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Mozilla ramps up Firefox development for Android, nightly builds coming soon

Some call it Fennec. Others refer to it as Firefox Mobile. I named it Pocketfox.

Jay Sullivan, Mozilla’s vice president of mobile, has stressed that his goal for 2010 is to ship at least a beta version of Firefox for Android. It looks like he will get his wish after a lengthy progress report tells us they have beefed up their resources.

Wow, it’s great to see how excited people are about getting Firefox running on their Android phones! We’ve made a bunch of progress in the past few weeks, and we’ve really ramped up development in the past few days, including bringing new folks onto the project.Vladimir VukićevićMozilla

Only three months ago the team had nothing working or building for Android and now they are close to moving all their patches and changes to the main Mozilla trunk (base of the project on which development progresses).

A few bugs need to be squashed and then nightly builds should start flowing. This is an important milestone because it will allow more testers to join the project and provide their feedback. After the nightly builds start coming, a public alpha should follow.

The last time we saw Fennec running on the Droid it was a little clunky. Vladimir uploaded a new video to demonstrate the progress they have made and it appears to be running much smoother. He goes on to say we can expect future performance enhancements when they get their hardware accelerated rendering system going on Android.

Another one of the teams goals before the nightly builds is to get Weave working. This feature allows the mobile browser to sync bookmarks and history with the full Firefox.

Recent additions to the latest Android build include:

  • Soft keyboard issues resolved
  • Rotation behavior perfected
  • Accelerometer support
  • Experimenting with different rendering approaches like using OpenGL

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Source: Vladimir

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  • Killa

    So I guess Firefox and Skyfire are gonna have a little duel then. This is gonna be good.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Looks like Skyfire might be ahead, but I really have no idea what they have in store for Android. Steel was a nice browser so I’m hoping some of those features make their way into the final build.

  • stalker

    Man. I am excited to see its running on my N1.

  • http://Website Patrick W.

    So where is Firebug? :D (Can’t wait to get Fennec running)

  • http://Website st4xor

    So I originally switched to Chrome on the desktop for bookmarks syncing… might have to switch back to firefox if I can easily sync bookmarks and history w/ my phone!

  • http://Website sargas

    Just to clarify, fennec is the codename for the work of bringing the firefox codebase to mobile platforms. Once they have a 1.0 release (and only then) will they brand it Firefox for Mobile, as they have done for the Maemo platform.