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Android 2.2 is coming. What features do you want?

The majority of Android phones are still running an outdated firmware, but that hasn’t slowed Google from advancing their mobile operating system. Everyone knows the next version of Android (codenamed Froyo) is on the way and the rumors (1, 2) are beginning to pick up that the Nexus One will receive it soon.

Based on the data from our analytics reports it appears Google has already begun testing on their next firmware – Android 2.2. Google engineers have routinely given codenames to future builds of Android (Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, etc.), but they don’t receive a point release till they are finalized and nearing distribution.

Android 2.2 started showing up early this month.

We have shared this reporting data before and people are always quick to point out that it can be easily faked, but I have spoke with additional sources familiar with the matter who confirmed Android 2.2 is currently being tested.

The feature set for Android 2.2 was frozen long ago, but it remains mostly unknown. Google decided last year that they would no longer publish public roadmaps for future versions of Android. Based on the information we can gather, it appears Android 2.2 will mainly focus on performance enhancements.

Some of the rumored features for Android 2.2 include:

  • JIT compiler
  • Free additional RAM
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 enhancements
  • Flash 10.1 support
  • Fixed problem with “crazy screen” / Resolution of cross multitouch
  • Activation of Color Trackball
  • Enable FM radio

Some of these features are plausible and others we have no clue.

The JIT compiler has already been confirmed by Google and we expect to find out new details during Google I/O. Android engineers will be leading a discussion that informs devs how to test and tune their apps to work with the new compiler.

Additional free RAM should come thanks to the new Linux kernel being used in Froyo. Google is moving from 2.6.29 to the newer 2.6.32 which makes it possible to address the extra RAM. This has already been done in custom ROMs like CyanogenMod so expect this feature for sure.

I’m no expert on OpenGL, but it has long been rumored that Froyo (or a future build) will add new APIs to the Android NDK which will let Java devs have full access to the OpenGL ES 2.0 library.

Flash 10.1 is coming in the first half of the year. It is entirely possible it could be tied to a future Android firmware and be included with an OTA update.

We have already addressed the HTC touch sensor issues. It sounds like a future software update could be used to clean this up a little.

Multicolor trackball notifications are definitely coming. Android hackers like ChainsDD have already unlocked this feature for users of custom ROMs. Google advertised the multicolor trackball during its launch of the Nexus One, but the feature was cut from the final Android 2.1 build.

When it comes to the FM radio, I have no idea. Other HTC phones on a similar Snapdragon platform (Desire and Incredible) include the FM radio so it’s not out of the question that the N1 has it too.

I spoke with Google’s Erick Tseng during CES and he told me there were many secrets left in the Nexus One that we would discover later.

When is it Android 2.2 coming out?

Circle May 19th on your calendar. This is the opening day of Google I/O and I’m anticipating the release of Android 2.2 (and maybe the Flash 10.1 beta) will be tied to this event. Google has provided every developer attending the event a free Droid or Nexus One, so it is possible to see a simultaneous release on both devices.

I’m really curious how first generation devices are going to play with this release. We are expecting most phones to receive Android 2.1 this month, so it will be interesting to see how Froyo fits in. Some of the Android engineers have been talking about Froyo on the Google boards and it is unclear if the HTC Dream and Magic will be able to support it since they only have 192 MB of RAM.

What features do you want in the next version of Android?

What is the biggest issue that you think Google needs to address in the next release of Android? Are you satisfied with the rumored list of changes? Is there some glaring feature that you think Google is overlooking? Share your hopes and predictions in the comments and let us know what you think.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://www.emagenstudios.com Jesse

    Glad to hear it. I would love to see the issues with the Mail app get fixed. I can’t use it on my N1 because it keeps force closing on me.

    I welcome everything else though. I’d like to be able to change the trackball color for different events.

    • http://Website mihaelb

      yeah, that was annoying. it was only doing it with my Hotmail email, though. if you are having the same problem, get K-9 mail. it also allows signatures.

    • BlazinSwishers

      You can also just import your other mail servers to your Gmail, and it will work fine. You will get all of your emails through Gmail though.

    • http://Website sam

      LIVE TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://Website meeka
        • http://Website coder

          Yeah! Looking forward to having the ability to choose not to load/display Flash content! Its a great thing that it’ll be possible to view content that has been (stupidly) made only available in a horribly unaccessible media format such as Flash though. As for websites that use Flash for bells’n’whistles type shenanigans (e.g. tumbleweeds blowing across the screen and/or extremely abstract user interfaces with font sizes that only ants can possibly read), unless they have a usable, plain HTML version – they don’t deserve a look.

      • http://n/a carlos

        l just bought My Android 2.2 wrher do i goto geet live TV Q2 will watching the live TV will that make my batt die faster

  • http://www.sil3ncer7.com Josh

    G1 support :D lol

    • juanito

      Indeed – If I have another year on my contract, it would be nice to get at least ONE major update. I still prefer my G1′s physical keyboard.

      • http://Website chillbeast

        Root your G1, I’m running 2.1 w/ Sense UI and Flash 10.1 right now, not as fast as the official donut but fast enough and it pisses off all my friends who have iPhones and HD2s that I have flash and they dont ;)

        • http://Website Jack


        • http://Website enki

          you have a weird friends

        • http://Website Lucas

          What ROM are you running on your G1?

        • http://Website coggy9

          It’s Flash Lite,not Flash 10.1. And I beleive its a Desire/Legend ROM(Only good 2.1 Sense roms I’ve tried)

        • http://Website lunatick

          i have my G1 rooted with the cyanogen ROM but it is only running the android 1.6. Which ROM are you running to be able to get the flash and the Sense UI? i wanna make my friend jealous too.

        • http://mikeytmxd.blogspot.com/ Michael

          how does one root there phone

          like lets say i wanted to root my , my touch 3g to have 2.1 and ui scenes how would i go about doing so

          [email protected]

          if you’d be kind enough e-mail me some steps and tips anyone

    • http://davehong.yelp.com Dave H.

      My thoughts exactly!

  • http://BabbleDroid.BlogSpot.com Ian Wheat

    I think full support for WiMax and (possibly) LTE should be in there. My understanding is that Sprint and/or HTC have patched in WiMax support onto 2.1 for the EVO.

    • http://Website les

      FLash 10.1 will be sweet! and more apps in the android that caters quality games. Android Froyo Reactions

  • http://Website al

    Well.. most might be true except adboe already announced flash 10 is coming to droid second half of year

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Adobe corrected that and said Flash 10.1 is coming to current devices in first half of 2010. The second half is when we will see new devices preloaded with Flash 10.1.

  • Noice

    Full drivers available for all hardware options

    … so Cyanogen can make 2.2 better than crippled for everyone!

  • http://Website Chriz

    Install apps on SD

    • http://Website panib

      PLEASE Apps2SD

    • http://Website Sorin

      apps2sd is a MUST. Most Android devices are crippled from having way too little memory. I had a G1 now I have a Desire and both suffer from having to little memory for apps. Google really needs to address this problem!

      • http://Website Sullivan


        • http://Website Hannelore

          That would make me buy an Android device probably..apps2sd has to come!

      • http://Website SquirrelWithAGunAtTheZoo

        I own a Desire (as of yesterday =) ) but it would still be nice to see:
        - The JIT compiler if it promised such speeds
        - The extra available RAM would also be very welcome
        - If it is technically possible, to make Android use a little less power; This will translate to longer batterylife for android phones across the board, a huge win for Android if you ask me.

        and (this is something that should have priority):
        - Google should fix the Android Market. It takes a lot of cpu to install apps (I imagine I/O operations, but still), and there’s some funky behavior all over. Also it would be nice to see some finer-grained search options for finding apps in the market. I’d expect to see better from the world’s information go-to company. Also, right now anybody without a credit card can’t buy apps on the market. So support for Provider-billing, paypal and direct linking with a bank account wouldn’t exactly be a crime.

        • http://Website Mocha K

          This would be very good. I tried to buy a game the other day and couldn’t because i didnt want to use my card but there wasn’t an option to put on my carriers bill. So that would come in handy. Also hearing about all this 2.2 makes me want to get a new phone, I’M STILL ON 1.6!!!….i guess i need to step my game up…lol

      • http://Website Austin

        It’s not Google that needs to address the problem of hardware, they don’t make hardware they make software.

      • http://Website Josh

        see the problem is devices should have more on board flash memory and there wouldnt ever be a problem with that droid incredible just came out with 8gb of flash memory and honestly with this operating system the devices should have more internal memory with the option to also do apps2sd but first the hardware needs to be better for the companys making them

    • http://www.google.com/profiles/anton.safonov Maddy

      Those nice huge games take all the memory, can’t install anything anymore.

    • http://Website ontheFritz

      here here!

      • http://Where? Johnny Awkward

        Where where?

    • http://Website Bernard

      Definitely App2SD. I’m getting tired of this “Low space” notification on my Nexus and thinking what should I uninstall before I can try out new app.

      I would welcome a better power management ie, longer battery life. I could even welcome a low performance mode (available via settings) to make my RSS reading and web browsing experience longer.

    • http://www.the-wolf.co.uk mabr_82

      apps2sd is the MOST important issue that needs fixing

      I still cant believe that they havent done it

      Ovi apps from Nokia allow this so why not the “bigger” android

      • http://Website mkrmec

        is kinda not going to happen. Probably.

        It’s better to think that google will do a framework that will allow programs installed from the market to put stuff on the SD.

        As games have lots of stuff that is stored in the RAM thru running the game it’s perfect to store the textures etc that is not accessed all the time on the SD card. The other stuff that needs to be accessed all the time would still stay on the ROM.

        If you install let’s say a game with 100MB. 90MB goes to SD card and 10MB of randomly accessed game files on a much faster ROM memory.

  • http://Website King of all Kings

    I’m still waiting for sprint to update my hero to 2.1 and now they spring this on us. I thought for sure my phone would be running the highest firmware after all this waiting. Guess not :/

    • http://Website commodoor

      Don’t worry they will delay the release of hero again and say to wait for the 2.2 :P whaha this is why i sold my Hero and got myself a Nexus One

      • http://Website commodoor

        Nooo what am i reading >> http://bit.ly/cZXIX7

        HTC hero delayed again WTF seriously whats going on with the hero. why can devs make custom 2.1 rom for the hero and HTC is unable to make a update ??

        I really wonder how it will be with the desire, legend and incredible. Not Good

  • http://Website Ryan

    1) Built in spell check, support hardware keyboards .

    2) The ability to accept meeting request

    3) Down-loadable maps for offline navigation

    4) one click update all apps

    Fix the basics before adding more features. I still can’t believe spell check is none existent.

    Oh Ya not really a feature but how about work with the carriers more to get the updates rolled out faster

    • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

      I was talking with a friend about downloading maps today. I’d like to see a caching option for navigation… So if you load a trip, let it cache all the maps it needs to get there. Would be handy if you know you’re heading into an area without signal.

      • http://Website 3william56

        Get yourself a free copy of Maverick (on the Market) – hasn’t got turn by turn, but caches maps for offline use (you can even import them wholesale from Mac and PC apps), and allows the use of non Google map sources – handy if Gmaps doesn’t know that the Mitchell Freeway now ends a further 10km north… :/

        • http://MitchellFreeway J

          4KM :)
          But that 4KM causes no end of problems with google maps…

    • http://Website Mocha K

      I also would like to see one click update all apps. Also updates faster and more frequent. Another thing i would enjoy would be better orginized market. Voice to text on just about everything would be good. If it came with free swipe, that would be awesome. Im still at 1.6 so I have no idea what is on 2.1. I’m so far behind, it makes me sad.

