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Android 2.1 upgrades for Sprint coming over the wire

A new leaked document from Sprint confirms the pending release of Android 2.1 for the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment. As we reported earlier this year, both upgrades will be PC-based (vs over the air) and will likely require a wipe.

Sprint will not initially offer over the air upgrades because the Android 2.1 packages are too large (80 MB for Moment, 117 MB for Hero) for their OTA servers. We pointed this out last year and it looks like Sprint was unable to come up with a working solution on time. Sprint has the option to use Google’s servers to roll out their upgrades, but they have not fully tested it and would be unable to meet the “required launch timeframe”.

The document claims the Moment will receive Android 2.1 on April 30 (today) and the Hero will follow in the first week of May. We know these dates change a lot, but both upgrades have been tested internally and should be ready to go.

Keep an eye on the Samsung Moment and HTC Hero support pages for updates. The files and instructions to perform a manual update will be posted on Sprint’s site when they are available.

It is also interesting to note that Sprint claims 90% of their Samsung Moment customers have a phone with a non-current software version. This could be because previous updates required the user to take their phone to a Sprint repair center or manually download the file. If the Hero and Moment follow a similar upgrade path, then we can assume a large portion of users will not update their phone without some extra help from Sprint.

The wait is almost over.

Via: Android Central

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • http://Website anonymous

    I work for an indirect dealer of sprint and we just had a visit from our sprint rep today.

    She told us that they’ve just started to get training on 2.1 and what it will be like, but that no date is being given. Next month was the feeling she got.

    And apparently she was told that the update will be a combination of download and OTA because of the sheer size. Apparently it will take place in stages like this to avoid erasing user data.

    Personally that last part didn’t make sense to me… but that’s the word from a sprint employee.

  • http://Website Nick

    Spoke with two different Sprint Reps today… both indicated that it would be “early May” – meaning anytime between tomorrow and the 18th – and that Moment and Hero updates would be released at the same time.

  • http://Website fthis

    Screw this I’m gonna do it myself sprints gonna lose a lot of customers. 1. Crappy service (I could be talkign walk a few feet and voila no bars?) 2. People have been waiting for another os since before this phone came out (hence the fact that they said it will have 1.6 on release). Sprints just acting like they don’t want customers imo. Like they wanna make people cancel contracts so they don’t have to. 3. A monkey could work at sprint. At&t verizon even radio shack seem to know more about their phones then the people who work at sprint its crazy. 4. Did I mention the service already? Cheap price. But as they say u get what u pay for. I want something that will be htc incredible. :-) also basicly the htc hero and moment are like sprints best phones if we having probs with those then sprint really ain’t ish. That’s like having a iphone 1g and verizon has the iphone 4g. I feel left out. Well felt left out before I flashed my phone muhahahahaa. Holy father say u must pay your service provider, he didn’t say anything about liking them.

    • http://Website fthis once more

      Funniest thing ever. Went to a sprint store to ask about 2.1 guy couldn’t tell me anything about release date for me and fellow customers but he said he already had it on his phone. I say “hey what it look like. I wanna see it. Is it rad and gnarly? Can I take a peek.” He says “sure” then pulls out his verizon droid. Lol. I say ” you don’t have it on your moment”. He says “yeah I got another moment to let you look at my droid. We slow as hell we never have customers in here.” Lol. I walked out feeling like I had just won a spelling bee. Lol. F sprtni. Another guy had an iphone. They say they get discounts but 30% off 69.99 is still too much to pay for sprints garbage arsenal of phones.

      • http://www.viewfromthebleachers.com Joe

        Now if you could only speak in coherent sentences, you could be president.

    • http://Website tim

      Why does everyone blame they carrier for os developer and manufactures delays…sprint, att, verizon whoever welcomes faster updates…Less hasle than dealing with retarded customers that have higher expectations of what a FUCKING CELL PHONE can do. It’s not a FUCKING PC. If windows doesnt deliver on a promised update do get mad at Dell, HP or any other manufacutrer? All carriers want the best product for their customers. The customer also needs to have real expectations of what the PHONE is capable of doing. Yes I too am waiting for this 2.1 update. Yes, I’m pissed off that it is taking so long to come out. But I’m not mad at sprint. I’m mad at HTC and the os developers for dragging this out. At least issue updates how the process is going.

