, not 22 x 3.

            Okay, I’m done. Nice website you’ve got here Taylor, but seriously, do us a favor and don’t post articles with numbers you scraped off of a forum somewhere.

          • http://Website Jared

            Why the vote down? He’s correct. The numbers posted in this article are all screwed up. Even is accurate, they don’t mean much.

            Here are some REAL DATA, a benchmark comparison of a few devices :


            Even as an iP4 user, I must must admit, the Galaxy S is definitely the leader in mobile graphics ATM. I left he 3GS out, its largely the same as the iP4, except for CPU operations obviously (floating point, integer, skinning.)

      • http://Website Daniel

        Also there’s Dalvik. iPhone apps are native and do manual memory management, leading to more efficient resource usage. Android apps can recur to the NDK when they need performance, but given all the additional complications very few apps use it and it’s generally for small, specific parts, not for the whole app.

        • Anson

          There is also a non-trivial performance deficit for every single JNI call (to access native code & the NDK).

    • http://Website brenda

      “Did you know the Samsung Galaxy S contains the fastest graphics processing unit of any Android phone?”

      Somehow when the specs of the galaxy s materialize touting 4inch Super Amoled Screens (said to be better thab bada), I thought this smartphone should have an amazing processor to process that kind of graphics, and I was correct!

      Good post, and this post really is straight to the point. You can picture out already what’s happening as you read it (frist time) unlike other blog post, which dwindles you on a never-ending circular talk.

    • http://Website carol

      either someone at samsung lied about the 90 million triangle/second or something is missing because so far quadrant test hasnt shown this power (true quadrant test is probably not the best test for graphic power but some far all phone biased their phone some way or other .
      and the lack of any of those (aka superphone)coming out from factory with android 2.2 means that it looks like its just powder in the eyes!i ll wait for window 7 mobile on average they always pretty mutch end up with the most powerfull gear on the planet and the fact they cleaned up the clutter and the way their smarphone os works means it should surprise a few!

  • http://Website Daemon

    Do you want to say, that PowerVR SGX535 on iPhone 3Gs in 3 times slower, that PowerVR SGX540 on Galaxy S? I don’t think so, even CPUs have the same arch. It seems another marketing bullshit from Samsung.

    It will not be the wonder, if Galaxy S will have 256 Mb RAM.

    • Abhishek

      Dude,its not about the difference between apple & samsung,but between OS & my galaxy S has 512 MB RAM.U appear to be an apple fanboy.Your iphone 4 have nothing of its own,not even display(manufactured by LG).The GPU of galaxy S is superseded only by dual cores(optimus 2X,Galaxy S II,Xoom) not your apple bondage piece.At least samsung is not stealing like apple & filing lawsuits in desparation cuz android is the best choice for everyone(apple share is declining very slowly).Not everyone likes apple,I myself used and threw it.Its a waste of money in india if you could buy a galaxy S 2 for $100 less.

  • http://Website Wallingsworth

    aesthetically this thing looks like an iPhone rip. even the UI seems like an iPhone rip, same icon/page layout. 3xFaster? too bad it’s a Samsung . It doesn’t look that fast imo. I’ll take the Evo 4G thank you.

    • http://Website Counsel

      Have to love the iPhone rip… Youngsters have short memories perhaps? Go look at a screen on a working Treo 650….

      See those icons lined up on rows? The touch screen operated by fingers and thumb? … I could go on, but why?

      Why scream about people ripping people off? You give XEROX and others props for “windows” in the OS? Take improvement where we can find it. The iPhone was not developed or refined on a vacumn…

      Like your phone, but your opinion is yours and doesn’t make the S any less desireable for many. No need to diss a phone to keep liking yours…

      I would like to see references on the graphics and on reslwirld graphical performance–video comparisons will be nice when the device is released.

      My problem with press releases goes back to many Sony statements about PS2/3 performance.., what ever happened to that fear-like game that was “not cgi” that was supposed to be released with the PS3? Right…. Vapor.

      Specs look good, but I’ll wait for a real world test/review before I buy.

  • http://Website Wallingsworth

    ohh GPU. whatever I still don’t like it.

  • http://Website Christopher C.