      • http://Website Ratnok, Denver, CO

        Forget about Swype. Right now, they closed the Beta and it’s only being preloaded to hardware companies that pay a fee to the company. If you want the same features NOW, I suggest you get SlideIT Lite on the Android Market. It’s free and works just as well.

        • http://Website ChrisAre

          I’ve had trouble w slideit. I downloaded it and clicked to enable it but I can’t get it to show up in any typing fields and just assumed its because I have 1.5. Thoughts?

          • http://Website Yamaha

            ShapeWriter does the same thing. And it’s free in the market :)

    • http://Website Dustin

      Agreed. Basics are much more important. I for one can’t believe that we don’t have ANY equivalent to the iPhone’s magnifying glass for placing the cursor yet.

    • http://Website mt3g1gen

      if you really need spell check download better keyboard, it comes standard with it,.

    • http://Website eCowboy

      Agreed. A solid Exchange interface
      a. Ability to access GAL in email
      b. Ability to attach files (not just images)
      c. Ability to truly forward email attachments (not as .eml)
      d. Ability to Empty folders (like the trash bin)
      e The ability to save attachments without opening them first
      f. Unread email counts often incorrect

  • http://www.twitter.com/tdh004 tdh004

    I wish they’d add the “feature” where everybody was running the same version of Android. Obviously within reason, but I have 6 friends who have Android phones, and we recommend apps to each other. Two of us are on the Nexus One, 1 Droid, and then phones running 1.6 or 1.5.

    I recommend an app and it turns out they can’t download it because their provider won’t push an update to 2.x, and they’re not advanced enough to root the phone.

    Set 2.2 to require a certain amount hardware resources, and push it to everybody. So when one of my friends come over and see me doing something on my Nexus One they know they could be doing the same.

    • jjl84

      Yeah, unfortunately that’s the nature of the open source beast. Unlike Apple, Google has no control over manufacturers regarding updates. The open system is why we are all here and not on an Apple board, so how do you force everyone to update? It’s impossible, everyone should be complaining to their phone makers/service providers and not Google. The code is there, it’s not Google’s fault that the makers are too lazy to implement it. Now if the N1 doesn’t get updated, then you can blame Google.

  • http://androidexpress.wordpress.com Nate

    I’m hoping for a single “clear” button for notifications; meaning that every notification can be deleted separately. Sometimes I like to keep some but delete others.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah it would def be nice to long press individual notifications and mark them as read. I don’t want to “clear all” sometimes because I’m worried I will forget to do something.

      • http://Website Anthony

        More than worry, I’ve actually forgotten to do things because I cleared all (including calendar reminders)

        • http://finermobile.com iPaul Pro

          Try “StatusNote”. It’s perfect for that situation.

  • http://Website Ben

    – Support at least 100GB of storage (internal, SDXC, whatever it takes). Note that I’m not ready to trust my data connection with all of my music and movies so I wan’t local storage.
    – Option to download all map data for a set of states so when I get lost and loose my data connection, I can figure out where I am.
    – Ensure support for high quality sound hardware
    – Sound Equalizer app supporting standard and custom presets and modification of them via at least 3 bands (base, mid, treble)
    – Support user specified resolutions like you can on a desktop
    – Support for system wide font size changes
    – Surround Sound output for movies
    – Stabilized Flash support
    – Outlook synchronization via Microsoft’s ActiveSync so I can have my work and personal calendar on my phone without having to be careful about which Android phone I buy.
    – Are private appointments supported yet?
    – Option to configure notifications as popups
    – Desktop monitor, keyboard and mouse support so I can dock it.
    – FM transmitter
    – Wireless charging
    – View into the amount of radiation the phone is giving off and options to reduce it
    – wireless n
    – support for more than one usb connection (keyboard, mouse & monitor)
    – Fax support via internet / phone calls / Google Voice
    – Security improvements
    – Built in mifi like support to make it easier for manufacturers to give carriers the option
    – ?

    • http://Website geekosphere101

      lol. You had me going until the radiation line :)

    • jonbgood

      Geez. Someone is getting greedy. Is there anything you dont want it to do??

      just kidding just kidding

    • jjl84

      Here’s the best way to reduce radiation if you’re worried about it: turn off your phone.

    • http://Website st4xor

      So he wants to add an fm transmitter and turn everyone’s phone into a wireless router (mifi), and at the same time wants to reduce radiation….

    • http://Website James

      Isn’t wireless ‘n’ support hardware issues??

      also if you want an effective way of reducing radiation just make yourself a tinfoil hat! something tells me it’ll suit you, it’ll also have the added benefit of stopping the cia from reading your thoughts!!

      • http://Website CPHRESH

        Exchange Activesync would be my number one… with mail, contacts AND calendar. That feature alone would help ANDROID gain more prominence in the business world and advance the brand in my opinion..

        • http://Website Locozozi

          Yes PLEASE!
          Exchange ActiveSync is THE most important feature for the Enterprise Market (more so than coloured trackball, believe it or not).
          Please Google? unless you want to stay in the domain of hipster kids that is.

          • http://Website Andrew

            Activesync, then Activesync
            The rest of the shit will not help take Blackberry or winmo business marketshare.
            They have until the end of 2010 to get their email shit together. When iphone is available in 2011 on other carriers I’m sorry if they don’t make more progress it’s over.

            Iphone OS4 lists a ton of new activesync “corproate email” support. They are getting it and probably by 4/4.1 it will have as good / better EAS support–this is how you take BES market.

            Come on android don’t mess around with colored trackball crap-leave that to the app market-lets take the BES market. Moxier and touchdown are not good enough apps (none of them even do a auto GAL lookup–it’s still 2 clicks; even iphone does this)–Google needs to make this integrated NOW.

            Waited on 2, then 2.1 not 2.2 and they are still messing aroudn with kiddy crap. Grow up guys–you have to sell to people who buy 200+ phones at a time.

            â– OpenGL ES 2.0 enhancements
            â– Activation of Color Trackball
            â– Enable FM radio

            the sum of these adds exactly 0% to making android penetrate business market. Apple is still one step ahead.

        • http://Website csonera

          Most DEFINITELY! The Full implementation of the Exchange ActiveSync protocol is a MUST!

          I also would love to see:
          (1) Gizmo5/Google Voice application with competitive subscription plans.
          -Great replacement for Skype for those many oversea’s business trips.
          (2) Security software that addresses the encryption, remote lock & remote wipe worries.
          -A requirement that must be met to bring over corporate I.T. and the business user(s).
          (3) Better front-end, take notes from the HTC and the like.
          -The standard front-end (Nexus One) is a poor representation of the Android platform, it is plain and an unfit match; needs a make over.

    • http://Website snga

      + Built in taser gun.
      + 3D holographic display (with ben kenobi app)
      + Infrared imaging to take videos at night.
      + Google Earth Realtime so I can see myself waving at the sky.
      + Google Earth Xray so I can see inside people’s houses.
      + MRI app so I can detect broken bones and cancer at home.
      + Xray camera so I can take pictures through walls and doors.
      + Built in high-def Projector with natal-like interface.
      + Battery charges from movement, static electricity, solar, earths magnetic field, cosmic rays, etc. so I never have to plug it in.
      + App2SD

    • http://Website Guillermo

      I think you miss the best feature. . .

      gTalk Voice & Video Call.

      Xmpp voice call.

      Basic feature to widespread voIP and stop using primitive phone number network.

      Yaa ya.. I know.. unfair telecos dont want that.. thats right.

      Well. we must wait to the firmware 4 or 5 maybe :))

      • http://softwarecollections.net/ eRicK

        I don’t think you can do Video Call since they don’t have any front camera.

        Apps to SD would be very helpful.

    • http://uxdesigns.com Ed

      Nice Ben…

      I’m wondering if android will be able to run visio? For lost of people in my field its the program of choice. I’d love to get a tablet running android if visio were supported. Maybe an app that can easily work and export/import visio files.

      - ed

  • http://Website 53T

    How about finally adding REAL hands-free dialing?

  • http://Website cV

    1. PROPER exchange activesync: email, contacts AND CALENDAR!
    2. Working calendar invitations
    3. Copy & paste in emails
    4. ability to send/save email attachments.
    5. better radio ROM for N1!!!!!

  • http://Website kirkymd

    Full on exchange support. I need my calendar to show the appts.

  • http://www.goldfishview.com David Shellabarger

    The feature I would most like to see is cohesiveness. I would like all the UI to be the same feel and style. I love the new gallery for example, but the it feels completely different from the rest of the phone. I would like everything to look like the new Gallery.
    This is holding back Android more than anything else.

    Also on the wish list:
    Google Market Website (I’m really tired of linking to 3rd party sites)
    Much improved Market on device
    More Market payment options
    Google version of DoubleTwist / iTunes
    RFID support
    Parental Controls (right now I use Smart Lock)

    • http://Website Justinhub2003

      You mean copy text from website?

      BC if that’s What you mean you can do that. Press menu, select text then highlight the text with your finger or more effectively with the trackball then it will copy it to your clipboard

      • http://www.goldfishview.com David Shellabarger

        Ah you are right! But its hidden under the More menu. Why can I not long press to copy things? I just found out you could rename folders by long pressing the folder bar once its open.
        This is what I’m talking about the UI needs to be better. Its just not that obvious. I shouldn’t still be learning new things my phone does 9 months after I purchased it.
        And I’m a developer and a power user, I can’t imagine a normal user would ever find these features.

        • http://Website justinhub2003

          Yea I can agree with that. Copy/Paste in general needs to be implemented better and needs to come to the Gmail and email app which I feel is just as important as the browser. I hate apple but they hit a homerum with there implementation of Copy/Paste

    • http://Website Giraldo

      Yes, agreed. It would be nice to have either iTunes support (which would not happen) or some software to sync files, music, and video with our phones.

      Even better if it were wirelessly. Like upload our files to the Google Cloud and then download them onto the device (or stream) when needed.

      If not, at least sync with our computers via wifi and/or bluetooth.

      • http://Website Ivaylo

        Check out doubletwist.com and you can sync iTunes. Check out iTunes remote from market too

  • http://www.goldfishview.com David Shellabarger

    Oh forgot to mention:
    Better copy and paste support. I want to be able to copy from a website.

    • http://Website Nick Sahakian

      hi David:

      did you hear anything to date on this copy and paste feature being included in Froyo 2.2? I have a Droid X and NOT having the cut, copy and paste feature is a deal breaker for me. I will return it, unless I get it somewhere on the phone software soon.

      I heard rumors that it will work in only GMAIL, but not regular email accounts. If it can work in my GMAIL, then I would be happy with that for now.

      Do you know anything on the above?

      THanks – Nick

  • http://Website Ayman Bedair

    I would be willing to see the Arabic Language Support on this release Hopefully!

    • http://asamirid.blogspot.com/ A7Med SAMir

      Ya rab … i hope soooooooooo.

