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Apples to Apples: Toss It vs. Paper Toss

It’s such a simple concept that you kick yourself for not thinking of making a digital version yourself. Who hasn’t wasted time by shooting crumpled up paper into the garbage? Add some wind and it becomes a (some-what) challenging game. Two recent additions to the Android Market, Toss It and Paper Toss, bring the result to your Android device.

They both feature the same gameplay: You swipe your finger in the direction you want to throw the paper ball with the goal of getting it into the trash can. Different speeds of wind (symbolized by a tabletop fan) challenge you to compensate your angle of attack.

Paper Toss (free, ad supported) from Backflip Studios has been on the iPhone for a while now and has finally made the move to Android. It features very nicely rendered 3D backgrounds. Your score and Main Menu button are cleverly worked into the scene so the screen is left uncluttered (except for the ad banner, a necessary evil). There is only a local leaderboard so it will only display the best streak of someone playing on your device. Sounds effects are great including clapping when you are a streak and an “Aww” when the streak ends. I did find the background office clatter a bit annoying but it’s easy enough to turn off. In addition to the Easy, Medium and Hard office levels you are also given an Airport, Bathroom and Basement level. One does have to wonder though, for a game on iPhone and Android, why do the computer screens in the office all show Windows XP desktops?

Toss It (UKĀ£1.99) from Boolba Labs is an Android exclusive and one big thing I noticed right away are the photographic backgrounds in a variety of settings. Let’s face it, this style of game can (and does) get old real quick. Having different settings makes it a little fresh. Toss It also features a global leaderboard, though there is either something wrong with it or something wrong with “Six6Sicks”. I find it hard to believe someone played this game long enough to get a streak of 28,771 baskets, even if it is on easy. Sound effects are very good. Like Paper Toss there is clapping when you are successful and “Awws” when you are not. The only background sound is the noise of your virtual fan which was both realistic and acted as a sort of calming white noise that I hardly noticed, but may annoy those around you. An interesting twist with Toss It is that you can challenge another player using virtual coins as a wager. The game comes with 5 coins to start with but additional coins are going to cost you (there are different levels to purchase them starting at 10 for .99 working up to 500 coins for $14.99). An clever idea but I don’t think people are going to want to spend much more money on a game that is essentially a $3. Of concern is the fact that I often encountered problems when exiting Toss It. My Nexus One hung up for long periods of time with a black screen. It was quicker to reboot than wait it out. I am sure Boolba Labs are already on the case as they have pushed out updates pretty quickly since Toss It was released.

Right now, if you will pardon the pun, it’s a toss up. Both games feature the same basic gameplay and both have their pluses and minuses. Because of the closing issue I have with Toss It I have been playing Paper Toss more, though I find the animation in Toss It more realistic. Paper Toss is free and is ad supported while Toss It has a free limited preview version. I suggest you check them both out.

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