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Celebrity Android User: Morgan Webb

To speak of technology in popular culture one must include Morgan Webb. On TechTV (RIP) she was on The Screen Savers and Call For Help from 2001 to 2003. She then became co-host of X-Play, the only program to survive the merger of TechTV with G4, which recently aired it’s 1,000th episode. In addition Morgan has had a monthly column in FHM entitled “Tips From The Gaming Goddess” and has appeared on the Tyra Banks Show, Chelsea Lately and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. And we are proud to announce she is an Android user.

Androidandme: You are amazingly beautiful and at the same time you are incredibly knowledgeable about tech and video games. Do you find that people underestimate your knowledge because of your looks?

Morgan Webb: There is unfortunately sexism in every industry. I will spare you the tirade.

Androidandme: You have been able to do some very cool things because of your job: You have demoed Punch Out on the Jimmy Fallon Show, you travel to Tokyo every year for the Tokyo Game Show, etc. What have been some highlights that stand out for you?

Morgan Webb: Honestly what stands out for me on X-Play are the people. I am so lucky to work with people who are so passionate and knowledgeable about games. We have a great time at work every day, and we are a family (a weird, dysfunctional family, but you get the idea).

Androidandme: In your travels to Japan and around the world, what are some the most bizarre gadgets you have seen?

Morgan Webb: I remember seeing netbooks (before they were called netbooks) at a Japanese electronics store years before anyone had heard of them in the US. They were just these crazy tiny computers and I remember wanting one so bad (but they only came in Japanese, which was an issue). Years later Asus brought the eeepc to the States and everyone thought they were this brand new thing. I don’t understand why no one thought an American would want a tiny computer before.

Androidandme: You have done several segments for The Tyra Banks Show. Is Tyra Banks as crazy in person as she seems on TV?

Morgan Webb: I have only talked to her for a few minutes, but she seemed very nice and was cool to me, so that’s all I can really tell you.

Androidandme: What is your current Android device? Have you used any other devices?

Morgan Webb: I switched from the iPhone to the Nexus One as soon as it came out. I was actually one of the first people to get the Nexus One. I had been interested in the Android platform before, but the Droid is too big and bulky to be practical. The Nexus One was the perfect time for me to switch, and I’ve been very happy with it.

Androidandme: Why did you choose an Android phone and not an iPhone?

Morgan Webb: I had an iPhone for several years and was unhappy with the lack of customization options. I find the iPhone very paternalistic — it won’t allow you to delete certain icons, for example. I’m sure they’re trying to save the user from confusion when they accidentally delete their phone icon, but I appreciate the flexibility I have with Android. I think the iPhone is right for a lot of people, but power users will probably be as unsatisfied as I was. Also, I can run more than one application at once. I like to gloat about that.

Androidandme: Do you think the iPhone and Android devices will be the new platforms for mobile gaming?

Morgan Webb: I think the iPhone and Android will be platforms for mobile gaming, but not the only platforms. These devices do have an advantage over the DS and PSP in that they are always with the owner. A guy with limited pocket space is going to leave his DS at home, but he’ll have his phone and will download and play casual games. It’s going to be a powerful platform, but the DS and PSP both offer a valuable play experience as well, and I don’t think they’re going anywhere.

Androidandme: What’s coming up for Morgan Webb? What new projects are your working on?

Morgan Webb: That’s a secret, but I hope to be able to tell you guys about it soon!

A big thanks to Morgan Webb for taking time out to answer our questions. Do you know of a Celebrity Android User? Let us know.

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  • http://www.matthewdlyons.com matthewdlyons

    It’s cool that you got this interview. Interesting that Morgan would say the Droid is too big and bulky. It’s, essentially, the same size as an iPhone. Maybe she just doesn’t like the angular lines.

    • http://Website jonathan

      At first I was a little surprised or offended at her insulting the Droid, but then I remembered she’s a girl, and most girls don’t like the Droid. It’s a very masculine looking phone, and girls find it too blocky or simply ugly. I’ve read impressions like that all over the internet, and even from my friends and family.