      • http://Website aboganas

        yes Arabic language support pls. millions of people are waiting for that, for god sake its the most stared issue in android developers web page

        • http://www.ce4arab.com Name (required)

          Arabic lang should support ………..
          انشاء الله

          • http://Website Mohammad

            adding to all the features the guys wrote they want here:
            1)I hope for Arabic display at least (More Languages).
            2)Better Gmail app so we can zoom in and out in an email and save soundfiles and videos to the phone from an attached email.
            3) Improved Google Talk app .. it is really a shame to see the blackberry Google Talk version has more and better features than the Android version.
            4) Improved keyboard layout + Multi-touch for better typing.
            5) Profiles like Nokia phones have (Meeting, Outdoor, General…etc.)
            6) Video Recording with flash.
            7) More features in the Gallery app (Rename, Create Folder, Hide Folder, Move, Copy…etc.)
            8) Better Music app layout and features.
            9) Fixed viewing pictures in the Gallery (sometimes the images are just not there.)
            10) More countries to support maps navigation.
            11) Better Facebook sync (it sometimes forces to rename the contact with his/her facebook name rather than the actual name.)
            12) Display pictures in the contacts and Google talk are very small (the feature to choose between small, normal, and large would be appreciated.)
            13) The ability to take screenshots.
            14) Better YouTube app (the ability to pause the video and wait for it to load before playing it for low connections.)
            15) The ability to rotate pictures using Multi-touch.
            16) The ability to rotate the display in landscape in both sides (like the iPhone) not only 1 side which is the left.

            Thats all I can think of that’s not written here and I hope my comment does a difference in 2.2.

    • http://www.google.com.sa Ali Alhassan

      I realy hope that 2.2 will come with RTL support. I really don’t like to root devices and install cyanogen or any other rom.

  • http://Website Kr0nos

    - “one click update all apps” – me too
    - Notification Center in the Setting : One Place where you can manage all notifications of all apps (with options for different vibrate patterns and led colors …)
    - Lockscreen Controll für the music player : press the hardware buttons on lockscreen to pause skip the music
    - Pause and Skip music in the notifikation
    - hide apps in the Launcher (or put in folders)
    - better calander view
    - gmail buttons in consistent design, one half is like on the website the other half are like android
    - icons in the notificationbar that doesnt look like painted by a child, and a batteryicon with 4 or 5 stripes so the icon really tells something
    - better marketplace search : damit it’s Google !
    - make navigation availible outside US ^^

    and by the way, im pretty satisfied with android, but i think there is a lot of potential

  • http://Website devlogic

    I’d really like full hardware & software support for 1st-generation hardware (the HTC Dream and HTC Magic, specifically). I mean, come on… the ADP1 and ADP2 can’t run anything newer than 1.6? I realize that the Nexus One is the new “must have” hardware development platform, but I guess there’s no love for developers who shelled out for the previous developer platform devices?

  • http://Website Justinhub2003

    Official apps 2 SD needs to come like now.. why release a better ndk when they take up a huge amount of space.. I think its coming and this maybe shuttle but I think Google planned this for the Nexus and the droid as both devices don’t have hot swappable SD card slots which generally people complain about however if they plan to release apps2sd they pretty much need to block it from being hotswappable, BC when I ran unofficial apps2sd on my g1 and my touch, and if I pulled the SD card the phone would go apeshit. . The nexus one forces the phone to reboot if the SD card is removing thus letting the phone adapt

  • http://Website darwinvsjc

    Ryan made some good points.

    In additon I would like to see an improved dialer like Sense UI where it predicts the person you are calling whether its a number or name and also ability to assign an reminder to each call

    • http://Website Will

      On Nexus One and Droid, not sure for the non 2.x phones, you can start dialing a number/contact name in the search bar, if activated, and it will predict the rest of the number/name.

  • http://Website Slick

    Exchange calender support. Ability to move e-mails between folders.

  • http://Website Matt

    My #1 request (STILL) is to allow me to navigate to places from my contacts list by voice.

    I.e. saying “Navigate to Dad” and have it look up the contact “Dad” and his address, and start navigating to it.

    I don’t see any reason why that hasn’t been included (obviously choices might need to be given in the event of multiple addresses to one contact, but still)

    • http://Website Mocha K

      Good point that would be awesome also just anywhere in that matter like, “navigate to nearest mall” or “navigate to nearest walmart”. Something like that would make it easier than typing it in while driving

      • http://Website Louiethe8th

        There is an app in the 2.0/2.1 market that will do this!! CarHome is the name.

        • http://Website Mocha K

          Oh really? Well im still on 1.6. This sucks.=[

  • http://Website Jon

    I would finally completely love my Nexus One if the touchscreen wackiness was fixed.

    It’s really frustrating to hit the space bar on the keyboard while typing an email and see something like “mm byhg” come up instead.

    Anything else would seem like a bonus.

  • http://Website dave

    Nicer clock widget cos that thing is God awful
    Turbo dalvik, better more efficient android market,divx support, tightened up smoother UI, fix touch sensitive button orientation on N1, wireless N unlocked, trackball notification lights, sexy new music player! , fix color problem in new 3d gallery app, fix issues with car dock (eg. Contacts origination) ,
    Resolve the fragmentation issues. Better tabbed browser ui

  • http://Website commodoor

    - What about more intigration of google services like analytics docs To-do and be able to sync between them.
    - also more widgets i don’t like the standard android calender widget.
    - be able to change folder icons.
    - When lookin in market at just in it would be nice to be able to separate paid en free apps.
    - Be able to buy apps with paypal etc.
    - to make android consume less battery
    - Equalizer

    This is it for now.

  • http://Website Levy Abinajm Melero Sant’Anna

    - Stop to do Tivolization like Motorola Milestone!
    - Insert GNU tools

  • http://Website John Perkins

    Full support for Microsoft ActiveSync security policies. I can’t put any Android devices on our firm network until remote wipe and forced code lock are added to the stock Android experience. We can’t rely on a user using a 3rd party solution for this.

    There’s a few others, but that’s my main issue.

  • http://Website kboya

    it NEEDS to have the ability to add proxy settings when using an Android device on wifi. I work at a UK university (all of) which require a proxy setting to enable WiFi use on-campus. Many other work situations require this basic function also. This is a biggie, but a basic functionality

  • http://Website sha

    Apps2SD, Apps2SD, and Apps2SD.

  • http://nickelliott.us Nick

    No source+suspect details=low credibility

    I hope 2.2 will be out soon but I think the French have a Steven Glass type working for them putting out false info. There will be a 2.2 update and it likely will be soon, but i doubt anyone near this story has any info past fiction on what it will look like.

    One of the key details that make me suspect is that the original article says a key feature of the update is “Activating the FM radio feature of the camera!” Don’t have to be an electrical engineer to know that cameras don’t act as FM radios. Maybe there is some truth here and they are separate details but if the writer is that flimsy with details then how can we trust any part of the article.

    I noticed with major releases like this, Google often includes a lot of developer updates and new features, as well as user updates and new features. I don’t really see much of that in the article. They only mention a couple of features and those details are all suspect at that.

  • http://Website Andre

    - Tasks, and a Tasks API for syncing
    - Apps2SD
    - Full copy-and-paste
    - A modern media player on the level of Kinoma

  • http://Website Richard Castro

    - Spelling Check
    - Cooliris Music Player
    – Sound Equalizer
    - Email: Send any attachments from SD Card
    - Browser:
    – Flash 10.1
    – Better Copy/Paste
    – Cooliris Bookmarks
    – Better Tabs (Windows)
    - Notifications
    – Clear notification one at a time
    – Music Controls (Play/Stop/etc)
    – Percentage Battery Icon
    – Trackball Colors (Nexus One & Others)
    - Android Market:
    – Cooliris Market
    – Apps to SD Memory Card
    – Update All Apps at once
    – Video Demo of Games / Apps

  • http://Website shmengie

    you’re kidding, right? i’m still waiting for 2.1…

  • http://Website meh

    I want pr0n. That’s right, I want more shrimp in 2.2.

  • Pingback: Let the Android 2.2 Chatter Begin | Droid Life: A Motorola Droid Blog()

  • http://Website Tim

    - Market to not suck
    == better searching
    == option to filter out spam
    == update all applications without prompting for each one if they retain the same permissions as last time (so if it just wanted full internet access last time and still only wants that it just installs)
    - Support for theming – change font and background colours at a minimum
    - Fix scrollling so it isn’t choppy
    - Equalizer for music player
    - More obvious task switching (maybe icons of the last 6 apps used in the notification tray?), holding down home is not intuitive and many users never discover it.
    - Stop tweaking the API so every app for future versions is still compatible with 2.1 (within reason of course).

  • http://Website Nidisa

    BLUETOOTH~~ I want to be able to hands-free, voice activate a call. Not having this is like rubbing sticks together to make fire; sure, I can still have fire, but really…..

    • http://Website Chad Tennant

      1) Bluetooth – Control phone with voice (make calls, create text or e-mail, etc.)
      2) Apps2SD – So important. Developers are totally hamstringed into developing small apps that can’t fully take advantage of the power of Android and the awesome phones available now and in the future.
      3) Better sync for Outlook on my computer

      If we got those, I would be profoundly happy.

    • http://Website Rob

      Yes, Bluetooth voice dialing. It’s a deal-breaker for those of us who spend a lot of time driving.

      • http://Website blah

        Shut up and drive!

    • http://Website Heantune

      YES, YES, YES, allow BT headsets to initiate voice dial. This is number 1 issue on the Google Android issues list. (#1181) Either provide an Google solution, or enable so that application developers can address this need.

  • http://Website Blur

    APP2SD !!!!!

  • http://Website LearJet

    wireless N enabled, 720p video recording, direct MP3 audio recording, tasks/sub-tasks/projects sync with Outlook

  • http://Website Russ

    Allow all notifications to send full text like Talk does. If I get a tweet, scroll it in the notifications bar. If I get an email, at least give me who it’s from and the subject. Etc. That would be awesome.

  • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

    #1 Make Google App users first class citizens in Android.

    #2 Merge the Gmail and Mail app into one unified app, PLEASE. I know they are different animals, but we don’t need to know that!

    #3 Waiting for OTA update is a pain, especially when you are using a non-customized version of Android, like the one in the Motorola Droid. Windows Phone 7 system update will be pushed out by Microsoft. Every Google experience phone should be updateable by Google, as long as they meet the minimum hardware requirement.

    #4 Google should place certain requirement to the hardware, just like what MS will be doing on the Win Phone 7 devices. The hardware requirement should be updated every time a major update is released.

  • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

    #5 Better media player

    #6 App should be installable to the SD card

    #7 Allowing device vendors to produce new phones based on a 1.6 system when 2.1 is already out is something should be avoided in the future.

    • http://Website Kainoah

      As I stated down below search in the market for an app called bTunes, it is an ipod touch style music player for android in replace of the stock music player, it is for android 2.x

      • http://Website justinhub2003

        I actually Find TuneWiki to be an amazing replacement for the music app. Internet Radio, Video Player, You tube intergration with lyrics, music maps and an amazing UI that plays lyrics and had Twitter?facebook intergration to like/dislike tunes

  • http://Website Roar

    I want improvements:
    - Better Bluetooth service, as send files to and from other devices like my PC
    - Better Bluetooth recognition of paired devices. How often do I have to reconnect my Hero to my handsfree car speaker. Look at Nokia, they do this better
    - Access to Android Market to buy apps. For us in Europe we cant get apps which require payment.
    - Better WLan service, problems with some WLan routers and reconnecting when you switch between two or more net.
    - Support wireless n

  • http://Website B

    SD card app install, *crazy screen* fix, and more free RAM is honestly good enough for me. But please do surprise me, google.

  • http://Website xixiZor

    Install apps on SD!!

  • http://Website Brandon

    Cant wait to get flash 10.1 i just hope that they don’t push it back and back like they did the 2.1 update.but also the update should include apps to sd card

  • http://Website Kai

    I love the image you guys created for each post. :)

  • http://Website UUUGGHHH

    I just want 2.1 before I die…Hero user.

