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Watch the Sprint EVO 4G demonstration

You might have read our report on the highlights of the HTC EVO 4G and now you can watch Sprint’s presentation from CTIA. The new videos from Sprint are a continuation of the EVO 4G announcement and demonstrate several of the new features of the phone. Watch as Sprint’s Kevin Packingham and Fared Adib provide a quick run down of YouTube HQ, video out via HDMI, streaming with QIK, and mobile hotspot.

Which feature of the EVO 4G are you looking forward to the most?

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  • http://Captions/Subtitles? Hans

    where is captions/subtitles? asshole!

  • Andrew

    I want one!

  • http://Website Hans

    EVO 4G has flash…wait,what?

    • http://Website brenda

      I like it too … I’m just worried about monthly charges to use it.
      The current cost is $59.99/month for Sprint’s 4G mobile hotspot. That doesn’t include phone service.

      I’m guessing the Everything plan for this phone will start at $99.99/month, but I’m hoping we can still get this phone and not have to use 4G if that pricing is accurate. I’d get it if we can still use the $69.99 Everything plan.

      Better than its concept phone actually. See the comparisson:

      • http://Website Tim

        you can use this phone with the everything data plan. 69.99 and you have unlimited everything, with 450 minutes. you get unlimited mobile to mobile as well. hard to go over those minutes when you only use them to talk to landlines.

  • http://Website Mathieu

    This presentation is completely faked to prove that the Sprint 4G Wimax network is much faster that 3G networks which is not true (yet?) in the real life.
    I can already watch YouTube HQ on my Nexus One on 3G.
    I can also share my 3G connection over WiFi, Bluetooth and USB.
    Google Goggles works at the same speed on 3G since it doesn’t use that much of data and Google servers are fast anyway.

    • http://Website John

      What? what are you talking about?

      What’s faked about it?

      Youtube HQ on the EVO is a brand new UI it has nothing to do really with ONLY watching high quality videos.

      Congrats, but you had to add that feature. This comes standard out of the box which is why they deem it important.

      Is there a reason you’re trying to tear down the phone?

      Lets be happy this is an android phone and rejoice that everyone is trying to add new useful features to it while trying to push the limits of technology.

    • http://Website treefq

      Can you take HQ video from your n1 and drop it to youtube? I didn’t think so. Can you hook you N1 up to HD tv and play back your captured HD videos? No?

      Gee maybe this is what they are getting at.

  • http://none John

    @mathieu. You are just flat out wrong. I’m not sure what else to tell you, but sprints wimax is faster in both sprint’s tests and a variety of independent tests online (just google any number of people testing out speeds on the sprint overdrive). There’s not much more to say. Wimax is faster than anything else right now, even t-mobiles micro experiment in their 3.5G network in the northeast.

  • http://Website Bob

    I really want one and can’t wait until it is released in UK. I was amazed how quick the screen rotates (first video at 2m 11s).

    The best thing about this is the HDMI connection because it can then plug directly into something like this:

  • http://Website gad

    That guy is an asshole, must you bring out your iphone to the Evo launch? What point is he trying to prove?.
    He made a complete fool of himself.Imaging Steve Jobs bringing out the HTC Evo from his pocket to the Iphone 4.0 launch……would never happen

  • http://Website Topshelf

    I have to agree. There was no reason to insult the iPhone, or Droid for that matter. While I do believe the EVO is an amazing phone, both of these guys were horrible presenters. And I don’t know if I’m just getting crabby in my old age, but I’m just tired of all the pointless bashing going on, both in public and on forums. Seems like the days of conversation and constructive criticism are long gone. :(

    • http://Website Skimaniac

      Oh yes I have to agree with you, Apple has an entire campaign bashing Microsoft but god forbid you put down an Iphone. Maybe a marketing class would help you understand how this all works.

  • http://Website Jerry

    It hurt me when he said Droid Doesnt when he’s presenting an Android phone there.

    • http://Website skimaniac

      Why should this hurt? Droid is the name of a phone, Android is an operating system. If anyone is at fault it was naming the phone the Droid in the first place. I knew this would confuse the Iphone generation.

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