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Countdown to Google I/O: Submit your questions for Android handset makers

Google’s largest developer event of the year is right around the corner and we will be there to bring you all the latest news. This year’s Google I/O is looking like an Android party after Google shipped all paid attendees a free Droid or Nexus One. The event sold out early, but our goal is to bring you as many videos as possible so it feels like you are there with us.

One of our favorite sessions from last year was the Fireside Chat with the Android team members. Google allowed anyone to submit any question and then members of the audience voted up their favorites. It was a great opportunity to listen as the Google engineers took on all questions and candidly spoke about the topics that mattered.

This year Google is hosting two fireside chats – one with the Android engineers and another with the handset makers. If you ever wanted to get those tough Android questions answered, this is likely your best shot all year.

How to play

Leave a comment to submit your question for the Fireside chat with Android handset manufacturers. The exact list of companies joining the panel is still to be determined, but I would expect to see at least HTC and Motorola participate.

The topic is pretty open as long as it is Android related and geared towards handsets. Feel free to ask about anything you think the handset manufacturers should address. If you have general questions about the Android OS, please save those for a future countdown post.

As the questions start to come in, use our comment rating system to vote up the questions you think we should ask and bury the stupid ones. There is no guarantee your question will be answered, but I’ll do my best to ask the questions that get the most votes.

Update: Submit as many questions as you like, but split them into different comments so users can vote them up or down.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://Website Phil

    Ask them how much battery life do they expect to save with JIT compiling since they obviously won’t speed up animations and the like.

  • http://Website jeff uberstine

    I’m going to submit the question to google about what broke down the nexus one deal with verizon, wonder if they will answer…

  • http://Website William

    Are there going to be any unlockable bootloaders, like on the Nexus One, on handsets from other manufacturers? Will this be a new standard? Why or why not?

  • Weeds

    What are the plans on future devices especially in the low end section. What about 3D-acceleration, processing power and internal storage of those devices. Will we see more devices which, in terms of specs, are at the level of 1st generation phones (like G1 or Magic)

  • http://twitter.com/s0lidjacks0n Drew Smith

    Should we expect a front facing camera in any new handsets anytime soon?

    • http://Website Wallie

      Yeah we totally need more front facing camera options I’m looking forward to video chats

    • Lane

      I’m pretty sure the HTC EVO will have a front-facing camera.

      • http://Website Kenny

        Yeah the evo does have a front facing camera

      • http://Website Kenny

        Of course the obvious what’s up with flash, apps2sd, and turbo jit. But really I want to know who’s gonna step up and replace my g1 with a 5 row qwerty that has 1ghz or better snapdragon? HTC? LG? Anyone?

  • Weeds

    What is the future of Sense UI and Motoblur. Will there ever be an option to switch them off. And how difficult is it to port these additions to different (newer) Android Versions. (Seeing many Motorola devices are still satuck at 1.5)

    Thanks for the opportunity Taylor, this is really appreciated.

    • http://Website mkrmec

      Personaly I think that every time next version gets out they need to redo allof of their UI code.

      It would be better to put out stock and start supporting themes out of the box, installable from market or whatever.

      • http://Website Garet

        I think that would be the question…Why dont all Android phones come with Vanilla Android then let the user install the manufacturers layer on top of it if they want to.

      • jeanpaul145

        In the case of Sense it would mean loss of functionality: I’m about 90% sure that Sense-specific widgets can’t run on stock Android. I don’t know though whether that is because HTC doesn’t want them to or for some technical reason.

        • http://Website Kyle L.

          I’m not a dev, but to my understanding HTC’s sense UI apps will not work on Vanilla Android. I think HTC’s Sense is “hooked”
          deep into the system so that it’s much faster than a regular old skin.

          Note 1: Some HTC apps have been ported(Music for one)

          Note 2: Vanilla Android just released his debut album ‘Iced Iced FroYo!” You should check it out. Check out the hook, while R2DJ revolves it!

  • http://Website Antonio

    Ask them will google be pushing out 2.2 or will they leave it up to the carriers???

  • http://Website Plaguez

    Well i think most of us want to know what google is going to do about the Apps2SD story, are they working on a solution or going to? And if its comming do they have a idea when it will be released?