    Whether this is a marketing scheme by Samsung (as Daemon says), or fact; it will all rely on the devs to actually take advantage of this. And, well, this is actually one of the disadvantages I see with such an open platform like Android (unless The Market is, restructured even more very soon).

    Many apps get very low reviews and ratings because people with lower quality phones (esp. G1) can’t run them effectively. However, the type of phone, very much, needs to be taken into account when considering the validity of a score. The stars given to an app (when someone is referring to lag and whatnot) should not be viewed in same pool with someone using a G1 or MyTouch 3G vs. someone running an N1, Droid, or Galaxy.

    {I might add…I’m a lowly G1 user, and I STILL feel this way} Just because your phone can’t run it, doesn’t mean a more capable device can’t. That doesn’t determine whether an app is worthwhile or not for the market as a whole.

    Bottom line (and back on topic)…Incredible GPU is great, however, developers will be the deciding factor on whether or not it is worth the investment for the consumer. It will be interesting to see how many devs will want to create games and other apps that will only work effectively on ONE device.

  • http://Website Blur


  • http://Website Jerry

    Any word on what carrier this will be?

    • steve

      I think its on virgin

  • Umut

    But unfortunetly Samsung Galaxy S’s design and look is same of the iPhone… Very sad…

    • http://Website Jung

      It is indeed very sad that they have to copy Iphone. The whole interface is the same as the Iphone? are they blind? even the damn key board looks the same. Another side copy of Iphone, just wait for the iphone hd, there won’t be any competition then, well untill next year when company such as this copy the shit out of the phone =x

      People need to be a bit nor intuitive and come up with their own stuff, copying something and just putting higher processor as the previous generation or boasting the pixel or the camera is just bunch of rip off and not original at all.
      Sad to see others just trying to take credit.

      And good catch Lummix..

      • http://Website Bahumbaba

        It’s sad you think that design is such an important part of a smartphone.

  • steve

    I guess the Desire will run the same kind of spec (in terms of triangles a second) as the nexus ?

    Shame this is a Samsung

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  • http://Website Joe

    Even though i hate what samsung did with the touch wiz in their earlier android phones. I Will give this phone a chance.The htc evo looks amazing but since its a sprint exclusive I will wait for an unlock version.

  • http://Website Simon

    A word of warning: raw triangle-crunching is a misleading statistic.

    These days, the capability of the hardware to light, texture, and run shaders on those triangles is far, far more important to the graphical ‘power’ of the system than the triangle performance, which is artificial at best.

    • Dean Williams

      Agreed. I’m by no means an avid gamer, but the PS3/360 comment caught my attention. I am a 360 owner (hate Sony) but was always under the impression that PS3 was generally regarded as having slightly better graphics. Yet 360 does 500 to PS3s 250? Doesn’t add up.

      • http://Website Imran

        Yeah, that comment caught my eye too. Its misleading in that, yes the 360 GPU is more powerful. But, the PS3′s Cell processor is much more powerful as one can witness in ps3 exclusives such as Gof of War III and Uncharted 2. Developers have been pushing graphics processing over to the cell. In fact, I read recently that some developers are using the Cell as the primary processor for graphics.

  • http://Website Miguel

    EVO specs are conveniently left off here….

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Sprint EVO is also a Snapdragon. Should be same performance of Nexus One.

  • http://Website q

    I found that info on samsung’s page two days ago and was wondering why everyone was discrediting the handset because of a UI that, after looking over again, is quite nice. Plus, the cam has no flash because they have a new sensor with its own processor attached to the sensor. It is mentioned in a press release earlier 2009. Supposedly, the processor has the ability to autofocus continuously during filming and also auto adjust lighting to meet 720p recording standards unlike others that record HD if conditions allow. It also has some tech that Samsung uses in their tvs to correct lighting conditions for still shots and focus abilities from 15cm to infinity(my number may b slightly off). I could not for the life of me understand why there wasn’t a flash until reading that info. Then add to that DivX HD certification for PLAYBACK of hd movies… new top dog anyone?

  • Sean Pierce

    Very interesting article… I found it while writing an article of my own for my blog, which is to compare CPU and GPU performance of the iPhone 3GS, Droid, Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy S, and the forthcoming (and yet unreleased) Qualcomm dual-Scorpion Snapdragon.

    I’ve come across many of the same findings as you, but there’s one thing that doesn’t match up.

