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Canadian Milestone users finally get 2.1, more home screens


While Android users are speculating about what version 2.2 might offer, Canadian Motorola Milestone users are celebrating their ability to upgrade to 2.1. Motorola Canada released the update today, but skipped the over-the-air update in favour of a downloadable package from their website.

Users can download the package, extract it, then apply the update while their phone is attached to their computer via USB. Having just upgraded myself, I can say it’s a five minute affair. Users should take note that they are unable to make/recieve calls while updating, and will be required to restart their phones twice during the update process.

Release Notes can be found below. Something interesting to note is the ability to add even more homescreens, raising the cap to nine – I, personally, would not know what to fill them up with.

Animated Wallpapers and multiple home screens

- This additional wallpaper option enables you to select from a number of wallpapers that can move on your home screen<s>. A selection of animated wallpapers are bundled with the software upgrade — further wallpapers are available on the Android Market.
- The number of home screens you can have now also just got bigger — you can choose to have 3, 5, 7, or even 9 home screens — plenty of space for all your widgets and icons.

Facebook App and Widget

- A Free Facebook App and Widget is included in this upgrade. The Application enables contact importation including Names, Profile Pics and Status into your phones’ contacts. The Widget can be place on one of your home screens to stream live updates from your Facebook account.

Google Maps Updates

- Personalized suggestions: Google Maps on your Android device suggests (autocompletes) locations based on your personal search history on maps.google.com.
- Sync with desktop: synchronizes starred items between Google Maps on your Android device and maps.google.com. Sync and personalized features require a user to be logged in to myGoogle account while on maps.google.com
- Multi touch is now also enabled within Google Maps.

Other Enhancements

- Help : A new Help Center app is included that provides mobile access to your user guide, video tours of key features, tips and tricks, and FAQs to help you get the most from your device.
- Bluetooth support : support for Bluetooth headset multi function for initiating voice calls
- Security: Prevents unauthorized pattern lock bypass, allows for PIN security and local device wipe following PIN error input
- Music Player : Album art 3D gallery view supported in landscape orientation
- Battery life: ongoing battery life optimization
- Email account removal: Improvements to manual removal of email accounts

Via: Mobile Syrup

Source: Motorola

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  • http://Website Brandon

    Not that its a big deal but why didnt droid not get more home screens..dang milestone users and yes I know milestone is droid in other countries…well I cant wait for 2.2 and flash!

  • http://Website Gunner

    The bigger question is why the Droid didn’t get bluetooth voice dialing. This baffles me.

    • Drew

      What’s more baffling is why didn’t the DROID get the option to have 3, 5, 7, or 9 home screens?

  • http://Website Alex

    Will this update work on Droid handsets as a way to get more homescreens?

    • http://www.mattdemers.com Matt Demers

      Probably not. Milestone stuff is very iffy with other phones.

  • http://Website MrPrawns

    I am attempting to update my milestone but I am running into problems so far… following to exacy directions but keeps on crashing at updating at 77% complete.

  • http://Website KellyM

    upgraded problem-free. lovin the live wallpapers and google earth!

    • http://Website alphagob

      Do you have a Milestone with Telus? When I tried to go to the Google earth mobile website my browser crashed?

  • http://Website kay

    Omg! Finally!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Rob

    Can i load this update on a Milestone from Latin America (Venezuela)? … I mean, does include Spanish? Mine came with 2.0.1

  • http://Website alphagob

    Wait, are you sure Google Earth Mobile works with this upgrade? When I go to the site it always crashes on me.

    • http://Website KhensU

      Same here. There’s a android market message followed by a black screen.

  • http://mattlockyer.com Matt

    Any other telus milestone users having probes with the headphone jack after the update?

    My music crackles and pops sometimes when headphone jack gets jostled (in my pocket)

    Also when unplugging it starts the music player…

    External speaker is awesome, but this headphone stuff is brutal!

    • http://Website Dan

      Same problem for me, but look around in forums, you will see that this is a common problem for Milestone and Nexus One, lot of ppl gets those issues. All you can do is wait for the bug to be fixed one day.