    • http://Website fredo

      is app2sd a program/code where you can install apps into sd/removable drive? if so, yeah when can we do that?

      • http://Website Plaguez

        Apps2SD is in deed a program/code where you can install apps onto a sd/removable drive

      • http://Website luke

        Client email to be able to forward attachments..

  • http://Website Paul Williams

    Why cant we have on a 3.5/3.7″ screen 5 x 4 icons on the home screens instead of 4 x4.

    when putting a 8 mega pixel or higher camera on the phone there is no justification not to have a physical camera button.

    Will you please ask each manufacture why they will not release at least 1 phone with a xenon flash. About 60% of users are young & uses there phones mainly at night in clubs & indoors.

    • http://Website PW

      On the qwerty on screen keyboard can you please add the numeric keys & characters e.g @, \ as a long press e.g Q key lond press you get 1. This will speed up sms & web browsing.

  • http://Website Jonathan P.V


    I would like to ask Google a couple of questions

    1. When is going Google to sell HTC N1 in Latinamerica (Colombia) through the official website???

    2. If customers buys HTC N1 during Google I/O Conference… are we(customers) going to get the Froyo version???

    Thanks in advance

  • http://Website Gomer

    1.) FOR HTC: What is HTC doing to decrease the wait times for users of its devices when a new version of Android gets released? Will they give users the option to entirely deactivate Sense UI? What is their reasoning for the lengthy delays? Are they even aware that this is becoming a serious issue with their customers?

    2.) FOR GOOGLE: When will Google start implementing the simplest of features, i.e. syncing the stock browser with Google Bookmarks; the ability to customize the taskbar et al. with colors and themes; looping the homescreens so that the far right brings you back to the far left; and when will they commit to having an excellent stock audio/video player?

    • http://thehtpcblog.com Fernando

      @Gomer I think it has a lot to do with the Sense features that were added. HTC jumped the gun and added features to Android via Sense which weren’t available until 2.0. I would expect it would take SOME additional time to evaluate what features would be duplicated and find a way to take them out and plug the native features into Sense.

      Nonetheless, I have been disappointed in how long it’s taking considering HTC was the first Android phone in the US after the G1. And I’m equally disappointed that manufacturers don’t allow an easy way to run “vanilla” Android and root devices.

    • http://Website cpg716

      Waiting for upgrades is NOT becoming a serious issue… Its only an issue for TECH people who search the INTERNET looking for info about them… The average casual user doesn’t know or care about updates.. Updates are not EXPECTED, OR REQUIRED.. we are lucky they even do this.. You bought the phone AS IS, without knowing that updates would come…and now you complain… Did the box your phone came in, say “Will Be Updated by such and such date” .. NO.

      I just laugh at how people treat this topic… I talk with regular people all day who I notice have Android phones…they have no clue about pending updates, flash, etc… the bought the phone, and like it as it is now…

      • http://Website Joseph

        I agree! Even without the updates, it’s still staggeringly better than other phones. Any other OS gets updates once a year, if at all.

    • IfoundmyHERO

      I read (I think on Sprint.com somewhere??) that the reason HTC doesn’t release updates the same time as everybody else is because they have to program HTC Sense into the new Android Version. It made sense (no pun intended) to me & I believe it.

  • http://Website Gregs


    • http://Website Kathi17

      I agree, we need some HTC Android devices with UMA!

      • http://Website JGreen1820

        UMA here too… along with all 188 of these people;


        For users that dont know what UMA is, goolgle it, you will want it….just think, extended coverage, ANYWHERE you have wifi coverage(internet)…..your basement, your elevator at the office, your cross country drives with your sprint mifi…ect….

  • http://Website Sheila

    I like to know when will I true voice dialing be available via a bluetooth headset?

  • http://Website Jared H

    Does Dalvik Turbo have any future for the platform, and if so, when will it be incorporated into Android?

  • http://Website DrE

    Ask will they offer more accessories for the nexus one eg: front facing camera add on

  • http://Website Riknos

    I would like to know when to expect a phone based on the intel moorestown processor.

    Also I want to know if any android based phones are coming to US Cellular as they are the only carrier with reception in my area.

    • http://Website kathi17

      You are very lucky, USCC is supposed to be getting the Desire very soon. The Desire is one of the most desireable of the Android phones!

