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Samsung Galaxy Spica out on Rogers for $80 on contract

Samsung Galaxy Spica adds another mid level option for Roger's customers

Rogers users have a new option in the stable in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Spica. Unfortunately those that do hop on board will be commiserating with the Motorola Backflip crowd running Android 1.5 in an Android 2.1 world.

As we reported last month, there is a leaked Android 2.1 ROM for this device floating around out there already, so you can probably anticipate being brought up-to-date real soon. However, I will caution you that “real soon” doesn’t always mean what you think it means.

OS version concerns aside this device is a bit of a study in contrasts as it has some nice features while definitely falling short in other areas, but at only $80 it is hard to complain too much. It also benefits from its close proximity to the Backflip release as this thing shines by comparison (This one comes with Google Apps!).

The processor weighs in at 800 Mhz, making it one of the faster (on paper anyway) Android devices on the market. The capacitive 3.2 inch screen at 320×480 is fine, but an AMOLED or preferably Samsung’s new “Super AMOLED” would have been particularly nice to see. Internal memory is pegged at only 150 MB which is definitely going to fill up really quick on you. DivX support is still fairly unique and welcome, although HTC will be bringing it soon as well.

According to Rogers it does not support their 7.2 Mbps 3.5G so you will be capped at 3.6 Mbps download which during the latter period of your 3 year contract is going to feel pretty pokey. Returning to the positive at 12.9mm it is the thinnest Android device presently available on Rogers, so if you typically find yourself in some slim fit jeans this is probably the way to go for you.

Looking through Rogers available Android handsets they have built a portfolio of very similar devices and could really use a higher end device to stand apart from the rest; this is definitely not that device.

Any Rogers owners out there taking the plunge with this one or are waiting on the Acer Liquid E or holding out hope for one of HTC or Motorola’s latest and greatest to find their way to Rogers?

On another note, let us know if there are any commercials running for the new Samsung. After their Behold II campaign sprung up months after the release of the device it would be interesting to know if they are taking a different approach with this one.

Source: Rogers Wireless

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  • http://Website OKK77

    The processor is ARM11 still. So, 800MHz is really on-paper.

    ROM is 512MB. 150MB is what Samsung defines as “user-accessible” which is available for application installations.

    3-year contract? That is insane. In Singapore, the phone is available without contract for S$490 (US$350). With a plan that costs S$45 (US$30 – 100 mins outgoing, free incoming, 500 texts, 12GB data) per month and a 2-year contract, the price is S$38 (US$27).

    • Sean Riley

      Definitely, my understanding is that this should slot in somewhere below a 600 MHz A-8.

      Regarding the user memory, that is exactly the problem I was getting at, none of the current Android phones are capacious in this regard, but 150 MB for apps is really limiting.

      3 years is clearly insane for a contract in today’s phone market, and 2 year pricing skyrockets to $349.

      • http://Website OKK77

        Now that I have a Spica loaded with 2.1, I gotta say it is noticeably faster than G1. I guess 800MHz isn’t too bad a thing after all.

        • http://Website Imad

          Try running polarbit games in Spica. Then let us know how it runs.

          • http://Website OKK77

            Tried the demos. I don’t have a Milestone to compare with but it is not so bad. A bit of lag at certain scenes but overall is playable.

  • http://Website nicka

    Samsung will put a 1GHz Snapdragon processor in the Galaxy 2. The screen will measure 3.7 inched and be an AMOLED display (touch-screen of course).

    For storage it is expected that the Galaxy 2 will have 32GB and for image capture a 5 mexapixel sensor will be included.


    • Sean Riley

      I’m sure Rogers users would gladly trade their Galaxy Spica for the Galaxy 2, but as far as I know there still isn’t firm information on what carriers it is launching on.

  • http://Website Imad

    This phone uses the same chipset (S3C6410) of Samsung Moment. Even though 800 mhz sounds great but the problem is that this phone as well as Moment can’t handle Polarbit games and many of the apps can’t run on this chipset(mostly Navigational apps).

  • jakejardashian

    I’ve never seen a Samsung phone I liked aesthetically. :(

  • http://Website Tom

    Why spica cant handle those?? Im really dissapointed if thats the case… Should have known that before I bought the damn phone…