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Touiteur: The best damn Twitter application to date

Those who follow my Twitter feed know I am an avid Twitter user. Because I post dozens of tweets over the course of the day, I, and several other like-minded people, are very demanding of our Twitter apps. Personally, I have tried almost every single Twitter app on the market, and most have left me relatively unsatisfied.

That is, until Touiteur came along. By now, most of you have heard of Touiteur. Touiteur is currently in version 1.15 and is developed by LevelUp Studio, so you know it has the same gorgeous user interface we have come to expect from LevelUp Studio. Most importantly, however, Touiteur delivers all of the features you would expect from an Android Twitter client, such as the ability to retweet with comments, post a new tweet, easy access to user profiles, URL shortening, multiple accounts, and the ability to share pictures and videos from the gallery.

What Touiteur has added that most of the other Twitter applications don’t have are integrated Twitlonger capability (including the ability to read longer tweets directly from the app), ability to view replies directly in the news feed, and a useful quick-use bar that puts everything you would likely do in response to a tweet (reply, view links, retweet, direct message) as well as a full conversation view all right under the selected tweet. This last feature is tremendously convenient, and really sets apart the Touiteur application from its competition.

Touiteur is available on the Android market for free, but you can unlock more features with the purchase of the Premium version. For more details, visit the official LevelUp Studio Touiteur page.


  • Convenient quick-use bar with full conversation view support
  • Integrated Twitlonger viewing and tweeting abilities
  • Beautiful user interface
  • All of your content (@ replies, twitlonger posts, pictures) all in one feed

Things I would like to see in future releases

  • Ability to take a picture directly from the application (current app just lets you attach the pictures you’ve already taken)

Final Verdict

In my opinion, Touiteur is the holy grail of Twitter clients available on the Android Market today. That is not to say this app is for everyone, as some users will not need the clutter of all the features Touiteur offers, but you owe it to yourself to give Touiteur a try. It might very well become your new standard Twitter app!

Note: This review was submitted by Anthony Domanico as part of our app review contest.

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  • http://Website Margaret

    I loved Touiteur. My only issue with it was the multiple account integration. It wasn’t able to smartly choose which account was needed when replying and it mashed it all into one timeline even if you switched views. I would definitely switch back if they get that fixed. For now I’ll stick to Hootsuite and wait anxiously for Tweetdeck to arrive.

  • http://Website Anthony

    Hello Margaret,

    Many thanks for the reply. I tried HootSuite for a few days, and was unimpressed with the client, although I hear they have fixed a few things since then. I, too, am anxiously awaiting TweetDeck, and will likely switch immediately once that becomes available. This is why I named this article: Best damn twitter application TO DATE :). TweetDeck app review will of course read: TweetDeck: The one app to rule them all!

  • SliestDragon

    I wanted to like Touiteur, but it’s just too busy for my liking. I think Twicca has spoiled me. :p

  • http://Website js

    I used Touiteur for a while along with practically every other Android client.

    Imo, twicca is so far ahead of every other client including touiteur it’s not even funny.

    • http://Twiccaiswaybetter luca

      I agree that Twicca is superior both in terms of features and usability.

  • http://Website sam

    It”s “dissatisfied” not “unsatisfied.” Contract terms and dependencies are unsatisfied. People are dissatisfied.

    • http://Website Anthony

      Thank you for the correction, sam. I occasionally get words mixed up. Fear not, I will not make that mistake again! :)

    • http://www.alexaesthetics.com alexaesthetics

      wow, english teacher nazi…

      • http://Website Anthony

        What gets me is that I have since learned that he is wrong. I did what any reasonable person would do, I talked to my friend who’s getting a PhD in English. You use unsatisfied when you want to say something left you wanting more, which the other twitter applications certainly did. Either way, I am grateful for the grammar nazi, because I definitely learned something from this.

        • http://www.alexaesthetics.com alexaesthetics

          way off topic… but

          words are a tool used by us in this society to communicate with one another. if people can understand what you mean, the spelling, the ‘correct’ word choice, the punctuation are all irrelevant. language evolves as culture does. a words meaning may and does change over time.

          it is very much the “thought” that is important, not the form in which they are housed in.

          • http://Website J. Mc.

            Just stop right there.

            THis kind of thinking is what allows people who are otherwise intelligent and thoughtful to say shit like “irregardless”.

            Yes, language can and does evolve with the times, but unless you’re Prince, you don’t get to say “Nothing compares 2 U” and get away with it. You just don’t. Proper grammar and spelling shwo a respect for your audience. Poor spelling, badly constructed sentences, and lack of punctuation hinder understanding and convey a lack of respect for the reader.

            As to the specific point about “dissatisfied” vs. “unsatisfied”? They are near-synonyms. Dissatisfied is the past tense of dissatisfaction, which is the opposite feeling from satisfaction. This is probably the more specific term and would definitely be correct. Unsatisfied is simply not satisfied, but because of that, can be used in a wider variety of meanings (for the terms of a contract, for example) and does not apply only to the feeling of satisfaction. So while still correct, less precise.

