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MortPlayer: For those with eclectic tastes and poor organizational skills


You know what I hate? When my music player is smarter than I am. Sometimes I don’t want my phone to flip cover art, anticipate my musical moods, or group my podcasts by (often incorrect) tags. Sometimes I just want it to play music.

If your music collection is very organized, tagged correctly and completely, and generally consists of well-known artists, there are better music players out there for you. For those of us with more eclectic tastes, and poor organizational skills, there exists MortPlayer. MortPlayer is a free music player that organizes and plays music based on the folder location, not the metadata tags. This can be a godsend for anyone who listens to random podcasts or that mp3 your friend sent you from that great new band his neighbor’s kid is in.

MortPlayer comes in two flavors, and each is a separate download. There is a MortPlayer for music and a MortPlayer for audio books. Both exhibit a basic, no frills layout with all the normal controls one would expect from any music player. MortPlayer for music includes some pretty generic options for shuffling and repeating various files.

MortPlayer for audio books, however, offers some unique features. It auto-saves and auto-restores your position for each individual track, as well as allowing for manual bookmarks in each track, both of which make listening to audio books or long podcasts much easier. This means that it’s possible to stop in the middle of a podcast, listen to a little music, then pick up right where you left off. MortPlayer also offers a set of widgets in still another download that give you basic music controls right on the android desktop.


  • Offers an enjoyable audio book or podcast experience
  • Greatly simplified from Windows Mobile versions
  • The price is right


  • Music player is boring and offers few unique benefits
  • Why do I have to download 3 different apps to get all features???

Special Notes: MortPlayer is still in beta, so expect the occasional bug.

Final Verdict

If you listen to a ton of audio books and long podcasts, or if your metadata tags are in disarray, definitely give MortPlayer a try. Otherwise, there are better options out there.

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Note: This review was submitted by Adam Littell as part of our app review contest.

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  • http://Website Antivanity

    About time, iv been waiting for a player that didn’t care about tags. Tags are oh so often wrong. I keep my folders organized by the way i want to listen to them. (Old windows habit)

  • http://Website Dan

    So I dont really like standard Music app for android, but most of the other ones look really bad (tunewiki), or have some crazy weird feature (cubed) that I dont need. Does anyone know of a simple music player that maybe just looks a little better than the standard music app?

    • http://Website rob p

      Meridian Player is pretty tight.

  • http://Website Jones

    Those screenshots look like they came from WebOS

    • http://Website Antwan Reynolds

      Most likely a WebOS themed Android phone.

  • http://Website DmdFreak

    Many thanks for bringing this app to my attention. The Audiobook player version is remarkable. I knew the stock player was missing what I needed for my audiobooks, but I had no idea how much I was missing. This app is very near perfect. I find it a little sad that the dev has only received less than 50 donations with thousands of downloads. He deserves more. I will be donating for sure and I suggest others do so as well.

  • http://Website Janis

    I have loved Morty for years. This really is the best Audiobook player I’ve found, and the music player is a must have for me since I’m moving files between my PC and my phone a lot. Who has the time to tag everything and double check it, just so you can find it when you want it? I still use Meridian, and I like cubed for its easy queuing and widget, but when I want to go for something specific, Morty’s my guy. Thanks for pulling it out of the fray for folks!

  • http://sweeterskins.net Lemon

    Great little app! Thanks for writing it up. Used it this morning and loving it.

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  • http://Website Unquestionable

    Thanks for bringing this little app to my attention. It’s great for those mixed maps of house, techno, Japanese stuff etc.

    If it’s stable enough it will have a permanent spot on my N1,

  • http://Website colucci

    This app is the closest thing to the Rockbox interface that I’ve found. It doesn’t quite let you browse through a directory hierarchy but it’s close. I organize my music in folders (ie. Pre-Ramones, Post-Ramones, Jazz…) because that’s the way I think about what I want to hear. I also record my albums with track titles like s1 and s2 for side 1 and side 2 (duh). MortPlayer lists every folder rather than letting me pick my mood first. It’s better that the stock player and is my default player now, but still it’s not quite the Windows 3.1 style I was looking for.

    What happens when you cross a Luddite with a curmudgeon and give him a smartphone?


    MortPlayer is an exquisite app when you give it a try. IMHO is one of the best music players in the Android Market amongst PlayerPro and PowerAmp but its own way.

  • lordvader

    Need Help

    When i choose folder & play the list
    it does not play back from the song & position I stopped it

    Can you please tell me the setting i need to do for it ?

    All i need is, to play the song from the same place i stopped it at

    Thank you

  • Klaue

    One feature that is missing here that is the whole reason I got this player: It understands the lossless flac file format. I don’t want to convert my whole music to mp3 just for the phone