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Aldiko: A Sleek & Customizable eBook Reader for Android


There have been a few attempts at creating an eBook reader for the Android platform, but a majority of these eBook readers have not been as intuitive as Aldiko.

Aldiko is an eBook reader application that allows users to download and read from an assortment of thousands of eBook titles. Aldiko has a smooth and sleek user interface that is very user friendly. The reading experience with Aldiko is highly customizable, allowing users to change font size, font color, navigation controls (for page swipes), and adjust screen brightness. The variety of eBooks that you will find in Aldiko consist of a few popular titles such as Alice in Wonderland, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Pride and Prejudice, etc. Unfortunately due to what I am sure are copyright issues; you will not find books from popular authors such as Stephan King or J.K. Rowling. Nevertheless, the developers of Aldiko are working on the best possible way for users to upload their own eBook titles from their SD cards.

The Good

  • Very sleek and easy to use user interface
  • Customizable reading experience
  • Ability to adjust text size (great for users with bad eye-sight)
  • Ability to add a catalog of eBooks from any legit URL
  • Free In the Android Market (Also a Premium Paid version available for $2.99)

Improvements that I would like to see

  • A wider selection of eBooks.
  • Improve the “Import” feature that allows users to import their eBooks in ePub format.
  • Ability to import eBooks other than “ePub” format.

The Bottom Line

Aldiko is a very impressive eBook reader that I recommend to anyone that wishes to read his or her eBooks on the go.

User Tip: If you wish to download popular titles to Aldiko such as Harry Potter, Twlight, and The Time Travelers Wife, visit here for instructions: Drink Malk

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Note: This review was submitted by Byron Woodfork as part of our app review contest.

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  • http://Website Tebbe

    I just noticed that the guest submitter’s name doesn’t appear in the byline. Seems a bit misleading to not mention the guest writer until the very end.

  • http://Website blandger

    Don’t see it useful without native support as many formats as possible.

    What format does Aldiko support?

    Aldiko supports the ePub format.

    If you have non-DRMed books in the following formats: lit, pdf, mobi, rtf, txt, html, fb2, prc**, odt, cbr and cbz, you can use a free software called Calibre to convert any of the above formats to ePub and then import your books into Aldiko.

  • http://Website kufunumapaw

    I like how he mentions how customizable it is when it really isn’t. Font size! Brightness! Page turning! Something else you would expect from a book app that if it didn’t have, you’d probably get a new app!

  • http://datestu.com stu

    Here is a tip for those of you who have calibre set up to manage your libraries. Under catalogs – add a custom catalog with http://:/stanza for easy access to your books. For example, on my home network I have a linux server running calibre on and it runs on port 8080, so my catalog is . I hope this help someone enjoy this (fairly new) integration. Wordplayer will also link directly to your calibre library.

  • http://goncalossilva.com Gonçalo Silva

    “etc” is mistyped as “ect”. Otherwise, great review… the application seems quite nice.

  • http://tonybullard.com Tony Bullard

    I really like this application. It’s EXTREMELY customizable.

    You mention “font size, font color, navigation controls (for page swipes), and adjust screen brightness” but you leave out changing the font itself, speed of page turns, margins sizes, and while you mention page swipes, you fail to mention that there’s 3 different ways you can turn the page, giving you all sorts of options about how to hold your phone as you read.

    You also fail to mention that it has a night mode, for reading in darker settings. It flips the background to black and the font color to white, giving you a less bright screen. I customized it to be a light gray so the contrast wasn’t o drastic. It’s perfect for reading at night in bed without disturbing my wife.

    You fail to mention what’s different about the “Premium” version. (Note: nothing, it’s just donationware)

    Also, I don’t understand the complaint about the import feature. You say it could be improved…how?

    This is a very scant review. It mentions a few features and that’s it. What’s the point of the review if you’re not going to get into the any of the details?

    • http://Website -Mic

      You beat me to all the points I was going to say. I’ve been using Aldiko for months and love it. I agree, this review absolutely doesn’t do it justice.