    The PowerVR SGX 540 apparently has double the performance of the SGX 530, in the same way the SGX 530 has double the performance of the SGX 520. However, given that the SGX 530 puts out 14 million triangles per second and 500 million pixels per second, we should be looking at the PowerVR SGX 540 managing 28 million triangles per second and 1 billion pixels per second (assuming it’s clocked at 200 Mhz like the rest).

    But 90 million triangles per second is 3x even that. And while the press release for the S5PC110 states that a PowerVR SGX graphics chip is used, it doesn’t say which. So, either they’re doing a lot of fudging on their numbers, the PowerVR 540 is a lot more powerful than we’ve been told, or there’s a different PowerVR chip being used that seriously pours on the juice….

  • Sean Pierce

    Oh and might I point out how dismayed I was to see that you’d written an article almost exactly the same as to what I was planning on… even listing the same devices (though, they’re kind of an obvious pick).

    Ah well…mine has a chart. :-p

  • HD

    Galaxy S is awesome

  • http://Website Marcelo L

    All I want to know is…..when is it coming to TMobile US !?!

    Just give me this on TMobile US, and I’ll forgive you ( TMo ) for all your past sins, transgressions. The leaving us out of the loop on Smartphones, the giving us the weaker phone product line, and the bungled I’ll_sell-No_I’ll_sell Nexus One product launch ( sputter ).

    Bring the Galaxy S to the US before the end of 2010 and all is forgiven, TMo.

  • http://Website BEER

    The gpu is great and all, but I am way more interested in its teleportation capabilities which are used by the Layer app near the end of the vid 5:25.


    • http://Website Mat

      Yeah this teleportation feature is amazing !

      • http://Website Mocha K

        OH YES! Traveling will be much eaiser!

  • anakin78z

    I’ve always liked Samsung hardware, but their mobile devices have left a bad taste in my mouth. Aside from throwing all originality out the window and blatantly copying the me too phone (which seems counter intuitive to me… if you look like an iphone, how will people know it’s a samsung?), their support for devices already released has been terrible. As much as I like this phone, I just can’t imagine actually purchasing it.

  • http://Website georges

    90 million triangles per second on a mobile phone screen …
    Am I the only one finding this absurd?
    suppose the triangles are 10 pixels big, we are looking at nearly a billion pixels per second.
    With the typical mobile phone definition, that means several thousand images per second.
    So it tells me that either graphic system manufacturing companies bullshit us, or softwares on top of those systems are extremely inefficient.
    Georges (I worked on virtual reality in the 90s when SGI hardware provided 10 000 polygons per second)

    • Electrofreak

      No because in the mobile world, battery power is paramount. The faster a processor can complete a task and get back to idle, the better.

      So there really is no circumstance where the extra performance is overkill because if the processor can get the work done in 1/3 of the time as another processor, as long as it doesn’t take up 3x as much power, energy is saved. The processor is done, goes back to idle where it uses almost no energy, and you end up with a device that lasts longer on a single charge.

      • http://Website Vendetta_revived

        Electrofreak : I read your article and it was a very interesting read. This is wayyyyyyyy off topic but why didn’t any pics posted on your arcticle show up on Firefox ?

  • http://Website Luke

    Why PS 3 graphic better than Xbox360?

  • Reignzone

    Actually, this doesn’t have much of a noticeable affect on a mobile device… the screen size is only a 4-inch display… therefore such details won’t be significantly noticeable. This only represents the refresh rate, not so much making the device any “faster” or superior to these other Snapdragon devices. It’s a marketing gimmick. Apple did it with the iPhone’s representation during the time of its initial launch. Don’t be fooled by what the PR folks and various employees are TOLD to hype up.