    • http://Website Mocha K

      I know!! i feel like they are lying to me, and i will never get it.
      MyTouch3G user

  • http://Website Pedro M Rodriguez

    An update so soon? Thats awesome! I remember just getting my Nexus and thinking it was awesome; a couple days later I get multitouch, and now Flash support, open RAM, and FM radio. Awesome!

    But the music player needs some help. Its seriously lagging.

    Also, im not sure if this is a hardware thing, but an update to the camera settings (like Macro, low-light, and other settings) would be welcomed by everyone.

    Everything else is getting better, and on my N1 i have had few problems; and thats expected on a first-generation device.

    • http://Website Kainoah

      I do not own a Nexus One but AndroidAndMe recently posted an app review on an app called bTunes, it is a ipod touch style music player for android to replace the stock music player and looks quite nice, it is for android 2,x

  • http://Website alex

    Fix the force close for home,No home lag

  • http://Website scoopo16

    1. Apps2sd
    2. Update all apps option
    3. Google Nav for EU
    4. Fix FC
    5. Enhance Bluetooth

  • http://Website Alton

    Nexus One user here. I’d like to have the following:
    FM transmitter turned on so I can actually get some use out of my way overpriced Google car dock.
    Some work done on the soft keys. You have to poke around a few times to hit the sweet spot. Gets annoying.
    Adobe Flash
    Colored trackball would be cool. Especially for different notifications.
    More on-board storage on future devices would be great. It kind of sucks that my $500+ Google Nexus One only came with 4gb of memory on a card when that joke called Motorola Droid came with a 16gb card.

  • http://Website Alton

    I didn’t mean to sound like I was bitching in my previous post. I absolutely LOVE my Nexus One. And with it being a Google phone I don’t mind being a lab rat. The updates only keep making the best phone available even better! Thanks Google!

  • http://Website Jeremy

    What?! My mind almost exploded “Scanners” style. I literally just GOT the 2.1 update for my Droid by way of self update, and they want to throw this new update at me? Awesome and terrorizing at the same time. lol

  • http://Website Kirk R

    While this may be more of a manufacturer / carrier option, I would like the option to install “vanilla Android” when updates from Google come out and then option to go to the manufacturers custom version once updated if desired.

    This will obviously not happen since carriers prefer the ability to test the software and manufacturers like their customizations.

    Also this would prolong the life of a device and may keep people from upgrading too often.

    Maybe it’s time for more phones that rock direct vanilla Android that upgrade directly from Google. Would be a nerd pleaser.

    (I lol’d at the comment about the feature that detects radiation from the phone and options to reduce it)

    • http://blog.tenkely.net tenkely

      I have been wanting this as an option for a while but as a choice from the get go. Take the Incredible for instance, I would love that phone if I could get it with out the Sense UI.

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  • http://Website ronabong

    Not a feature but instead of May 19. How about OTA update right now? ;p…. O-well worth a try.

  • http://Website chris

    I just want an update for my eris. It’s ridiculous that G1′s are running 1.6, and I’m stuck with 1.5, and no, I don’t want to root it.

  • http://blog.tenkely.net tenkely

    I really would like to be able to split audio streams and have notifications play over/at the same time as music/audio. My G1 used to be able to do the latter but 1.6 eliminated that and my N1 doesn’t do it either. As, far as the first thing I wanted, this is pretty much for my car dock, it would be nice to send navigation audio through the dock while sending music/podcast audio through the stereo jack.

    Does the Nexus One have an FM transmitter in it?

    • http://Website Jeff

      From the teardown on ifixit.com, they found that the wifi chip was a broadcom BCM4329, same as on the 3rd gen ipod touch. According to them, it does have a built in FM receiver/transmitter.

  • http://Website kris

    well the MT3G with the jack has 288 ram so im hoping it could run 2.2 . but im really only hoping for 2.1 for now

  • a1qkhan

    Love to see a few more home screens for the n1 and few touches as seen on the HTC desire. The Nexus One has the hardware capabilities for a FM radio, so it’ll be nice to see the new update making use of that. Apps to SD would be fantastic!

    • BlazinSwishers

      For more screens and a better layout try Helix Launcher 2

  • http://Website droidfan

    anyone know if the fender can get rooted? and if sense UI is available for it

  • http://Website Andrew

    Fonts for more alphabets. Hebrew, Arabic and IPA at least.

  • http://Website Simon

    There is only one extremely important feature to add : appsToSD

  • http://Website Fake rumors of the day

    “there were many secrets left in the Nexus One that we would discover later”

    Finally they start talking about the secret RFID that the nexus have. Can’t wait to see how they will use it.

    (sorry that was my fake rumors of the day)

  • http://Website Rob

    Def Hands free calling better blue tooth support!!!!

  • http://Website branon

    I am willing to bet some money that the verizon nexus one is being delayed because of this. The only thing that nexus one has in its arsenal to make it competitive with incredible would be a software update (which is the main reason of owning a nexus one anyways)

  • http://Website scott

    Better market and music apps

  • http://Website Joni

    can we have video call in next release?? please…

  • http://Website KamKam

    Remove Market fragmentation!

    HTC Legend and HTC Desire users are still unable to see and buy protected apps from the Market even after more than 1 month release!

  • http://Website thaDukeW

    According to Googles sweden office, the N1 is coming to europe so I would expect better international support like the ability to buy apps in other countries. Apps2sd would also be nice.

    • http://Website enki

      N1 going to europe NOW is a joke. There are much better phones avail in europe from start (X10, Galaxy S….). N1 did a good job in moving HW standard up.

      • http://Website thaDukeW

        the x10 is a joke with android 1.6 and hw that only supports single touches… anyway, the point is that europe can’t enjoy the full glory of android like navigation (except uk), buy apps and so on.

  • http://Website Emmanuel

    I would like a “Find My Android” feature that is a lot like the Find My iPhone feature available to MobileMe customers.

    • http://Website Emmanuel

      I know that there are 3rd party solutions, but one that would be integrated into the OS and with my Google Account would be REALLY nice…

  • http://Website myak


  • http://Website xDD90x

    I think 2.2s key features should include:
    - everything listed on the android and me list
    - search option in mail app
    - all of the features from the N1s 2.1 that didnt make it to the Droid and others
    (additional home screens/updated app draw)
    - smoother and sleeker home screen navigation
    - sleeker music app
    - stock video app
    - install apps to sd from market
    - better copy/paste
    - update all option in market
    - enhanced android market (more catagories, better way to view pictures for apps)

  • http://Website mihaelb

    -Navigation in Canada
    -copy/paste possibility in all documents/browser windows/email fields

    btw…you guys should be posting these requests and issue reports (other than “my manufacturer is yet to release Android 2.1 on my phone”) on http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/list

    this are more likely to get done than posting them here ;)

  • http://Website micko

    I have Samsung GT i7500 Galaxy, so I’m wondering is this update going to work on my phone..?

    Thank you..;)

  • http://Website enki

    You are amazing guys, you said everything (and I agree with more then half).
    Major issue for me is keeping it really open sourced. I mean..where are build vendor providers for all android phones to let us build our own android builds? Wasn’t this one of features highlighted on android start?

  • http://Website noname

    oh! cool! another update + another fragmentation = more waiting !REALY COOL!
    should I change my mind about android?
    should be my htc hero the first and the last android phone?

  • http://Website CHOBiE

    A fix for Nexus One’s overly saturated reds :\

    and ability to install apps to SD!

  • http://Website Teemu S

    1. Native GROUPS-tab to phonebook and possibility to add people to multiple groups!
    2. Checklist-phonebook when sending text messages to multiple people like on Nokia devices.
    3. Ability to change the starting day of the week on calendar! The first day of the week is not sunday in every country?!
    4. Ability to change the color of the notification bar!
    5. Ability to Install apps to sd from market
    6. HTC Desire like copy/paste
    7. Fresh phone dialer!
    8. Ability to star apps/developers in market wheter or not installing them and a “Starred-apps/developers”-tab to market!
    9. Native PayPal-app for Market use and open up the Market for EVERYBODY!

  • http://Website Adam

    That rocks. Sounds like we gonna have the rel “Superphone” soon :)
    By the way, I’d like to be able to purchase at least official N1 accessories from google webstore since i’m not living in US.

  • http://thisisjohncoffey.com JohnnyACEâ™  GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}â„¢

    *sigh* Where do I begin?

    1) Step your Facebook game WAY UP. That app is just crappy. Add an icon to the notification bar.
    2) PLEASE do something about Meebo or introduce a better multi-service IM client. The ones out now have amazing problems staying connected, especially when I use other apps or receive a phone call on 3G.
    3) HelixLauncher2 should come stock without any of the glitches.
    4) Let us choose the color of the notification bar.
    5) AM/FM Radio.
    6) Sirius/XM Radio.
    7) Contacts widget from Incredible.
    8) Apps installed into SD.
    9) Beautiful Widgets should come stock.
    10) NexusMod Live Wallpaper should also come stock.
    11) 24-bit photo gallery
    12) MSNBC app with live streaming video and full episodes of popular shows.
    13) Hulu app
    14) Official Google Buzz app with notifications and Facebook/Twitter sync (I doubt the last part will happen)
    15) Bluetooth voice recognition
    16) We should be able to download Android Market apps onto our phone from our PCs.
    17) Make it so we can scan QR codes from the Android web browser.
    18) Picasa app. (See #11)
    19) The stock music player should automatically find and display the album cover of whatever song you’re playing.
    20) Make this and all future Android OS updates available on the Android Market.
    21) Sell already-made (and customizable) custom ROMs in the Android Market.
    22) Digital HDTV tuner (on future phone releases)

    That’s all I can think of for now.


  • http://Website Unimaginative

    Disband the OHA so I never have to endure a device like the Milestone again.

  • http://Website hector

    For FroYo:

    - Get rid of that RAM-eater elephant introduced in Eclair, so it fits in my fucking Vodafone Magic.

    I’m running with ~40mb of free RAM and now it seems Eclair doesn’t fit… Wow, I just wonder where all those memory-hog services are, because the new features list isn’t that overwhelming…

  • http://Website MrChaz

    openGL ES 2.0 is already available via the NDK. Adding support for it via Java would be nice

  • http://Website Tomas

    In a way I’m soo sad that I don’t live in the us where Android OS eventually updates or you atleast can buy a new phone.

    Here in Sweden I stand and feel a bit fooled with my hard-earned service/provider free bought “Tattoo”…

    …sometimes it’s hard to keep the faith!

    • http://Website Zealot

      Too bad the providers don’t publish the updates sooner. It turns out Vodafone in Europe already recieved the Magic/G1 update, but is taking its time to push it OTA.

      I have seen some phone updated to 2.1 (my mates Galaxy Spica), but so far nothing from Vodafone.

  • brunswick000

    I think that it should include everything listed above. Clearly people here know what they are talking about. I hope 2.2 developers are keen enough to take a look at this type of info. Gold mine of ideas.

    What id like,
    Seamless interaction between google apps ie, face tagging and web albums in picasa automatically gives you options for contact pics in gmail, and details in contacts from gmail ie, addresses gives you directions and / or geotags for google maps. Be nice if they could all be grouped together too in one simple interface. Maybe something like SE’s Timescape.

  • http://www.novoda.com Kevin McDonagh

    My wished for features are currently:
    * An online market browsing interface
    * One click update from market
    If we can hit these it will make a big difference.

  • http://Website KJ

    I would like to see the support for exchange calendar sync.

