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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 could receive Android 2.1 for U.S. launch

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 was announced so long ago that most people have became bored of waiting and set their sites on newer, faster Android phones. We originally thought the X10 would land on AT&T or T-Mobile, but neither carrier has made any announcements on the device.

Now that newer Android phones have launched to market, the Xperia X10 looks to be aging with its outdated Android 1.6 firmware. Sony Ericsson was trying to tell us the version of Android didn’t really matter by pushing the customizations they added to the phone (like Mediascape and Timescape), but we know better.

Sony Ericsson finally wised up and said Android 2.1 would be coming to the X10, but it would not be available till the second half of the year after launch.

So where do we stand now? Review units are being passed around to some of the blogs, but no U.S. launch date is in site. Considering their current lineup, we still believe AT&T and T-Mobile would like to carry the high-end phone in their stores.

Gizmodo was one of those lucky sites to receive a demo unit and they decided not to review it.

The reason? Sony Ericsson confirmed the phone is coming in Q2 2010 (presumably to the U.S.) with a “muchly updated OS”. They did not specifically say which version of the firmware it will include, but Android 2.1 is the next logical step after 1.6.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 with Android 2.1 on AT&T or T-Mobile. Would you buy it?

Source: Gizmodo

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  • http://Website Edaddy

    Yep, I’d buy one for T-mobile if it came with 2.1

    • http://Website brenda

      Ahh yes, finally.. one of the biggest setback for this phone is why this device lands on the 1.6 platform only? While its specs and its amazing camera is very high-end?

      Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Debacle

  • http://Website Kamaal

    SE waited too long.

    When we first saw shots of this phone with its specs and sexy UI, it was so fresh and we all wanted one. But it’s been months of empty promises (they even resorted to unboxing their own device), and with HTC pushing phones with crazy specs out like there’s no tomorrow, the X10 already looks dated.

    Really, if this phone came out tomorrow with Android 2.1, would that many people still line up to purchase one?

  • http://Website Westy

    No one is buying this thing, my biggest issue with some companies, i honest feel like this is the only thing that Apple (and i hate to say it by the way lol) does right and better then any company. Apple does play show and tell, they keep things under wraps until they are ready to actually push a product. They will show you something pre orders follow shortly and product typically hits the shelf shortly after.

    I hate when they show me something and expect an industry and consumers to wait for it. This phone should have came out before the nexus one or the droid. Now so much powerful android phones are coming out whats the point on buying this thing? only point in getting this is if you are absolutely in love with Sony’s UI skin and even then seeing how they really dont want to even update the thing you wonder if it is even worth it in the end. Sony be smart team up with Google and optimize a PS3 solution for the phone that way you can make me love you again lol.

  • http://Website treefq

    Not buying android anything on AT&T

  • http://Website Mike

    If this phone comes out it’ll be a year behind and you need a 2yr phone contract it’ll be out dated buy 3yrs by then.The Razor was ahead of the curve phone 2yrs after you bought it it was still a nice phone .This phone will be a Dino in 2yrs it’s behind now.There are several phone now with 4″ 4″+ screens 1ghz processors and 2.1 or 2.2 android. In January I was definitely going drop 3-4 C for this phone.Now I’ll wait for the BOGO sale that should be here by Aug’ .At the MWC the Nexus One was announced 2wks later it was here & now most of the bugs are worked out.

  • http://Website saltorio

    AT&T is messing with Android (locking down the OS, preventing non-market installations, changing default search) on every Android phone they release. They’ll likely do the same with the X10, and that’s the reason why it’s not releasing in the next few weeks like everywhere else.

    If I were in the U.S., no way I’d get any phone from them.

  • http://Website Wdhgf
  • http://Website dooby

    You self-important, magpie geeks….this phone will be fine

  • http://Website gad

    That is the problem with SE, I used to like them, but they announce a phone today and release in 8 months time. What’s that all about,who has the time to wait for donkey years for a phone that will become outdated when it’s eventually released.
    No, not for me,as far as am concerned they are not a serious company,no wonder they’re having problems.

  • Dean Williams

    I’m oddly drawn to this phone. Can’t explain it. I’m just not excited about the N1 and LOVE the Desire, but there’s no US release date and it seems the US just has the N1.

    Now, as far as the X10 is concerned, I have to imagine (hopefully?) that SE sees the competition and will bump up some of the specs in the phone since it’s not like they just have them sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

    Maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

  • Manly Man

    Nobody checking for this phone now! SE your too late.

  • http://Website markiz

    “muchly updated OS” reffers to only their customizetions, not the versio of android. just so that we are on the clear.

  • http://Website Conrad

    nope – STILL waiting here, while better, faster phones start hitting the market…

  • http://Website Phani9

    Yes, Whether AT&T or T-Mobile, I’ld buy the device if it launches for $199 or less.

