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Dell Streak to come in 5, 7, and 10 inch flavors

New details have emerged about Dell’s upcoming line of Android tablets. Engadget has leaked some pictures of the new Dell Streak which will come in 5, 7, and 10 inch versions. The Dell Streak 5 (aka Mini 5) will be the first version to be released and should appear on AT&T in late summer. The 7 inch version should launch in late 2010 followed by the 10 incher in early 2011.

Engadget also notes that the Dell Aero will launch on AT&T this June. Hopefully Dell is using that extra time to upgrade the firmware to something newer than Android 1.5.

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website G1 guy

    I think you made a typo… you said the 10 incher would be available early 2010.. perhaps you meant early 2011

  • http://Website William Furr

    It’s the Archos strategy: make a whole range of tablets in every size and form factor.

  • http://Website bren

    Oh dell, cut the tease and tell to the world, that it will have a price of below 500 dollars and we’ll put this on our list of future tablets. On the other hand, it may be wise to think that on 2011, Google may release their tablet as well. .

  • http://Website Zuggy

    I hope they release them for purchase without a 3G radio, I’m not on AT&T and don’t intend on signing a contract with them just for an android tablet.

  • http://Website Andrew

    Looks just like an iPad…

  • http://Website Deeb215

    @andrew..i beg to differ. this looks 10x better than the iPass. the fact that you can MULTITASK out of the box and run Android is enough for me. not too excited about AT&T tho. Also, why not include a front facing camera…

  • krazytrixxxsta

    why is at&t getting such a great device? when is tmobile going to get some new android love, as much as i love my mytouch i want something new and better.

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