      • http://thisisjohncoffey.com JohnnyACE

        Funnily enough, I can name 4 girls off the top of my head with Droids. More girls have them than you might think. I guess some chicks don’t care much about how it looks.


    • http://Website Daniel

      Yeah, I agree about the size. Maybe it’s the combination of size, shape and also weight? I mean, I have a G1, and while it’s far from a hassle, I wouldn’t mind having a lighter phone. The Droid manages to be even heavier, so I don’t find it unlikely that its weight alone feels too bulky for a girl.

  • http://Website Yeah…

    That was a terrible interview…you seriously asked her about her looks and her opinion on Tyra Banks?? Why would you think your readers would give a crap?

    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

      I, for one, always appreciate a good ‘Tyra is crazy’ story.

    • http://Website Yea Really!

      I think she got a little ticked that you ask her about another personality. The interview should have been about her, not another personality.

    • http://txhoudini.com Eric Weiss

      I tried to put in a little humor into my articles. Sometimes they hit, sometimes they miss. Obviously this was a miss.

      • http://Website mark

        I like the change of pace and enjoyed some of the random questions (yes, the tyra one) although it kinda belly flopped.

  • http://Website Rafael

    I wish my wife was more tech savvy like Morgan Webb. Nice interview. I love reading the “other side’s” take on technology. Android rules!!

  • http://Website wondercolguy

    “You are amazingly beautiful” I guess you like freakishly manly women with manjaw. Olivia Munn is where it’s at when it comes to beauty, sarcasm, and tech stuff. Morgan Webb is like the Meg Griffin of reality.

    • Angie Strickland


    • http://Website Tyrell

      That was hardcore.

    • http://Website supercowcanfly

      I lol’d so hard reading that, yea she’s not extremly hot but I think many people think she’s attractive because she’s knowledgable when it comes to tech. It adds to her attractiveness

    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly


      be constructive or please don’t bother commenting

      • http://Website wondercoolguy

        I think Morgan Webb is a cool chick just not attractive. What’s wrong that?

        • http://Website Y314K

          Morgan Webb is crazy hot… Not dirty Barbie hot(like Olivia Munn, does she just read what she is given or ?, she does have some nice stones with some of the stunts she does)..

          Morgan = Android… She just get things done… Everybody, Anybody would choose the Nexus One over the Moto Droid… She is even right on that….

          Morgan is like the Moto Droid but with a much better keyboard… Guess I better read whole interview before continuing…

          • http://Website wondercoolguy

            Have you ever seen Olivia out side of g4? Being on that Show actually keeps her in a box. Look up her Jimmy Fallon interview when Artie Lang was on there.

        • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

          LOL!!! Yeah, Morgan is a BIT too tranny for my tastes.. But its not gonna change the POINT of this article which was to interview a celeb Android personality.

          I don’t see what her being attractive has to do with anything… Hahaha…

          Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. =)

    • http://Website some guy

      wondercolguy if you dont care for Morgan then i guess you must be into her brother Kevin rose. But thats cool man to each his own.

      • http://Website wondercoolguy

        Why does it matter that she’s related to Kevin Rose? Is that supposed to make that manjaw go away? I like Kevin Rose and I’m glad he’s successful over at Revision 3

    • http://Website ICON

      Not to be a pig, but personally, I’d take Morgan and her…ahem…”assets” over the rather “petite” Munn…coupled with Ms, Weeb’s expansive tech knowledge.

      Seriously, who doesn’t like a decently hot chick who loves video games and technology?

