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T-Mobile will launch HSPA+ smartphone in H2 2010, 3x faster than Sprint HTC EVO 4G

The Sprint HTC EVO 4G is the new king of Andorid phones, right? T-Mobile held their own press conference earlier today and while  they did not announce a HSPA+ handset, they did reveal that one is one the way this year.

In a Q&A session after the event, T-Mobile said they would release a smartphone with HSPA+ support in the “second half of this year”. I spoke with several people who were at the event and T-Mobile was claiming their HSPA+ will be “three times faster” than Sprint’s 4G and cover more people this year.

David from TmoNews was also sitting in the room and told me T-Mobile’s Neville Ray said customers should expect max download speeds of 10-12 Mbps (out of a theoretical max of 21 Mbps). This would put T-Mobile on the same level as Verizon’s 4G LTE implementation. Sprint is promoting their 4G WiMax with top speeds of 3-6 Mbps, (out of a theoretical max of 10 Mbps).

The major downside to T-Mobile’s current HSPA+ data plans is the monthly 5 GB of data cap. Sprint offers unlimited data over their WiMax network.

Seeing as this HSPA+ handset will not launch till the second half, I think we can agree on Q4 2010 as the target date (we know how dates slip). This means the Sprint EVO will likely have a few months headstart, but the extra time in the oven could result in enhanced specs for the T-Mobile phone.

HSPA+ is not just specific to T-Mobile. The technology is maturing and over 40 global carriers are using it in their networks. This means T-Mobile could be working with virtually any handset maker to produce the phone. Possible candidates include HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Samsung, or just about anyone currently making Android phones.

It should also be noted that AT&T will use HSPA+ in certain locations later this year, so keep your eye on them as well.

Via: PC Mag

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website nithin jino

    Now all we need is a phone like the evo 4g

  • Reignzone

    There will be a device or two premiering in Q4 of this year… that does in fact support the HSPA+ (2100MHz) frequency. There is a meeting being held sometime in September in Seattle, Washington to discuss specifics regarding the devices. One of them is said to be perhaps a “redesigned” HTC Supersonic. The other is suggested to be the HTC Obsession or “HD3″.

    Only time can tell…

  • http://Website brian

    Sweet, I have an available upgrade and have been itching to get the HD2 once an android rom is released. I may be able to hold out a few more months and see what shakes out…

  • http://Website John Barker

    I find the claim of “available to more people than Sprint” difficult to believe, when normal 2G/3G service still isn’t even available in many areas of the country.

  • JeffersonFreely

    I like the sound of HSPA+ but a 5gb cap? That is awful.

    • http://Website stillerwinter

      Awful? In germany 5gb are really really rare and expensive. Top carrier cap at 100~200mb. Consider that they advertise it as a “flat rate”! After the limit you get only grps speed (56kb) for the rest of the month. You americans don’t know how good you have it. Nobody here think on watching youtube or hearing webradio on the go.

      • http://Website 5GBcapIsAnAbsurd

        Yes, 5Gb is an absurd and most blatant ripoff ever. You will spend your day cap 167MB in 3 minutes (have you thought about this???) and even will NOT be able to download any single TV show or divex movie which weight 700MB. This is why Comcast cable has it 250GB per month

        Forget using HSPA+ as landline substitute for family of 3-4 internet users

        Ang guess how much each additional 5GB over the cap will cost you at 20 cents per MB? Do the math, you will sh#t your pants in disbelief

        • http://Website lolcopter

          I thought t-mobile would just throttle speeds after hitting the cap, as opposed to charging for extra data (ala AT&T)

  • http://Website Alex

    maybe an iPhone 4g ? Apple would love to flaunt those speeds.. specially now that Att is about to add android phones.

  • http://Website anthony

    funny how tmobile says this but anyone I know in thier “high speed ” area get no where near the speeds lol

    • http://Website Garet

      I am getting 2mbps on my Nexus one. I am in Indiana right outside Chicago area.

    • http://Website bluepenny65

      I get 3.7mbps in the DC area on my NexusOne……so I don’t doubt getting that 10-12mbps someday on an HSPA+ handset…unless u live in the real boonies.

  • Manly Man

    If T-mobile was smart they would come out with a phone better or some what the same as HTC EVO in the summer time not the H2 or 4Q with an EXPANDED COVERAGE NOT FASTER SPEEDS! but they wont, why I have no idea!

  • http://Website treefq

    Verizon and Sprint share towers. What is available for Verizon, sprint can get access to and vice versa. Seems like Wimax was able to hit the market way ahead of the curve and so why not release it. Also, do you guys really think Wimax is capped at 10Mbps? as other carriers come on line with faster data, Sprint will just flip the speed switch as needed.

    • http://Website J_Youngin

      Don’t plan on it… Sprint is currently using the mobile standard for WiMAX. While many of those incredibly high theoretical speeds (+75 Mbps) are reserved for the fixed WiMAX standard, not to mention the fact that that speed dramatically decreases when divided over multiple users. I am a graduate student currently testing a WiMAX rollout (my connection to this site is via WiMAX), and I can tell you from first hand experience that without clear line of site (especially for the 2.5 GHz range that Clearwire [read: Sprint] uses), a fixed location, and limited user saturation you will very seldom get to the 21 Mbps I’m getting right now.

      Because of these factors, (and mainly its mobile nature, and large consumer base), dont expect Sprint’s WiMAX speeds to reach anything over 10 Mbps. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that most users won’t experience more than a 3-5Mbps average speed.

