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Swype sets Guinness World Record for fastest text message

Have you tried the Swype beta yet? Franklin Page (a recent employee of Swype) just set the Guinness World Record for fastest text message on a touchscreen mobile phone using Swype.

“The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human”Official phrase of the Guinness World Records

Mr. Page entered the above phrase in just 35.54 seconds which beat the old record by a full 5 seconds. He was actually using the Windows-powered Samsung Omnia II, but Swype is coming preloaded on most new Android phones and should be available in the Android Market soon.

If you have yet to try the beta for Android, Swype has posted detailed instructions for getting it installed.

How fast can you enter official phrase of the Guinness World Records?

Source: Samsung Mobile

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  • MattDemers

    Great to see these guys genuinely improving the keyboarding of people who use smartphones. I have a Droid, so I don’t use Swype that much, but when I do, I love it.

    • http://Website ryan

      I just typed this in 28 seconds on the regular iPhone keyboard on the second try.
      Seriously guys, it took you more than a minute? and the world record is 35 secs?
      Im seriously making a video soon.

      • Andy

        Congratulations Ryan, you are the new world record holder. This record is open to iphones too. Unless, of course, you are talking utter bobbins.

  • Christopher Chavez

    I can type it faster on my G1… Pretty sure. I’m like lightning on this thing.

    Gonna record a video if I beat it =p

    • P Sadananda reddy

      I could type better than you but i am not able to type in android mobiles. In normal mobiles i could type very fast in abc def key pad mobiles. Is there any chance to create record plz inform to me. I could type for 5 or more than that or whole day. with out taking any break if it is possible means please mail to my mail. Waiting for ur reply.

  • schwiz

    cool commercial but swype still sucks :P

    • http://Website sen

      If you have used it first-hand, like we did, its blazingly fast. The only caveat though, is it’s still on T-mo only, and its landfall for android is not yet on the buzz.. Just in case some are wonderin’ what unit was used on the vid. It was the samsung omnia II:

      • http://Website riper

        What are you talking about? It’s been on Android for months and it rocks!

  • http://Website CarlWithakay

    I’ve been using swype for like a month now and i am no where near that fast. I think i am still faster with my normal keyboard on my Hero

    my time for that exact phrase : 01:38:01

    this takes forever if Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus aren’t saved in your phone,

  • http://Website Ryan

    The Swype Beta page says the beta is closed.

  • http://Website Rushdamian

    I’ve been using Swype Beta on my MT3G and, I must admit, I’m really digging it. It’s kinda hard to go back to tapping words once you’ve used this app for any length of time. I am finding myself getting faster every day. It really does speed up my one-handed texting abilities, though.

    Btw…I timed myself and, once I got Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus saved on the dictionary I was able to type that phrase in 1:16.28. After about 15 tries, though. Lol.

    • anakin78z

      That’s about the time I got. I got close to 1:10 once, but forgot the hyphen between razor-toothed.

      How fast were you with the Hero keyboard?

  • http://Website mr. swyper

    If anybody needs the android version of swype beta email me at [email protected]

  • http://Website Unquestionable

    Swype really feels like something of a revolution for text input on mobile devices. I’m using the newest version of the beta on my N1 and I don’t think I could live without it anymore.

    I had to use the standard keyboard for a little while when I was setting up the phone again, after installing the newest version of CyanogenMod, and it was a dreadful experience compared to using Swype.

    Swype <3

  • http://Website Tim

    Dear people who make Swype,

    Patent it before apple releases the iPhone 4 (then make a fortune from them or sue if they implement something similar).

    • Christopher Chavez

      HAHAHA! SO TRUE!!! =D

  • http://Website Keyla

    Bummer its closed. Anyone know how long it takes for them to open up again? Does anyone have this installed on the original moto cliq? wondering if it works good?

  • Tony M.

    One you get Swype, you CANNOT go back to “type”

  • http://Website Josh

    Completely just beat that time on my iPhone.. 34.7 seconds. Swype eat your heart out.

    • http://Website Chris C.

      Although I totally believe you and could never doubt that you beat a world record and would merely brag about it as a comment on a blog post, but could you post a video proving this or could you attempt to get it sanctioned by setting yourself up with a Guinness World Record official?

      Or are you too modest to be a world record holder? Oh well. I definitely believe you, though. I just typed this entire message with my pinky toe on a standard keyboard in 20 seconds flat… so, anything is possible.

    • http://Website Ryan

      ya i just have a normal enV touch and i got it in 38 seconds on my third try… if i had had pygocentrus and Serrasalmus saved in my fone i would have gotten that.

  • http://Website Keyla

    Okay so i found some similar apps while waiting for Swype to open up. Its shapewriter which is beta so its the closest i could find avail in my market. Its pretty good and is giving me practice on using it. Now i definately can’t wait until they open it back up again this is the coolest technology for texting!!! Thank goodness I have unlimited texting cause i’ve been texting everybody and twitter more too. LOL

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  • http://Website Kyle Ota

    I just used an iPhone and typed the Guiness World Record text message in 26 seconds.

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  • Zack

    I think it’s kind of interesting that the makers claim that some users can even type at up to 50 wpm using this interface, when simple math shows:

    (25 words / 35.5 seconds) * (60 seconds / 1 minute) = 42 words / minute

    It’s certainly got great buzz, though. We’ll see if it catches on.

    • http://Website Alan

      I suspect when Swype said 50wpm they weren’t testing it on a Guinness world record phrase designed to be difficult to type tbf.

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  • http://Website kkj

    I totally got it in 18.7 seconds using Palm Graffiti.

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  • bre

    heyyyyy y this peeps talkin in chinese

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