  • http://Website Upwad0n

    Ask: How do you plan to deal with fragmentation of Android? ie: Sense for eris still on 1.5, droid only on 2.0.1, etc.

  • http://Website Cal

    Why is no one making handsets that support both T-Mobile and AT&T 3G bands in North America?

    • http://Website kathi17

      That was sort of going to be my question. I was going to ask if HTC could make two versions of each of their high end Android phones. One in GSM with bands for both T-Mo and AT&T, and the other with CDMA bands, so we could all have their best phones regardless of which carrier we are on. I would love the EVO, but I am on T-Mo.

      • http://Website The_Omega_Man

        In a lot of cases, the Carriers commission the Phone mfgs to makes these phones specifically for them and their respective networks and with specific features/capabilities. a) To lock customers in and to b) hopefully get some competitive advantage (i.e. your $$$) In these cases the Phone mfg is contractually bound to limit the capabilities of a particular phone to that of the requesting Carrier.

        Google tried the whole, one phone for all carriers concept (N1), and failed. Perhaps when the LTE technology is more prevalent across all major carriers, this feat could be attempted again!

  • http://Website pajo

    when will android fully support GPU for all animations/transitions/scrolling etc on UI (so that UI can be snappy just like for example iPhone – which have the same hardware as some android models, but much snappier UI because it is using GPU)

  • http://Website zeeu

    When will there be native App2SD for android??

  • http://Website diordna

    For Google: How far away are we from just buying a handset and choosing the OS for ourselves? (Kinda like a PC)

    For HTC: When can we expect a decent amount of memory in your handsets?

    • http://Website kathi17

      That was going to be another of my questions. I would have bought the HD2 if I could have had Android on it.

  • http://Website Adam Litke

    If I had one question it would be,
    “When will android support Apps2Sd.”

    If the reply is never then I would follow up with,
    “Do you plan on requiring handsets to come with at least 8gb of internal storage?”

    Android has to catch up to the Iphone in the one place it is lacking and that is App storage. For goodness sake we do not even have ONE GB!!!!

    If we want developers of games and high end apps to really really invest in android they need to know that they have all kinds of space if they want to create a big app.

  • http://Website Chris

    Any information about nexus two?

  • http://www.goldfishview.com David Shellabarger

    for Moto / HTC: are you planning on moving Android beyond the phone. Tablets, desktops even TV’s maybe? What interesting interactions do see this allowing, even if other manufactures make these devices?

  • http://www.goldfishview.com David Shellabarger

    for Google (Andy Rubin): When you say, “A lot of guys have private APIs. We don’t.” and “There are no secret APIs.” from http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/04/27/googles-andy-rubin-on-everything-android/
    What are you talking about? I want to be able to turn the screen off when the proximity sensor says my phone is in my pocket. Why can’t I, as a developer, write that? The turn-screen-off API appears to be private.
    If you just haven’t had time to release that API in the public SDK, then when is it coming?
    Why do you say there are no private API’s when their are?

  • http://Website Barry

    Keep on developing the Apps2SD, but let’s get the internal memory (for Apps & everything) up to at least 64GB or higher. I am getting tired of deleting Apps to add a new App.

    Enhance cool animations to all phone functions.

    Some bad ass games, games, and more games.

    Let’s overwhelm Apple’s devices.

  • http://Website Anakin78z

    Will there be any future collaboration with companies like cooliris on android ui?

  • http://Website Ismael

    Why is taking so long to update phones to 2.x branch?

    Why it is not working as google chrome updates?

    Why nexus one gets all updates while other “with google” phones does not (HTC MAGIC)?

  • http://techchimp.blogspot.com/ Geekchimp

    To HTC: When are you going to start making phone with super amoled display.

    And do give us option about vanilla android OTA as soon as new version arrives.

    Do increase Phone memory capacity to 8/16 gb

  • http://techchimp.blogspot.com/ Geekchimp

    To HTC: Any plans on bringing qwerty keyboard to android and better GPU chipset.

  • http://techchimp.blogspot.com/ Geekchimp

    To HTC: When can we expect phones with Scorpion processors?

  • http://Website Slug2Zero

    Do the manufacturers believe that Android will ever become a true enterprise player without having to install add-on apps. The base OS doesn’t support full Activesync support at the moment, it doesn’t have basic features like pin support, remote wipe etc. This limits the uptake of the device in the enterprise space. Are manufacturers pushing Google for a more enterprise ready OS?

