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Request an Android app review, win a free Motorola Droid

Thanks to Google’s device seeding program, we have received an extra Motorola Droid. Google has been generous in providing us with some free phones and we want to keep that charity going. In coordination with our Android app review contest, we will be giving away one free Motorola Droid (and this time it doesn’t require you own an Android phone).

Who can play?

This contest is open to anyone (minus our team). I already have the phone in hand and I’m willing to ship it anywhere in the world. Keep in mind this phone is for use on Verizon’s network in the United States. The Droid comes with 30 days of free Verizon service.

How to enter

  • Leave a comment and request an app or game review (no adult content please)
  • Please only one request per person (multiple entries will disqualify you)
  • Provide an email when leaving a comment so we can contact the winner (in the email field, not the actual comment)
  • Search the comments to avoid duplicate app entries

The winner will be randomly selected from the comments and be announced on Monday, May 3, 2010.

Where do I find Android apps?

There are many online listings of the Android Market. Check out our Top 3 sites for discovering Android apps or visit any of the sites below.

Anything else?

Help us decide which apps you want reviewed the most by using our comment voting system. Vote up the apps you want to see and bury any bogus entries. The comment system is about to get an upgrade and we need to collect some good voting data.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://Website Jem

    Hope you can review fBook a facebook app. Thanks.

  • http://Website Colin

    I’m interested to see review of beepPlayer for watching BBC iPlayer shows.

  • http://Website Jack

    A review of Trip Journal would be great. i would use this app to document my travel experiences.

  • http://Website Peter Cuevas

    I’d really like to see ExZeus Arcade reviewed. It looks awesome, but I dont download without first reading a good review! Thanks for the chance at a DROID.

  • http://Website Will Li

    Please review “App Protector”. It hits the top 5 paid apps within one week.

    Here is it’s profile on appbrain.

  • http://Website David

    review Epocrates

    [email protected]

  • http://Website ralph

    how about a review for Formulas Lite. very useful app.

  • http://Website ben

    Review Robo Defense game app pls!

  • http://Website Pedro Ernesto

    I work in FedEx but I would like to see a review on the UPS Mobile app, weird I know haha.

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ adomanico01

      I have recently submitted a review of the UPS app. Hopefully you will see it soon! :)

      • http://Website Pedro Ernesto

        Hey, thanks man! Congrats on it getting published, I hope you win. I submitted a review, but I don’t think it got published haha. Congrats and thanks for the review!

        • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

          I’m here to serve. Thanks for the well wishes. I hope to be bringing you reviews of the best (and worst) Android apps very soon.

  • http://Website andy

    I’m always forgetting where i park my car. Review 3DCoche & help me out.

  • http://Website Paul

    I would like to see a review of SportyPal. It helps to keep track of exercise activities. Thanks.

  • http://Website barry

    Can you review WaveSecure – Mobile Security app? Thanks.

  • http://Website steven

    Can you review Searchify? For performing translations, calculations, unit conversions, wikipedia searches, etc.

  • http://Website David

    I’d love to see a review of Scan2PDF, personally. Been looking to try out the full version for a while now.

  • http://www.androlib.com/android.application.com-anahoret-android-numbers-njpq.aspx Ivan
  • http://Website michael

    I’m looking forward to see a review of Electricity calculator!

  • http://Website Todd

    Would love to see a review on ZENONIA.

  • http://Website Tar Tar

    I’d like to see a ghost commander review.

  • http://Website Ben Redmond

    How about OpenTable for restaurant discoveries and reservations?

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      I submitted a review for OpenTable. It hasn’t been published yet, but hopefully you’ll see it in the next few days!

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  • http://Website Nico


  • http://Website yogibrain

    Review chompsms or electrum drum II

  • http://Website Granite

    I’d like to see a review of the Picasa one click Photo Uploadr

  • http://Website Dempsey Vick

    How about HelixLauncher and HelixLaunchet2

  • http://Website andrew

    I know it’s not out yet, but review the official Twitter app when released.


  • http://Website Nick Hamilton

    I really think a app that would be an awesome one would deff have to do with the l.e.d. lights to change diff colors and do multiple thongs with it like diff colors blinks faster or slower depending on what the people want for there phone.

  • http://Website Harpreet

    I’d like to see a review of the game Smart Tac Toe (free).

  • http://Website Brian

    You guys should review the Engadget app.

