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T-Mobile begins testing for Motorola CLIQ 1.4.8 update

Motorola and T-Mobile began testing a new OTA update for the CLIQ tonight. Insert bad Droid Does pun.

TmoNews is reporting that 1000 lucky users got the update and a broader rollout will begin after monitoring feedback from the initial push. The latest CLIQ software update is version 1.4.8. which Motorola says adds improvements to the phone’s battery, touchscreen, and Bluetooth functionality. Unfortunately the operating system firmware remains at Android 1.5, but Motorola is still planning a move to Android 2.1 come Q2 2010.

If you would like to try and grab the update early, monitor this thread on the official T-Mobile forums for instructions.

The 1.4.8 software update for Motorola CLIQ provides several fixes to known issues along with the following enhancements:

  • Improved battery life
  • Improved software performance and stability
  • Improved home screen
  • Improved widget response
  • Decrease in ‘Force Close’ error messages
  • Added support of .WMA and .WAV media files

Note: This is not the Android 2.1 upgrade.

For a detailed list of changes, please see the official release notes from Motorola.

Via: TmoNews

Source: Motorola

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  • http://Website Jerry

    Isnt this EXACTLY what the last update said that it was going to fix? lol

  • http://Website John

    @Jerry – There’s a whole bunch of stuff this new update fixes, not everything was posted here.

    It fixes issues pertaining to ending a call (End call button response)

    as well as some gps issues and a whole bunch of other stuff

  • http://N/a Geo

    Finally!!! Every time i would try to answer or End my calls id have to unlock the screen first, which means..that the phone would freeze halfway through and then not tell me who was calling because id have to restart it.

  • http://Website Mark Gonzales

    I was one of the lucky troopers to have this trial update and I’m happy to report that it has actually made a difference on the phone already. The responsiveness of the phone is smoother, going through applications is faster, the virtual keyboard works better (I even use Swype and it seems smoother also), GPS is more accurate, the end call button is so much easier to use, and just overall the phone responds better. I guess Motorola took some learning cues from the disaster of the previous update and made this one much better. I’m very happy with it so far and from what I’ve been reading in the T-Mobile forums, it looks like a majority of people are having the exact same luck too. Now, just waiting for 2.1.

  • http://Website Mark

    I have the cliq and cliq xt i updated to 1.4.8 and have no swype the cliq cliq xt came with swype which works good on xt ! If you have swype on the cliq please let me know how you got it .

    • http://Website samuel

      Hey mark, I have swype on the original cliq and its awesome! Extremely easy. Google how to install swype on my g1. Look for a website called andronica. Its the only apk file I found that works. It shows how to install them on the g1 and it will work on the original cliq.

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  • http://Website Rob

    just downloaded the update in the morning. probably one of the first to get it. although i don’t understand the end call button update, everything else seems to be running much smoother. texting used to always have that force close screen and i would have to use chomp sms. GPS seems to be running better. touch screen response has a major improvement, but until i see a 2.1 update im not impressed. it shouldve been running like this from the beginning. im starting to think that just cause of motoblur well never see 2.1 and i frankly dont use motoblur. it has nice features but i dont use the majority of it.

  • http://Website Reggie

    I received the 1.4.8 update on April 9, 2010 and I too am happy to report that this phone has improved. Still waiting for some sort of firmware update. Atleast give us a donut update becasue im really tired of cupcake. Being stuck on 1.5 means we are stuck without the other cool features and apps that the newer Androids are equipped with. Lets get it together TMo and Moto! Really love your products, just dislike the wait for updates!

  • http://Website Lou

    Moto Cliq: Got the 1.4.8 update Saturday and battery life has been much worse. The previous patch fixed battery life – I was getting a good 10 hours. With 1.4.8, I am now getting about 6 hours now (this is running the phone in full performance mode). Grrrrr.

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