    • http://Website mostlyDigital

      The upcoming Dell phones are supposed to have ActiveSync support, Exchange profiles…
      I would have bet that any upcoming HP phones (until HP bought Palm) would have it. The key is manufacturers who sell into the enterprise market.

  • http://Website Brain

    Probably already suggested. But ask them about Apps2SD, if the manufacturers do anything to speed up the process, or if they only can rely on whenever Google decides to release. And what exactly is taking so much time.

  • http://Website Luca

    I’ d like to know if they are going to permit the use of wifi channels above 11.
    Here in Italy it’s frustrating not being able to use several hostspots :(

  • http://Website Pablo

    Is Google working on a better Music player for android? More options, equalizer & an overall better implementation like buttons on the lockscreen. Android really needs that!

  • jeanpaul145

    I posted these 2 questions (there is a little bit of overlap, but I posted them separately) :

    1. Will the Market finally get that massive overhaul that’s so desperately needed?
    These are my gripes, to be specific:
    - When installing an app even my Desire freezes up for a little while. Is that all I/O or is it just suboptimal programming that therefore can be improved?
    - While there are categories, it is still relatively difficult to discover new *useful* apps when not relying on word-of-mouth
    - Terrible integration with the stock Android OS (and with Sense)

    2. Will the Google android apps (Music, Gmail, Market, etc) *finally* get a more unified Look-and-Feel? Because at the moment, while Android is a great OS, visually it isn’t all that pleasing. A lot of this can be solved by simply providing a consistent LNF.

  • http://Website Sterling

    OK, we need to get all the questions about app storage space down to one or two. And given this is a thread for handset maker questions – i.e., it’s about the hardware, not the software – I suggest that we need to leave apps2sd out of it (that’s a platform/software issue).

    So, how about this: Given flash memory is so cheap, why are we still seeing handsets without gigabytes of primary app storage? [And examples like the theHTC Incredible don't count; the 8GB of RAM is not available for installing apps into.]

  • http://www.ericfortin.ca EricF

    Will we get bigger storage integrated like most MP3 Players, SSD/Flash/HDD or whatever kind ?

  • http://Website Nick

    Are we ever going to get Voice Dial via Bluetooth? It’s becoming against the law nowadays to drive and dial, so a Bluetooth enabled dialer would be a MAJOR necessity for the next OS port/enhancement

  • http://- Martin Brehme

    I would like to know, if google plans to support mor payment models than know. Its frustrating than I only can pay with credit card… I think this question is realy important for developers and their revenue models…

    • http://Website Gunner

      Paypal support is coming soon.

  • http://Website Christopher

    Can we please get a second generation (by that I mean sporting at least a 1GHz Snapdragon with 512MB of RAM) Android phone with a landscape and/or portrait keyboard please?

  • http://Website Nils

    Why is every app developer using different places for settings/preferences. Why don’t they use the data folder on the SD-card instead of throwing their data all over the root directory of the SD-card, like it happens currently and every second :)
    Maybe a recommendation for the app-developers to make use of the data folder on the SD-card. They should create their settings-folder named like their app.domain inside of this data folder and put their settings-files in there.
    Or even creating an API, handling the storage of preferences could solve this? (does it exist already? i’m not familiar with the SDK.)

    Thanks in advance.
    Regards, Nils.

  • http://Website Alex

    Where are the dividing lines between who (i.e. Google, handset manufacturer, network) supports what when it comes to Android handsets? How does this change when a customer is using a Network-branded handset (e.g. HTC Hero rebadged as T-Mobile G2 Touch).

    Are HTC aware that their tech support representatives are on record as saying support for the G2 is on a “best efforts” basis, and that they don’t actually have real G2 handsets to test with?

  • http://Website Matt

    To HTC: Will you bring Dalvik Turbo to any HTC phones, currently released or coming phones?

  • Drew

    What’s the current support outlook for 1st gen Android phones? (Specifically the G1)

  • http://Website Christian

    To Google: Do you have any plans to overhaul http://www.android.com/market/ and allow online searching rather than using my phone? As the marketplace goes it’s becoming harder to search for applications.