  • http://Website isseykun

    seriously, i opened this page expecting to see a good interview but sadly that wasnt the case. most of the questions that was asked is not relevant to the headline, at least thats what i think.

    we all know of morgan webb and the good ol days. but i was expecting to read her thoughts on android with a bit more detail to it. not one question was asked for android apps she uses and her most used daily apps… now those info would be worthwhile to read and to know of.

    should have asked more about android related questions than trips to japan, tyrabanks and live shows… i seriously hope that the next celebrity interview would involve more about exploring that persons android use and apps they use for productivity and social stuffs.

    anyways this wasnt all that bad, love her and her tech ways ;) shes awesome and hope to see you guys do more awesome interviews :D

    i still love and will follow androidandme, still the beast darn android blog out there \m/


    • http://txhoudini.com Eric Weiss

      Sadly we weren’t able to go back and forth much with Morgan Webb. She tapes a show 5 times a week (which includes skits and such) and travels a lot. The G4 PR people were awesome to us and we (read: I) didn’t want to push our luck with their generosity.

      • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

        I totally understand =)

        I knew all that before even reading the article.

        Great work with what was given. =D

  • http://Website jonathan

    Thanks for this interview! It’s cool to see someone in the tech industry’s opinion on anything, but even cooler that she left an iPhone for Android. I like her a lot and find she always has interesting or entertaining commentary and enjoyed this interview.

    Android FTW!

  • http://www.twitter.com/site_unscene Reignzone

    Honestly, I was expecting a bit more in-depth. Those questions were pretty disappointing… considering she took time out of her busy schedule to be asked things that are relatively common due to her lifestyle.

    She seems very down-to-earth, yet you choose NOT to take advantage of that… I’m sure she would have appreciated a “gritty”, “real deal” type of interview, had it be presented of course.

  • http://Website Todd

    More women Android users please.

    The misogynist comments above only serve to show that “we”, Android users as a whole, are still a total sausage fest.

  • http://www.facebook.com/annihnvn?ref=profile Anh

    I’m a proud female MS owner…it’s cool to know that there are some female power user out there. Not feeling ‘lonely’ among the world of male Droid owners anymore :P.

  • http://www.jonnylam.com Jonathan

    Wow, that was a rather terse interview. I imagined her delivering the response to the first question with narrowed eyes and a clenched jaw.

  • http://Website Wrong

    Really, you opened with “you are amazingly beautiful”?? You sound like an awkward kid asking a girl to the prom.

    Let me help. Next time try something like:

    “As an attractive woman who is also incredibly knowledgeable about tech and video games, do you find people underestimate your knowledge because of your looks?”

    That way it at least doesn’t sound like you’re hitting on her…

  • http://Website Brad

    What in all holy hell made you ask about Tyra banks?

    To whom did you think that would be interesting or relevant?!

  • http://Website geekosphere101

    I have to admit I was disappointed in the interview. Although I appreciate that you tried to ask questions to help her personality come across, keep it loose, etc, I come here for Android news and reviews. I would have loved to here a favorite App or, well, anything android related. Tyra Banks? Really?

    The Good:
    Causal questions provided good background and insight into her personality.
    Finding her reasons for switching to Android was certainly interesting.
    Good closing question although you certainly didn’t get the answer you were hoping for.

    Could use improvement:
    Tyra Banks? You don’t have to try to be cool as the interviewer to have a good interview.
    Maybe too many causal questions.
    Hitting on the interviewee should probably be avoided.
    Your readers are very Android focused, cutting a few of the others in favor of more Android questions would have been better in my opinion, especially if you are worried about ‘extending your welcome.’
    Some of these questions should have been avoided because there’s no way you’re getting an honest answer, such as the Tyra question and the sexism question.

    It could have been better, but not bad for a first celebrity interview.

  • http://Website gad

    There’s always room for improvement. Well done.

  • unfeasible

    Holie wow!

    But what apps does she use?
    Oohh a screenshot of her wallpaper would have been awesome.

    Well played androidandme. well played.

  • stalker

    wow.. I am using nexus one too. I’m happy to hear that morgan webb also using nexus one…….. ;)

  • http://Website JD

    I think a really good interview for the next “Celebrity Android User” bit would be Molly Wood. She seems pretty open to interviews, she’s a Droid user and she’s got some very interesting opinions on droid vs iphone and who should buy a droid vs who should buy an iphone.

  • http://Website Dan

    Hey, thanks for including that Morgan was on TechTV… I miss TSS and all the great programming that G4 obliterated.