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Tether beta now available for Android

The popular tethering application "Tether" is now available in beta form for Android

As a reformed BlackBerry user I have fond memories of TetherBerry. Their software offers free tethering without any special add on plans through your carrier and without hacking your phone. TetherBerry has since evolved into simply Tether and they have just released a beta version of their software for Android.

Their lead engineer is reporting speeds up to 6.8 Mbps using the Android beta which is far faster than anything they achieved on BlackBerry. As with most beta software I’m sure it has some kinks to work out, but they are a fan favorite on the BlackBerry sites for both their solid software and customer service so I would assume that will carry over to their Android offering.

The instructions I received for installing and using the beta are copied at the bottom of this post, you can sign up for the beta by going to The folks at Tether indicate that you might have to wait a bit after signing up as they are rolling out the beta to users “based on the various timelines.” I’m not entirely sure what kind of lag time we are talking about there, but probably it is best to just head on over and sign up if you are interested.

At the moment this is PC only so apologies to Linux and Mac users (I am among you so I feel your pain), but they are also beta testing Mac at present so some of you may not be left out for long.

One thing of note is that they normally charge $49.95 for their software which is obviously quite a bit more than Android users are accustomed to paying for anything so it will be interesting to see if they stick to that price point. Considering pdanet is a similar and well accepted tethering option for stock Android phones and it currently goes for just $23.95 it seems as though Tether is going to have to knock $20-25 off if they want to be relevant in the Android market.


1. On phone go to Settings->Applications->Development and check USB debugging.
2. Connect phone to PC with USB cable.
3. If you have a Samsung Android you need to download and install Samsung USB drivers from: (You may need to reboot)
4. If you already have Tether/TetherBerry installed on your machine uninstall it.
5. Download and install Tether from:
(If asked to reboot, wait until the installer is fully finished)
6. Disable your wireless adapter through the control panel network connections panel (ncpa.cpl in Windows Vista or Windows 7)
7. Start Tether on the PC and select Android USB for the connection method.
8. Start Tether on the Android.*

*Quick heads up on that last step, as I said I don’t have a PC right now so I can’t test this but I was reading through their support forums and a few users were reporting confusion regarding how to get the piece of Tether that needs to be on your phone up and running and user “ptfd13″ came up with this solution which appears to be working.

On your computer go to the program files section under C drive and find the Tether folder. Get the .apk file and copy it to your microSD card and use Astro to install.

Once connected your PC should be able to browse the internet.

If you’re having any troubles the support forums specific to the Android beta are here

Source: Tether

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  • TornadoTexan

    Other than not having to root your phone, does this offer any advantages over say Wifi Tether for Root Users or just USB tethering with CyanogenMod?

    • http://Website dre

      @ tornadotexan from what I can tell, its EXACTLY the same!!!!

    • Sean Riley

      I think the root option has to be dismissed to some degree as not everyone is willing to do that. If you have rooted or will root then no this isn’t probably for you.

      The pricing is definitely going to be a huge problem for them if they aren’t planning a big drop for the Android offering.

      The only thing I’m not sure of, as I don’t presently use tethering, is whether the speed that they are reporting here is improved over the existing applications.

  • http://Website dre

    $50? Not only do Android have similar apps that cost less then $5, u can also root and get tethering for free!!! Stop playing!

  • http://Website midtoad

    Mac users, PDANet works just fine, and is much cheaper than this product.

    • Sean Riley

      PDANet is absolutely a fine option, I know Taylor has recommended it frequently.

      I’m just tossing this out there for the PC users as another option and of course at least for me being part of a beta is always cool.

  • http://Website Jeremiah Hoyet

    This is amazing, I’m all for people being able to tether without the need to root!

  • http://Website chibucks

    and not to mention azilink (free) is out there as well… no root access needed and is able to access those https sites that unpaid pdanet isn’t…

  • http://Website Ann

    EasyTether works fine and costs only 14.95, published via Polyclef software in Android market

  • http://Website ShaneJ

    I have an antivirus program and the tether APK comes up as suspicious. hmmm

  • Ron

    I test this on windows 7 64bit, and it doesn’t seem to work on 64bit windows.

    • Ron

      FYI; I install tether from the file link above, and I’m not even sure if they have the 64bit windows setup.exe. I just sign up for the beta test, and so I’m waiting for the invite to test it out.

      • http://Website Ramon

        oI just installed it on windows 7 find trust me. Btw if it doesn’t come on da phone then do a reinstall with the phone plugged in!

  • http://Website alanjr_uk

    So I take it Android phones don’t support the Bluetooth dial-up networking profile?? On all my SonyEricsson phones over the past few years I’ve just been able to get my laptop to connect to the internet by pairing my mobile over Bluetooth then connecting by getting the laptop to disal *99#.

  • http://Website William

    Errr. Easy Tether is a much better user experience and only costs 10 bucks.

    • Sean Riley

      Glad to hear you have something that is working for you already; this was intended for folks that don’t have something at the moment or those who just like to participate in beta testing.

      Easy Tether is actually $14.95 in the market right now and that is probably about where Tether is going to have to settle.

      • http://Website Murkin

        Tested out EasyTether this weekend while on vacation. Worked perfectly well (used the free “lite” version). I may upgrade…especially since they’ve dropped the price to $10.

  • http://Website websurf90

    Not working in Vista 64-bit or Android. Does this work on only the vanillia version of Android? My phone: MotoCLIQ with MOTOBLUR.

  • http://Website Hanger

    Does anyone have experiences of extra charges form T-mobile for un-authorised tethering, lets say i want to play a low bandwidth game or something more like WoW, will this get me charged rediculious numbers?

  • http://Website Robert

    I use EasyTether and have an unlimited data plan. I find EasyTether much easier to use and my phone bill actually went down by a dollar (I think it’s because I signed up for electronic billing). The one hiccup is that you can use EasyTether with USBWebcam.

  • http://Website DeMoN

    as long as you have a unlimited phone data plan, you usually will not see any extra charges, the reason i say ‘usually’ is that there are random reports on the web of all the major carriers billing huge for tethered data, but IMHO its only ppl who do not have an unlimited phone data plan. ive been doing this for years with T-mo and AT&T both and have never had any extra charges, and i know a handful of people that tether as well and have never had a problem.

    currently using EasyTether lite *BUT* warning to those who want to try the full version, i have signed up over the phone via google checkout and credit card, and only received an email telling me to wait 15 mins for them ‘to verify the owner of the account actually placed the order’ and if i havent received a reply, email them my phone number. its been 3 days and no follow up email with unlock code nor have i received a call. Im out of town on business and need the ability to log in to email and corporate networks, so i tried again with paypal and am still waiting, i have emailed them back stating that if i do not receive a response in 24 hours i am disputing the transactions with my CC company and paypal both and will be reporting them to the BBB and android market, lets hope its a fluke and both my purchase orders got ‘lost’

    • http://Website Ced21

      try downloading easytether from via your cell phone its a full version of easytether but its not the current version

  • http://Website Ced21

    This app is way faster then easy tether and if you can not tell a difference go watch a couple of youtube videos, tether = no lag…. easytether = some lag. It took me five mins to install and have working it is not hard at all!!! It may be worth the $50 if you plan on streaming videos or downloading alot of stuff.

  • http://Website moxy

    tether is worthless on att phones.. they block fourth party apps.. any ints?