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Droid Incredible hands-on video in the wild


User manuals and spec rundowns are great, but how does the device look and function in person? Our answer comes from a quick video of Keith Nowak, Public Relations for HTC, taken by Nerdstalker at the 99% conference in New York.

No big surprises here and a lot of the video centers around how awesome Sense UI is, but it is nice to see that beautiful AMOLED screen and watch the Snapdragon processor pushing everything along at breakneck speeds.

With less than two weeks to go before launch I’m sure this is just the tip of the Incredible sightings iceberg; so stay tuned and we’ll keep up-to-date on the newest addition to the Droid family.

Via: Droid Life

Source: Nerdstalker

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  • http://Website Joshua Hunt

    I really want one of these.

  • http://medwablog.blogspot.com/ Medwa

    This baby is mine come April 29th. Good riddance crackberry!

    • http://Website sawa

      This phone may cannibalize N1 due to simply having HTC Sense in it and the full “Google Experience”. Plus 8GB internal, 8MP cam. Why bother with an N1 if you’re a VZW customer now? Actually the leaked impression posted before was actually incredible.

  • http://Website oscar

    Cmon when is Tmobile getting a phone like this other than the nexus one…?

    • http://Website wil

      What about the HTC hd2?

      • krazytrixxxsta

        it’s a windows 6.5 phone, these bastards didnt have the common decency to make it a windows 7. It seem like a great phone, but that whole windows 6.5 os just destroy any hope of glory the phone had.

    • http://Website sonichris

      errr.. the n1 and this phone are practically the same phone. just add sense ui ROM to n1 and BOOM! instant incredible. 5mp vs. 8mp camera, big deal.

      on a different note… great blurry video!! jeez, if you are going to get a scoop like this at least learn how to use your video recorder (macro settings, auto focus, etc…).

      • http://Website koolkeith1875

        you cant add 8 gigs of on board memory to N1, this phone is just flat out better. N1 wasnt going to be king of the androids forever.

        • http://Website sonichris

          i agree that it is ‘slightly’ better. but the 8gb memory is pretty much like a sd card you can’t take out. i’m not saying that you are wrong in thinking that it’s better, but is it THAT much better?

          i guess my point is that i don’t get why every one is going gaga over this phone while the nexus one gets dissed left and right. i actually read some blog that called it the ‘aging nexus one’. WTF?! IT’S THE SAME PHONE! no one has uttered a bad thing about this phone, but the N1 gets bad press everywhere. would someone please explain what is going on.

          • http://zer0-9 Name (required)

            While the entire 8gb is not available for internal application storage it is not the same thing as an SD card.

            On board memory functions at a higher speed and lower failure rate. Additionally it should be possible to shift the partition information to alot for more of that 8gb to be used for application storage and also swap space.

            In addition internal memory provides greater security features as you can lock out certain functionality to protect sensitive data in the event of a lost/stolen phone. Information on an SD card can simply be pulled from the unit and no remote wipe software will be able to touch it.

  • http://Website Topshelf

    Nice! That phone is fast! I’m really looking forward to grabbing this in a few weeks. I hate my BB more every day I wait for this phone.

  • http://Website Joel

    WHERE ARE YOU EVO?!?!?!?!??!

    • http://Website manly man

      Its coming soon bro!