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Android app review: Blow Up

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I don’t really use my Android for gaming; I have a Nintendo DS that fits into the front pocket of my bag quite nicely. However, every once in awhile I like to pull out an app on my phone that I can use to occupy a few minutes, or show off what my Droid is capable of.

Every once and awhile you just feel like blowing some stuff up.

I stumbled across the appropriately-named “Blow Up” using Appaware, and decided to give it a try. I’ve got the Lite version on my phone at the moment, and the limitations of that version are limited to levels (10 in the lite version) and ads; it doesn’t curtail any major features (-cough- Robot Defense), which earns a couple points in my book.

Oh, that poor little panda.

Basically the point of the game is to reduce a structure of a certain height down to a smaller, more manageable pile of rubble. You have a certain amount of bombs, with the ability to place them on timer delay. Pressing one big red button sets off your cascade of destruction, hopefully reaching the final height limit.

Extra points are given if you make a physics-affected panda touch a star, which is located somewhere in the level. This adds a bit more challenge and lets you get a bit more artistic with your explosions. Your overall progress is rated by a four star system; this encourages some replayability.

I clearly need practice.

This game is simple to pick up and play, which ultimately is what you want in a game you’re going to be playing in short bursts. I’m extremely picky when it comes to touch screen controls, and thankfully Blow Up does a good job of making the placement of bombs easy; the dynamite snaps to the beams of the structure, zooming in while you make precise placements. Touching a bomb once brings up its timer delay, which is manipulated with arrows.

I don’t give number/star ratings, because I think they’re arbitrary. However, I’ll tell you guys that Blow Up is worth your time if you’re looking for something extremely easy to pick up and play. Definitely the type of game you want on your phone in case you’re stuck waiting for an extended amount of time (or have a child/sibling with a short attention span you need placating).

Blow Up is available on the Market from developer Camel Games. The price of the paid version (which nets you more levels and no ads) is $2.99 USD. Not a bad price for a little slice of violence (and puzzles).

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