  • http://Website dennis stewart

    Ouu I’d like to have this kind of phone. I’ve been lookin into a droid phone because latly I’ve been into BlackBerryâ„¢ (3 years) using a 9700. And not the greatest. I would like a touch screen device if I buy a android idk how to unlock it to wrk on att.. But oh well I prolly won’t win :( guess I gotta keep saving a “wishing”…. That’s for the chance though.

  • http://Website Robert

    I would like to see review of Personal Assistant!!

  • http://Website Bandi

    Review of Trip Journal. I have been using the app to document trips a lot recently. It surprises me how it gets unseen by so many people. Worth talking about it.

  • http://Website Johnathan

    A review on Zillow since it has been updated would be nice. How does it compare to the iphone version?

  • http://Website Amro Munajjed

    Hi an app called FxCamera because am getting Bored of the default camera application

  • http://Website Luke

    For anyone that follows the F1 season now would be a great time to review my fav F1 app at the moment ‘F1 Live Racing.’

  • http://Website Keith Fell

    I would like to see a review of WSOP Texas Hold’em Legend.

    Also a comparison of ebook readers.

  • http://shani248.wordpress.com Shani

    I’d like the music app 3 (read cubed) reviewed. Android is quite low on quality music apps (the stock ones suck) and this is one i recently ran across. Looks GREAT and has great features too !

  • eslinder

    I’d love to see a review of Sniper Shot! Looks to be a pretty decent game!

    Email – [email protected]

  • http://Website Rosaura Joachin

    Can you guys please review CoursePro. That seems to be a really helpful app, thanks.

  • http://Website Michael

    I would like to see a review of YouMail.

  • http://Website Jason

    Cardex please, it stores member cards manually or by Barcode scanning and displays the Barcode so you don’t have to carry the cards around

  • http://Website mike

    hi i would like to see a review of the vonage application
    thanks i hope i win!

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      I submitted a review for Vonage. Hasn’t been posted yet. Long story short, unless you actually use Vonage at home, I’d probably skip this one.

  • http://Website mikey s.

    hi i want to see a review of tweetcaster !
    i need this phone now more than ever i might not get a new phone for 3 years!

  • http://Website michael allman

    Would like to see ypur great reviews take on handcent sms free on the market

  • http://www.librarianinblack.net Sarah HJ

    I would love to see a review of TouchDown, a costly mobile Outlook client to use to get access to Outlook servers on Android devices to get around many of the limitations that our security officers put on the servers. I’m using it, and have mixed feelings.

  • http://Website Brandon G. (bgoo419)

    Review Lookout Mobile Security. How affective is it in locating your phone and backing up files??

  • http://www.yehoodi.com Rich

    kayak just released an app.
    I also would look forward to a review of a Dropbox app.

  • http://pau.antiblog.com Pau Giner

    You could review Scummvm. Reasons:
    1. Old point-and-click adventure games were great.
    2. Its something forbidden (in other platforms) since it is based on a virtual machine.

  • http://Website Jonathan K

    Shortyz crossword puzzles!

  • http://Website W!NGNUTT

    i’d like to see a review for PhoneMyPC if someone hasn’t already requested it. looks cool but i dont know if its worth 10 bucks

  • http://Website tim

    Urban dictionary

  • http://Website gordy sloan

    I would like to see reviews on music search/ download apps like (but not) rhapsody. BTW, you are really putting out good and useful information, thanks

  • http://Website Austin Wallace

    You should do a review of the swype keyboard if you can get it on your eris :) and also the mini opera browser.

  • http://Website Robert B. Lay

    I would love a good, hard-core geek review of Google’s Terminal Emulator (and maybe a comparison of the few other terminals)! :-)

    Love the Android and Me website! Keep up the awesome work!

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/brandon.carpediem Brandon Miller

    I’d like to see a review of either Tube Downloader or Music Junk (esp vs iMusic). Thanks!

  • http://Website joeyxyz

    Please review the Lookout app. Keep up the great work!

  • http://Website Ken

    I would really like to see a review of LastPass for Android- I use it on my work PC and my home Laptop- it seems to have mixed reviews for the browser- an in depth review would be great! Thanks!

  • http://Website brad

    Please review Maverick. its an off road GPS navigator.

  • http://Website paulnadams

    Would be handy to see a review of OR Player and having it put up against some other internet radio apps available on Android if possible?