    And yes, the CONSOLE COMPARISON is a brilliant comparison as to why this doesn’t have a noticeable affect on performance… the Xbox 360 DOES NOT look anywhere near as excellent as games such as God of War III or Killzone 2 on the PS3. However, the Xbox 360 has a much better refresh rate…. which is why the online gameplay is outrageously consistent, whereas the PS3 console still needs a great deal of work in that department. Anyway, that’s neither here, nor there. This phone is pretty sweet, but this statistic is irrelevant to the average buyer. I mean, after all… only 1 in every 7 people even owns a cell phone to begin with. :)

  • http://Website ed

    Since when did touch screen aestheticism ever mattered for smart phone users? Sure the galaxy S takes on SOME of the iphone design cues but how can you really change the design of a touch screen phone? bar shape form factor…. plus a 3 inch screen (average size 3 inch) and some buttons either a d-pad or track ball or track pad. Even then phones made by htc had subtle design cues such as the “notorious” chin factor other phones that were labeled as pro- touchscreen phones added a full qwerty keyboard. Ironically when a phone company actually does make a drastic change to a touch screen device people are quick to judge how unaspiring or how tasteless the device is i.e. (Lg bl40 chocolate phone).
    All i’m saying is i prefer usability over style and its not like the galaxy S is designed to look like the ipad to an extent that its inconvenient to use. Its still only 9.9 mm thin and on top of that utilizing a super amoled display which I think is equally as important to software usability which i know certain ppl are concerned with being that this phone is using a hybrid of touchwiz 3.0+ android 2.1

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  • http://Website M.H

    Thanks great news. By The Way PS3: 520 million triangles/sec NOT 250 mt/s

  • Electrofreak

    You’ve got the wrong specs for the SGX 530 up there too. Jesus, did you actually bother to do any research before posting this crap?!

    I wrote this article before you wrote yours, go figure you post yours with a lot of bad information and everyone believes it.

    Ugh. Read my article if you want an article with real numbers.

  • http://Website Ben

    Electrofreak is right, the specs for the SGX 530 are was off, the article you posted also made for a good read… and for the love of pete this isnt about PS3 vs Xbox360 you fanboys keep that crap out of comments, it was used as a comparison so people reading the article can be like “oh wow, smartphones are really catching up in graphical processing power”

  • Electrofreak

    The whole article is full of trash data.

    The iPhone 3GS puts out 7m triangles per second per GLBenchmark (Google “GLBenchmark iPhone 3GS” and click the 3D tab), which is a PowerVR SGX 520 at 200 Mhz or 530 at 100 Mhz.

    Ofc the SGX 530 puts out 14 m triangles per second (twice the performance of the 520).

    The Hummingbird doesn’t have an SGX 540, as it puts out only 28m triangles per second (twice the performance of the 530), not 90.

    Ugh. Now this article is all over the internets and every iPhone 3GS user is feeling smug. Like we needed more of that.

    • http://Website Who Cares?

      Please Just STFU!!! No one cares about your BS article. In fact this one is obviously more popular then yours. Give him a break he’s speculating about and UNRELEASED device. Your just some Iphone fanboy

  • http://Website CJ

    But can it run Crysis?

    • ExtremeT

      lol I’m probably going to be one of only a few people who founds your comment funny

    • http://Website Shiboo

      One day… One day we’ll be able to benchmark Crysis on our phones and the obsession will start once again.

  • http://Website adams

    my daughter and i saw a commercial for this. they said that they broke the world record for texting while filming. then it had a nice verizon logo.

  • http://Website jorg

    bullshit :p

    SGX520(single core) 7M poly/s @200MHz
    SGX530(single core) 14M poly/s @200MHz
    SGX531(single core) 17M poly/s @200MHz
    SGX535(single core) 28M poly/s @200MHz
    SGX540(single core) 30M poly/s @200MHz
    SGX543 (single core) 35M poly/s @200MHz

    • http://Website Derek

      Excellent data. Please tell that retard Electrofreak to look at it. The iphone 3gs has the 535 GPU = 28million triangles/sec.

      • Electrofreak

        Excuse me? Even if the iPhone 3GS does have an SGX 535, it could only run a maximum of 10 Mt/s because it has only 1.6 GB/s of memory bandwidth, whereas the SGX 535 needs 4.2 GB/s of memory bandwidth to churn out 28 Mt/s.

        The reason everyone thinks the iPhone 3GS can do 28 Mt/s is because someone dug up a driver that has SGX535 in the filename (which could easily be a universal driver) and then wikipedia’d that the SGX 535 does 28 Mt/s (like your brilliant friend up there). There was no more thought put into it than that. Sure an iPhone 3GS with an SGX 535 could do 28 Mt/s, but it would need to have LPDDR2 running at 533 MHz, instead of LPDDR1 running at 200 MHz. If you want the math, 533 MHz x 2 (DDR) x 4 (32-bit bus = 4 byte bus) = 4.2 GB/s. Substitute the same formula with 200 MHz to see the 1.6 GB/s the iPhone 3GS can turn out.

