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Pobs: One of the top 20 puzzle games of ADC2

Pobs is a strategy game, like Checkers or Reversi. The goal of the game is to have more “pobs” than the other players at the end of the game. The game has many modes including Quick game, Classic, Time attack, Score limit, Random, and Two players.

The “Quick Game” mode selects a random level of the classic mode. The classic mode features 20 different levels to solve. As soon as you complete the classic mode, the random mode is unlocked. The random mode generates a random level for you.

In the “Time attack” challenge you only have to a limited amount of time to make your turn, so you need to concentrate on the game and think over your strategies even while your enemy is making his turn. In the “Score limit” mode you have to reach a specific amount of pobs of your color on the playing field. When you reach that amount the game ends. In the multiplayer mode you can play against a friend. You can choose a playing field from one of the levels of the classic mode.

The game itself is easy to understand.

You have the red pobs and your enemies have the blue and the green pob. To win you have to have the highest amount of pobs at the end of the game. If you tap on one of your pobs you have two options: You can either duplicate it to a free space right aside that pob or let the pob jump to a free space 2 spaces away from that pob.

When one of your pobs touches one or multiple pobs of one of your enemies, those pobs will become yours. When you somehow got into the situation that your enemy/enemies can’t make a turn anymore, the game will automatically duplicate all of your pobs so the game finishes quickly.


  • Game performance -> The game has been kept simple, but the graphics aren’t bad either
  • Simpleness, especially the options: There is only an option for the difficulty and an option for the sound volume
  • Innovative game


  • Well.. nothing here

Final Verdict

Pobs is a really nice game to waste time! It’s fun to solve the levels and you really have to think about your turns!

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Note: This review was submitted by Christian Brüggemann as part of our app review contest.

Source: Chipsteam

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  • http://Website David

    This is a cool game, but it’s not innovative – it’s an exact copy of a 90′s arcade game called Pods. They couldn’t even come up with a different name.

  • http://Website Jeff

    What are you talking about? o_0
    I don’t know any Pods! There wasn’t game that you tell us about.

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  • http://Website Mr_Bloggerific

    David and Jeff,

    The game I recall from the 90′s this appears to be based on was called something like “Hexxagon” and was a DOS-based game.

  • http://www.fishyreview.com mrleno

    I can’t find “Pods” but I played the heck out of a game that I can’t remember the name. It was an arcade game and the year was 1991. It was exactly this game. Also, the old 7-up spot computer game was the same thing too. I really want to see a link to that old arcade game, though!

  • http://www.androidshock.com/ skeletor84

    Great game list..Love these games..

  • meni

    Hi, there is also a great unique puzzle game called Cryptica which is really cool and challenging but I like this game also.

  • rolando lopez

    it is so cool i havent saw this game thankyou for puting this game