      • http://www.brainhandles.com Greg Bulmash


        Dell does not lock your PC, prevent you from deleting the pre-installed crapware, and force you to wait for them to distribute their approved version of windows. When you buy a Windows PC from Dell, you can delete anything they put on it… including Windows. Furthermore, Dell is not an ISP that sells you the PC at a discount and then locks you into using them as your communications provider for 2 years or face a hefty ETF.

        People are pissed at Sprint because, short of performing “illegal” hacks on their phones, the only way for them to get this update is when *Sprint* allows them to. Perhaps Samsung or HTC has a hand in ensuring that 2.1 (which was released months ago) works with their phone, but most of the waiting is on Sprint’s head.

        If Sprint gave us all a legitimate method of getting root on our phones, so we can install the latest ROMs from the web, then it would be on our heads, maybe Google’s and/or Samsung’s. But as long as Sprint is locking down our phones and making us go through them for software updates and upgrades, then Sprint is the rightful target of user ire.

  • http://Website tk

    The reason that 90% of Moment owners are running out of date software? Cause 100% of Moment owners are idiots, if they weren’t, they wouldn’t have bought such a crappy phone. Only people worse have to be the ones that bought the Backflip.

    • http://Website Cdubb

      Your an idiot..the moment is one of the top phones android has right now. especially when the update finally gets here. The moment is the best sprint has right now aside from the 4g..

  • http://www.jimpivonka.com Jim Pivonka

    It does not much matter when 2.1 for the Hero is released, until I am sure installing it will NOT destroy the settings and information I have on my Hero.

    Get this straight: I have bookmarks, screen settings, applications, and application settings that need to be preserved through the update.

    I cannot update until I know those settings and data will be preserved, or until I am told how to back them up so they can be restored after the update.

    Until that is done, I don’t much give a damn when the 2.1 update is available – I cannot install it.

    All the idiots yakking about when it will be available, instead of how to install it without losing data and settings should sit down and be quiet.

    • http://Website unplugged

      Hey Jimmy, get yourself one of the many back-up programs for the Hero and quit calling everyone idiots. You are the one that sorely needs an education.

    • http://Website Justin Maggiolo

      You are truly an idiot and a hostile one at that. Get a backup program and take a damn chill pill. I spoke with a rep today early may is all they have been told and no one has heard how it’s going to be rolled out. You must be truly technology illiterate if you don’t have a backup program for your phone. Especially if you got a hero, those phones are the biggest pos in town, get a clue and get a new android phone. ONE THAT WORKS ! ! !

    • http://www.brainhandles.com Greg Bulmash


      Sprite Backup is available for free in the Marketplace and lets you backup important settings, contacts, etc. to your MicroSD card. Then you can do a complete wipe, install a new OS version, re-download Sprite from the marketplace, and restore the important stuff.

    • http://Website Rod

      It all Sprints fault because all they have to do is be honest!!! They know what day they are going to be releasing the update but are trying to keep all us user from going to the darkside. They just need to post the date on the website and stick to the date. I will out of my contract before we get 2.1 ill have 2.2 on EVO before my ZERO IS UPDATED!!!

  • http://Website Dre

    Hahaha like 2.1 for the moment matters much, SDX has done a amazing job with the leaked version and until they break down the official one I won’t be updating my Moment.

    • http://Website anthony.

      to bad the sdx update is no longer available.

      • http://Website Dre

        No it’s still there, plus a bunch of added stuff. And since Sprint still hasn’t released the official it’s all the more reason to go to SDX

  • http://Website Jim fae buckie

    therer will be no upgrade, to the hero, this IS FACT, get the incredible, with froyo
    you’ll now wonder what all the fuss was about

  • http://Website Jim fae buckie

    Sorry, to be so abrupt, but ive heard, just this morning that they (HTC) are knocking the eclair update on the head, far to big OTA and just hassle for providers etc.. this will be released as im typing

  • http://Website Maciej
    • http://Website Sarah

      Negative. Not yet for the Moment atleast.

  • http://Website Jaggy

    Sweet got the update right now for my moment tnx for letting me know

    • http://Website anthony

      and how did you get the update?

