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X10 gives multitouch fans the finger, 2 not supported

I am having a hard time believing this, but SlashGear is reporting that the Xperia X10 will never support multitouch. We already expected the device to ship with Android 1.6, but Sony Ericsson is planning to update the firmware to Android 2.1 (which includes the multitouch APIs). ‘

Unfortunately, even Android 2.1 will not add multitouch functionality to the X10. It appears the X10 suffers from a hardware limitation and will only allow input from a single finger.

“I don’t have any technical details around the screen to share, sorry! — However I have now gotten confirmation on the question of multi touch. As said earlier there’s no multitouch in X10 — and I also can confirm that it’s not only related to SW but also to HW. Despite this, for future updates of X10 we are of course working on other solutions for e.g. zooming, which has been requested frequently on this blog, such has the solution demoed on X10 mini.”Rikard SkogbergSony Ericsson

Instead of the intuitive pinch zoom we have come to expect in the Browser, Gallery, and Maps, Sony Ericsson has created their own zoom shortcuts. Users can long press a zoom area and then slide their finger up and down to zoom. A quick demonstration of this zoom method was captured on video for all to see (about 1:15 mark).

It is nice to see Sony Ericsson implement new zoom solutions, but we are still a little saddened by this news. If a U.S. carrier ever decides to pick this phone up, the lack of multitouch will really hurt the X10 reviews.

Is multitouch support really that important to everyone? Or do we no longer care about the subject?

Via: SlashGear

Source: Sony Ericsson Product Launch Blog

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  • http://Website Andy D.

    Multi touch seems useless now. .honestly how often does anyone use it..its a novelty now

    • http://Website nithin jino

      For games duhhh and to make iphohe fanboys to stfu.

      anyway this is pretty much an instant turn off for me.

    • http://Website Lao

      The Video looks great because the model was a girl, other than that, it looks mediocre. Every multitouch technology being infused to a brand must be somewhat different from the other (fear of lawsuit infringement) I just hope SE can apply multitouch to the Xperia Mini 10 Series and Pro as well.

    • http://Website Tigger

      Multi-touch is very important. It is far more than a gimmick. It started out as a novelty for me, but I quickly found it is a very natural way to handle zooming. It is one of those things that made me wonder how I ever got by without it before.

      For me, no multi-touch is a deal breaker for the X10. I will still check it out because I know it can still be nice without it, but the reality is there is no reason not to have it. The OS supports it, the market wants it… why make such a beautiful phone without it. The big screen, nice camera and snapdragon combined with an updated Adroid OS make this phone top of it’s class, except the mult-touch. SE, what were you thinking? So much innovation and you would be the first great phone to reach my neighborhood, if it wasn’t for that major shortcoming.

  • schwiz

    Not a big deal on browser, etc but it is crucial for games. To bad cause it has fantastic hardware acceleration and beat out every other phone on the market according to a speaker at GDC. But now it is severely limited no trackball, no multitouch this thing definitely won’t be for those interested in gaming. Oh and a $900 pricepoint as well? This phone has fail written all over it.

    • Duncan Leung

      It really is quite a significant shortcoming to not have multitouch; even if it’s not a ‘necessity’ to some, it’s sort of become the ‘buzzword’ that everyone is talking about (and criticizing) phones for.

      • http://Website Bryan

        900$??? in Canada it is 499 with no contract and 149 on 3 year… CHEAP if you ask me…

  • http://Website Andrew Jones

    In the UK I have been drooling over this phone since it was first mentioned last year.

    Don’t care about price as on Voda UK – phone is FREE on 24mnth contract, unlimited texts, 1200 cross network mins, 500mb web, unlimited land line calls and all for just £35 p/m

    As for Multi-touch – having never experienced multi-touch – I don’t see how I could miss it.

    I am sure pinch to zoom etc is all very good for the apple lovers – but as apple have probably patented it – maybe SonyE are watching their step so as not to get sued? After all Apple are certainly very sue-happy at the moment.