  • http://www.jokrsolutions.se JOKR Solutions

    Alarm clock that wakes up from BIOS (Phone off)..
    For god sake..plz

  • http://Website Scott

    * Support voice dialing from a Bluetooth Headset (using the buttons on the headset, not the phone)
    * Fix the N1 touchscreen
    * Exchange Calendar support
    * Unified Mail and Calendar Apps – don’t give me separate apps for Gmail and other email.
    * Give me the ability to change the shortcuts on the Car Dock Home app (to use 3rd party voice search apps or to link to a music player)
    * “Update All” button for app updates on marketplace
    * Make marketplace available in non-US countries.

  • http://Website AsciiSmoke

    +1 vote for some much needed attention on the mail app.

    I effectively can’t use my Desire to read my email because it doesn’t support the folders I use in Yahoo! Mail. Also if I move or delete an email on my desktop pc the phone doesn’t update so I end up with ghosts of old emails that I have to delete locally.

    Android devs; it’s email, it’s been around for a really, REALLY long time. it’s crucial and should be of the highest priority for you. The endless pages of people begging for fixes to this app at code.google.com should be embarrassment enough for you. why have these issues persisted since 2008?


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  • http://danglinginvective.blogspot.com Mark

    For the love of God, improve search in the Marketplace… improve the process for installing app updates. Users should be able to “update all” if the app hasn’t changed what it does… only tell me and make me acknowledge if the app all of a sudden wants network access, or something.

  • Pingback: Android os 2.2 sa blíži « SvÄ›t Androida – Novinky ze svÄ›ta mobilního operačního systému Android()

  • http://Website Richma_1

    I think the most important thing would be the abiltiy to install and run apps from memorycard. The 150 MB App storage on the Phone is just ridiculous…..

  • http://Website PcH

    I own a Nexus One owner and there is one bug that my friend (Nexus One owner) and myself have noticed. Whenever you add a new contact, their name does not show up when name searching under a new text message. In order to start a new text message with this new contact, you cannot use the Messaging application. You have to open the contact up in the Contacts application.

    I have not Google’d this problem and thus am not sure if it has been identified or resolved.

    • http://Website arsh24

      you have to save the contact under “mobile” HTC wont let you text any number that isnt mobile.

  • http://Website Antony85

    I want app2sd

    i cant install app anymore now , every game is more than 10MB now but rom only have 11xMB to leet me install app

  • http://Website DroidUser


    Option to remove visual voicemail and any other stock apps.


    Option to sort contacts by last name. Every mobile phone I’ve had for the past 15 years, has sorted my contacts this way.

    Auto correct for the visual keyboard when in landscape.

    Option to make youtube start with a video in HD if available.


    Support for gifs, and flash.

  • http://Website Phil Shapiro

    please, please, please make my droid phone stop croaking “Droid” at random times. please either switch this off — or give me an easy way to switch it off.

  • http://Website Ed

    Native Wav support for corporate voicemails forwarded to email! GSM6.1 and PCM formats please!

    Here are the threads on this issue:



  • http://Website Ankit Shekhawat

    I want adhoc networks support without needing to root your Phone, especially when its just a matter of changing one byte of code

    • http://Website Tuan

      +1 for Adhoc wifi

      • stalker

        Yes.. agreed.. I had to buy a wifi router to access internet on phone. One friend have nokia 5800 which supports ad/hoc connection. So, he can easily share his laptop internet connection to phone..

  • http://Website Mocha K

    Also create a website that you can update and download apps directly to your phone without touching your phone. Also better looking native apps.

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  • http://Website skooal

    Waow!!! Great!!! 2.2!!! that’s fantastic, since my hero is still at 1.5 and I was saving a fortune for a phone with 2.1 it is with great surprise that another update means that I will certainly have to fork out even more money since updates never come unless you pay a fortune for a new phone around it!!!

    The Android reap off? And don’t start with” buy a nexus one”, it will get the update first since I am not living in the US I cannot order one!!! Pathetic!!! I am a fervent defender of open source, Linux and android user but I don’t get it… I never had to change my computer every time Sabayon Linux is updated…

    A very upset Android user that might have been expecting a bit too much from the start…

  • http://Website Ryan

    Froyo Needs:
    1. Apps2SD – Really the Android platform will not be able to grow in the future without this. I already saw my phone slowing to a crawl when I installed too many apps on my Droid. Had to uninstall a lot of them. Not fun!

    2. Google Documents App – Please Please Please!! I can’t believe they don’t support their own documents platform on their own mobile system. You literally can’t edit a basic text document from you Android phone. FAIL!

    3. Google Reader App – Think of how nice they could make it for the Android phones! Not a necessity because the mobile version of Reader does ok, but it would be very nice!

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  • http://Website Eduardo

    Dear santa Google; all I want for may 19th is:
    Been able to install directly to the SD card
    Better multi touch response
    That cool keyboard that the Samsung is getting and broke the guiness record
    Netflix so I can watch movies when waiting for the next update
    Skype via wifi so I can use the N1 in other countries
    Some kind of super battery so I can develop my addiction to android to new frontiers
    And finally and since I have been a very good boy this year; something very cool that will made all those iPhone people really look bad he he he

  • http://Website Gunner

    3 words……..




    • http://Website Old Nick

      Threee more words





  • http://Website Nexus One

    Exchange calendar sync!!!!!!
    Exchange calendar sync!!!!!!
    Updated radio firmware so the phone can actually MAKE A PHONE CALL!!!!!!

  • http://Website chaze

    i want to fix the screen lag

    big big area to be improved!!!

  • http://sprintherotips.blogspot.com/ qriusme

    most of been mentioned. I have one.

    Improve security feature.

    Drawing on the screen w/ our oily fingers makes the security pattern obvious. Change that.

    I don’t want to have to draw the security every time the phone turns back on when I enable security. Give me a time preference I can set, say if the phone is inactive for more than 20 mins, then request it – otherwise don’t. AutoLock in the Market attempts to do this, but doesn’t work all the time – hit and miss.

  • Pingback: Equipment » Android 2.2 уже тестируется()

  • http://Website JonnyRoastBeef

    I agree with pretty much everything mentioned. One big thing that needs an overhaul on the N1 is the car home app. It isn’t user friendly at all in it’s current state. Makes using the dock frustrating. Music controls on car home would be great too.

  • http://Website shriker

    a new market :)

  • http://www.24bear.com/ Brian

    Would love to see widescreen recording option for Nexus One. Add an equalizer to the music player. “Fill the screen” option for video playback would be nice. Lastly, a Pikachu live wallpaper so when I shake it shouts “PIKACHU” and flashes the background.

  • http://Website Sqij

    A background task that continually posts emails to Steve Jobs about all the awesome things my phone is currently doing.

  • http://bennet.co.nr Bennet

    Any word on ‘Charging the device over wifi’?

  • stalker

    After reading all comments. I don’t think I am expecting more than that.. awesome.. Waiting for next update 2.2 on my nexus one… BTW have one question. I am in india.. will I get update?

  • misha

    i haven’t read all of the above, so i apologize if i am repeating some; also if i am just an idiot about ( insert your item here ).


    1) when turning the phone into LANDSCAPE mode, you can’t tell what field you might be filling in… seems simple enough to me…

    2) cover art for music, please !

    3) bluetooth voice- dialing ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    4) easier- to- search contact list.

    5) FLASH ! ! !

  • Charles Li

    I am Nexus One user.

    PLZ fix the mutlitouch problem and give us a real multitouch(just like apple does)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes. Apps2sd is necessary!

    Can google provide some methods that I can do some with usb? Something like output my screen to the TV.

    That’s what I want!

  • http://Website RNoah

    2.1 initially included a feature that lets users end call using the headset — it’s in the user manual.

    for some reason, this feature disappeared in the 2.1update1.

    Please bring this back.

  • http://Website Jamboy

    I really think they need to redo the music player when i see an android phone i just don’t see it has a strong music device like the iphone or the new win7 phones they should try somthing like sony’s x10.

    1. would also like to see more cool little features
    1 they need to fix the on screen keyboard and make it multi touch
    2. multi tasking is nice but i think they could make it better Ex. if u hold home you could see all ur programs and be able to kill them it would be nice if they added a quick setting toggle in there too brightness, sound …….
    3.Better app store its gotten better but i still think that it needs work it is still hard to find new app and i always have to go online
    4. Organize your apps tray when u have alot of apps it can be hard to find what your looking for sometimes if its not on your home screen i know its in alphabetical order but i think it would still be a good idea if you could just move them around

    • stalker

      2. multi tasking is nice but i think they could make it better Ex. if u hold home you could see all ur programs and be able to kill them it would be nice if they added a quick setting toggle in there too brightness, sound

      – Android has intelligence to kill application when they’re not needed or they are idle. So, no need to have task manager kind of thing. You can have third party software. But I don’t think they will provide a task manager in froyo as they’ve already said that android don’t need a task manager.

  • http://Website Stevie

    I would like to see the Sync to Picasa fixed for us UK users!

  • http://Website Kasing

    … just no bugs and that would do!

  • http://Website joppe

    swap support would be nice for devices with low ram (samsung galaxy)

  • http://Website Alex

    For me and all other readers out there who read during the night, I think applications should be able to control the softbutton brightness. Setting up night mode on a book reader is almost pointless if it impossible to turn off/lower the brightness on the softbuttons.

  • http://Website Patrick

    How about a better exchange email client for us business users that doesn’t change forwarded email text to .eml files.

  • http://Website Jason

    I’d like to see Bluetooth voice dialing.

  • http://Website Gunthy

    For me, what I miss most right now on my Nexus One is the ability of setting a proxy for WiFi networks… Preferably associated with the SSID, but just the ability to set it would already be nice!

    Also on my wishlist are:
    – Apps2SD (duh)
    – More camera options (timer, …)
    – Alarm clock mp3 ringtone support
    – Bluetooth voice dial
    – Full MS ActiveSync Calendar support
    – True multi-touch

  • http://Website Bill B

    I can’t believe there is no way to empty the email trash can with one button. Old emails stack up in the deleted folder. To delete them, you have to go through and select them manually and then delete them all over again to clear that folder. I’m just amazed it’s not a one-touch process!!

  • http://Website ll

    Guys, we seriously need SIM toolkit!!!

  • http://Website Fanis Tsigalas

    *** Install apps on SD ***….In my opinion its the bigest weakness on Android platform.The marketplace is growing everyday with thounsands of wonderfull space-demanding apps and the icompetition already has 32gb available which will be the minimum in the near future.

  • http://Website Old Nick

    MUST HAVE…..





  • http://Website Alex

    It would be great if they would add a decent VPN client that does not require you to root your phone.

  • http://Website snga

    - App2SD
    - Upgrade All apps at one time (automatic updates).
    - Better Marketplace sorting (by stars, cost, rating, etc.)
    - Screen Orientation Lock (I found an app, but it’s portrait only)

  • http://ContactsSynch Pfunk

    My Google contacts & groups are not cleanly synched to my Hero on Sprint network (Android 1.5).

    There is no clean way to remove the mess of “people I’ve emailed years ago” or “previous incoming phone call numbers” from the front of my contacts list other than to delete them entirely from Google. However there is no clean way to filter “All Contacts” that are not in “My Contacts” that I can see. Nor is there a way to flag specific Google contacts not to synch to the phone.

    Furthermore, groups created on Google and those created on the phone do not synch cleanly so I have groups of the same name with different contacts and phone groups that do not show on Google. I use Gmail and Voice heavily both on the web and on my phone, and it would be nice if they synched contacts better.

  • http://Website JMuhle

    I would REALLY like to see a proxy system for wpa2 enterprise WiFi systems. The WiFi is essentially useless for me on campus and the building layouts make 3G also unuseable. They added the password user name option but I would LOVE to be able to get outside of the firewall!

