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Android brings new life to old iPhones


Small newspost to round out the night, but it has been announced a member of the infamous “Dev-Team”, Planetbeing, has managed to port Android’s Mobile OS to the Apple iPhone.

The iPhone Dev Team is responsible for a number of tools that circumvent the iPhone’s security, and the fact that they’ve been able to throw Android on the iPhone is kind of a big deal. As far as I know, this is the first time anyone’s been able to throw a completely different manufacturer’s OS onto the device.

Whether this is just a side project (which is still in alpha, by the way) or something that opens up a realm of multi-booting possibilities, it’s great to see Android being worked with in new and creative ways.

Via: AppAdvice

Source: Linux on the iPhone

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  • E-man

    Very cool video.

  • http://moonlight42.com Moonlight42

    We are involved in the mobile development industry and develop apps for android, blackberry and iPhone. Please look at the following link: http://bit.ly/bYAUCp

  • http://www.edenz.nl Frank

    This is just amazing, that you can play with Android on a Iphone.
    Eat that Apple :)


  • http://Website gaza

    “Hey Apple!”
    “Apple, Hey Apple!”
    “What, what is it?”

  • http://Website Chris

    Expect an email from Steve Jobs with a kind death threat.

  • http://Website sgb

    this is anyone lol.

    However a few months ago I could see a point to this, but today the iPhone is looking outdated and common. The nexus and desire are way nicer looking cooler and kick the ass out of it.
    But still very cool vie, I wish I was that smart, I never managed to root my g1 :’(

    • http://Website Jay

      Ahh, no worries…I failed both of my two attempts at rooting my G1….we’re in the same boat, lol >_<

  • http://Website al

    Hey, now all we need is Android on the hd2!!

    • http://thisisjohncoffey.com JohnnyACEâ™  GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}â„¢

      T-Mobile Evo 3G? LMAO


  • @darifresh

    that’s amazing. I’d be more excited if i owned an iphone. As an android owner this isnt a win to me at all. If i find out I can flash a iphone back and forth to android i’m running to the iphone when verizon releases. that’d be best of both worlds

    • http://Website Derek

      Didnt watch the video did you?? Open iboot allows you to boot to linux(android) or regular iphone OS.

  • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

    Or open up Safari on your iPhone. Has he heard of the internet?

  • http://Website David Anderson

    2 Things

    1st – This just shows how good andriod is as the speed of this thing is great. Also (point 1.a -) just shows how clever somepeople are

    2nd – Frankly its a but embarrising to have a HTC Hero that runs slower than a 2 year old iphone hacked.

    • http://Website Derek

      Open iBoot has been around for a year and a half, and since Android is basically just linux for a mobile device, its not that surprising that somebody did this. But those people who did are waay smarter and more clever than I am.

  • bdveteran18

    Great video. Figured it would be possible due to the way Android is built. Not that I want an iPhone but I was considering building something like that but it would take a brain much bigger

    Android is taking over. Even creeping its way onto your iPhone haha

  • http://Website elitebattlefield

    Nice to Android moving forward. Now iPhone will be able to get flash! Now that that’s covered can Android be placed on WINDOWS based phones as well? Let’s say the HD2???

    • http://Website Anthony

      Actually that has been done for a couple years now. Not the HD2, but the AT&T Tilt (original), along with a couple others. I should know, since before the Backflip came to AT&T I was doing exactly that. I don’t know if anyone is actively working on the HD2, but the concept is sound and it is really just a matter of devs either finding or developing the drivers required for different hardware (which isn’t exactly an easy process).

  • http://Website Darkseider

    Android + iPhone = iPWNED

    sorry… had too

  • http://gabby.co.cc Manish

    This is awesome! Apple, I bet you never thought that was possible ;)

  • http://Website Jose G.

    PWNED! Where Apple fails for the original iPhone owners, Android does. Sweet.

    Android Wins, Flawless Victory. Fatality!

  • http://Website Ninyx

    Great now even the iPhone got 2.1 before my Hero

    • cloud858rk

      I don’t think that’s 2.1.

  • http://Website Jorge X.M,

    in a world of iDont, Android does!

  • Vineares

    hhmm I’m interested to see where this could take Android games. iPod Touch users would probably want to install Android on theirs and take advantage of some of the games we have.

    • http://Website Kevin

      i’m not really sure about that iphone has enough games as it is and most games on the Android are ports from the iphone. Kinda like Windows and Linux. Got all your games on the iphone partition and all your hacks, terminal stuff on android.

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