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Android 2.1 updates are coming to Sprint phones in early May

New details are begging to emerge about the upcoming Android 2.1 updates for the Sprint HTC Hero and Samsung Moment. The carrier previously told us to expect Android 2.1 in early Q2 and now it looks like the wait is almost over. Both AndroidGuys and Phandroid are reporting today that Sprint is now telling customers to expect Android 2.1 in early May (maybe the first week).

Screens are included below and I believe this information is accurate. Official Android 2.1 ROMs have already leaked for the Hero and Moment and we know that Sprint has been internally testing the new firmwares.

Right now it appears the Samsung Moment update will be a wired update and the Hero update could be done over the air. Both updates are expected to wipe the phone, but that has not been officially confirmed.

The wait is almost over.

Android 2.1 is coming in early May.

Via: Android Guys

Source: XDA-developers

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  • http://Website jamallj

    How bout magic? Im from malaysia and i dont know exactly wheather sprint got htc magic or not.. but is there any news about htc magic getting 2.1 update?

  • http://Website Steve

    If the phone is wiped by the upgrade, will apps and contacts be backed up first

    • Drew

      Contacts and the like are synced to Google’s cloud, so you’ll have them linked to your Google account.

      Apps can be backed up to the SD card via Astro I think…

      • http://Website chris

        The upgrade process should be much like the one I did for my Eris. The SD card stays intact. As for contacts, Google sync is correct. And apps will be in the market on first visit to redownload if compatible. Stuff in the apps won’t be. Backing up via any backup app for apps may cause the phone to crash… as been seen with the Eris leak

  • hcjr_amo_themes

    Apps nd contacts should be because its storedin the google servers so it should be

  • http://Website Chris

    When the phone is wiped only paid for apps and your contacts are backed up. I hope they don’t wipe the phones again.

  • http://Website Android

    All you have to do is download Astro or AppManager. They both backup apps to the sd card.

    • http://Website mmark27

      You’ll probably want to start all over though because a lot of applications may not be compatible in their 1.5 versions with 2.1. Just make a physical list of what you have and use the most, then go and get em! The paid ones will still be in your account to redownload. A good fresh restart will be nice!

  • http://Website Scott

    honestly, don’t care about the upgrade anymore…most of the apps we want need better processors… It’s really MONTHS too late. I don’t plan to upgrade my Hero, especially if it wipes out the entire phone…

    I’ll just wait to get 2.1 with EVO

  • http://davehong.yelp.com Dave H.

    What about other carriers and phones? =P

  • http://Website Raider

    The upgrade to the Droid did not wipe out any of my apps. But mmark27 is correct, some of my apps were not compatible with with 2.1 I deleted those but I am going to reset the phone again with my favorite ones only. Its like a OS upgrade vs the Full version install.

  • http://Website 87Vortex87

    The upgrade for the HTC Hero EU will be delayed for another 1,5 month to June! The dutch android community is pretty fed up about the latest developments and demands an explanation from HTC about these developments.
    Therefor we’ve founded ‘The Alliance of HTC Hero Users’ to force HTC to come clean about the continuing delays. Our goal is very simple: Get a statement on what the developments where until now and a news update every week starting from the first of May. Please sign up and support this initiative to force HTC to come clean on the road taken! link: http://www.androidworld.nl/forum/htc-toestellen/4010-alliance-htc-hero-users-tahu.html Thank you and thank yourself!!

  • http://Website chrisf24

    this is bs man its way to fn late the flag in the ground phone (hero) made its mark everywhere that phone was the hottest thing out and its still on 1.5 while 2.2 pretty much is in the process right now wtf is this about they need to stop coming out with phones every week because of situations like this moment and hero customers are upset trust me i sell phones i get complained to all the time!

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