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Vacuum: Android 3D game delivers cash prizes

Many Android games have online leaderboards for high scores, but none have offered cash prizes until now. Vacuum is a fast paced tunnel racer which aims to do that. Some people might recognize the title as Atmosphere: Trainer because it was a finalist in ADC2 (finished Top 20 Arcade/Action).

We had a chance to sample an early preview of the game and it has undergone a major overhaul. Before you got to roam in free space, but now the play area is defined to a never ending tunnel. The game kind of reminds me of SpeedX 3D except you can move in all directions instead of just left and right. It definitely still needs some work (like music), but the gameplay is addicting at these early stages.

Vacuum should hit the Android Market by March 20th and the first round of competition will begin April 1st. We are still waiting on the exact details of the contest and the amounts for the cash prizes. Check out the video below for a quick preview.

The press release:

MADISON, WI – March 4, 2010 – Today Door-6 unveils Vacuum, a fast-paced competition on the Android platform. The game blends classic arcade action with a dynamic 3D environment. Players must navigate a perilous, asteroid-filled obstacle course, competing for the top score and cash prizes. In this successor to the acclaimed “Atmosphere: The Training Mission”, a finalist in Google’s Android Developer Challenge 2, your phone becomes the joystick of an agile spaceship maneuvering to collect targets along the course.

Vacuum will be released into the Android Market by March 20th, and the first round of competition will begin April 1st. The details of the contest, and its prize amounts, will be announced soon.

Source: Door-6

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