  • http://Website Crazing

    Fully agreed with Bullard on this one, this review gives about as much information as the Market description.

  • http://Website phoenix180

    Did anyone have an easier time getting the Drink Malk catalog to actually work? Every time I select Drink Malk, Aldiko force closes. I’m using a G1 running Android 1.6. Thanks in advance

    • http://Website Archie Goodwin

      I was getting FC’s too then realized that Aldiko was putting http:// in front of the url so it was reading

      After correcting the syntax it began working.

      Check the syntax of the address very carefully…

  • http://Website Jeff

    I have a Droid Incredible and downloaded Aldiko. I experimented with a book I owned on my previous Windows Mobil device, used Calibre to convert it from .prc to .epub format, and placed it under “eBooks”, then in a folder below that called “import” on my SD card – then told the thing to import. No matter where I place the book on the SD card, I get the message “Import Completed. No book found.” I’ve put it at the root level, under Aldoko, nothing works. Any advice? Thanx.

    • http://Website Mike

      Jeff – I tried that also. I interpreted the “SD card” to mean the 2GB card that came with the Incredible. I moved the epub to the internal memory card under eBooks\import and it worked. Good luck.

      • http://Website Mike

        Jeff – a little more…. I placed the epub on the internal memory card in eBooks\import, tried the Import and it failed. Unplugged the phone and powered it off and on. Then did the import and it worked.

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  • http://Website Dan

    I have the exact same problem as Jeff (May 17 2010). I also have the Droid Incredible, and have downloaded Aldiko and placed a .epub file in the eBooks/import folder on the SD card. When I start Aldiko’s IMPORT function I get the message “Import Completed. No book found.” I too have experimented with placing the file in various places, and nothing works. Also, I have used the browser to find a link to my .epub document, and contrary to what the documentation online says, my phone does not offer to open it with Aldiko. (It does offer to open it with FBReader, which I have also installed, but it fils to do so with the application also.) Suggestions?

  • http://Website AndroidJunkie

    Dan, Mike and Jeff, I read somewhere that if your phone is still connected to the PC, then Aldiko won’t import. I was having your problem until I disconnected the phone from my computer and then it found them.

    In my case the eBooks folder wasn’t on there so I had to create it. I just made a folder on the SD card called eBooks and inside that I made an Import folder, and put the epub files in there, disconnected, and imported them in Aldiko.

    Hope that helps.

    • http://Website AvidReader

      Dan, Mike, Jeff –

      I had the same problem but after reading AndroidJunkie’s response, I realized I’d left mine plugge din as well. Unpplugged it and it worked great!!!

  • http://Website Ruah

    I have been doing everything and it just doesn’t work. I have a Motorola Cliq and its doesn’t take it, how do you get a server. Every site I have gone to is talking about a server, I have no idea where to get it. I’ve been trying to download for two days. Please HELP!!!!!!!

  • http://Website MrGenre

    Please don’t endorse Drinkmalk. It’s illegal. Thx.

  • http://Website jimmy

    Aldiko is no longer sleek. It’s a 5MB download because it now has Adobe DRM.

    Other than that, it is a nice reader. I just don’t like the amount of space on my Intercept that it takes. I suppose with 2.2, App2SD can absorb this bloat.

  • http://Website Woofgm

    Same here, no matter where I put my books OM MY 4GB SD CARD IN A IPAD TYPE DEVICE, it fails to import them. Been trying to do this for the past 3 days, I am going on a trip am going to leave my device at home and take my 7 inch acer aspire one with me to read my books. All the reference s I have found so far are for phones, not much for any type of IPAD TYPE device. Any insight to this will be greatly appreciated.

  • http://Website Solved

    Solved: on my device Aldiko was looking for ebooks on “/nand/eBooks/import” (my device’s internal memory) NOT on “/sdcard/eBooks/import”

    This means that Aldiko doesn’t even use an SD-card… it wants to keep all it’s books on my internal memory… which is horrible if I want to have 100s or 1000s of books….

    Aldiko needs an update, badly.

  • Paul Quillin

    Aldiko works for me, but I wish I could have a font style choice.

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