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Sprint announces new 4G markets for 2010

We already knew Sprint planned to cover 120 million people with their 4G WiMax network this year and now we have an updated list of some of those new markets. Sprint is advertising their 4G provides download speeds of 3-6 Mbps which is 10 times faster your average 3G in the United States.

Also mentioned in the new press release is Sprint’s plan for a 4G phone. I wonder what that could be.

Newly announced markets that will see 4G in 2010 include:

  • Cincinnati
  • Cleveland
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Pittsburgh
  • Salt Lake City
  • St. Louis

These cities are in addition to several others that were previously announced which include Boston, Denver, Kansas City, Houston, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

To check for 4G coverage in your area please visit

Source: Sprint

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  • andrewcweaver

    I’m in Kansas City woohoo

  • http://Website jose

    where is puerto rico ? :(

    • http://Website bernie

      Yes, when Puerto Rico would be ready for
      4g? Puerto Rico is a prime market In the mobile business. We need 4g now!!!!

      • http://Website [email protected]

        I hope Puerto Rico gets coverage soon. I tested the Sprint 4g service in Atlanta and the speed was awesome. Believe it or not it was like connecting to cable modem. The speed was around 5 Mbps and a latency of 100 ms.

      • http://aboutis4g Alvarez

        I talk you same When come 4G for Puerto Rico smile

    • http://Website MNS

      You mean to make us believe that wiht a name like JOSE you don’t know where or what Puerto Rico is? Pleeeease!

  • http://Website chancy

    No Detroit? C’mon, man.

  • http://Website Eugene

    Any news of Puerto Rico 4G coverage?

  • Gabriel Figueroa

    Petition for 4g in PR
    Please sign

  • http://Website Reflex

    4G for Puerto Rico, PLZZZZZ, sprint 3g in puerto rico is horrible…

    • http://Website MNS

      I don’t know in what bottomless pit you live in that you say 3G is horrible in Puerto Rico. I too live in Puerto Rico and have no such issues!!!!

  • http://Website 4g lover!!!!!!

    wee need 4G in puerto rico and fast like the sistem!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://4GCoverageforPuertoRico Angel Burgos

    I just checked and there is no 4G coverage at all in Puerto Rico. That is a problem, we are all getting charged 10.00 dollars a month for a service that they are not in a position to give. The Telecommunications Regulatory Commision will for sure have an issue with that. You can’t be charged for something that you are not receiving.

    • http://Website Paydrow

      Sadly, thats not true. They dont charge the $10 for 4g but for the extra features basically. It´s a technicallity but it’s what’s been said so far. (BTW I’m from PR and if Sprint gets 4g ill switch in a heartbeat)

      • http://Website androiduserPR

        When you say “features” thats what i wanna know. Its not clear to me what they’re offering that $10.00 extra charge. TMobile has 4G in PR already, here I am with an HTC Evo (1st 4G phone) and I still can’t even enjoy 4G speed. Its embarrassing to say that i’m with Sprint right now. Sprint needs to get their act together and start working on 4G for PR NOW!

    • http://Website MNS

      That’s a DATA charge regardless of whether you have 4G or not! Believe me, you would end up paying more in any other company, so don’t complain.

  • http://Website eskimalito

    petition for 4G in Puerto Rico…!! plzz!

  • http://Website Juan del Pueblo

    I don`t know why we paid $10 us extra for EVO 4G in Puerto Rico… we don`t have 4G.

  • http://Website Killer_Cloud

    I have to agree with Angel Burgos. Sprint will charge you $10.00 for 4G. If you have a simple everything plans which is $99.00 a month, you still have to pay the $10.00. It is not a technicality. Try to contact customer service and ask them to explain what are those $10.00 for. They can’t answer that. And BTW you can call customer service and ask to wave those $10.00 until 4G get here and speaking of 4G. They don’t know if they are going to have it here in Puerto Rico this year. Now some executives of T-Mobile keep talking about Sprint fusion with them sometime in October or November 2010 (I am not saying this but read Business Week last month). Sprint will benefit from customers of T-Mobile getting their money from them and try to speed up the 4G project they are talking about. T-Mobile 4G and Sprint 4G are very different technologies and we have to wait what the company will have to offer. They will charge you additional $10.00 just to connect your phone to your laptop or pc and additional $29.99 just to share internet with the hotspot feature in the HTC EVO 4G, probably they will limit your connection to 5GB a month just like they did with the MiFi Card. But you get what you pay when they tell you if they what to. For now enjoy 3G.

    • http://Website andy

      Root the phone

    • http://Website MNS

      I upgraded my phone this month and I asked a Sprint agent if they knew when 4G is coming to Puerto Rico, because it is a matter of when, not if. He said he heard say that some time in March it will be available. I spoke with a friend of mine that has a friend that works at Sprint and told him in February. Whether it is true or no, who knows, but I do believe that 4G is definitely coming to Puerto Rico. It’s just as I said previously, it’s a matter of when.

  • http://4gP.R. Andy

    the funny things is that t-mobile is getting 4g in puerto rico before sprint when they barely got 3g not so long ago, sprint is ripping off people and sadly im one of them but when i was in chicago the 4g was great just hope to get it asap before i change my carrier.

    • http://Website MNS

      Um, Andy, sorry to burst your bubble but T-Mobile does not have 4G. They have not even bought the spectrum needed for 4G! That is a lie T-Mobile is spreading, and it is sad to see people buying into that lie. Sprint has the most 4G spectrum of ALL and I believe they were going sell some to T-Mobile who, as I said, HAS NONE.

  • http://Website reflex

    Sprint has absolutly no respect for there customers in puerto rico, there public relations is completly absent here and at the moment there the absolute worst carrier in puerto rico, 3g speed for sprint rival other companies 1rxtt speeds. I switched from att, att is great in puerto rico. Tmobile has 10Mbps connection running already on there g2, and if I don’t hear from sprint public relations soon, I’m switching companies. Too bad they have exclusivity on the evo 4g, only reason I switched. I love this phone, but it’s not gonna keep me from switching…sprint…say something!plz!!!!

    • http://Website MNS

      Then stop the whining and move to another company. They’ll nickel and dime your sorry ass but atleast you’ll be happy to have “fast 3G”.

  • http://Website Sprint User

    HELLO any news of 4G in Puerto Rico ??? its been 8 months paying $10.00 USD and i belive I’m not the only one at least speed up the 3G to 3.5 like Tmobile. You guys announce 4G first than any one and grab i believe a lot of customers our patient is running out and so its the contract. Say something Sprint let us know what going on!

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