    An online presence to search and view applications is needed. I’d like to see the details of the application, screenshots AND permissions and possibly QR code so that I can install the application on my phone without doing the search again INSIDE my phone.

    Right now all we can see is the “Top Paid” and “Top Free” applications. As “the” search engine you’d figured this would be one of the first things you’d able to do online.

    Thanks! Btw Nexus One is awesome!!!

  • http://Website Gunner

    When will Bluetooth Initiated Voice Dialing be fully supported and switched ON for use in all Android phones?

  • http://Website Dan

    To me the most important feature is bluetooth support for voice dial. I love the OS and the device (Incredible) but that one feature should have been in the initial 1.0 OS. Many states are requiring hands free devices be used or you can get a ticket not to mention that there are just too many idots out there not paying attention to their driving with a cell up to their ear.

  • http://Website Keith M.

    I was wondering if you own a first generation handset(for me Samsung Moment), will Android 2.1 be the final update for that handset?

  • http://Website Giuseppe

    Is there a way to have the contacts display the buisness name below the contact name?

  • http://Website mmalakai10

    why are there so much problems updating all devices that are able to update? also why is it that tmobile,htc and google points the finger at each other with no real answers? is there another google phone coming out soon? whats going to happen to the phones like the mytouch 3g that is stuck on 1.6 and the apps start to become 2.0 and up?

  • http://Website Eugene M.

    Today Microsoft has claimed, that Android violates some of their patents and they’ve already licensed said patents to HTC for a fee and is talking to other Android manufacturers. Isn’t the whole idea of Open Handset Alliance to make a capable, ever-evolving and FREE OS? Wouldn’t the manufacturers just choose Windows Phone 7 if they already have to pay a fee to Microsoft? Does Google have concerns about this?

  • http://irt.dk Danny

    A lot of java developers are holding back thier applications do to lack of the paid apps feature in Android Market.

    When will paid apps be available in the remaining european countries?

  • http://Website omer

    ask the android team why google didn’t buy palm. the patent portfolio alone would have been able to help android fight the microsoft/Apple lawsuits/licensing issues.

    Or ask the android team if they plan on making the necessary changes to the OS to avoid MS patents or will they resign to having hardware partners pay MS royalties.

  • http://Website aboganas

    Why GOOGLE didn’t support the Arabic language yet? for god sake its the most stared issue in developers website. Arabic is spoken by 250 million native speakers.

  • http://Website Mike

    Are there any plans to allow users to change customization by the manufacturers back to default Android functionality? I am interested in Samsung phones but not inferior Yahoo search.

  • http://Website mkrmec

    Will Android be implementing a framework alike to the Apps2SD app solution? With that I mean: When you install a let’s say game app, the important part of the game that has to be accessed all the time stays on ROM and stuff like textures and graphical stuff gets stored on the SD. That would work best with games. With normal apps, the full install on SD would be great too.

    With that you would solve the problem of low ROM space.

  • http://Website Keith

    My questions are as follows:

    1. When if at all will we see the following features:
    - Bluetooth voice dial?
    - apps to sd?
    - more native MS exchange Support, encryption & pins
    - Dalvik Turbo?

    2. What problems do they see coming from any of the lawsuits going on?
    a. Apple on HTC
    b. Possible one from Microsoft on Android phone makers.

    3. Ask of Motorola and/or HTC
    a. please allow us to turn off Sense and/or Motoblur.
    b. Motorola will all new phones have motoblur (most concerned about Droid 2).

  • http://Website remolon

    Will there be NTFS file system support in future???? I guess theres only FAT32 rite now!!! With the likes of multimedia monsters from samsung giving divx play back(HD movies may take up upto 4GB or more size), it would be great if we can have ntfs file system support as there is no file size limits in it(FAT32 has limitations).

  • SpykeZ

    Well since the main important questions are done ill ask this since its been bugging me. Will there be a revision of the market? In its current state the search function doesn’t retain the notorious working Google search and often need toKnow the exact name of the app to get show up at times. There’s also been a ridiculous amount of spam through the comments system, like pocket empires, what is going to be done with this. Can we have a comment vote system in place su h as that on youtube?

  • http://Website floyd

    Am based on the middle east……just bought an Xperia X10…trying to download some free apps to test out….but don’t seem to able to do this from androis market….no download option …does this have to do with my region?