  • http://no keilun22

    I would like to request “whatsapp” in android.

  • http://Website Kenny T

    I would like to request Diner Dash 2.0

  • http://Website Tina

    I would like to request an app review called “Counter”.

  • http://Website rick

    Requesting a review of Twidroid twitter client.

  • http://Website Lars

    I want to learn some slang words. Pls review Urban Dictionary.

  • http://corvstudios.com/ Oscar Gomez

    It would be cool to see a review of the new game G-Ball.

  • http://Website jon

    Would like a review of Decaf which is an app to manage and monitor your Amazon EC2 cloud.

  • http://Website Freddy

    WordPress for Android review would be sweet.

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      I have some plans for the WordPress app. Still playing with it to get a good feel for it, and they’re still behind on publishing, so look for it in the next few weeks.

  • http://Website roland

    Hope you can review Advanced Task Killer!

  • http://Website park

    A review of OI File Manager for Android will be great. Thanks.

  • http://Website Robin

    Could you do a review for Handcent SMS? A must have app!

  • http://Website gary

    Playing games is one way to kill time. Armored Strike is a fun game i’d like to see a review of.

  • http://Website Ivan

    I’d love to see a review of Caligo Chaser. It looks like a Zenonia contender.

  • http://Website Jason

    I’d like to see a review of JuiceDefender. It seems like a very useful app to prolong battery life.

  • http://Website mark

    I’d like to request for Bebbled review thanks.

  • http://Website vijay

    Please do a review for 3banana Notes.

  • http://Website vincent

    Check out AppAware for discovering new apps! Review pls.

  • http://Website franz

    How about a review for ThickButtons keyboard app?

  • http://Website lester

    Review Google Gesture Search please!

  • http://Website dieter

    can you do review for Puzzle Blox?

  • http://Website james

    i would like to to see a review for Pkt auctions for Ebay.

  • http://Website roy

    Review Sweet Dreams, an app to manipulate phone settings.

  • http://Website Eric

    I would like to see IM+, a multi-client Android instant messaging program reviewed (ideally, it would be a round-up/comparison of the multiple IM apps out there, but just IM+ will do :) )

  • http://Website Kevin

    Some of the security applications like Mobile-Defense and WaveSecure.

  • http://Website Scott

    How about a review of fring? It’s a multi-protocol VoIP app.

  • http://Website John

    I would love to see a review of Google Listen. Haven’t seen one yet.

  • http://Website Nick

    Hey, can you please review AndroLotto, or AndroLotto UK ?


  • http://Website Nester

    Can you please review Shazam? It seems cool but I just don’t know….

  • http://Website Connor

    I would love to see a review on the Google Goggles! I love all the google’s apps and I hope they will make more!


  • http://Website Sean Doe-Simkins

    What about AnyPost? There’s no great Ping.fm app yet, and since it just got acquired by Seesmic I bet it’s gonna blow up.

  • http://Website Michael Jones

    Looks like a lot of people want to see a review of PhoneMyPC! I have just submitted a review of it. I liked it.

  • http://Website Jon Morales

    I would like to see a review of Skyfire 2.0

  • http://Website Randy Scott

    I would like to nominate trackball alert pro just a wicked notification app for the nexus one!

  • http://Website dag

    Try reviewing SimpleNote, its really useful and deserves som space ;)

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  • http://Website Jacob

    My911, please! If it is what it says it is, then it’s a big deal.

  • http://Website Rhys Thomas

    I would like to see a review of iTriage. It seems like a great idea for an application that could help so many people. Thanks :)

  • http://kellerblog.com Automatic Crash Notification Reviewer

    The My911 app is for real. A review of the capabilities of this app would be awesome for everyone to see.


  • http://www.backcountrynavigator.com Nathan

    BackCountry Navigator: I wouldn’t mind seeing a review of BackCountry Navigator. It’s an offline topo map application. It’s new and not very well known.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jacksondias Jackson

    I would like a review of Call meter NG

    Definitely the best phone bill control out the market!!

  • http://Website Ryan
  • http://smart-dog.appspot.com John Huang

    Please review “Remote Web Desktop”, the best web desktop for android phone, control phone from web browser.

  • http://Website TKDT

    Please review Kumbu. Its an expense manager for Android.



  • Apppie

    Please review Filer.

    Any comment or suggestion is very welcome.

    Filer — Mac style File Manager for Tablet (HD)

    Inspired by Mac Finder.

