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Remembeer: Keep track of beers you’ve tried

Remembeer is an Android application aimed at helping the casual beer taster keep track of beers that he has tried. It recently came out of public beta, where it was known as Beer Log in the Market. The app is fairly simple, but so is the idea. Upon first launch, users are prompted to enter a beer they are currently drinking or have recently enjoyed. You are allowed to input the name, container, and the time at which you drank it.

Each beer that is added shows up in a simple list displaying the name, beverage container, and time along with a rating which can be set after the beer has been added to the app’s database. The app’s settings allow you to set up notifications which aim to remind you to rate each beer you enter, though these did not work consistently for me. I’ve emailed the devs and they are looking in to it. I seem to be the first person with this issue. Update: This was fixed in version 1.0.3.

Interestingly, the application also supports posting each new beer you drink to Twitter automatically, using a template that you specify. There is also a Statistics screen which tells you your favorite beer and most drunk beers, favorite time to drink, and number of beers tasted.

The developers have let me know that the project is open source and that the code is distributed under the MIT license. Development is coordinated on this page and the source can be obtained using git. The issue tracker also lists several possible coming features, including photographs of beers you try, locations, and recommendations to friends. This seems to be a young, active project which will probably develop nicely as the version number creeps up.

Final Verdict

If you need to keep track of your beer tasting in a simple, casual way this app could be for you. While there may still be a few kinks to iron out for the devs, the app is completely usable in it’s current form and is generally fun to use. Remembeer is currently in version 1.0.3.


  • Simple interface
  • Interesting statistics
  • Twitter integration
  • CSV import/export via email or file
  • Responsive devs
  • Open source

Needs Improvement:

  • Rating system could be more robust (aroma, texture, etc, vs a simple 1-5 stars)
  • Notifications did not work properly on my VZW Droid Eris with Android 2.1 (Fixed)
  • History/Log screen does not group duplicate beers; no simple way to see an overview after extended use

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Note: This review was submitted by J. Adam Morris as part of our app review contest.

Source: Remembeer

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  • http://Website YL

    Good app but it misses very important functionality.

    1. There is no calculation how much ‘urine’ I’ll leave in nearest WC.

    2. Calculating when I’ll need to go to WC is also highly desired, based on previous experience.

    3. How to find nearest WC (if I’m not in bar )

    4. Also user’s ‘heroic deed’ should be posted to his twitter, so every friend could find me in WC in case.

    • http://remembeer.info/ Remembeer Developers

      YL, great suggestions! One of our early ideas was along those same lines. We would allow users to enter their weight and give them an estimated Blood Alcohol Content based on the beers they had drunk.

      I wonder if Foursquare has public restroom information…

  • http://Website Gustavo Bittencourt

    I would love a similar application for wine

    • http://Website Kronite


  • http://frostygoodness.com Frosty Goodness

    Now I really wish I had finished my Frosty Goodness beer review app. Maybe I should partner with you guys :)

  • http://Website CB

    Awesome app! To the developers – do you think barcode scanning can be incorporated? That would be perfect.

    • http://remembeer.info/ Remembeer Developers

      We’ve got it in our issue tracker now, Thanks for the suggestion!

  • http://Website dave

    Whoaa… can’t wait to try it… but more importantly, how did you have 2.1 on an Eris? I’m getting impatient waiting…

    • http://lostsync.net J. Adam

      The firmware was leaked a while back, but it isn’t the production version. I have it on good authority that we’ll see the official update within the month, probably less. You can find the leak if you look for it, but I would wait for the real deal.

  • http://Website Ron

    I was wondering how to delete a beer if you wish?

    I was also wondering if there is a way to update a name of a beer that has already been saved?