    • http://Website G

      where did you get the update

    • http://Website Rod

      He is one of the 90 percent that didnt upgrade last update

  • http://Website kmerkel04

    This I know for sure, the user data is simply not an issue. Your contacts can be backed up on gmail , photos are on sd card and all your apps are saved in the market linked to your gmail account, i.e.- paid apps. I had my Hero replaced and just swaped card and,signed in my Google account. All better and changed the settings to my liking and added my wallpaper back. Had to place my icons back in order on home screen. No biggy. I want all the apps available that I can’t get on 1.5 too but I’m not cooler than the room to root my device for it and void further updates and warranties. Just get it right and let me enjoy it, or brick it and replace it with an EVO 4G after free, then I’ll be happy customer. The O/S by design is supposed to be upgradable for all easily , but carriers are using old methodology and want to control them with their bloatware and the user experience by locking them down. Android is an open source software for a reason.

  • http://dancandy.wordpress.com DanCandy

    I just checked Sprint’s support site. The current software version listed there is newer than what I am running on my Moment BUT when you go to the updates download page, the only software download available is the one that I am using now. Uh… what?!

  • http://Website dswhite85

    I’m still waiting for the Verizon Droid Eris 2.1 upgrade………

    • http://Website Mocha k

      Im still waiting for the MT3G update….I’m to the point where i’m about to say screw t-mobile and go to someone else.

  • http://Website Bruce

    I’m experiencing some fundamental problems with the whole Android concept. I didn’t want to buy into the iPhone because it’s a one-company system–well, actually two companies because AT&T is involved. But when I have problems with my Android phone, I don’t know who to blame: Google, Sprint, Samsung? And to add to the confusion, there are the app providers. There is no Audible.com app for Android after six months. Is that Google’s fault, or Audible’s? And when none of these companies communicate very well with their customers, it gets very frustrating. At least with the iPhone you know who to blame.

    • http://Website James

      If there’s no Audible app for iPhone for 6 months, who do you blame? In that case, it’s actually hard to know, because it could be Audible not having finished their app or it could be Apple refusing it allow it in the app store.

      Whereas on Android, pretty much any legit app can get on the Market, so if there’s no Audible for Android after 6 months, that would be Audible you should be blaming.

      I hear ya though, there are more parties involved.. but in most cases it’s still pretty easy to work out where the problem is coming from, if one actually cares.

  • http://Website TJ

    I talked to a sprint rep via the chat on sprint.com and asked if the update had been released yet for the Moment. He said he had to check, and then came back and said they were expecting to release it May 22. How is this early May? Now I see why they never release any of this info officially. Anyways, the transcript from my chat was emailed to me:

    05/01/2010 11:50:37AMAgent (Jermaine B): “Hello Tracey, how may I further assist you today?”
    05/01/2010 11:50:58AMTracey: “is the android **********.********** update out today for the moment”
    05/01/2010 11:51:41AMAgent (Jermaine B): “I will be more then happy to further research this for you at this time.”
    05/01/2010 11:52:52AMTracey: “ok”
    05/01/2010 11:55:56AMAgent (Jermaine B): “After further researching according to the system the anticipated release date for the Android **********.********** for the Samsung Moment is **********/**********/**********.”
    05/01/2010 11:56:17AMTracey: “ok thank you”
    05/01/2010 11:56:34AMAgent (Jermaine B): “You’re welcome it’s not a problem.”
    05/01/2010 11:56:41AMAgent (Jermaine B): “I apologize for any inconveniences.”
    05/01/2010 11:57:04AMSession Ended

    Why were the dates and Android version bleeped out? Weird…

    • http://Website Justin Maggiolo

      Lmfao, complete b.s. they arn’t giving out a date… They keep saying early may I just talked to two different sprint reps and they both said the same thing. EARLY MAY but no date has been set… Stop posting crap like this it just get’s peoples panties in a bunch…

      • http://Website tj

        I have better things to do than make up lies about android, that is retarded. I am just telling everyone what I was told. Obviously the sprint reps don’t really all seem to know what they are talking about. And if people are that upset because someone said it is coming out a few days later than what they thought than they need to get a life.

