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MapDroyd: True offline maps for your Android

MapDroyd is a vector based map system for Android. It uses the GPS chip in your phone and its own map format to present you with a quick and easy map system. It is powered by OpenStreetView so it’s free.

The great thing about its vector based maps is storage size. A map for a single state only takes less than 75 MB on your SD card. Vector based maps also allow for very detailed zooming.

The last thing that makes this map app even better is that all maps are downloaded while you have a data connection (we suggest WiFi) and work when you are not connected or wish to save data roaming charges. So all you need to do is download a map for your state and go.

The Good:
  • It’s free
  • OpenStreetMap is maintained by the mapping community so changes to maps can happen quickly
  • No data or roaming required
  • Major restaurants and gas stations are included in the map
Needs improvement:
  • No Search (Shows where you are but won’t help you find if you don’t know where it is)
  • No routing or directions
  • No ability to move to a location by lattitude/longitude
  • No ability to save waypoints/place markers
  • Have to download a 2nd app ContentDroyd in order to download maps

Final Verdict

This is app is perfect for someone who is traveling or doesn’t have access to a data plan because the maps are all right there. But if you have the data to burn, Google Maps is still the best map/navigation app there is.

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Note: This review was submitted by Aaron Bessey as part of our app review contest.