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Pocket Empires Online: The ultimate MMO war game on Android

Pocket Empires is a MMO strategy game developed by Pocket Play and consists of real-time persistent gameplay. When you start up the game you’ll have a couple of options to choose from including which country to belong to (there’s two of them), gender and of course your empire’s name.

Once inside the game you’ll notice a similar type board to other strategy games such as Age of Empires or Civilization where you’ll conduct your building, perform research, and do your harvesting. Everything is based on time so building and research takes a certain amount of time as does travel. Your stats increase as the levels get higher or the distance of travel is further. Eventually you will move on to conquering other towns or monsters that reside on the open map.

So far I’ve enjoyed playing this game and aside from the odd connectivity issue, I’ve not had any real problems with this game at all. If you like persistent MMO strategy games then you’ll more then likely enjoy this one so I would definitely give it a try. Just be prepared to get attacked when offline!

Gameply features include:

  • Over 10 unique structures to build your city
  • Over 30 different creatures to be recruited or captured
  • Over 40 techs & 50 items to enhance your power
  • Huge map you and other players conquer
  • Ongoing game updates with even more content
  • Global Top 100 player board, Titles and more


  • Very in-depth gameplay
  • Actual interactivity as opposed to the typical browser style MMO’s available with buildings and monsters
  • The graphics are fairly nice as well with some animation of monsters on the open map
  • Overall responsiveness of the game and menus is pretty fast
  • No shortage of other players already
  • Lots of reports available from fights/raiding and overall economic statistics
  • Long gameplay
  • Lots of bonuses that can be purchased with gems


  • Aside from the opening music track (which seems slightly distorted) there’s no sound effects unless you get mail or a report
  • If you aren’t used to this type of time based gaming, you’ll probably find the game play slow after awhile, especially when building take 3-4 hours to be built
  • Some server connection problems (not sure if it was on my end or not)
  • More free player slots needed as one country is already full
  • If you don’t refer people to the game, you’ll run out of 100 gems quick and there’s no current option to buy gems.

Final Verdict

Overall this is a good solid title with a lot of potential, especially when considering the amount of time you’ll spend on playing it. Pocket Empires is free for download and ad supported with one ad in the bottom menu (only when it’s opened).

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Note: This review was submitted by Andrew Huff as part of our app review contest.

Source: Pocket Play

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    Looks like nice game.. I will install it.. Nice review pal.

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        Where do I need to enter that code?

    • charles

      how and were to tip the code

    • william pierce

      been having issue getting my stuff transfered from courage to legacy and instead of pe support helping me get back to gameing they would rather mark me resolved and ignore my plea for help

  • http://Website Dave

    The game seems like it could be fun… They definitely have some bugs to work out though (but from their google group page it sounds like they’re working on it). If you do download, feel free to use my referral code – 45aq – and we’ll both get bonus gems and be listed as friends.

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    Seems like there are lots of people offering free gems codes in the market – some say 200 some say 100.

    • http://www.droidgamers.com ExtremeT

      It’s only 100 to each person as far as I know unless it was just changed but the change log doesn’t say anything about that being increased so it’s probably just people trying to get more referrals by saying it’s 200 when it’s only 100.

  • http://Website trent

    Great game very addictive, cant wait for new upgrades. Use promo code 57yk when registering and we get free gems and team up.

    • http://www.droidgamers.com ExtremeT

      Just got updated =) They fixed something with the fighting system but nothing specifically was mentioned in regards to it. They seem to be pretty on top of things with updates so far.

      • http://Website David

        how do you update. the game tells me I need to. Where do I go to update the game.

        • http://Website bodie

          you should either get a notification like i do (i have a mytouch)
          otherwise you should be able to get the upgrade from the android market :)

        • http://Website FRED3

          well go to your android market on the version of the game u downloaded and you will have update option

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    Excellant game for Android systems. Play and put down completely on your terms. Your empire will keep growing even when you’re not playing. Use my referral code, 55zz, and message me in game. I will reinforce your city with some free troops. Enjoy Pocket Empires, and enjoy having a good MMO on your cell phone!

  • http://Website Aaron

    Is this game data-intensive?
    Would you recommend it’s played over wifi or is edge/3g suitable?

    • http://Website Morten

      The game uses very little data traffic. About 7kb to boot the game, then one kb here and there whenever you do something that communicates with the server, which isn’t really that often.

      Feel free to use referral code 3qoj

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    I work for sprint in the advanced technical support dept and I discovered this game over the weekend. I have told all my coworkers who have android phones to download it and of course add my referral code 67lk. We are all gamers so this application is very refreshing to have in between calls. I anticipate this to be the best MMO for android and can’t wait for all the improvements they will make to it. Not to mention once the HTC EVO comes out this summer we will be playing it on 4G and a 4.3 screen….

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    This is a pretty fun game once you get the hang of it! I’ve been playing for a few days now and really love it!

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    So, is it just me or has this been removed from the market?