  • http://Website Paul

    Now that all mobile phone companies (except apple) will use the same micro usb charger why cant you all or at least one mobile company create a universal dock port on the bottom of the phone which can incorporate the micro usb for docking into speaker systems & pc dock & tv dock to play the lovely content on your new large tv.

    This is one reason ipods & iphones are so popular go into any electrical store & see an entire section devoted to the ipod dock system.

    Please introduce a dock system on the bottom of you future releases, if not why not, & don’t use the excuse, no one wants one, we do.

  • http://Website bb

    Push notifications?

  • http://Website nab

    i think google is too slow in implementing its updates, and specially in upgrading the update contents, such as apps2sd, a good stock media player etc etc.. these are the issues they should have been able to sort out by now, after all its been an year and half (prob more) – for god’s sake, these are the default features of a modern OS, but they still disappoint fans..

    apps2sd,.. is it ‘really’ such big of a deal !!.. i think google really should fire their advisors and decision makers for ‘android’, coz it seems they lack basic market sense at this level –…

    –….Do u really think ive bought this 3.7″ AMOLED, 1Ghz Snapdragon beast (yes, nexus!) to read my mails on, with merely 100 mb onboard for apps, ur really hindering the development of rich media apps, such as quality graphics games (really a huge market in todays terms), vibrant clients (twitter, facebook, WindowsLive – hv u checked iphone’s) .. etc.. which should let me feel im utilizing my Gigahertz core!
    (i’ve rooted my nexus, but im talking OS as a whole.. after a year, we really dont even have a handful number of content rich apps!)

    secondly.. the update proceedure.. its just inefficient, infact very inefficient: google delays> manufacture delays> carrier delays>delays>delays>delays! – i threw my g1 just because of that

    - really hope to see the shining android OS, pretty sure Froyo wont sell it though!

  • Ng LC

    To Google
    - Since a lot of people use their mobile phone as an mp3 player instead the actual mp3 device,are you planing of improving the music player experience on the Android OS? Like adding EQ settings,better and user friendly music interface (doesn’t have to look like the Apple’s iPod Touch music interface) or even add cool features for better music experience.

    - Are you guys planing on allowing Android Market to be available worldwide?

    - How about the Google Navigation features? Can we expect to be available worldwide very soon?

    To HTC
    - We have been waiting for the HTC Hero Android 2.1 update for a long time, when are you guys going to release the update?

  • http://Website Alex

    To Google:

    When will you make the market single local currency?

    I can’t buy US apps in the UK because my bank charges me £2.50 every time I buy something in dollars.

  • http://www.abunailee.narcthatcar.com EmeryLee

    To Google:

    Can you please include a multiple from field for the Gmail app? For example, on the web-based site you can choose which email address you would like to appear in the from field while composing an email. But, unfortunately, that option doesn’t exist on the handhelds. This is an important feature because if a user is using Gmail as a conduit for email filtering you don’t have to compromise that account while communicating with others.

    Also, can you allow a choice where to install apps? For example, on many android phones you only have just so much RAM, it would be really cool if you could choose to install the apps directly onto the removeable flash memory card. This way the limitations could be managed more accurately.

  • http://Website Inspiron41

    Would we likely see an Android book reader application from Google?

  • http://Website chancy

    My questions are:

  • http://reukiodo.dyndns.org/ reukiodo

    HTC: When are we going to see a true next gen successor to the Dream? Something like a merge of the Dream with the Desire with
    - >1GHz CPU
    - >512MB RAM
    - >512MB flash
    - WiFi n
    - FM transmit/receive
    - >8mp camera
    - dual flash
    - dual mic
    - 5-row wide keyboard (like TP2 with all characters: /, \, {, }, etc)
    - mute/conference button
    - maybe left d-pad (gaming)
    - dedicated two-press camera button
    - call/end buttons
    - optical trackpad
    - 3.5mm headphone jack
    - desk dock & car dock
    - >8hr battery life

  • http://Website mah533

    something like a TI-89 emulator would be appreciated by many students!

  • Zeak

    As a HTC Desire user I was kind of disappointed with the lack of voice search option. So my question is will this function remain a Nexus-only feature, or the future Android phones will offer it to everyone?

