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T-Mobile offers perks for loyal customers

TmoNews is reporting that T-Mobile is rolling out a new customer loyalty program called My T-Mobile Perks in order to reward loyal users and fight churn. The program is currently in an invite only preview and TmoNews says about 2% of customers have received emails asking them to join. Details are still limited but it looks like perks will include free minutes, free text messages, credits on your bill, and other rewards.

Special rewards will also be given automatically for your birthday, your anniversary date with T-Mobile, and other special Stick Together days. Some users who signed up for the program and took a survey also reported getting a $5 gift card from Subway.

Other program details revealed:

  • Always On, Always Improving: Even when you’re sleeping, My T-Mobile perks is working for you. See how you benefit from Always On membership perks and let us know how you’d like to be appreciated.
  • Picture Your Personality: Help us learn what makes you tick, so we can offer perks we you know you’ll want. We’ll show you a series of photos and use those you choose to tell you about your personality.

We did not get an invite, so let us know what other perks you discover if you are granted access. T-Mobile has no information about the program on their website and we are waiting to hear back from them on additional details.

What other perks or rewards would you like to see for being a loyal T-Mobile customer?

Tip: Some users also reported an invite when logging into My T-Mobile even though they did not receive an email.

Preview of My T-Mobile Perks.

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website Bart

    How about a perk where we G1 owners can actually buy a Nexus One, subsidized, with out getting a new plan. If Verizon gets the Nexus One before T-mobile I’m switching after 10 years.

    • http://Website droidwolf

      T-mobile already has nexus they just don’t sell instore or web site have to buy from google with t-mobile plan.

      • http://Website chainsinthewall

        He’s not saying that T-mobile users can’t get the Nexus One. What he is saying is that in order to get a Nexus One at a reasonable price he has to get a new plan with them, instead of simply upgrading. I totally understand where he is coming from

    • http://Website Danny

      Despite paying hundreds of dollars more upfront in buying an unsubsidized N1, you’d recoup the initial difference in cost over time. I purchased my N1 unsubsidized and do not regret it. I can’t believe people are still so blind to realize that going subsidized will NOT save you money. I think it’s just the initial shock of having to dish out $500+ upfront.

      PS. I agree with a lot of you. I wish there was a customer loyalty program. We all get kicked in the bum for staying w/ a set carrier.

      Alright, now go purchase your N1 (unsubsidized, on t-mobile)… won’t regret your purchase!

    • krazytrixxxsta

      you can upgrade without having to renew your contract, tmo call it a partial upgrade. it less than full price but more than a renew contract price

      • http://Website Daniel J.

        Unfortunately, according to TMO a partial upgrade will automatically call for a contract extension from the date of the upgrade. I know this because I requested a partial upgrade when I was robbed in September of 2008 and lost my Blackberry Pearl. Upon partial upgrade and payment of the remaining purchase price for my replacement (another Pearl) my contract was extended for another two years from that date.

        Happily, I’m the proud owner of an unlocked N1 and intend to simply purchase my phones outright from now on because they aren’t preloaded with all that carrier specific crapware and I won’t have to deal carrier lock-in. Hopefully.

        Anyway, if at all possible, stay away from a partial upgrade if you intend to switch carriers anytime in the near future.

  • http://Website JM

    Same as Bart. I’m pretty peeved about the treatment of existing Tmob customers. Despite my hatred of ATT, I am considering switching back now because of this debacle.

  • http://Website Patrick O’Leary

    Apparently it doesn’t have too much to do with loyalty (they had to replace my VoiceStream SIM card when I got my myTouch 3G.) So much for that plan.

  • Techvudu

    I just logged in after I read this and MyPerks was there for the joining. Doesnt look like anything exclusive. Every year your with Tmobile, you get points, credits, ect.

  • http://Website John

    Bart You can not be upset about the Nexus One situation because the only way Verizon customers will get the phone is through the google phone website. Google is doing this not the phone carriers.

  • Mobile Brazzers

    Hahaha I agree.

    You wanna keep me around Tmobile?

    Then let me get the latest hardware without having to sign into some raw deal to do it.

    I’ll enjoy my new phone, and as a result, will stick with what I’ve got. This contract crap is just stupid… all it does is make people jump the second they can, to get a better phone.

    Its funny, they probably spend millions trying to figure out what customers are thinking and want, and all they reall need to do is read blogs like this one.


    We need fast Android phones with lots of internal memory and full Qwerty keyboards! Get me one without having to marry you and I’ll stick around.. otherwise, I’m a rolling stone baby!

  • http://Website myG1


  • http://Website zlander

    yea..the nexus one his googles screw up, not tmobile…i got an idea, how about getting a good android phone (i.e. desire) im eligible for an upgrade, but im not upgrading unless they get an android device with snapdragon…and if thats not by october (when my contract is up) buhbye tmobile (after 5 years)

  • http://Website Aaron

    What is sad to me as an original G1 owner is that Google is giving these Nexus One’s out like hot cakes for free but If I want to get one I have to pay 575(after taxes). I’m not mad at T-mobile I love TMO I’ve been with them for a long time. I do agree with Bart they do need to work out a deal with Google that gets this phone into “loyal” customers hands if they want it. If you can’t do that then get us the HTC Desire and I’ll be happy with that :-)

  • http://Website Tookule4skool

    What people don’t realize is that the Nexus one was Google’s way of showing the rest of the industry the standards to which they should produce handsets. The original plan was to sell it cheap and get it into every one’s hands but that was upsetting manufacturers. Thus they made it difficult to get but still got their point across to the industry, that this is how a handset should be made. So in short just wait for the desire it’s probably only a few months away anyways.

  • http://Website Daniel J.

    Actually, what Google is doing goes beyond using Android and the Nexus One as a showcase of how a cellphone should be produced and implemented.

    Google is pushing the idea that consumers shouldn’t be focusing on the services being provided by carriers and should instead focus on what they want in a handset, then go looking for the provider that gives them the service they want to use with that handset. You don’t go buy a laptop from an ISP and get locked into their service, even if you don’ t like it, right? That’s how it ought to be with cell phones. You pick your handset, then you pick your service provider, and the handset should be accessible on any provider so long as you have the sim card and coverage for it.

    The only reason Verizon customers don’t have a Nexus One right now may be because the hardware required to run EDGE and CDMA differs between the two network types. Presumably they did a first run on T-Mobile because HTC produced the EDGE versions first since EDGE has coverage spanning multiple carrier networks. Additionally, the Edge version may only be available on T-Mobile because the -other- big EDGE provider is in Apple’s pocket.

    Thoughts on this?

  • http://Website JJJ
  • http://Website Osiris

    How about any free phone of our choosing without a contract (ok that’s asking to much) fine a two yr ext contract

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  • http://Website Carol

    What perks for loyal costumers? I have been with t-mobile for years and I wasn’t even allowed to do flex pay on my phones? And what about upgrading? They don’t have too many options! Loyal costumers get a discount, where? Why do you have to be invited to get a discount, shouldn’t they have the record as to how many years you’ve used their service? Bunch of bs!