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T-Mobile CLIQ XT now available for $129

Update: The Motorola CLIQ XT is now available from T-Mobile for $129 with 2 year contract or $329 off contract.

We are still awaiting official confirmation from T-Mobile, but TmoNews is reporting the Motorola CLIQ XT will launch tomorrow for $99 with 2 year contract. Customers will have three price points since T-Mobile offers the phone on contract and off.

The leaked official pricing information for the CLIQ XT:

  • $129: 2 year contract
  • $329: no contract

We just reviewed the CLIQ XT and found it was a nice device, but the hardware and software is a little dated. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you understand what you are buying. The CLIQ XT is an entry level Android phone and it is priced as such.

Note that we don’t actually know the full price of the CLIQ XT and the $299 is just speculation. T-Mobile offers these awesome no-contract plans (Even More Plus), but they have a habit of hiding the no-contract pricing of their new devices.

This pricing was wrong.

Source: TmoNews

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  • uhanrodric

    Of course. After I just paid $150 for the CLIQ (regular). haha. Still, I’ll talk them into another upgrade a year from now. Nexus maybe?

  • http://Website Dotson

    Verizon gets HTC Incredible, AT&T gets HTC Desire, Sprint gets HTC Supersonic, Tmobile gets the Cliq. Effing wonderful

  • http://Website ms. matrix

    I went right out and got it, I’m using it now and I love it. Everyone one is trying to dump on it and I don’t understand why everyone hates this phone. Its real nice and it works well. Its my first touch screen phone and so far, I’m not having any problems with it.