  • Yogs3

    What about good Phones on tmobile? Or Android 2.1 on the mytouch?

  • http://Website Amr

    For Google :

    1-native App2SD for android
    2-ability to specify a proxy server when working over the WiFi
    3-Support for the Arabic Language !


    • http://Website Stuart

      Definitely the ability to use a proxy via Wifi. Millions of users will breath a collective sigh of relief getting this ASAP.

  • http://Website Dee

    can we ever expect much more vibrant widgets? or will they forever be a box or a rectangle?

  • http://Website Kenny

    All I want is a four or five row qwerty (preferably five row like the G1) with 1ghz snapdragon or better. Any plans on making one? If so what service will be getting this…Version? T-mobile? Sprint?

  • AndMac

    I am an iPhone 3Gs owner, planning to jump to Android.

    The main objection I hear from everyone I talk about my plan, is that the Android world is too fragmented, which results in myriad OS versions, slow updates, app incompatibilities.

    I have to admit to being a little worried about this as well.

    So I hope Google has a plan to deal with this, and deal with it fast.

    Maybe the Android vanilla for everyone will be a solution, with carriers/manufacturers modifying on top.

    Perhaps Google should buy Sense from HTC and integrate it into the next version of Android.

  • http://Website Peter

    Will there be another Google phone to keep the Nexus One company?

  • http://Website Peter

    How is Google’s relationship with at&t on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being excellent?

  • http://www.myspace.com ToVachea Nealy

    Will we see android 2.2 coming to 1st generation devices and if not what about reiterations of devices like the Mytouch 3G 32b?

  • http://myspace.com/tovachea ToVachea Nealy

    Will owners of 1st generation devices receive updates similar to android 2.2 in the sense that they can’t handle the official update?

  • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

    Can they work together and come up with a standard to customize the Android UI in a way that the OS can be updated without waiting for months?

    There must be a way to standardize most types of customization.

  • http://myspace.com/tovachea ToVachea Nealy

    Will the new mytouch 3G be able to upgrade to android 2.1 or 2.2 ?

  • http://myspace.com/tovachea ToVachea Nealy

    Will Google find a new way for android owners to update their phones instead of waiting on carriers? Apple allows you to update your Iphone/Ipod straight from the apple website. Will Google come up with something similar to that?

  • http://Website taneal bhandari

    What are your thoughts about the rate at which new faster chips (resulting in new faster handsets) are being delivered? I have a G1 and feel like my Android device is on the verge of being obsolete unless I root it and use a custom ROM. I have a feeling T-Mobile will not be customizing Android 2.1 or 2.2 for it. I’ve only had this phone for 18 months. My last phone was a BlackBerry 8700g and I felt that its shelflife was much longer as was my phone before that. Thanks.

  • http://Website Reint

    To Google and HTC:

    Is there any plan to unify the firmware upgrade process? I mean: even iphone 1st generation (3 years old) are getting the last firmware of iPhoneOS and, by contrast, a lot of mobile phones released last year are stuck on Android 1.6. There are no unified updates and no new features to mobile phones running android. Examples of that: Hero, Magic.

    How can HTC expect that I’ll buy EVO, if when Android gets a new version (2.2?) I’ll be left once again behind and HTC will release instead EVO II, for example.

    I mean, if I had some guarantee that I’ll have new android versions I’ll feel fine to update my Magic to Evo/Desire. This way I will only update my magic when android 2.5 2.6 or something will be out.

  • http://Website DgDeBx

    Will Google create a desktop version of the Android Market?

  • http://twitter.com/TMCraver TMCraver

    For HTC:

    When can we expect to see a High end Android sold directly through T-mobile?

  • http://Website Sam

    For HTC:

    is there an android version for the HD2 ?

  • http://Website Chander

    For HTC:
    1. A number of serious problems have been reported for the Nexus One such as the 3G issue, the Soft buttons not working as desired and buggy multi-touch implementation. Is HTC going to solve some of these using software updates or is the hardware really flawed?
    2. The Nexus One is supposed to have hardware support for the new Wifi standard and a FM radio. Are these features going to get enabled with the Froyo update?

    For Google:
    1. Despite having phenomenal specs the Nexus One hasn’t sold as much as the iPhone. What does Google think about this?
    2. As top carriers have rejected Google’s phone store and Sprint has decided to go with HTC EVO 4G rather than Nexus one, what id the future of Google selling phones directly to consumers. Is it gonna end with Nexus One or continue no matter what?