    • http://Website will

      all numeric numbers are ‘bleeped’ when sprint sends transcripts … if you had asked for twopointone, it would have stayed, but if you had said “i have 2 questions”, it would have read “i have ********* questions” … i assume there is some privacy concern as the reason here; not sure what it is, but i never really gave it too much thought …

  • http://Website Jonathan

    All I would like is a straight forward answer as in a date that’s all, it’d be nice but I’ve learned you can’t keep anyone (companies) too their word even if they gave one. : / Maybe I’ll just upgrade to the Evo in November when my upgrade comes….or just sell my hero and just buy it this summer for my birthday idk.

  • http://www.jimpivonka.com Jim Pivonka

    Well, technically… Since my internet connection is Sprint Wireless Internet, my 2.1 upgrade will be coming over the wireless. The real problem is not the connection speed, it’s the memory size in the Hero – my Hero crashed today with out of memory messages; it has nearly done so several times before. And I’m not running optional applications, so I have no idea what is using all of that memory – maybe Gmail?

    Off topic, but if anyone has suggestions about how I’d find the memory eaters on my Hero and how to cut them back, it would sure be apprecianted.

    • http://Website TJ

      Do you have a task killer? You said you don’t run optional apps, but you might want to download one of the optional task killers from the android market. I use Automatic Task Killer because that way I don’t have to remember to kill tasks, but you might want to try one of the other ones if you want to see which tasks are running at the time. It seems like a lot of people like Advanced Task Killer. But if you don’t use any apps I don’t see how your phone could be out of memory. Sounds like something is just wrong with it. I’d take it to the Sprint store and have them look at it.

  • http://www.toddmoses.com Todd Moses

    That is great news. So glad that the upgrade is being done without hassle. We just need to get to the point of scheduled updates with Android.

  • http://Website G

    just talked with htc tec. told me if you update eclair 2.1 rom warranty on htc hero or moment would be void.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I seriously doubt that. Maybe he was referring to flashing an unsupported firmware.

  • tphillips78

    So when Eclair (2.1) comes out finally for the Moment does anyone know if Froyo (2.2) will be the next upgrade for the Moment or will I be waiting for Android 7.2???

  • http://Website caryb1969

    Just got off the phone with a nice lady at HTC. She got an email form corporate yesterday stating the Android 2.2 firmware will be OTA to Hero users sometime in the next couple of weeks. Hurry up and wait……

  • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

    Wow…. This is quite the hot topic on here, huh?
    Well, the Moment 2.1 update is out OTW and I’m gonna apply it on my gf’s Moment.
    With an 800MHz CPU, shhe will now have one of the better Android phone’s on the Market.
    Well…. until the Evo drops =p

    • http://Website anthony

      last time i check sprints website 2.1 was still unavailble so im not sure where you found it, the only update i saw there was the cl14 update still

  • http://Website MaxOmus

    Geez people, you have freakin android phone…quite your whining & go root your phone & flash your own roms. There are plenty of great guides here (I’m pretty sure it was a guide from here I 1st used to root my G1) & honestly there isn’t anything to it, it is fool proof nowadays. You will be much happier & getting the latest updates & roms will be a snap. The android has an awesome community out there & they will sure as hell have the latest & greatest out before any of the carriers…wow, guess I’m a bit suprised by all the whining, man, I remember reading about android way back when I was rocking a tilt & about creamed my pants thinking man a sweet linux phone can’t wait to get one of those & hack the shit out of it! eventually got me a G1 & hacked the shit out of,well, more like rooted & pimped… heh, even the G1 is kicking 2.1 & I still love the G1, thanks to the great devs breathing new life into it everyday…. and yes the moment is a sweet phone once you root it, get rid of all that sprint crap & update to anything other then 1.5, why there released cupcake on such a sweet phone is ridiculous. Just remeber these recovery images pretty much make your phone dummie proof. There are a ton of good back up’s out there, I prefer “My Back up Pro” it makes putting apps back on a snap, google syncs most your data w/ the exception of bookmarks so no worries MBP can handle that… didn’t mean to rant but like I said you have an Android phone just screamin for ya to pimp out… so quit whining & go read the guides here & go check out XDA for that sweet HTC phone of yours & SDX to bring out the full awesomness of your Moment! Or just go get a winmo phone, it may be more your speed. Yeah you could go iPhone, but you’d have to jailbreak it to make it worth a crap too… so I guess android have gone mainstream now,huh?

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