  • http://landscape jdl

    I use my Droid and the car cradle every day in my car on my 25mi commute to and from work. I would love to see a horizontal landscape layout for the in-call menu when I’m using my bluetooth headset with the phone in the cradle.

  • Pingback: New Android Market appears in 2.2 firmware – Android and Me()

  • Pingback: New Android Market appears in 2.2 firmware – Android and Me()

  • http://Website alan

    Ability to overclock without root.

  • http://Website philip beck

    #1 desired feature : to be able to install apps on SD card

  • http://Website Andrew Brodsky

    I would just like the END key to function like it did in 1.5 and put my device to sleep.

  • http://Website Guillermo

    I think you miss the best feature. . .

    gTalk Voice & Video Call.

    Xmpp voice call.

    Basic feature to widespread voIP and stop using primitive phone number network.

    Yaa ya.. I know.. unfair telecos dont want that.. thats right.

    Well. we must wait to the firmware 4 or 5 maybe :)

  • Pingback: Nexus One learns a new trick, Wireless N – Android and Me()

  • http://Website Martijn

    FLAC and Divx support (mainly FLAC!)

  • http://Website Marc

    How about fixing bluetooth support so I can legally use my Droid in my car

  • http://Website RhuneFly

    Audible audiobooks with 2x speed playback, flash, hot swappable sd cards, apps2sd.

  • http://Website AJ

    Yeah! Yeah! Big deal.. I’ll believe it when I see it.. first let me get my hands on freakin Android 2.1 OS for Eris. No wonder people like iPhone better.. least the update rolls out for everyone unlike Android.

    • http://Website Matt

      “No wonder people like iPhone better.. least the update rolls out for everyone unlike Android.”

      Comparing the two in that manner is a bit disingenuous. Things to keep in mind:

      iPhone OS updates target one or two hardware targets, all made by the same company who makes the software. Android updates have a multitude of hardware targets, some lacking certain key specs (1gh processors and different memory capacity sizes, physical vs. soft keyboards, screen sizes/resolutions for example) and using different chipsets requiring different drivers.

      iPhones are generally on one network in a region. Android phones are spread out over just about every network. Working with network operators to roll out updates is probably as painful as getting teeth pulled without painkillers.

      Oh, and iPhone OS has its own fragmentation to deal with. You can be sure that future updates will *not* get applied to the first gen iPhone, and its questionable if you’ll see them on the second or third gen. That’s just the nature of writing software; eventually someone’s going to have to be left behind.

      Apple keeps the software locked down, Google does not. This ends up meaning hardware manufacturers (think HTC’s sense UI and sony’s UI overlay) and network operators (like AT&T’s choice in crippling stuff and adding their own bloatware) make changes to the OS that require extra work to get running under an updated OS.

      So yeah, Apple has less of an issue with devices not being on the same update. That’s at the expense of user, network operator customization. With google, its vice versa; Lots of customization options on lots of different hardware means its less likely every device will be running the same software, and its harder to keep all of the devices on the same page sortaspeak because most of that control lies in the hands of your end user, network operator and the device maker.

  • http://Website Niko

    Google reader app and gtalk being as good if not better than bbm. the other things have already been said

  • http://Website Larry

    1. A better stock keyboard – ‘better keyboard’ has been so flakey lately I may uninstall it. i hit backspace and it adds 4 n=more characters, repeat a few times and reboot.

    2. Native exchange support for full exchange email, calendar, contact, tasks, notes. Love the native email and contacts interface, hate Touchdown which is simply annoying.

    3. Time or local-spfcific settings.

    4. Colour trackball – gotta admit I wanted it when I could configure it in an app.

    5. Apps2SD – not an issue yet, but is mandatory soon.

    6. And just for fun – something interesting as an alarm clock interface to wake me up in the morning ;-)


  • http://Website micko

    Please tell me is this update for Samsung GT i7500 Galaxy too..??

    Thank you..!!

  • http://www.sasni.eu Sasni

    Android 2.2 wprowadzi radio? O ile mi wiadomo np w HTC Desire radio już jest, wymagane oczywiÅ›cie podÅ‚Ä…czenie sÅ‚uchawek, a może bÄ™dzie dziaÅ‚ać bez sÅ‚uchawek… Czekamy!

  • http://Website Evan


    better copy and paste.

  • http://Website DDanut

    * Install apps on microSD card, please.
    * “Back Button” must replace logical “Exit Button” for exit Apps, not in cache.
    * Better copy-n-paste.
    * XviD playable codec
    * One click update all programs but do not erase all private data

  • http://Website Bassam

    1-More languages support like Arabic.
    2-Dialer One.
    3-Contacts extra features like Contacts Merge.
    4-Increase the brightness for outdoor direct Sun screen problem.
    5-MMS auto setups.

  • http://Website Mocha K

    GIVE ME FLASH OR GIVE ME DEATH. Nevermind I don’t want to take those chances. I’m still on 1.6 and they said we were going to get 2.1, then it never came. So I think they are waiting to upgrade to 2.2. The next version of android will come out then we will wait for that one too? I’m never getting an update.=[

  • http://Website Stan

    Wish list:
    - Better copy and paste for any text and pictures displayed. (Iphone does it very well make it better than that.)

    - Create a better way to accurately move cursor in editable field to new position. (big fingers have to make many attempts to move cursor because of editing mistakes.)

    - With headphone/ Mic or bluetooth devices do voice call without touching device. (See list of choices with number say dial number 1..12 etc.)

    - Auto brightness needs to have a setting to allow personal choice factor. Example I prefer the brightness to be a bit higher than the current setting. Call it brightness percentage 0% – 100%.

    - Home key long press displays up to the last 6 apps also add that it shows 3-6 most used programs also if user would like that option available.

    - Add code support for tv tuner capabilities to be built into the phone.

    - When an FM tuner is available make it possible for application to record local radio stations up to a certain number of minutes determined by the user and memory available.

    - Mini HDMI support to allow for external tv/projector use.

    - Think about designing android OS so that a user could dock it in a bigger display device type interface when at home but interact with the capacitive touch screen on the device. instead of the phone. All data is stored on the phone. The phone ends up being the only computer a person needs to do anything.

  • http://Website Devon Martin

    Better weather app.must be able to add more places something like HTC fuse weather app.

  • http://Website Devon Martin

    Fire All verizon customer service reps.send me a used phone to replace the defective one they sold me, keep shutting down and restart when it feel like it, droid,i sent back there used phone, will be going to sprint soon

  • http://Website JeroenB

    Another vote for proxy settings for Wifi! (and per SSID please!) It’s embarrassing when colleagues’ ancient Nokias and Windows Mobile phones can access the network but my shiny new supposedly superior Android phone can’t.

  • http://Website Phil

    Glad I found this site. I’d not heard that a JIT compiler could be coming to Android. That alone is huge news. If its going to work like HotSpot and compile while running or maybe compile once the app is installed this will be pretty nice. We could see big performance increases on top of the already high performing chips that are coming out.

  • @darifresh

    I hear when the nexus one comes to verizon it may have 2.2 on deck…seeing as thats projected for mid may i’m pretty excited for large leaks potentially as soon as …next week

  • http://Website d_jwasel

    I have been a dedicated android user, i sstarted with t-mobile G-1 and now I have the Motorola Milestone. Please guyz we need the Arabic language support to fully use the phone in our region.

  • http://Website ally weir

    rubber banded scrolling. makes the OS seem so much more polished

  • http://NONE Mohammed

    I hope to see that the system supports Arabic language

  • http://Website Gigijoey


    Do you think someone might hear me!!

    check it out and help!

  • http://Website Jamsh

    Surely voice dialing is a MUST???? My ‘top end’ Desire can’t do handsfree dialing!!!

  • http://Website mike

    I’d like to see OBEX support without having to root my phone

  • http://Website grellanl

    So many things… but the one that’s needed first of all, is Apps2SD.

    Not having this, and with the crippled storage builtin to every device so far, is stunting the growth of the Market. It has led to the present situation where few decent games exist and paid-for, professional-quality apps don’t get the chance they deserve. How’s anyone going to buy new apps when their device is full?

  • http://gubatron.com/blog Gubatron

    Programmatic Ad-Hoc Wifi support please.

  • SpykeZ

    I want the ability to use my phone (Moto Droid) in landscape mode on the home screens without having to have my keyboard engaged. Very frustrating. Guess I can see it as a “stability” issue as your phone would go crazy all the time but still! I hate it sometimes.

  • http://Website fredo

    install app to sd card?

  • http://Website Harun


    I would be willing to see the Arabic and Hebrew Languages Support on this release Hopefully! it would be the most wounderfull OS I have ever had on a mobile device in my live


  • http://Website Bob Byers

    I would like

    Voice commanding to actually work … particularly voice dialing.

    Voice Search should absolutely switch to Contacts on the keyword CALL. If I say “Call bill jones”, the phone should repeat to me (audible) “Call bill jones” or (if it makes a mistake) “call fishwife”. I will answer Yes or No to have the phone dial the contact without further ado. the keyword DIAL should consider the following speech to be a phone number and should handle it in the same manner as calling a contact.

    WiFi should work. I recall wifi as being marginal several years ago. But I cannot recall a device – smartphone/laptop/netbook that doesn’t reliably connect to wifi. My N1 wont connect to my WDN3700 router.

  • http://Website moosecake

    App storage internal memory freed, also app storage to the SD card, voice to text would be good! brilliant as it is but would then walk all over iphone, it does anyway but it’d be even better, also for 2.2 tho be less battery hungry!

  • http://Website Christopher

    I want to install apps on my sd card, and I want my phone faster. That’s all I want.

  • http://Website Ron Conley

    I really enjoy the my moto-droid 2.1, would like to see home screen expanded to 5 or 7 instead of the 3 (easier to organize, get to & use apps) and maybe a little larger vertical on-screen keyboard. Of course, all other enhancements are very welcome. This is a super device!

  • http://livpalm.com livpalm

    i’d like to see a dual app on screen support. say i want to run navigation while having a chat open right next to it. or email and web giving me the ability to copy and slide from one app to the next… i would find uses to it. talk about multitasking…lol

  • http://Website Matt

    Fix/complete bluetooth voice dial support!!!!

  • http://Website Albert

    FLAC (24 bit?) support pleeeease this wouldn’t be too hard and it promotes open practices!

  • http://Website srikar

    Is the HTC Desire often called the Nexus One minus the Google branding plagued with the same issues that are “bugging” nexus one users? –> http://phandroid.com/2010/04/08/nexus-one-users-are-getting-fed-up-with-issues/

    I’m planning to get a Desire and want to know what to expect.

  • http://Website carlos

    It be nice if google would add wifi calling so that the ones that have crappy reception can make calls

  • http://AndroidandMe.com Jeffery

    Along with bluetooth voice dial I’d like to see bluetooth Auto Answer please!

  • http://Website Miroslaw

    Bluethooth HID profile / SPP profile

  • http://Website Plaguez


    I think this is one of the most important things google needs to work on, if you see the amount of users asking for it.

