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Android game video review: Air Control

Air Control is a free game where you are put in the position of an air traffic controller. You must direct planes to safely land without them crashing into each other. It looks simple at first, but the difficulty really ramps up (which makes for an addicting game).

Multiple game modes are available including Cargo and Mismatch. Cargo mode is a kind of puzzle game where planes must land in a certain order based on color or type. For an easier game, try Mismatch which allows the player to mix up the landing zones.

Check out the free version first, then purchase the full game ($0.97) to kill off the ads.

Alex is a student living in Tampa, Florida who does video reviews on apps and games for Android and Me. He has always been interested in cell phones but became obsessed with Android after purchasing his first Android phone.

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  • http://Website Dave K.

    I don’t know which came first, but this is the same as Flight Director.

  • Matt R

    But will the ads be really cool and interactive and let me play another game while I play this game? That’s what I really care about…

  • http://Website Sahajesh

    What we need is gAd (not the similar sounding jihad)

  • http://gomobile.com.ar/ Zim

    I LOVE this game! :D

  • http://Website Jared

    framerate looks good in the video. Does it slow down at all when there is more planes?

    • http://Website lhopki01

      If you’ve got enough plans to slow the game down you’ll be losing the game quite quickly. =P

  • http://Website evan

    I like flying aces better as an airplane landing game, and its a pretty cheap price for what you get

  • http://Website Scoopo16

    Hey guys i played that game on demo mode for a long time until i found an even better game than it, its worth checking out go to the market and search AirTrafficControl Lite, it was originally on the iphone but its now on android they say a full version is coming soon, but check it out far far better i stress

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  • Jignesh