  • http://Website Imran Ahmed

    SE have left this too late. I was tempted to buy but with 1.6 being so outdated and HTC rapidly pushing some interesting propositions with excellent over lay interfaces there is no justification for SE in dragging their heels. SE have lost millions due to this shoddy business logic and a laid back attitude. To be successful in this industry you have to innovate and be quick off the mark. I cancelled my order and should get my desire tomorrow ( fingers crossed ). SE have also had some bad press last yr etc with a poor release and buggy firmware. They are also known for being very slow in releasing updates. SE you have left yourself down and lost a lot of business. Not good indeed !!

  • http://Website Dazza

    I have had this phone for nearly a month now and have got to say it is awesome. The specs are amazing and are up there with any other phone currently on the market and either in a years time will still be up there. Yes it does have Android 1.6 but is that such a big issue?
    The phone is quick, very responsive and easy to use and is still way way better than the iphone. A. the looks and features are unique and original, B. The OS is far more superior and not locked down and C. Well…it isn’t Apple!
    Sony are due to release an update to Android 2.1 in September which apparently will bring the iphone gimmick multi-touch to the phone which personally doesn’t excite me. To the novice they wouldn’t even know what version of the OS they are running so for people to criticise and not buy a phone based on it’s current OS is ridiculous! especially when Sony Ericsson are always dedicated to updating thier phones to the latest OS. I used to own a HTC before i owned the X10 and was considering the Desire but for me the X10 won hands down with the originality compared to the Desires samey boring iphone like looks and the fact the Desire has 2.1 at the moment doesn’t bother me as if the x10 runs soundly and flawlessly on 1.6 then why change it! but when Sony release 2.1 in September, will only further compliment and ameliorate the x10.

  • http://plzzhelpme harry

    i just want to know how do i upgrage my phone from android 1.6 to 2.1 … m using a sony ericsson xperia x10

  • http://Website Salah

    I guess that SE aims to reserve its own segment of the phone market by revealing the specs of this phone early on. Loyal customers would rathar wait to get this piece of gadget since they are aware of its existance. The idea of “release now and develop later” very much applies here. Besides almost all the new android phones which were announced lately are either less in terms of specs or at most similar to xperia x10. The only thing that this phone lacks is probably Android 2.1 which will be avaialble soon. If you trust the quality of SE products and prefer its cameras, wait until September. By then, hopefully, you get this phone ready with android 2.1

  • http://Website Peltruquin

    Unfortunately this phone will be sold by SonyStyle only(unlocked) , AT&T nor T-mobile will carry it.
    Contacted the sales reps and they told me they won’t carry it SO SAD :(

  • http://Website petraeus prime

    I have this phone and its amazing!!

  • http://X10FroyoUpdate Samer A.N

    Sign the petition for Android 2.2 at least, if you have a SE device

  • http://Website Thor

    Many people complain about the keyboard XPERIA X10 to be tight. Is there a solution?

    About multitouch, I have official information that is not supported by X10, because the issue is hardware.

    About the amount of colors, I still can not believe that the X10 has only 64 000.

    How much ROM and RAM memory of the X10?

    I await answers.


  • http://Website Tony Wo

    SE is a big loser on the x10, I give up that stupid couple weeks ago and leave it as a back up. Sony? their TV may be fine, but their cell phne? Fuuk no!

  • http://none nightmoves

    I think everyone is a little jaded hear this phone still rocks and had major potential, I still want the 2.1 or better yet the 2.2 update come on now SE let us have the update.

    ATT has so much crap on lock i want to get rid of the message “install blocked” for specific apps and i can not do this without getting this update i believe. Their are even certan apps on the droid market that i cant install and that is bull shit!

    now that being said when is this update coming???

  • http://Website nightmoves

    update im from the “STATES” and yes ATT is my service, anyways when will we see the update?

    upgrades we need are

    multi touch – so i can play my roms!

    camera – features need to be added i have SE phones that have more features than this “smart” phone has. Flash option that stays on instead of the stupid light you have to toggle every time to take a photo, photo editor, ect.

    quick dial – some sort of quick dial it seems like you have to fumble around a little to much to make a phone call.

    the phone is great but it needs 2.1 or 2.2!!!

    come on sony get the ball rolling!

  • http://hk.mlkl/ leechgod

    Is the 2.1 update for at&t out now?

    • http://n/a Alex

      no i have been on the phone with at&t all morning and the best they could tell me is “most likely the 2.1 update will come out before the new year, but there is a slim chance it may not come out at all” if that is the case i will be switching my carrier from at&t i guess i will wait to see what happens come 2011.


    please send me the rate of sony xperia x10 i USA

  • http://Website James

    I would like to know when the update for the xperia x10 will come out as well. SE keeps saying it is coming but I am getting tired of hearing that. How hard can it be to keep up with the rest of the market. I am almost to the point of trading in the x10 for a more up to date phone like the Galaxy S or something. Why can’t we at least get a definite release date.

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    when x10 get Android 2.3?

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      x 10 now has get update for 2.3 check se website

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