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Space Physics: A puzzle game where your hand drawings come to life

Camel Games released Space Physics back in 2009, and unfortunately like many apps, its potential for fame fell prey to the clumsy mess that is the Android Market. Though the bland logo and yawn-worthy name may help to banish it to the back shelf of the Market, make no mistake – this is one of the BEST examples of a game that Android has to offer.

Camel takes cues from other great physics games and manages to perfect them in a well designed, challenging, and innovative action-puzzler. The rules are simple: get the green ball to touch the glowing star and move on to the next puzzle.

Sound boring? Hardly. Camel succeeds in making this a great game in two ways: by designing engaging levels that drive the gameplay forward, and by encouraging players to get creative in problem-solving (by allowing a seeminly unlimited amount of ways to reach the same goal).

Need to get the ball across a chasm? Build a bridge, draw a car, and drive it over. Getting the picture?

One of the most innovative things about Space Physics (aside from the gameplay) is how the game is installed. Space Physics itself is a huge game, and without some problem-solving on Camel’s part, it would be impossible to play on a device like my dusty old G1. Instead of limiting the amount of people that can access the game due to storage concerns, Camel installs the game’s running file in a mere 3.2 MB of space on the internal memory. All the levels are loaded up as a separate level-pack that conveniently installs itself onto your SD card. The level app can then be deleted, and your device still has got just enough space for that next killer app around the corner.

Final Verdict

If you are still wary of spending the $2.99 for hours of great gameplay (and Android show-off-ability), go for the free version – it’s a no-brainer. Mark my words – after trying the demo you will end up buying it and you will nerd out on it like a kid with his first set of Legos.


  • Crisp visuals and engaging puzzles provide hours of fun
  • Opens up a creative plethora of possible ways to play
  • Takes up less space than many ‘fancier’ games by loading levels to the SD card


  • Could develop a cult-base if there was a level editor and maybe online level-trading
  • The fact that levels upload to SD card means Camel could add more game without adding memory usage to internal phone memory (and I for one would pay for it!)

What’s next?: Although there has been mention of an update that includes a level editor in a developer interview Camel had with the folks over at This Android Life, nothing of the sort has been seen yet in the Android Market. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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Note: This review was submitted by Bryce Watanabe as part of our app review contest.

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    Download does not work in Sweden

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    bought this game ages ago and its easily one of the best games out there. Nice to see it gets some decent press because like the reviewer said it was one of those games that passed public attention and for some reason disappeared under the radar.

    If you haven’t tried it. definitely check it out.

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    Nice game. I really like that game.

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    I tried it, loved it, bought it. And now can’t stop playing! :)