        Even Samsung says that the unspecified PowerVR SGX solution in the S5PC100 (which runs the iPhone 3GS) is only capable of 10 Mt/s max. It’s in their tech documentation, if anyone actually bothered to look at them.

        You probably should actually read my article (linked to my name) and learn a few things before you open an ignorant mouth. Retard.

      • Electrofreak

        Ugh. Just typed out a big explanation and AndroidandMe ate it.

        I’m not going to waste my time typing it again, so I’ll just copy-paste directly from my article. In short, copying a bunch of raw numbers from Wikipedia doesn’t make the data right, since modern smartphones possess all sorts of performance bottlenecks currently. Full article is linked in my name.

        “There are a couple problems with comparing GPU performance that certain recent popular articles have neglected to address. (Yes, that’s you,, and I won’t even go into a rant about bad data). The drivers running the GPU, the OS platform it’s running on, memory bandwidth limitations as well as the software itself can all play into how well a GPU runs on a device. In short: you could take identical GPUs, place them in different phones, clock them at the same speeds, and see significantly different performance between them.

        For example, let’s take a look at the iPhone 3GS. It’s commonly rumored to contain a PowerVR SGX 535, which is capable of processing 28 million triangles per second (Mt/s). There’s a driver file on the phone that contains “SGX535” in the filename, but that shouldn’t be taken as proof as to what it actually contains. In fact, shows the iPhone 3GS putting out approximately 7 Mt/s in its graphics benchmarks. This initially led me to believe that the iPhone 3GS actually contained a PowerVR SGX 520 @ 200 MHz (which incidentally can output 7 Mt/s) or alternatively a PowerVR SGX 530 @ 100 MHz because the SGX 530 has 2 rendering pipelines instead of the 1 in the SGX 520, and tends to perform about twice as well. Now, interestingly enough, Samsung S5PC100 documentation shows the 3D engine as being able to put out 10 Mt/s, which seemed to support my theory that the device does not contain an SGX 535.

        However, the GPU model and clock speed aren’t the only limiting factors when it comes to GPU performance. The SGX 535 for example can only put out its 28 Mt/s when used in conjunction with a device that supports the full 4.2 GB per second of memory bandwidth it needs to operate at this speed. Assume that the iPhone 3GS uses single-channel LPDDR1 memory operating at 200 MHz on a 32-bit bus (which is fairly likely). This allows for 1.6 GB/s of memory bandwidth, which is approximately 38% of what the SGX 535 needs to operate at its peak speed. Interestingly enough, 38% of 28 Mt/s equals just over 10 Mt/s… supporting Samsung’s claim (with real-world performance at 7 Mt/s being quite reasonable). While it still isn’t proof that the iPhone 3GS uses an SGX 535, it does demonstrate just how limiting single-channel memory (particularly slower memory like LPDDR1) can be and shows that the GPU in the iPhone 3GS is likely a powerful device that cannot be used to its full potential. The GPU in the Droid likely has the same memory bandwidth issues, and the SGX 530 in the OMAP3430 appears to be down-clocked to stay within those limitations.”

  • http://Website Steven Hilton

    For another comparison, the PS2 (not 3) can only do 75 million triangles per second.

    So the Galaxy is like carrying around a PS2 in your pocket. Only better.

  • http://Website Lummix

    Did you see the battery dropping? He started out with three quarters and lost almost half his battery in that demonstration. Hehheh! That thing is a power hog!

    • http://Website raymond

      first off we dont how long the device has been used before the video or wat apps he has open while he is giving the presentation…. The phone brightness 100, Gps ,Wifi, and so on…i seen reviews and the phone does last a whole day..

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  • http://Website A Sor

    anyone know what the ebook app is they are demoing with? or one that works a lot like it?

    • anakin78z

      Looks like Aldiko Book Reader.

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  • MustangGT500

    the sgx 530 is twice as fast as the amd z430 in nexus. read more on our with developers hyperdevbox.