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    Pocket empire is not working right after I down loaded the update

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    4YGSM <== Code for free gems.
    If you join up use this code for a free 100 gems and in game msg me for help.

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    The game is very addictive. My biggest concern is the amount of time it takes to complete research and structures at advanced levels. If I want to upgrade some buildings at level 9 I may not get on it again for two days.

    Alos, having lots of conectivity issues recently that can be annoying but they seem to get fixed relatively fast.

    I would like to know if monsters can be upgraded to new levels and how…

    • http://Website lady Lillian

      Hi BP, Seems like you are in need of some guidance. if you are on the honor server…..join the Twisted Hunters! We are a tight knit alliance that knows what it means to have each others backs. If you need help, are not sure how to get both feet off the ground, and are open to receiving A LOT of help, Pm me, lady Lillian, if interested. I would love to hear from ya! TWISTED HUNTERS!!!!!

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    ok so i wanted to donate but now im not .. i was trying to set up paypal and it is to hard and i cant figure it out … why cant they just accept a credit card like every one else .. so they need to fix the problem so i can buy tokens

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    it is a fun game and it passes the time while bored at work

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    Pocket Empires Condensed Guides, Cheats, and Charts

  • ghost

    i just started but can not figure out how to get to the game its self

    • http://Website lady Lillian

      If you have a droid go to your apps, and it should be there if you have downloaded it. if not, go to your market and download it. to find it search Pocket Empires. If you are new to the game we would love to have you join our alliance. make sure you sign in on the Honor server…..and join the Twisted Hunters! We are a tight knit alliance that knows what it means to have each others backs. If you need help, are not sure how to get both feet off the ground, and are open to receiving A LOT of help, Pm me, lady Lillian, if interested. I would love to hear from ya! TWISTED HUNTERS!!!!!

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    Honor server…..join the Twisted Hunters! We are a tight knit alliance that knows what it means to have each others backs. If you need help, are not sure how to get both feet off the ground, and are open to receiving A LOT of help, Pm me, lady Lillian, if interested. I would love to hear from ya! TWISTED HUNTERS!!!!!

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    How do you enter the referral codes? Where do you enter them?

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    Will the Galaxy S be able to play this game, or does it not have the right OS?

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    Had to replace my phone how do I get back to game I started on server two if I don’t know my user name? Please email me: [email protected]

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    I’ve been playing PE since late April…
    I’m hopelessly addicted.
    …Now… there’s a fourth server..
    They’re gonna hafta bury me with my phone lol

    SERIOUSLY?! Super fun, even with all the glitches
    (not MANY!!!) and the drama.

    F2K/Murderers’ Row

  • http://Website Random

    After playing the game for six months here’s the real deal. Its supposedly called a BETA, in which the game is still currently being developed. So there are glitches and server issues throughout the game. Which is completely normal by any gaming standard. Whats not normal? Well — To start off, if you DONATE real money they give you gems. Which is the currency in Pocket Empires. So basically its like a mini-Evony. Those that DONATE enough, will be ontop. Also there a glitches. These glitches continue to occur and create a huge imbalance within the game. For example, there was a glitch that caused multiplying troops. These troops flooded the market andthough Pocket Empire devs explained they ‘caught’ them all .. its highly doubtful due to the amount of massive gems people had. In response, one admin started giving away 100mil troops away to anyone who thought they deserved them. At this point, any REAL BETA game would have been “wiped” or “reset”. But of course they couldn’t do that, since people DONATED real money.

    Now — They just created a new server, called GLORY. it was supposedly a clean start for all those who wanted one. Little did we know, the developers screwed up again. The admins and developers watched as 1 player “manipulated” the market. Gaining almost 300k (300,000) gems in 3 days after the game started. We of course assumed this was a glitch, but developers assured us he was “legit” and his was just “utilizing” market to its full potential. Well, just as most players were ready to start using the market to sell their own items, we found the market was closed to us. Apparently the devs had “overlooked” the 72hr waiting period for newly made accounts.

    Ok, so how is that FAIR? At this point, this point the realized the huge issue with market manipulation. That being said, a REAL BETA game would then wipe the new server and allow the 72hr waiting period from the start. This would of course, make sure people built their own troops and resources without turning to the outrageous market prices.

    Of course your wondering, why do these gems mean so much in the game? Well — here’s the kicker. When you lose troops in battle, you can take an option of “REVIVE” all lost troops. Ok, so what? So .. say you build enough of an army say 10 billion troops. But you have no gems. Then along comes your enemy. Well he’s got 5 billion troops and 4,000 gems. He attacks you, you lose 5 billion. He “revives” and attacks you again. Now you have no troops. He “revives” again. Who won?

    The game was not clearly thought out and is a waste of time and sadly money. The developers and admins do not take the time to listen to your concerns and will NOT reset servers even its clearly needed. All because of MONEY.

