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Replica Island: Fly, stomp, and roll your way through 40 challenging levels

As a gamer I take a lot of joy in perusing the Android Market for new ways to feed my hunger for interactive media, and sometimes I come across a game with a premise so interesting it shoots a grin across my face and pulls my thumb to the install button. My latest encounter of this sort was with Replica Island, developed by the appropriately named Team Replica.

Replica Island is essentially an old school platformer, although instead of making it to the end of a level, the object is to collect three red crystals scattered across the stage. My favorite part, however, is the fact that you play as the Android mascot in his hunt for “The Source,” an artifact hunted by two opposing factions with absolutely no love for one another.

The Basics:

  • 2D platforming, collect the three red crystals to finish the level.
  • 40 levels, referred to as “Memory Sequences.”
  • The Android’s attacks are limited to a ground pound and a robot control orb, thus placing emphasis on exploration and avoiding combat.
  • Jump and attack buttons are on screen; movement, by default, is bound to the trackball/D Pad. However, the options menu allows you to map abilities to your keyboard if you have one.

Final Verdict

Replica Island carries the quality and quantity of a paid app, for free. With its simple control scheme, amount of content and interesting level design, Replica Island can, and should, be enjoyed by both hardcore and casual gamers alike. If you have an interest in the platformer genre, and enough money in your account to afford a game that costs absolutely nothing, you’d be pretty crazy not to give it a try.

The goods:

  • Runs flawlessly, even on the G1.
  • Excellent level design. I never felt as if I was running in circles or that the developers were phoning it in, even during the later levels.
  • There’s actually a tale to be told. Team Replica could have easily passed this along as a standard mute platformer, but the fact that they took the time to integrate the story, write the dialogue and even add a cutscene or two shows a refreshing amount of dedication to their product.
  • Absolutely free, absolutely ad free, and absolutely fat free.

Needs improvment:

  • Moving with the trackball can be cumbersome, as The Android I seem to frequently overshoot my target, but when mind controlling a robot he moves at a snail’s pace. Binding movement to the keyboard is just as difficult as they keys are too small to be useful for this type of thing.
  • It’s quiet, too quiet. Sure there are sound effects, but the levels lack any type of music or ambience. It’s not a big issue, but a nice soundtrack would really make the levels come to life.
  • You may develop a hatred of birds. During one stage I was obliterated by the same bird so many times I had to run out and buy a baked chicken just to reassure myself that I was still the dominant species.

Special Notes: Sends anonymous user data, such as deaths and completion times, back to the developer. All of the info is compiled at http://replicaisland.net/index.php?view=en/player_metrics.php

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Note: This review was submitted by Ryan Larrabee as part of our app review contest.

Source: Team Replica

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  • http://Website Quasar

    This is a nice game for Android. I really like being able to control the robot and the orb by tilting the phone. If it wasn’t for this experimental feature, I don’t think I could play it since I have limited use of my hands/fingers.

  • http://Website nova

    If you didn’t know, this is the game that was the source of the subject of the io2009 Writing Real-Time Games for Android presentation ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4Bk5rmIpic ) and although it was released several months after the presentation you can view the source here:

    • http://Website olddog

      Chris Pruett the developer and Google employee gave a presentation on his game at GDC 2010 in March. The source code was available soon after.

  • http://Website Jason

    Honestly, this is the best review I’ve seen from users posting in this contest. I know votes don’t count, but I just want to say I this review was superb and you would be a winner if I had any control.

    • Killa

      I would have to agree with you.

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  • http://uloops.net k7k0

    I absolutely love this game, history, features and gameplay. Also the fact been open source help others to develop serious game in this platform. With this the users and the community wins, I hope this guy figure out how to earn something too.

    Waiting for more sequels and game modes.

  • http://goncalossilva.com Gonçalo Silva

    It’s a shame it doesn’t work on lower resolutions… I’d love to try this on a tattoo :)

  • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ adomanico01

    I’m sooooooooooo excited to try this game out. Awesome review, btw.

  • http://Website alyssa

    How do you know if you win or not because I killed the guy who created me and then the other guy that I didn’t kill we were on something looking up at the purplely black circle?? So how do you knoow if you win??

    • Ryan Larrabee

      Yeah, you’ve finished it; however, there are two more endings, so you can still go back and change your mind if you so desire.