    As for the “official” word about multi-touch – it was also so official blog that announced that the screen also would not support more colours when it upgraded to Android2+ and that it was a hardware limitation….. thankfully – someone else from SonyE finally stepped in to clear up the confusion that it was not a hardware limitation but a software one… there is therefore every chance the same could still happen here…..

  • http://Website MassiveStapler

    I think multitouch should exist on every touchscreen device put out but I also think that it’s important for there to be a solution for times when using two fingers isn’t ptractical. SE’s longpress+slide solution to zooming is a great example, but it should be used in tandem with the ‘universally accepted’ pinch to zoom paradigm we’re all used to. as far as multitouch vs single touch…i really think the focus should be on gestures in general, not how many fingers you get to use.

  • http://Website David

    Phone running 1.6
    No US carrier
    Going to be released some day probably far in the future.
    No multi-touch.

    Why does anyone care about this phone or SE? They apparently don’t know how to make phones.

    • http://Website Bryan

      Move to Canada then, 499 no contract…

  • http://Website Alex

    Multi-touch is alright, and I thoroughly enjoy it on my Nexus One. I think for the rumored price of this device, the fact that multi-touch is non-existent, is a huge letdown.

  • Ruben Sun

    Honestly if I’m using two fingers I’m likely to be using two hands. Point being… for the most part intelligent gestures on a touch screen seem more efficient and effective than multi-touch.

    Despite on screen zoom controls for android being slightly unsightly… don’t see what the big deal is…

  • Jonathan

    Regardless of what one’s personal opinion of multitouch may be, the fact remains that it has become an integral feature of touchscreen smartphones. To leave it off of what is supposed to be a flagship device is a travesty. The X10 is a guaranteed failure at this point.

  • http://Website Richy

    Not having multi-touch is inexcusable.

    Just because i’ve never had to use the ABS in my car’s braking system, doesn’t mean I don’t care if it’s there or not. When/if the time comes to use it, i’d be cursing the manufacturer for not implementing it.

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  • http://Website been

    I have multi-touch on my phone and I never use it. even texting on my last phone, the Motorola Q, on the h/w keyboard i would only use one hand. how lame that you can’t navigate MOST apps with just one hand. i will never go back to using two hand to use a cell phone, lame.

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  • http://Website RK

    I don’t know what the SE are playing at. They’ve been working on the X10 for a while now and in that video the only thing they were going on about was how cool the sliding of photos in 3d was a user experience enhancement (I don’t see how sliding left to right in pseudo 3d is an enhancement, that will get boring very quickly). All the ”fancy” UI stuff is balls, this is not something SE should be concentrating on. They need to get phones out into the market that people will want to buy (this should have been out at least 6 months ago). I’d rather have a Nexus 1 or that fab new HTC EVO. Why are SE working on pointless UI enhancements when they should be looking at what version of Android this phone will ship with and things like multi-touch. I don’t mean pinch to zoom etc, but just the ability to be able to register more than one finger on the screen. This is a major problem because it will leave you buggered if you want to buy the latest app on the Android Market. Multi-touch and Android features (in the latest build and future upgrades) can be taken advantage of by developers (free turn by turn navigation is only on 2.1?). These features in both hardware and software make for generally better apps and more choice. If I was to get an X10 (a supposed flagship device) I will run out of apps to use because no one (other than SE?) will be bothered to make apps for such a device. And at the same time, SE are still working on bloody WinMo devices (probably 6.5!!!). Sorry for going on, but I remember when SE (or more Ericsson i Guess) had brilliant phones. What on earth happened to this company?

  • http://Website adad

    well… even we can do messagging with one hand these days…. still, multitouch capabilty are important for some applications for example guitar solo, piano, and for playing game or game with emulators… its hard without multitouch of course…. is there any way we can upgrade the hardware then?

  • http://Website paul gammer

    Hey APPLE, take your patented pinch to zoom and put it in your cheap phones, thanks god Sony understand ergonomics, multitouch is suitable for tablet not for phones, if you are a gaming hungry buy a game boy instead to burn a phone!

  • http://Website Chris

    Well, I was led to believe there would be a huge update for the Xperia X10 like multitouch at the end of the 3rd quarter and still no update or a solid release date. Anyone want to buy an Xperia X10?

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