  • Pingback: Froyo (Android 2.2) will officially come with Flash 10.1 in its frosty center – Android and Me()

  • http://Website socahan

    1. Install apps on either the phone memory or SD card
    2. Synchronization with Outlook (calendar, contacts + their associated notes, tasks, notes and favourites from IE not only Google Chrome) on local HDD — not online (call it Google PC Suite)
    3. Any Android phone should be allowed to work as a simple PDA WITHOUT the SIM.
    4. Better calendar with extra views (when a day in a monthly view is selected should show a preview of all entries in that day — without the need to click on the day)
    5. The option to answer the phone WHEN unlocked (right away – no extra tapping) and also the ability to refuse a call from the locked state (probably a long press or a simple combination). A dedicated hardware RED button would be ideal.
    6. Keep the sliding down notification screen (incredibly useful) but add various customization for the notification LED, so a user would know exactly by the LED what type of notification it indicates. Specifically for a miscall have the call details pop out on the main screen as soon as the phone gets unlocked + give the user options to go to certain areas to address the miscall DIRECTLY from that notification screen.
    7. Audible notifications (miscalls, SMS, low battery, others) — time sensitive (every 1/5/10/15 minutes)

  • ap1618

    I wonder when a uncrippled nice Android phone would land on at&t…

  • http://Website sh

    I would like to be able to change the default of the android robot to a different picture for incoming calls that are not in your phonebook or those that don’t have pictures attached their phonebook entry.

  • http://www.cim.mcgill.ca/~dudek Greg

    WiFi that stay on for an extended period even f the screen goes to sleep. (At present, Wifi gets dropped a little while after sleep, even when set to never turn off. When awoken, WiFi says “disconnected” and stays that way until you manually “try again”.)

    WiFi that re-associates with known networks reliably. (Especially important due to the problem above.)

    Assurance that background apps never prevent the phone from being answered or operating smoothly.

  • You know

    Got mytouch 3g fender… still waiting in2.1 this is bull by the time I get2.1 ill be waiting for2.2….. video calling and live tv would be SWEET

  • Pingback: Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1 coming May 20? – Android and Me()

  • http://Website Olivier

    Another vote for wifi proxy settings ! It’s very disappointing and frustrating not to have such a basic function on the HTC Desire ! How the product management can prioritize PPTP and L2TP VPN (which is nice by the way) before proxy settings ???

  • http://Website Fred

    We desperately need Android to support Arabic! I mean at least display of web pages in Arabic.

  • http://Website Hamza

    we need Arabic languish support !!!!!!
    Google plz do it………………….

    vote for Arabic languish on Android by pressing the star beside it on

  • http://Website Stian Jacobsen

    Most of the comments are hardware based.. here is my wish list:
    - web bookmarks with icons
    - longpress on open programs to close them
    - bundled filemanager
    - support for file upload in the browser
    - open the market for the rest of the world
    - context menus in browser (like the opera mini)
    - custom contact/calendar sync
    - the possibility to take a screenshot
    - a new tab in market with apps that follows design(UI) recommendations.

  • http://Website Dylan Taylor

    I want to see better format support such as FLAC in Froyo… :D

  • http://Website lamanary

    - sim toolkit
    - fm radio
    - press and hold back button as shortcut to phone/contacts/call log
    - unconnected dots unlock pattern
    - threaded call logs
    - both side screen rotate
    - overlap icons to change position

  • http://Website Taylor Szymchack

    i have the Droid Eris and i would love to see increased battery life and the new software (2.0 or 2.1) ASAP!

  • http://Website joe

    somthing like the itunes market

  • http://Website francomur99

    Apps2SD Card, Apps2SD Card and APPS2SD CARD….. GOOGLE DO YOU READ ME!!!!!!!

    • stalker

      Google has already read you. APP2SD is coming in froyo.

  • http://Website francomur99

    Joe if you need something like iTune here it is : Double Twist…. it works perfectly fine on my Pc and I can control all my files,photo, video, songs ecc and it has a Store too…..I know we need something like that included on the device too….soon…maybe!

  • http://Website francomur99

    I need a program that can update all my applications automatically with one click…..I spend hours and hours to update all my 140 applications every couple of days….this is ridicolous!!!…then STORAGE….a massive internal storage at list 16 GB

  • http://Website Patrick

    + VPNC Cisco compliant
    + Caching of google maps (for driving with GPS withOUT 3G)
    + Allow visiting bad SSL certificates (my university…) sites.
    + SWIPE

    That’s it :)

  • http://Website Dee

    how about a more streamlined music app?
    something that should have been addressed long ago…

  • stalker

    A notepad application built in OS.

  • http://Website Matty B

    for 2.2 I would like to see:

    All of the above plus
    1. Teleportation
    2. Scantily clad womenfolk which can be manifested by 1
    3. The ability to produce money, facilitated by 1
    4. The ability to place migrate people, physically, from the real world to the game of my choice. (Likely people who I find problematic would end up crushed by barrels in Donkey Kong)
    5. Mind control over the phone.
    6. The ability to have the phone generate the perfect meal of steak, asparagus, and loaded mashed potatoes.

    Just my 3.7213 cents.

  • http://Website Miggs

    Apps2SD is a must! Along with wireless N capability, colored trackball, wireless tethering, Flash 10.1, using gmail to send with other pop email accounts, gmail option to send to everyone on contact list, better touch screen capability, and the option to turn on phone with trackball instead of power button. Also, extra ram and better battery life.

  • http://Website Brian Lemen

    This platform really needs to be able to view pdf attachments, and also forward emails with that attachment. BB is so much more user friendly for business. I love the droid, I just need to open all PDF forms from my phone. 2.1 is great, but not quitw what it should be for a business owner.

  • http://Website kepler

    Please fix the contact list bugs

  • http://Website Zhor

    Would love to:
    - Downloadable Map (I live in Little Denmark and i am often outside Denmark)
    - App2SD (As most have already suggested)

  • http://Website angel

    I would just like UI enhancements on the stock browser, music player, and messaging system. And that widget scrolling issue. It doesn’t seem to be a problem for people who have HTC Sense.

    I know there are apps, ie, Dolphin Browser, Mixzing, and ChompSMS, on the market, but these should be alternatives not necessities. I mean how hard would it be to create a field in text settings for a signature?

    I love android, I just wish they gave us more than bare minimum by default.

    • http://Website angel

      Oh, and a universal inbox.

  • Shahjahan

    Very Important Update Suggestions :

    1. To be able to install apps onto SD card.

    2. My N1 should be able to stream Audio (music etc.) to my car via bluetooth

    • http://Website Kevin

      It can, I did it the other day in my friends new F150.

  • http://Website Oscar

    Better sync with Hotmail

  • http://Website Kenny

    OK, let me get this straight: The N1 and DI have FM TRANSMITTERS? Kick-ass. FM in I can do without, as there are Slacker, Pandora, Grooveshark, Last.FM, and others, but FM out is sweet. Can’t wait. As for Apps2SD, I just want someone to make a ROM (are you listening, Cyanogen?) that enlarges the /system partition to the entire 8GB internal chip (instead of only 740MB) so that I can use my microSDHC for videos, camera shots, music, etc. and still have 8GB for apps that won’t have a seizure when I mount it. Otherwise, nothing I can think of besides full Flash (for Hulu) and maybe a series of emulators (not going to happen, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the iCrap App Store, BB App World, Windows Marketplace for Mobile, webOS App Catalog, AND Market?)
    A new music app would be nice too (yes, I know bTunes, Tunewiki, and Meridian are nice, but I want a native lockscreen widget like the stock player.

    And Matty B, you are not alone. I thought I came up with putting people in video games (I was thinking Saints’ Row, but DK is fine too), but kudos for posting it first.

    • JuneRa_ce

      I wold love to see that too. Why the ability of put a 32GB SD card if we can’t use to install your apps? I guess with this ability the developers could increase the quality of the games and not worry so much with space taken.

      P.S.: If I am saying any nonsense, my apologies, I am a n00b on this Android World… :P

  • http://Website david

    Phhone calls while navigating could work better by having both share the same screen to minimize having to touch the phone while driving. When using navigation, an incoming phone call could take up a small square on the upper right of the sceen so you could continue to navigate. Right now to switch back to nav from a phone call, you must hit menu and then nav. You can’t use the notification tab to get back to nav while on a call. A split screen kind of thing would be wonderful.

  • http://Website ebones

    Are you people crazy? The MOST important thing 2.2 needs is 24 bit color. Color banding sucks!

  • http://Website ryan

    id like to see the ability to screen shot with out being rooted or pluged in via usb.
    not to bring up the iphone, but they can do it, why cant android phones do it?

  • JuneRa_ce

    I’d love to see a better and more responsive music player. Probably a more ‘eye candy’ one. :P

    Love my phone, though, and with all these new features coming… it’ll be even better. :)

  • http://Website Jonathan

    * Hebrew & Arabic support
    * App2SD
    * a Bluetooth implementation robust enough for an excellent remote control, such as Salling Clicker. This probably means OBEX
    * a J2ME emulator or the means to implement one relatively easily

  • http://Website Arkar

    I owned a Nexus one, and there is only two main things I want from version 2.2

    I want
    * App2SD
    *Foreign Language font support. I want something like window font folder I can drop any font (*.ttf) and I will show it in the webpage.

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  • http://whosthisguy.com Brendan

    For the most part, my wants centre around the stock music player. I quite enjoy the navigation in the library and don’t really feel much needs to be done there, but the Now Playing page could use some work.

    * Display the track number
    * Add lock screen controls
    * Equalizer, even if it’s just presets
    * A settings page with at least the option to tell the Music app to only look in a specific folder for music files (such as bTunes does)
    * Built-in ID3 tag editor with the ability to embed downloaded album art

    I’m sure there are more options I’d like to see in the Music app but this is a start.

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  • http://Website OmaR

    Arabic support is needed if Google would like to get some shares of the Arab world market specially Gulf region.

  • Pingback: אנדרואיד 2.2 בעוד כחודש? « iAndroid - HTC Hero & nexus()

  • http://www.anveshreddy.com/ anvesh

    There is a lot to expect from Android 2.2,Unlike Apple ,Google believes in action rather than words!!

  • http://Website Offline_Mapper

    For those requesting offline map navigation. There’s an existing free app called MapDroyd that supports downloading maps by state/province/country. It doesn’t support turn by turn directions but it’s nice to have when data connection doesn’t exist. It uses the OpenStreetMap maps.

  • Pingback: Android 2.2 running with Flash 10.1 on Nexus One | mobilelivingroom.de()

  • http://Website hetland

    if you have a nexus one, an have rooted it with cyanogenMOD and use a sense UI ROM, will you still be able to gett the 2.2 update 19may if this is the date it comes out?

  • Pingback: Android 2.2 desktop spied on Nexus One – Android and Me()

  • http://Website DickW

    I’d like to see a lot more focus on fixing the basics and less on features “flash and trash”. Areas for concentration:

    Wholesale rework of email app: attachment forwarding, stability, notification bugs, mail reappears in inbox, unread trash counter out of sync, no trash/aging management, etc.

    Real BT handsfree (voice dialer app recognition accuracy would also have to get greatly improved for this to be terribly useful–it’s much worse than, say, voice search today)

    Improvements in 3G/GSM behavior/performance (great smart/lousy phone)

    WiFi stability

    Contacts Group support in phone (add to/remove from/filter by)

    Contacts sort order

    Native tethering support

    Gallery tagging/view by tag/album by tag

  • http://Website yariv

    i think Google needs to add RTL languages like Hebrew and Arabic etc as a built in a lot of people are concerned about this issue and i herd many people saying they would not buy android phones because of that it is a real must!!!!!!

    • http://Website iSiDoRoS

      Hello!!! apps 2 sd for Christ sake!