  • http://Website olyvia

    plz buy me samsung galaxy i9000s

  • http://Website Helio Fertonani Junior

    Good phone but … so ugly

  • Mustang Elric
  • http://Website Raymond

    First off im a android fanboy….second the iphone 4G is a rip off of android if you saw there whole new os presentation when did iphone have widgets….never….Backgrounds???.never..and i dont mean lock screens..wifi teather???? never.the samsung galaxy S is the sexist phone i seen. its the fastest phone when it comes to graphics. Even tho the Apps (and only the apps) look like iphone the samsung touchwiz 3.0 is fairly diffrent. the keyboard isnt samsung it is swype a diffrent comapny(which the new mytouch had first).So iphone is playing cacth up while android keeps moving..every ones iphones in the world look the same and every ones android in the world is diffrent…And the iphone os 4 is stealing customization the one thing android all ways beat them in and you guys steal lack full customization galaxy S does steal some things but the iphone 4g rips off android as a whole.i have a nexus one only thing bad about this phone is no flash.

  • http://Website Anish

    copied iPhone

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  • http://Website denis

    this power of 3d engine its only 28 million triangle per second

  • Phill

    I love the humming bird! I heard rumors of an overclock to 1.6ghz which is insane!!

    I recently bought a galaxy S over the iPhone! It took me ages to decide which one too get. I blogged about my decision at my personal blog.

  • http://[email protected] abdulla
  • Fabrizio Van Marciano

    Great article post, the girlfriends got an iPhone 4 and I decided to go against the grain and go for the Galaxy S. I’m not too interested in numbers and figures it would seem ElectroFreak would bore us with trashy numbers. From a consumer point of view Mr average Jo wants a phone that’s fast, slick and affordable and preferable not another overhyped Apple product. We both use the Galaxy S now as done away with the iphone due to the simple fact it didn’t perform all that well. So what figures is going to convince me otherwise?

  • http://Website ChulBul Panday

    SAMSUNG SUPPLIES DISPLAYS, PROCESSORS AND OTHER HARDWARE TO APPLE……. STUPID PEOPLE!!! THE APPLE IPHONE4 PROCESSOR IS EXACTLY SAME AS GALAXY S.. AND ITS MADE BY SAMSUNG… has anyone ever seen any rivalry between the two companies??? than why r u all fighting…… Google it if ull feel i m wrong… and no point in arguing with me as m not gonna visit this stupid page again….

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  • http://Website Natoar

    Yep Chulbul Is correct the A4 is a SOC provided by Samsung and the A4 in the iPhone 4 is not clocked at 1GHz either (Arm Cortex A8) like it is in the Samsung PLus the Iphone has a SGX 535 and the Humming bird in the samsung is a 540 im sick of apply fan trying to justify the IOS4 being more efficeint and crap this Phone is simply faster and more customizable End of Story!!!!!!

  • Samantha Wright

    I didn’t know that the iPhone 4 and SGS had the same processor, to be honest no I haven’t really seen any rivaly. Thanks for noting it.

  • http://Website popper

    would it be possible to provide real life data for all these ARM v7 like SOC especially their SIMD throughput tests please and especially x264 data for all the NEON 128bit capable devices please….

    it might be interesting to see numbers for that Marvell 1.6GHz, quad-core ARMADA XP SOC too

    “its a shame it doesn’t seem to include a Bunch of 128bit NEON SIMD, but rather that Intel extended WMMX2 SIMD thing (a reasonable assumption, until someone asks them to clarify,if you look at the other existing ARMADA lines) ,what ever that is, and how it perform’s ?

    Do we have Any Real Life x264 encoded 720P or even 640×360 at Ultrafast crf=24 etc performance figures for this WMMX2 SIMD compared to the standard MMX2 in the same 1.6 Ghz range ?

    this real life Benchmark test came from the old x264-dev logs if anyone’s interested in the real life Number’s , and StippenG’s number’s came from an older Quad A9/NEON developer board at Uni apparently, and the generic single core A8/NEON Beagle board OC.