          • http://Website J. Mc.

            And I’d like to apologize for misspelling “show” in the second paragraph above.

  • http://dansl.net Dan

    Twicca is better :)

  • http://Website dethduck

    Don’t really see anything compelling to pull me away from Seesmic. Though, being from the makers of Beautiful Widgets, I’ll admit I do feel guilty not supporting this as well. Just not THAT guilty.

  • http://Website Lin

    I have used most of the twitter apps available for android including Twidroid, Seesmic and others. For my tastes, Twicca is probably the best one I’ve used.

  • http://Website @dariFRESH

    I love Touiteur and you hit it on the nose. If they found away to work with pics better i wont have to embarrass myself with htc peep usage at all

  • http://Website Anthony

    Seesmic is a close second in my book. Twicca just leaves too much to be desired, although it does have some promise. Twicca doesn’t show @ replies in the main feed, which is I feature I greatly enjoy, though it might not be for everyone.

    Twitter applications are tricky because different people are looking for different things. Overall, I have used all of the Twitter applications that exist today, and have found Touiteur to be my client of choice, mainly because of the gorgeous UI and the full stream (including @replies).

    I would simply encourage you all to try Touiteur, and decide for yourself if you want to use it over your current application of choice.

  • http://Website Mii

    Margaret, you just have to tap the profile icon when typing a new tweet, and you will be able to choose the account to post with

  • http://Website Mathieu

    The killer feature (for me anyway) would a better management of Twitter lists since I use them a lot.
    I didn’t find satisfaction in any famous Twitter apps on the Market so far.Hootsuite was close but I stick with Twidroid Pro for now since it’s a good one and I paid for it: $

  • http://Website @androidpimp

    Ive pretty much been a Twidroid Pro diehard, and every Android Twitter app disappointed in one way our another. Wuth the latest Twidroid update and the bugs it boughtt along with it, I decided it was time to just move on and pick something different. Your review came at the perfect time.

    Its been a while since I tried Touiteur, but from the review, it sounded like I needed to give it another shot. It looks to fit the bill perfectly. Being able to read Twitlinger posts directly within the app us the biggest plus yet. Im nit a fan of Twitlonger for every single post (it ruins the beauty of Twitter), my Twitter friends are. If I have to tolerate every one if their posts exceeding 140 characters, it will be nice nit having the browser open for each of their tweets.

    Thanks for a good article.
    It sold me.

  • http://Website Sam

    well, basically they just badly ripped off the design and interface conventions of Tweetie for iPhone and just added more clutter to the interface:
    Tweetie Interface

    If that’s the “best damn Twitter application to date” the state of Twitter apps for Android is really bad.

    • http://Website Anthony

      Well, you’re certainly entitled to an opinion. What Twitter app are you currently using?

      I still strongly believe that Touiteur is the best of what we have today, and am hopeful that TweetDeck (or Brizzly maybe?) will release a killer Twitter application very soon, since I use Tweetdeck and Brizzly almost exclusively on my PC.

  • http://frostygoodness.com Frosty Goodness

    I’m a big fan of Seesmic. I love the LeveUp stuff, but unfortunately, unless you have a Droid or Nexus One, they are just too laggy. My myTouch chops when using Touiteur, and Beautiful Widgets make my home screen force close. Its sad that we are getting to a point where reviews are phone dependent, but I feel like this one is.

    • http://Website Anthony

      This review was done using a MyTouch running Android 1.6. I haven’t had any problems with it being slow/laggy.

    • http://Website dethduck

      Been using Beautifull widgets since I got my myTouch back in september, never had an issue with it performance wise. Even when using sweeterhome2. Here’s something to try though, i used to have a lot of performance issues with mine till I uninstalled all the t-mobile apps, the myaccount app in particular. Dunno why, think cause they probably hide themselves in the memory probably. Kill those and see how your performance is then.

    • http://Website Tyrell

      I actually agree with. I have a original myTouch 3G. I’m not sure if the review was done on one of the newer ones with the slightly beefed up specs but I experience all kinds of lagg and force closures with Levelups paid version Beautiful Widgets and the free version Touiteur. These are gorgeous apps but I just don’t think some phones can handle it. I’m not sure why, I’ve uninstalled the apps that were mentioned a long time ago and still have problems with Touituer. My force closures usually happen when using the arrow to back out of the app more than than half the time that I do so. I also notice that there is a considerable amount of black screen time when launching the app and waiting for the feeds to populate.

      For right now I’ll stick with Seesmic which is excellent and free alternative. I really wanted this to be my go to client but maybe in a few years after a phone upgrade.

      • http://Website Anthony

        Thanks for the comment Tyrell!

        The review was done with a 1st generation ROOTED mytouch 3G running HTCClay’s FastTest 3.1. Rooted might make a difference on speed of some apps, though I can’t endorse rooting becuase it voids warranty and can mess up your device.

        The original stock mytouch (non-rooted) was very laggy for me even right out of the box :(.