  • http://Website Nealoff

    I would like to see some integration between google calendars and Android. Specifically I would like:

    1) the ability to apply tags to calendar entries.
    Add to this the ability to establish “profiles” on Android.
    Then allow me to use my calendar’s tags to control my profiles.
    Now I can automatically have my phone go into “Meeting” mode during a meeting and go back to “Normal Mode” later.
    If I’m obsessive enough I could enter the times for a movie and have it go into “Vibrate Only” mode.
    And if I’m going to be going to a ballgame I could have it change automatically to “Outdoor” mode.

    2) The ability to directly import iCal entries from webpages into my calendar.

    3) The ability to share my calendar through Latitude

    4) The ability to create a calendar entry from an email. This means doing some smart parsing of emails to try to scrape out the date and time. Or at least copying the contents of the email into the calendar entry description.

    5) How about support for private events?

    6) Full support for repeating events?

    Calendars are a gold-mine of potential. But right now they aren’t being very well leveraged.

    • http://Website Nealoff

      Still on calendars…

      7) The ability to scroll to the next month within the Agenda view. Right now (at least in 1.6) you have switch to the month view to get to the next month and then switch back to the agenda view.

      8) Up and down swipe gesture to scroll to next month in Monthly view

      9) Sideways swipe gesture to move between calendar views

      There are just so many things that could be improved.

  • http://Website Thanh

    Is it possible for future releases to support bluetooth game controllers like the ps3′s?

  • http://Website thanh

    An OTA update that installs a kickstand for the nexus one would be nice.

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  • http://www.zariftech.com Choudhury

    Great news!. I am having my finger crossed for may 19th. I have a google phone and I am loving every minute of it. Thanks

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  • Pingback: Bryan646's Blog()

  • http://Website mporter

    A programable radio app that would create mp3 files on schedule that I could que for listening in Google Listen

  • http://Website HcMAX

    1- app2sd
    2-gmail upgrade to let us edit text when forwarding emails,
    3-fix the 3g issue on Nexus one
    4-spell check
    5-eliminate the bugs on the screen of N1
    6- Hope the speed it’s way faster……
    7- adjust the browser

    And I believe that’s all….basically for me, the first 3 are the most important….


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  • Pingback: Tipps und Tricks()

  • http://Mainebob.com MaineBob

    A must for Android and particularly for Droid Incredible:

    1) BlueTooth Hands Free Dialing

    (Just like my old LG 8360 paired with Plantronics BT)

    2. Update OTA As soon as update published…. (Verizon are you listening?)

  • Pingback: Android 2.2 Froyo, Το Android που όλοι περιμέναμε « Tech Community()

  • http://Website Nancy

    Calendar! I’m coming from a Palm Treo, and I mourn for datebk’s capabilities.

    - ability to modify the snooze time. If I’m busy I don’t want to be reminded every 5 minutes or have to modify the entry.

    - make it more annoying. Be able to set it to play the alarm sound multiple times. With a setting for how long between playing them. It’s ridiculous that I have to have a 5 minute long alarm sound.

    - make it a little less easy to accidentally dismiss an alarm.

  • http://Website John


  • http://Website hi

    They DEFINETLY need to make it possible to turn 3G on and off.

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  • http://Website Tom Marek

    I just want the ability to read the display without putting on reading glasses. This is the single problem that keeps me out of the android smart phone market.

    Please give us scaleable fonts for email, address book, text, etc.

  • http://Website Nigel Smith

    Would love to see support for proxy’s without having to ‘ROOT’ the phone. other than that i love the phone, it is so easy to develop applications for this phone.

  • Pingback: Android 2.2 was wird kommen - Android Allgemein - Android Forum()

  • http://Website tyger6265

    To get angry bird and be able to play more games thats on iTunes

  • http://Website DJPaul

    Full support for Bluetooth, including starting a call from the headset by pushing the connect button and speaking the name. (this is pathetic that it wasn’t included in 1.6, let alone still not available in 2.1!!!)

  • http://Website Kevin

    *Google Music App for your PC or Mac to sync music and videos.

    *If it is even possible a USB to HDMI converter cable to have video output on your TV.

    *More Video file support, maybe divx too.

    *Much improved Media Player on Phone, better GUI cleaner and more attractive.

    *One ClicK App Udates.

    *File transfer via the Wireless LAN.


  • http://Website Elizabeth

    It needs a better camera and a bigger key board

  • http://android.com Android

    Well, I know what going to be there today.
    You guys got the Nexus one or any 2.1 Android device.
    When Google announcement the Android 2.2 Froyo OS — All of the 2.1 devices will get Update from Google so you guys — who Review the I/O 2010 can Review this 2.2 OS for us.
    (well, only who got the device from Google I/O..)

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  • http://Website Moshe

    Hebrew Support would be greatly appreciated

  • http://Website dfoster

    Will the new 2.2 open up the bluetooth calling?

  • http://www.superkuwait.com arabic

    Arabic language plssss ??

  • http://Website Dr. Khurram Mirza

    I have a HTC hero and am keeping it us to date. First of all I hope we get a 2.2 for it. The most annoying feature on android is its sync software. With pc you can’t sync Google contacts and miss out many. With Google sync you miss out the phone ones. Even backup software do not include all. Therefore I always find wiping a problem. This backup should be made simpler. PLease with a better sync interface too.

  • http://Website danio

    Hi, what about remote sim control. A must in the cars with BT and rSIM.

  • Pingback: Android Froyo | Mobiles Internet()

  • http://Website wayco

    Have nexus one and for the top quality hardware specs android build 2.1 does not do it justice.

    Some ishues are force closeing of apps, auto spell check is glichy forcing UN wanted text, requires root to get light to function, touch screen keeps failing to align properly causing “crazy screen glitches” and two days ago I had it in flight mode in my pocket and the pattern unlock locked me out of my phone with all radios off forceing me to do as dump and factory reset which cleaned out all my apps because I was unable to log into my account as the device was in flight mode.

    Hope froyo build is looking at these ishues as it is a serious problem and needs to be fixed.
    From the sounds of it however 2.2 sounds as though it might set a new edge to put all that fancy hardware to better use so long as it don’t bog performance with it “enhancememts”
    Multi touch would be nice also

  • http://Website richard

    I like the rumors they are great. I think there should be more than 3 home screens and I also think that the acelarometer should kick in on the home screens. I have the moto droid

  • http://Website Dave Merk

    Need heads up on Google maps (not just during navigation mode). Also need Bluetooth enhancements. Ability to speak into your Bluetooth to voice text and to voice dial would be awesome!

  • http://Website joel

    Load latest Android OS, regardless of manufacturer, UI, and no need to root. Just for those that do not mind having a stock OS (latest) instead of being stock in 1.5 or nearby :-p

  • http://Website Joseph Rodriguez

    You guys are awesome, but I want to know when the android 2.2 software is coming out, May 19th passed.

  • http://Website James

    I want true Bluetooth voice command. It is ashamed to have this advanced phone without this basic function.

  • http://Website JKalli

    Hands free blue tooth voice dialing would be a great feature. I can’t believe it’s not in there now. I have had it with Windows Mobile for almost 3 years now!

  • http://Website kashif

    All the applications should work in the full screen except the home screen. I think it is stupid to have any bar like top bar in such a small screen on a mobile.
    I hope this simple thing makes sense to people

  • http://Website aaron

    It would be nice if you could change the led color for messages or apps that use it

  • http://[email protected] papi

    When will adoe come too a855 droid

  • http://Website Scott

    Gif support, speed dial (on dialpad), .avi and .mov support (basically, if I can play it on my laptop, I should be able to play it on my phone!)

  • http://Website Angela Y Smith

    I’m very disappointed that the Google Nexus One can’t be used as a modem for laptop internet connection, cannot be used with a bluetooth headset while connected to the car dock, and does not have FM radio capabilities . With a phone built with so many advanced capabilities, I’d think the above mentioned would have been the most basic. Will these features be added in the future?

    • http://Website Chris

      They already exist in other phones. Check out the HTC EVO.

  • http://Website Chris

    1) Better support for recurring meetings in Calendar. Need to be able to schedule biweekly, bimonthly, quarterly meeting. Things like

    Every other Tuesday
    3rd Wednesday of every second month
    1st Monday or every 3rd month

    The way it is now, it can’t eeven support my wife’s piano teaching schedule, let alone a corparate environment.

    2) Better security mechanisms for running in corporate environment
    Policy definition and enforcement
    Control feature usage
    Logging calls and texts
    Limit calls and texts
    Ability to ensure policies can’t be circumvented
    Remote wipe

  • http://Website androidluvr

    I would like to see the ability to use the headphone jack while bluetooth is playing, or the ability to stream a2dp to multiple devices

  • http://Website Gilles

    Add support for PPTP encrypted VPN connection.

  • http://Website Daniel R Green

    My droid phone can only send 30 second video. Can’t share ringtones or music from phone very dissatisfied

  • http://Website Daniel R Green

    Haven’t seen 2.2 update vzw said not available. Can’t stream live radio either phone only go for running apps still very disappointed

  • http://Website Bob

    I think you should be able to pinch zoom on gmail. Kind of annoying…you can do it with an iPhone so why not Android?

  • http://Website Ballard

    .Jar support in Dalvik.

  • http://mobilereviews.org mobile reviews

    The multi touch feature should be working on every app, that gets a flag for Android, say for example, the gmail. Also, i think Android Froyo which is 2.2 is saturated as such. Google should move to the next version 2.3

  • http://Website TimR

    text flow in web pages
    equalizer for music player
    image stabilizer for htc desire camera
    save sms texts to sd card
    install apps games to sd card
    sync sms, email, notes, calender items, bookmarks, contacts, pics to pc/outlook
    uninstall preloaded apps like facebook, twitter etc to make room for better apps
    more rom memory if i cant uninstall preloaded apps
    backup everything
    love to see an android manager that works like blackberry manager does

  • http://Support Norm

    Really need Hebrew & Arabic support. I may have to return my Droid X because of this issue, and it would be a real shame.

  • http://Website sherry adams

    One, it should be designed to work with google voice (duh google) which gave my droid such an awfull time I deactivated, & 2 it needs to come with a nice user friendly windows-like file manager. A deal for an app to work w/audible.com(amazon) would steal some of iphones edge & add additional functionality as well. Word to motorola, hurry up with the colored phones, I want a pink droid for valentines day!!!

  • http://Website sherry adams

    Really, that’s a big one I feel I need to reinterate. Smart phones aren’t just for old business men anymore, ok? My Droid is black w/gold accents & severe angles. Surely you realize what a huge Market your failing to attract! And you know this new plastic/metal blend would be HOT in color (which u should employ a fashion consultant to design the shades to match the popular colors of shoes & purses for the season of which the phones are to be released!) By the time the color is out of trend, it will be upgrade time anyway & now its easy to switch between phones to match outfits & events. Remember todays woman always has her phone n hand, so it is her #1 accessory! Its time to corner catering to the huge market of today’s women, & shame on you for taking so long!

  • Pingback: Мобильные обзоры()

  • http://Website kyle

    Copy and paste on all sites apps and messages. And also being able to save pictures from the message app and also any other default app or Android market app.

  • http://Website Sam

    I would really like to see support for right to left languages such as Arabic.
    Also the email client can be improved considerably. Things like the ability to edit a forwarded email for example.
    Other small features like:
    * The ability to “paste” into the dialpad i.e. start a voice call, then paste a number while in call.
    * Send contact details via SMS. Currently on the HTC Legend it is only possible to send a vcard via MMS!!!

  • http://Www.ywcpa.com Yoel wagschal

    I want to have hebrew

  • http://Website Corey

    Fix the sound. My volume for ringtones and just standard stuff sucks! My old voyager phone blows it away. can barely hear when anyone is calling me! Please fix!