  • vanglorious


  • http://www.direct-2you.com kazanganti

    For more great information visit my website at http://www.direct-2you.com


    In Pocket Empires, Reapers are the badest kid on the block, everyone knows that. I am here to tell you how to get them easily, and with just 1900 troops.

    If you haven’t already looked over the Charts that we have on all the Troop and Monsters, you should do so now, to have a better idea of what speeds they travel, and what weapons work best against them.

    Combat in the game is setup based on in range contact, meaning that whatever the Reaper meets 1st is ALL they attack. So to make this, and many other fights, simple and easy on your troop count, you need to layer your troops by speed.

    Against Reapers, your best weapon is the Ballista’s; they do 150% damage to them.

    Reapers can move 150m a round, and Ballista’s have a range of 120m, so you need to stop them at 120m for the 1st round.

    To conquer an Innumerable Mob of Reapers, you will need 1900 Ballista’s, 1 Paladin (or Black Widow) 120m per round, 1 Calvary (or Gargoyle) 90m per round, and 1 Hussar (or Witch) 60m per round to drop them at the maximum distance. Normally it only takes to rounds, but every once in a while it takes 3, so I always use three different speeds.

    It can be done with 1 Militia (30m per round), 1 Hussar (60m per round), and 1 Cavalry (90m per round) if you want to do it early in your title ranking (Makes Title Leveling Go SUPER FAST).

    The combat by 1st contact is a flaw in the game, but it is they way they have it, so use this to your advantage. This technique works great with archers also.


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      Can anyone send me a pm on honor player name is Stunts. Send me how u farm liz What works best. Please or send me an email at [email protected]

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    Bonne ambiance et entraide vous y attendent ! Contactez Oderint sur Honor, ou Alex007 sur Honor !
    A très bientôt !

  • Feradrin

    The review needs to be re-reviewed.. there are alot of changes(#1 being the addition of the gem mine)… referal codes are no more… and PVP has begun…

    Its a great game overall and very addicitng even with the few glitches.

    Gem mine produces 5 gems an hour
    The market buys and sells with gems- so there is a way to get more if needed
    PVP- multiple zones are set up with pvp where you can opt in to attack the other faction (biggest thing currently) – if your faction controls a zone you get some buffs (attack or defense increase)
    Build times can get high – but you can use your mana to speed up the proccess (also you can research it so that the speed up doesnt cost as much mana)

  • http://Website ginofrits

    as Random sayd,

    i have also to say that the development/admin team is not responsive about the user issues/needs.
    I downloaded the game from the official site, installed in the phone, started to play in the glory(beta), and wasn’t never able to send any mail, the message “you are using a test account, download this game from android market” was popping up.

    So i uninstalled the game, reinstalled from android market, but the issue remain, and it is related to the server glory only.

    I asked support from the game form, from email, never get a solution. I also did a donation, hoping in help, but nothing.

    I guess this is a simple db oiperation to do on server db, probably removing a “test account” flag somewhere, but probably i have to give some more money.

    I am tired, and can’t restart from the beginning from level 7, so i probably will give up. PEO, unfortunately a bad experience for me :(

  • http://Website andy55x

    Can anyone give me an honest answer how I get past level 10? I have searched many things and it just goes to pointless forums. email me [email protected]

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    andy55x: you cant past level 10, level 10 is the max, the only way is to qonquer buildings which are level 12, 18 or higher

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    I have Pocket Empires on my HTC EVO, but recently my Husband broke my phone, so I had to get a new one. I can get into my cities on the glory but it wont let me into my honor or my courage….please help.

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    awesome game but go to pheonix country it is way better than dragon and join a alliance right away

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    I really wish you would make this game an app for the IPod touch and iPhone. Because I’ve heard so many good things about it please make it for iPod . my brother has it and it looks really good . Please make it

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    Use 2500 catapults to conquer inumberable trolls. then when you have 500k conquer overwhelming lv10 liz ,hope this helps :)

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    Nah. U only need 400k. :)

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    this game is full of scam.trust me mostly people hear but don’t react here.its a beta version.they are trying to hide after beta.game developer was caught giving someone troops for $1000 at pay pal.admin never reply.i am not angry but truly if you want to do a very little bit here you have to spend at least $70 per month.then when you get them in account or never.if a admin or mods friend get angry on you.you will not see your profile again.update version make many people lost their game and real money.you give max money and you get troop and you are allowed to cheat.i mailed to dev but no reply about it.trust me RUN

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    @bradley you need 2.8 million catas with full tech to conquer lvl 10 liz or 3.2 to 3.4 mill with 15 lvl tech.

    • Armand

      you can conquer overwhelming level 10 lizards with 3million gargoyles one militia one black widow and one axeman

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    hi all pe players i beleive that they should bring back the option to use mobile credit to donate does anybody know when it will be back please email me at [email protected] and thanx

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    Why do people want 100gems so bad I have been playing for 2 month and I already got 25k gems

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    Bin playing this from the start, and I’m still addicted..
    -that’s just sad…