    URL: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.apppie.filer

  • Sangsin An

    Please review any good matrix calculator.

  • Android weather

    Hi, I hope you would like to review Android Weather Widget – http://www.android-weather.com/. Have a nice day!

  • SMS Backup & Restore
  • MobiCalculator

    Please review “MobiCalculator”. https://play.google.com/store/search?q=pub:IP

  • Priyank

    Review this new app “MySecurity” available on Google Play Store…

  • hitech

    I was searching for a strategy game and came across Tap A Fish. Its overall appearance including the characters, the fish tank and the method of playing enticed me a lot. I would encourage you to review it so that others may also enjoy it.

  • hitech
  • fuco

    We have two interesting games for review:

    1. “Shake & Etch”:

    It is a realistic looking clone of Etch-A-Sketch with these free features:
    - you can save your drawings (also it has autosave feature)
    - you can share your drawings
    - you can have it always with you
    - you can change the game borders color
    - the powder never spills :-)
    - no permanent artifacts on the old glass :-)

    2. For bigger kids we have “15 Photo Puzzle”. You can select any picture from your device, crop it, slice it, shuffle it and by sliding try to solve it. Or you can simply solve just numbered gems:

  • EatHeat

    Review Droid Clocks. Simple but innovative…like nothing before..

  • Vincenzo Amoruso

    Please review “The Interpreter” on Google Play :

  • shyam

    Please review wordprocessor for android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zoho.writer

    Zoho Writer is a powerful rich-text editor for Android devices. This App allows you to create impressive documents seamlessly with its intuitive user interface and rich set of features. You can either save these documents in local device in MS Word format or push it to cloud devices like Zoho Docs, Google Drive and Dropbox. This app also allows you to open MS Word documents in your device.
    Another huge advantage is that you can edit a document in Zoho Docs (http://docs.zoho.com) directly with this app.
    What Zoho Writer App provides for users
    Rich Text Editing features
    Ø Supports Formatting of text which includes font type, font size, Bold, Italic and Underline, fore color and Background color.
    Ø Create hyperlink, Comments for text and bookmarks.
    Ø Additional features like Paragraph spacing and Word count
    Ø Insert Images from Camera and Gallery
    Ø Create lists with various header signs/numbers to fit your choice
    Ø Cut/Copy and Paste operation
    Ø Unlimited Undo/Redo operation
    Ø Create Table with built-in Stylish Table Theme
    Other Features
    ØUse this App anywhere, even offline to create documents
    Ø Easy to move documents around different services using drag and drop feature
    Ø Free Handwritten drawing or diagram that can be inserted into your document
    Ø Convert Text to Speech and Speech to Text
    Ø Zoom in and out of document content
    Ø Supports viewing list of documents either in list or grid view
    Ø Supports sending of document via Email from Dashboard
    Ø Supports pushing of document to Cloud Storages like Zoho Docs, GDrive and Drop box
    Ø Supports saving of documents in different formats like doc,docx,rtf,odt,txt,html and PDF

  • Rakshak Raghavan

    How about reviewing my new Location reminder app called “Yet Another Reminder” Google play store link: http://goo.gl/FQ9vyD

  • Hasham

    i would like a call recorder that records both persons voices on all android phones. there are such applications but they do not work on my samsung fit gt-s5670.

  • Lucian Benga
  • Kire Sopov

    How about a review of my latest QWOP-like game:


  • BStrong

    Please review Bomber – Bomb Defuse Game for android.
    Play store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bstrong.bomber

  • Christoph P.

    Please Review Surfing Pixels.
    Surfing Pixels is a unique minimalistic randomly generated retro game.
    Challenge your friends and try to beat their highscores. It is really simple. Tap to invert the gravity while the pixel is on a platform. You get 1 point for each time you invert the gravity. Collect powerups to improve your score. Sounds too easy for you? Than try it out!

    Features of Surfing Pixels:
    â—ˆ Challenging Gameplay
    â—ˆ Different Gamemodes
    â—ˆ Unique minimalistic retro Style
    â—ˆ Optimised for both high and low resolutions
    â—ˆ choose between different pixel colors
    â—ˆ simple but addictive

    Link to the Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ChrispGames.PixelSurf

  • rubyray

    Valentine’s day photo frame is an application which creates your own valentine’s day frame in few seconds.This application is basically for the couples who love to play with their photos.