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Flash 10.1 coming to Android in 2H 2010

We expected Adobe would release an Android beta of Flash 10.1 at last year’s MAX conference, but it never materialized. In a recent interview with Fox Business, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen said we should now see Flash 10.1 released in the second half of this year.

“We have a number of excited partners who are working aggressively with us to bring Flash to their devices, whether they be smartphones as well as handsets, and so companies like Google or RIM or Palm are going to be releasing versions of Flash on smartphones and tablets in the second half of the year.”Shantanu NarayenAdobe CEO

Flash 10.1 will require an ARM Cortex-A8 based processor or higher, which rules out all first generation Android phones. The Motorola Droid and Nexus One are the only Andriod phones currently available in the United States that will have enough power to pump out Flash 10.1 content.

Via: Android Central

Source: Fox Business

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  • http://Website victor

    what? no love for snapdragon phones? surely they’re powerful enough?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Snapdragon = Cortex-A8

    • http://Website Kren

      Like most of the N1 users, we are waiting for the clamored flash release for it — It has been 4 months now, and all we’re seeing are tease. (Nexus One Disadvantages)

  • http://Website archboy69

    Alright already…we heard the new and Adobe keeps saying it will come out last year then 1st quarter and and now 2nd quarter. At this point either release it or shut up…by the time they do come about releasing it…I’ll be ready for html 5 instead.

    • http://Website Meh

      HTML 5 video tag has no standard video codec. Safari will play h.264 but not .ogg and firefox will play .ogg but not h.264.

      So developers are going to write more lines of code to account for different browser’s codec preference. Its just as sloppy as CSS and I don’t think it will access your GPU so good luck trying to play HD videos on HTML 5 without wasting CPU cycles.

      As for Flash, seems like they have a lot of bugs tryin to port it to mobile.

      • http://Website Not Relevent

        Wrong. Designers who choose to use HTML5′s video tag don’t have to do anything in there sites to support the specific codec. The only folks who this would even remotely matter to would be the content creators or perhaps the browsers makers, but definitely not Web Designers themselves, since it’ll be the same tag regardless of what codec is used.

  • http://Website Max

    WHAT???? they said FIRST half of the year….. grrr I hate them!!!!
    (Still hating google for the issue 1273 (proxy http) which they haven’t fixed yet)

  • http://twitter.com/stevedew steve

    adobe can blow me. flash has been coming for Android SINCE FALL 2009. same old shit…

  • http://Website gad

    (yawns.)……wouldn’t hold my breath

  • http://Website anakin78z

    Adobe is working really hard on becoming irrelevant.
    Can we focus on silverlight instead?

  • http://Website RidleyGriff

    Hey Adobe — less time whining about Apple, more time working on Flash!

  • http://Website j

    Im getting sick and tired of adobe’s lies while they just continue to rub it in and tease us with nexus one flash video’s! as much as i dislike steve jobs im starting to think he’s right adobe is lazy!

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  • http://www.lesismorepro.com lesismore

    My wife’s htc hero has flash. How does hero get flash b4 everybody else?

    • http://www.wimsbios.com Wim Bervoets

      @lesismore: the Hero has Flash Lite. It’ll not get Flash 10.1 support because the hardware is too slow according to Adobe. I think this news shows that Adobe is having a very hard time to get Flash running on mobiles. I remember Adobe showing and promising Flash since the first Android phones… there is still nothing.

  • stalker

    I am very excited to see flash 10.1 on my N1.

  • http://blogs.adobe.com/jd John Dowdell

    I’m sorry that last year’s guidance proved too optimistic on timing… you need to predict your own schedules, so the early predictions of software and hardware manufacturers are vital.

    If it’s any solace, then the wave keeps getting bigger as it swells… particularly during the last month we’ve seen a lot more consumer awareness of this entire class of new devices, in new form factors. Once this wave does hit its first shipment of consumer devices it will be a big, worldwide thing.

    Doesn’t help with your own anticipation, I know, but at least you’ll be ‘way in front of a much larger pack…. ;-)


  • http://Website kina
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