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Droid Incredible does TV out (VIDEO)

We learned last week that the upcoming Droid Incredible would do TV out and now we have new details on how it works. Customers will have to purchase an optional accessory that plugs into the micro USB port and sends a signal to a composite video connection.

Wirefly has a short video demonstration of how the accessory works. The phone’s full display is output to a TV and automatically converts to a widescreen view when a movie is played.

Since the accessory works via micro USB, this feature could also appear on similar HTC phones built on the same Snapdragon platform. This would include Google’s Nexus One and the HTC Desire.

No pricing information is available for the TV out accessory at this time.

Source: Wirefly

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  • http://Website vizzle07

    OOoooohhh, very nice! Do you think this would work with the knocking video app?

    • http://Website Mike

      The cord can be found on amazon. it’s called an ACT100 cable. just google it and you’ll find them between $10 and $30

      • http://Website Kort

        Not so. The ACT 100 is for the Touch Pro, which has a different usb port. Amazon claims to sell an HTC Incredible video out cable, but the one reviewer says it, too, is the wrong usb plug.

        • http://Website jerry

          S0 what is the right cord for the incredible for the vidoe out on tv ?

  • http://Website geekosphere101

    EVO definitely wins with the HDMI, but composite isn’t as bad as it seems. Definitely like the capability with the new NFL mobile deal.

    • http://Website leslie

      First time I saw EVO on its debut last 3 weeks, and my first reaction was like, 8mp cam and 4G connection? superb indeed! As for the accessories, I wouldn’t mind getting them as long as someone will pay that for me! Be practical, Evo comparison. Reaction to HTC’s SuperPhone

  • http://Website Jeremy

    So for those of us that don’t know could someone explain the quality difference between this method and those phones with HDMI out?

    • http://Website Matt

      HDMI is a superior CABLE to composite. It is significantly better.

      HOWEVER, I cannot tell from this video how the quality of the output is.

      For instance, 1080p is the highest quality standard for video widely in use today. That generally travels over HDMI, which is capable of outputting 1080p, whereas composite cannot output 1080p.

      HOWEVER, HDMI could also simply put out a lower quality signal on par with the composite signal. Obviously this is extremely unlikely, but there’s more to the equation than just “HDMI > Component > Composite” (Component being the “in-between” standard, quality-wise)

  • http://Website dang

    dang, is the droid capable of this?

  • http://Website Me

    HDMI is only worth it if you have a screen size over 42″ and even then wont be a huge noticeable difference, HDMI is just a convenience feature.

    • http://Website Joel

      What are you talking about. Any HD tv can benefit from HDMI. From being the less cables or from a Superior connector. Don’t try to say “The Incredible is Just as good as the EVO” Its not. its cool that HTC is doing this, but having a HDMI Out is Much better than anything else out right now.

      • http://Website Andy

        Right on. This should be HDMI. Don’t get me wrong, I’m getting the Incredible as soon as it comes out, but the Evo is better in almost every way … so far. The Incredible wins in pocketability and AMOLED vs. LCD. Evo wins on screen size, front-facing camera, 720p recording, HDMI, 4G, wi-fi tethering and design. 4G battery life is an unknown.

        BUT, what really matters to me is that Incredible is out first and on my carrier … Winner! I think I’ll spring for the 1-year contract though.

        • http://Website Derek

          Who says the Evo doesnt have AMOLED? The sprint website says it does under specifications section.

          • http://Website Someone

            Where on Sprint’s website does it state that the EVO 4G has an AMOLED screen? All it says is 4.3-inch screen.

          • jjl84

            My dad can beat up your dad. Who cares guys? We’re all on the same team (Android). They’re both awesome phones and if you’re a Sprint user, get the EVO. Some of us like being on Verizon so we’ll get the Incredible.

            And for the HDMI vs Component debate: 1) Just Google HDMI vs Component and you’ll get plenty of answers 2) HDMI is superior, but unless you have an uncompressed 30 gig HD video on your phone I doubt you’ll notice a difference since they both do 720p output. Since the EVO will support up to 720p, I would highly doubt any of you could tell the difference between HDMI vs Component.

            But seriously, my dad can beat up your dad. Lol.

          • http://Website Andy

            My understanding is that these are composite (aka the old RCA cables) not component video cables. The difference is more akin to your my old 19-in standard-definition TV vs. a new 37-inch HD flat screen … or the the QVGA screen on a Hero vs. the WVGA screen on a Droid.

            On the plus side, it’ll give Monster an excuse to make a gold-plated $200 cable again.

          • jjl84

            It’s actually component so it’ll be capable of 720p. Really, the only benefit of having HDMI on a phone is having the audio built in, but component is better if you have an older TV that only supports component. I’m not saying component is better, it’s just not an important issue to argue about. Let this phone be what it is and let the EVO be what it is: both are awesome!

          • http://Website Andy

            Don’t get me wrong. I like this and have already ordered one. I’m not trashing it, but he clearly says in the first 10 seconds that it uses composite cables. I just don’t want anyone to be mislead.

      • http://zwireless brent

        although the hdmi is a better class of cable and higher capability, but the difference is that no phone on the market is capable of doing anymore than 720p for video output, so hdmi in this case would only be of value for ease not for quality.

  • http://Website Ty

    Imagine using that in combination with one of the new pico-projectors such as the laser projector made by Microvision!

  • http://Website Brian

    pleeeeeeeeease tell me something like this will come out for the nexus.

  • http://moonlight42.com Moonlight42

    We are involved in development on the Android phone ourselves. Please take a look at our link: http://bit.ly/b4v2Qy

  • http://Website Alan

    Anyone know if there’s any chance the HTC Desire could do this too? It seems like their specs are pretty similar apart from the body design and the higher megapixels/dual flash on the HTC Incredible.

  • http://Website treefq

    One thing I see as a problem is your running on battery. No way to have the phone charging and displaying at the same time?

    • http://zwireless brent

      unless you use a charging pad instead.

    • http://Website brent

      also many tv out cables also have an extra usb port for charging purposes

  • http://www.ellerbestyle.com Ellerbestyle

    When comparing the Incredible to the EVO I wouldn’t put 4g in the win column. 4G isn’t in a lot of places and there is a lot of unknown about it.

  • http://None ihightower

    I don’t know if this cable will work with the “Incredible”


    but certainly, a similar cable can do charging as well as display on TV.

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  • http://Website wannoNO

    Any updates to this info? I want TV OUT!

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  • http://Website Manny

    Here is where I bought my cable for HTC incredible


  • http://Website Cher

    I know everyone is comparing the incredible and evo. But what about the Droid X? Cause I heard its pretty similar to the other 2 phones. So which one out of the 3 does everyone recommend most? Should i go with one of the 2 from verizon or with sprint the evo 4g?

  • http://Website steven

    WOW, I really would like it happens on my HTC hd2. I have been always dreamed of having my mobile working as a computer.
    I had found guy from hong kong selling mini-keyboard for Iphone on ebay,

    That is a good start, one day I will be able put my mobile+keyboard+mouse+mini or mabe folderable LCD in my pocket, I am looking forward to that day :)

  • http://Website jesus

    I have this phone and I aboslutely love it! And recently got the sling link adapter for DISH and now I cannot put my phone down. I can watch TV and my DVR recording from my phone! If you have this phone or any other android phone check the sling link adapter out at my job’s website; dishnetwork.com!


    i would like yo know for how much can i get it this cable for my HTC 4G INSPIRE . In american dollars. i im from HONDURAS REPUBLIC IN AMERICA CENTRAL. THANKS.



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