        Hopefully you can enjoy Touiteur soon! Thanks again for the comment!

  • http://twitter.com/rokuthirteen rokuthirteen

    Totally agree with the author! One of my personal favourite features is the notification-esque, pull-down tweet composition.

  • http://www.ryanmckayphotography.com Ryan McKay

    I tried to buy this program but my bank blocked me because it was from out of the country. :( I’m back on Seesmic, but I did like this one when I tried it.

    • http://Website Anthony

      That sucks, man! Maybe if you do enough searching, you can find the .apk?

      Can you download the free version??

      • http://www.ryanmckayphotography.com Ryan McKay

        Yeah I can use the free version, I was buying it specifically to use the widget though. :( I’m back on seesmic since they say a widget will be coming soon. I used to use Twidgit lite but that one crashes too frequently to use anymore. Its a sad state of affairs.

        • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

          There is a brand new version of Twidgit lite out, but the name escapes me.

          Just looked it up and it is http://twitwu.com/

          • http://Website Anthony

            Thanks for the assist, Taylor!

            I also once used Twidget lite, but grew tired of it at some point.

  • http://Website Marco

    Im pretty happy with Tweetcaster, and its free pro key i found on the market.

    • http://Website Anthony

      I found Tweetcaster to be promising, but eventually a huge letdown. It has many of the features I would want, but the UI is a mess.

  • http://www.alexaesthetics.com alexaesthetics

    i tried this application and it was beautiful, but from what i could tell there was no “lists” feature (in the free version at least)?

    • http://Website Anthony

      I believe it has lists feature (again, another feature I don’t really use). I clicked on the more button on the bottom panel, and lists is an option. I think the list feed is integrated though, which might not be as useful!

  • http://Website JAguirre1231

    +1 on it being too laggy (at least on the G1 running 2.1), overall I have to say that Touiteur has some nice features but Twicca wins in the end for me.

    • http://Website Anthony

      Thank you, JAguirre1231. I think you can safely say that almost any application will be laggy on a G1 running Android 2.1. I don’t bother to run 2.1 ROMs anymore for this very reason.

      Otherwise, Twicca certainly appeals to a certain customer base, but just didn’t have enough features to suit my need. I like twitlonger, and need to have @replies in my main feed. Some people don’t care about either of those things, and Twicca in all it’s simplicity certainly appeals to them. I thought Twicca was going to be my app to rule them all, but I couldn’t get over the lack of @replies, and the UI got old for me really quick.

      EIther way, many thanks for taking the time to voice your opinion. After all, no app is for everyone, and not all are going to agree with me. Thanks for taking the time to read and give an educated opinion. It is greatly appreciated.

      • http://Website JAguirre1231

        Touiteur definitely has the features I want, but where I have a problem is the speed. Today I switched to SuperD and you can definitely tell that it was designed with a faster processor in mind (what isn’t these days?).

        I most certainly like the @ replies in the main feed (a feature I want in Twicca), I like the Notification-thingy for writing a tweet (although sometimes I would grab the notification bar instead), and the twitlonger, while a nice add-on, I feel it takes away from the micro- in Twitter’s micro-blogging service (which was Twitter’s original purpose).

        So, I respect everyone’s personal taste, but it still feels to me (and from reading these comments, a lot of others) that Twicca has the most refined UI and has quite a following. So while we all have different tastes in the apps that we use to access the same service, we all have the same taste in the service we access and how we access it (from our Android phones).

        *Written by a Twitter Whore :P

        • http://Website Anthony

          Again, you’re wonderfully wise for a 15 year old.

          I have purposefully tried to not bash any of the twitter applications. I have simply pointed out that I have gone through all of the twitter applications that have been released, and my personal preferences have landed on Touiteur being my daily-use Twitter app from my Android phone. I could easily switch back to Twicca with the next update if it proves to be better suited for my tastes than Touiteur. But as of this writing, Touiteur seems to me to be the complete package for what I need in a Twitter application, and I wanted to share that with you Tweeps.

          • http://Website JAguirre1231

            Sorry the Twitter Whore in me just wetted themselves thinking of Twicca+Touiteur

      • http://Website hawaii2000

        Twicca now provides TweetLonger support.

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  • http://Website Anthony

    So to kind of close this off, I’d like to thank all of you for the discussion. It was really great to see all of the feedback and opinions this generated. It was also cool to see that several people not only tried Touiteur as a result of this review, but at least 3 bought the pro version for about $2.75 (using conversion rates from Euro to USD as of 4/11.

    Thanks again, all. I hope to be bringing you the word on all the latest and greatest Android apps soon!

    IN the mean time, requests for app reviews can be made to
    @adomanico01. I will do what I can to review all of them that come my way.

  • http://www.thedroidgeek.com The Droid Geek

    I think twicca is 100x better than Touiteur. Its got to be the fastest client on android. check out my review Check out my list of best android twitter clients http://www.thedroidgeek.com/2009/12/comparing-best-android-twitter-clients.html

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