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Gigbox: Find gigs based on your location

One of the things I enjoy about Last.FM is the integration with its desktop client and music players. The client auto-detects what music player you’re using, and then installs the appropriate plugin. Its API is a powerful tool and mobile apps like GigBox are starting to make good use of it.

Gigbox is an app that is used to keep track of when artists you enjoy are going to be performing. You can create an account with Gigbox by itself, but the application really shines when you integrate it into your Last.FM account.

Features we like:

  • Free to use.
  • Using Gigbox to find random concerts is extremely easy with the use of your phone’s GPS. Click the “search” button and Gigbox will bring up a list.
  • The Last.FM integration is flawless. Artwork, venue and artist names all appear where they’re supposed to with the proper formatting. While this might seem like a small thing to nitpick about, I find it frustrating when API-powered platforms look hobbled. In many cases, I would rather use the oringal site if the user experience is better.
  • Gigbox brings in a list of your 50 top artists and then prompts you to whittle them down to a “watch list”. This is great for eliminating bands that are defunct (though I refuse to give up on a “The Darkness” reunion).
  • Bookmarkable gigs, venues and artists allow for quick and easy access to frequently-checked entries.
  • “Add to Calendar” function, which automatically adds the event to a synced Calendar on your phone. Perfect for Google Calendar addicts like me.

Needs improvement:

  • While you’re able to bookmark artists in order to show when they’ll be playing all on one screen, this requires you to manually add them to said list.┬áThis function is probably better used for a whittled-down list of only two or three artists, but the fact they omit an all-in-one search for your already-favourited artists seems kind of lacking.

While Gigbox does what it sets out to well, there are certain parts of the application that I feel like I would never use. The app touts the ability to chat about the concert and post pictures and video of it while it’s happening. It seems to take away from the whole experience of enjoying a concert if you’re going to be attached to your phone the whole time.

TechCrunch’s Paul Carr wrote a great column about how Twitter and Foursquare have changed the way we attend things. The act of going out and experiencing the world has turned into a contest of people saying “Look at me, looking at this.”

Gigbox does its job of managing the concerts I’d like to attend and suggesting new ones. Its integration with Last.FM is perfect and the app should be on any music-lover’s Android phone.

However, we need to ask ourselves, “While I’m taking a video of the concert and making sure everyone knows I’m here, what am I missing?” Why watch the concert through your camera when it’s, you know, right there?

Oh joy, they even threw in Twitter integration.

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