  • http://Website Chander

    For HTC:
    Why didn’t HTC provide Sense UI on the Nexus One? Are there any plans to offer the same with the option to turn it off whenever required?

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  • http://Website Richard

    For Google & HTC:
    Are they any plans for the Nexus Two launch? If there is, what are the things that are key that will become a successor of the Nexus One other than the Android software?

  • http://Website cgjjaf

    As more carriers move away from the Nexus One, is Google planning to implement any sort of “upgrade” program for next generation devices (Nexus 2)?

  • http://Website Joren Mathews

    Why is there a recent trend towards touch buttons on newer phones? I don’t think I’m alone in preferring physical buttons.

  • http://Website Jonathan Mallett

    Is the android team working on mobile apps for google docs and google reader? Thanks

    • http://Website Mark

      Ditto on the Reader and Docs standalone applications questions, I’d also like to have a standalone Tasks app that integrates with the calendar with a due date/time option.

      I know that Googles all about the cloud but I prefer to use an app that syncs with that cloud (On a mobile device)

  • http://Website Nick

    Ask them why they are allowing updates to lag behind for certain phones but not others. Fragmentation is a huge deal.

  • http://Website Jared Johnson

    Not sure if this is a question for android devs or handset manufacturers really:

    I hear that the “top three carriers” have “rejected” the Nexus One. When the N1 was still a rumour, everyone was talking about how Google would be screwing over the cell phone companies with a _single_ phone that would be compatible with all major carriers — including 3G — that you could buy direct from Google. This made great sense to me; why buy handsets from providers? Would you buy a branded, crippled computer from your ISP? Or a computer that only worked with one ISP, requiring a new purchase if you wanted to take your business elsewhere? This idea has of course been completely overturned and although I bought a Nexus One and absolutely love it, I don’t understand: what is stopping Google from selling a phone that will work on Sprint’s network whether Sprint likes it or not? And furthermore, what is stopping them from selling a phone that will work on T-Mobile OR Sprint OR Verizon OR AT&T at 3G speeds (and later 3-4G speeds), without asking permission from anyone? Is this a hardware limitation on the part of the handset manufacturer? Or a political limitation for Google or HTC?

  • AndMac

    One BIG request for the manufacturers:

    Do NOT plaster giant logos all over the face of the phone!

    It looks terrible, particularly when the carrier logos are added.

    Clean looks is a good thing and between two comparable phones, I would chose the one without facial graffiti.

  • http://spsbc.com/blog Sean

    Are we going to be getting some Audible support for Android? I really miss my audio book and don’t want to have to carry an extra device to just listen to books.

  • http://Website pimpstrong

    Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t the best selling Android phones ones with a Hardware Keyboard? It seems like its not that big of a deal to manufacturers to have more phones than solely the DROID to be equipped with a KB and a “Large” screen. AMERICA WANTS A KB! I’m still using a crappy Windows Mobile Touch Pro 2 because the hardware is almost exactly what I want. I refuse to leap to the awsome Android OS until more “DROID’s” are manufactured. Thank you

  • http://Website Joseph

    When will we see a phone that has at lest 8 GBs of ram/rom? It just don’t get it you make a smart phone witch was made to put apps on but you have to do it in less then 256/512mbs.

  • http://Website Elijah Carter

    Why are manufacturers getting rid of physical buttons? And some even the trackball/pad?! (talking about you Moto Droid) How do you expect us to use our phones when we are walking outside in the dead of winter? Obviously no one is gonna appreciate having to take their gloves off. Sure I have a capacitive stylus, but that requires 2 hands and is too annoying to have to carry around.

    And further more why the omission of a dedicated phone and end button!? These are, after all, phones. A dedicated button works better than me having to add a notification shortcut to go to the phone app (which requires another app just to do that). At least Sense 2.1 KIND of makes up for this by adding an END CALL button in the notification bar. Cmon manufacturers, keep it old school wit the buttons! I want to see more button layouts like the HTC Hero and Magic, and hell even the new LG Ally does it right!! In fact, make me an Evo with a trackball/pad and HD2′s buttons and you got my money!

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