      But that’s just my 2 cents, based on personal experience.

      Don’t read into this whole 4G WiMAX hype. WiMAX is not any more 4G than Sprint and Verizon’s EV-DO rev A is 3G. Its all pure marketing to get people to pay as much as possible for the slightest bump in their overall user experience. If anything the earliest iterations of LTE and HSPA+ will be closer to true 3G.

      If anything, remember this. True “4G” wireless has download speeds capable of 1 Gbps for fixed, and 100 Mbps for mobile. Until any wireless operator offers a product that can AT LEAST reach 50% of those speeds, they are blowing smoke up your @ss and nothing less.

  • OMG Android App Reviews

    This looks really good.

  • http://Website brian

    So when do you think we’ll be able to find out if its an android device or not?

    I’m wanting a better android phone, sprint is getting the EVO and my contract is up… choices choices….

  • http://Website myg1

    Don’t noe why some of u guys saying there’s gonna be a charger if u go over 5gb? That only applies to those webconnect plans if u have a smartphone it’ll just reduce u down to Edge once u hit the cap and I think it could be 10gb or 5gb either way no charge on a cellphone

  • Dean Williams

    I enjoy my MT3G, but I really really really want to upgrade to a much more powerful phone. PLEASE, T-Mo, don’t be referring to some iPhone 4G release! Or, at LEAST have a competing Android, something like the iBetter.


    I removed my 5GB cap by joining WOW Mobile which is a reseller for T-Mobile. The mobile service is truly unlimited 3G talk, text and web (no cap on data transfer). It was $89.95 / mo with no contract, no cancellation fee, no credit check, etc… and sales taxes and fees included! But the amazing thing was that I referred 3 customers and now my cell phone service is absolutely free each and every month. I referred 3 customers one time. I know have three phones that I do not pay for service. And I did mention that it is T-Mobile service offered exclusively through right? Check it out! You can save or make money too!

  • http://Website Ducky

    “Sprint is promoting their 4G WiMax with top speeds of 3-6 Mbps, (out of a theoretical max of 10 Mbps).”


    IEEE 802.16e WiMAX is 70+ Mbps

    My fastest with Clear & Sprint: (USB Dongle)

    MAX 10Mbps ??

    • http://Website Patrick

      Those are awesome speeds. but remember WiMax is based on 802.xx so it’s affected a lot easier by the number of people using the service than standard wired towers that transmit a cell signal. If sprint puts in enough backhaul…then yea, they can expect REALLY good speeds. BUT….right now you’re probably getting those speeds because no other devices are using it except other 4G wireless modems. Once other devices become available, those speeds will probably suffer pretty bad. T-Mobile is getting those speeds on towers that are ALREADY being used by every OTHER device that has 3G.

      • http://Website Name (required)dontchase

        So what you are saying is tmobile with 3g coverage is maxing 10-20 mbps?

    • http://Website J_Youngin

      70 Mbps (FIXED) Meaning you aren’t moving. At high speeds, WiMAX throughput drops off dramatically partially due to tower handoff, and the nature of the WiMAX band they are using. Also be sure to recognize the difference between a dongle connected to a computer, and a micro internal antenna on a phone…

      Sure I get 21+ Mbps here at my apartment with our experimental WiMAX network, but as soon as I take this thing on the road, my speed drops immediately. Its much easier to establish a connection and pump through much more data on something that does not move – the same cannot be said for devices used in true mobile environments.

  • http://Website dontchase

    Blazing speeds should mean being able to view HD video or Downloads + Tethering… 5gb Thats 5 movies… lol They are trying to be better then sprint but its not possible. Phones that can actually handle that speed would be in the price range of 700-1200.

  • http://Website Richie

    Will the hd2 get this hspa+ cause I want the hd2 and it would be cool if they did a air update to the hd2

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  • http://Website amber

    When will the htc h2 be available to order again

  • http://Website Warren Fleming

    I market WOW Cellular which is a service that runs on one of the top tier networks (I can not name the network but you see them on TV all the time) This is a GSM network and WOW allows, in addition to unlimited everything else, unlimited data with NO CAP. As if that wasnt enough, we encourage our customers eo do wireless tethering and when you refer 3 others as customers your cell bill is a big fat ZERO…yep…FREE. Interested? Give me a call at 440-847-9145

  • http://Website Raptor

    Just got my new EVO. First i do – network testing. I know there is no 4G in the city yet. City is in California near the San Francisco. The heart of the world computer industry, Intel, Apple, AMD, Google, Western Digital etcetc are just 30 miles from here.

    It is interesting what Sprint 3G gives?

    - DL 46-78 kbps, 1500 ms ping
    - 130/30 kb/s DL / UL, 1560ms ping

    WTF !? Is this my “New Great Experience”?

    On T-mobile with HTC HD2 for comparison in the same place from the same tower (i see it 0.2 mile away) i have:
    - DL 350-600 kb/s, ping 150-250 ms
    - 450-850 kb/s 110-160ms ping

    Wow ! In the same city we have Clearwire running 1.5 Mbits per second and Comcast 25 Mb/s is default for everyone.

    What the hell better experience ? With such 3G? That’s like returning into ancient ages. The additional $10 (or $240 in 2 years) for WHAT specific experience? For dialup-like one ?

    T-mobile also does not extort $30/month for laptop tethering. On HD2 it is allowed by default.

    Will make a whole chart around my town and sent it to Sprint CEO. For better experience.

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