    640×360 at Ultrafast: 38.59 seems like a very good start without these extra SIMD patches being written yet

    “2010-08-24 15:39:19 Some X264 Benchmarks (Rush Hour 640×360, preset=medium, crf=24): 4-core Cortex-A9 @ 400 MHz gives 5.55 fps, Beagleboard (A8 @ 720MHz) gives 1,65. Really nice speedup, considering the much higher frequency of the A8
    2010-08-24 15:39:56 It’d go a lot faster if you used a faster preset.
    2010-08-24 15:40:01 Or if you wrote some of the asm we’re missing
    2010-08-24 15:40:26 But yeah, that scales surprisingly well. about 3.5x faster
    2010-08-24 15:40:27 Yes. Superfast gives 22.07. Ultrafast: 38.59
    2010-08-24 15:41:23 Guess the out-of-order execution and shorter pipeline is really quite a bit better for performance
    2010-08-24 15:41:35 Well, the A9 is known to be a lot faster

    « Older Comments

  • http://Website popper

    hmm it seems this sites strips greater than, less than and so removed the contributor’s names so here’s that part again.

    2010-08-24 15:39:56 Dark_Shikari It’d go a lot faster if you used a faster preset.
    2010-08-24 15:40:01 Dark_Shikari Or if you wrote some of the asm we’re missing
    2010-08-24 15:40:26 Dark_Shikari But yeah, that scales surprisingly well. about 3.5x faster
    2010-08-24 15:40:27 StippenG Yes. Superfast gives 22.07. Ultrafast: 38.59
    2010-08-24 15:41:23 StippenG Guess the out-of-order execution and shorter pipeline is really quite a bit better for performance
    2010-08-24 15:41:35 Dark_Shikari Well, the A9 is known to be a lot faster

  • Kiernan

    Keep in mind, the graphics on these uses tile deferred rendering (ray tests to determine display order), not z buffers, so those 90 million you will be seeing all at once, if they are visible.

  • http://Website Muhammed Yaseen Ismail

    I’ve never liked Apple products but when they released the iPhone 4, its beauty was too much for me to resist.

    Having said this, i now own an iPhone 4. It’s amazingly fast! My friend has a Galaxy S yet it doesn’t come close to my phone. The Galaxy S clear has better hardware but its OS is gravely inferior.
    IOS 4 has GPU acceleration. This is something that Android doesn’t have.

    It also come down to the software developers. The iPhone has several excellent quality games!
    Android has to put more effort into attracting superior developers.

    I would also like to add that the reason the Galaxy S has such amazing GPU performance is due to the fact that it sacrifices some of its CPU cache and adds it to the GPU. You can search this if you don’t believe me.

    Had a Play Station. Sold it for an Xbox.

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  • http://Website Dna

    Wife bought this Phone yesterday with an upgrade and a new 2 year Contract with T-Mobile. came out to 300$ after the 200$ off from the upgrade. and it dosent disappoint. hands down one of the most eye candy, jaw dropping phone ive laid my hands on, and trust me im a techie. I currently have a HTC HD7 from TMobile, and even im jealous. I had both the IP 3GS and IP4 then switched to T Mobile to be on Wife’s plan and although around our area the service is crap the phone is absolutely awe inspiring. very snappy. the games/movies are just breathtaking. i thought my HTC HD7 was cream of the crop until yesterday. despite what others say, I dont know if what the article says is in fact true but i will say this. As far as games go, its bar none better FPS and graphics quality then the IP4 or my HD7. hard to judge articles about phones these days with so many IP antics and IP is better yada yada and no one ones to admit the IP is a dying market and as of last month nationwide consumer reports of house holds with IP’s and other Apple products is down to 6% of Americans. thats sad. I was victim to the over-exhausted Apple Fad and was only in the end disseminated once i got my hands on competitors Smart-phone then i realized how wrong i was about IP’s

  • Jesse Taylor

    Very interesting article. I just got a Galaxy S, and I had no idea that the GPU was this powerful. Thanks for writing this up!

  • http://Website Jay

    Listen you apple eating sheep, your spending crazy money not for the specs but for the fashion statement, which is fine but dont then moan all over the internet when people discuss cheaper possibly better android phones! WINDOWS ARE BETTER THAN MACS, ANDROIDS ARE BETTER THAN I PHONES!!

    “ohhhh chimpanzee that he’s got an I phone the round headed little CCCCCCCCCCCCCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

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  • http://Website mike

    long live galaxy S 2! 450 million polygons a second with the mali 400 GPU ( now its more powerful than ps3 : ) )

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  • sufi

    How about samsung galaxy s plus?? are the gpu speed same as galaxy s??

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