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Garminfone sets a course for T-Mobile this spring

In a surprise move, T-Mobile USA announced today that the Garminfone (aka Nuvifone A50) will be joining their family of Android phones later this spring. T-Mobile customers who have been patiently waiting for a high-end Android phone will want to pass on this device since it is targeted at mid-range. The Garminfone ships with Android 1.6 running on a 600 MHz Qualcomm processor (MSM7227) and a 3.5 inch display.

I’m guessing Garmin started working on this phone long before Google released their free Google Maps Navigation service (which works with all Android 1.6+ phones in the U.S.). I think Google’s software offers the best navigation experience and it is still in a beta release.

The timing of this release is very puzzling, considering T-Mobile also has the myTouch 3G Slide right around the corner. Both phones features similar specs, except the myTouch 3G Slide will feature the latest Android 2.1 with HTC’s Sense UI.

Our friend Michael Orly from Mobile Burn got his hands on a demo unit (back during MWC) and posted some early impressions. The software is likely to change for the T-Mobile version, but the hardware should remain the same.

T-Mobile USA Announces Upcoming Availability of Garminfone

First Android-powered Smartphone from Garmin
coming exclusively to T-Mobile later this spring

BELLEVUE, Wash. – Apr. 21, 2010 – T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced the upcoming, exclusive availability of the new Garminfoneâ„¢, the first Androidâ„¢-powered smartphone fully-integrated with Garmin’s premium navigation experience. Anticipated to be available later this spring, Garminfone is a sleek, full-touch 3G smartphone with a large 3.5-inch screen integrated with Garmin’s robust navigation experience for fast and reliable navigation from the middle of town to the middle of nowhere – and back.

“The Garminfone brings together two increasingly popular devices in one state-of-the-art package, delivering a rich, unique experience that no other smartphone or standalone navigation device can offer,” said George Harrison, vice president, marketing product innovation, T-Mobile USA. “Busy people balancing personal and professional lives are increasingly seeking smartphones, and the deep integration of Garmin navigation into the smartphone features of this device helps them do more with one device to more simply navigate their busy lives.”

Cliff Pemble, president and COO, Garmin International said, “As the North American leader in Personal Navigation Devices, Garmin sought to partner with the leading carrier of Android smartphones, T-Mobile USA, to bring our first Android device to market. Garmin’s advanced, user-friendly navigation technology is used by millions of people every day, and the combination of Garmin’s rich navigation services on the Android platform simply makes Garminfone a must-have device for families, individuals, travelers, commuters, and professionals alike.”

Garminfone features Garmin’s industry-leading personal navigation experience integrated throughout the device including the following:

· Integrated Navigation + Smartphone Experience: Garminfone delivers navigation capabilities beyond what other smartphones and standalone navigation devices provide. Customers can navigate to an address simply by clicking on it from a text message or e-mail, contact, calendar appointment, or web page. Garminfone can even remember where you are parked and navigate you back to your car. The 3-megapixel camera with autofocus automatically geotags images so you can navigate back to where your family vacation photos were taken, e-mail geo-tagged images to friends and family members, or post geo-tagged pictures on the Web for others to enjoy. Helpful Garmin travel applications such as dynamic, real-time traffic; weather local events; movie listings; and gas prices are pre-installed and easy to access and use.

· Garmin Navigation: Driving, walking and public transportation navigation with voice and on-screen directions and automatic re-routing are deeply integrated into the smartphone features of Garminfone to simplify navigating your daily life. On-board North American maps offer fast and reliable directions – whether in or out of cell phone coverage – and multiple overlapping positioning technologies ensure Garminfone customers have one of the best location and navigation experiences a smartphone can offer. In addition, Garminfone utilizes text-to-speech technology to speak street names, and the screen automatically switches between day and night modes for easier viewing while driving.

· Garmin Voice Studio: Garminfone is the first to feature Garmin Voice Studio, an Android application, which allows customers to record and share custom voice directions from family and friends.

Garminfone also includes a convenient charging window and dashboard mount, enabling customers to easily navigate and charge the phone’s battery simultaneously.

In addition to the comprehensive navigational features, the Garminfone is built on the Android operating system offering a rich mobile Web experience with integrated Googleâ„¢ mobile services including Google Search by voice, Google Mapsâ„¢, YouTube® and access to Android Market, where customers can find thousands of applications to further enhance their travel experience and their daily lives. The mobile Web browser experience includes enhanced functions including pinch and zoom capability and embedded location awareness which links information found on the Web to navigation and mapping functions, allowing users to navigate directly to a location from a Web page.

The powerful mobile data experience Garminfone delivers is supported by fast data speeds via Wi-Fi and T-Mobile’s nationwide 3G network*. Garminfone also offers essential smartphone features such as easy access to personal and work e-mail, including support for Microsoft® Exchange e-mail, contacts and calendar; social networking; instant messaging; an advanced music player; and a 3-megapixel autofocus camera.


Garminfone is expected to be available in the U.S. exclusively to T-Mobile customers later this spring. For more information, please visit http://garminfone.t-mobile.com.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • http://Website grey

    Google maps navigation has been enabled on my nexus one here in the UK! !!!

    Just happened now.

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  • Alan Reboli

    Eh, this phone is too little way too late. The only selling point of this phone is Garmin’s offline maps. There are plenty of different offline mapping options now. I’ve played with the phone and it wasn’t that impressive. 1.6, 3MP Camera (w/o flash), custom UI that’s just Eh. I want to see this phone with 2.1 and see what it can offer.. but it won’t upgrade the hardware.

  • http://Website liya

    I think the M10 garmin debuted earlier was pretty impressive already.

  • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

    I’m getting very disappointed with T-Mobile and their phone selection–it’s almost embarrassing to see stuff like this come out. In the last week, we’ve seen Verizon debut the Incredible, Apple (unofficially) leak the new iPhone, US Cellular announce the Desire… and now T-Mobile presents… what? Android 1.6? Qualcomm MSM7xxx processor? 3MP camera? Yawn…

    Offline maps are a big plus, but not enough to overcome last-gen specs and OS. Hard to find something remarkable about this phone when almost every other Android phone in the US (and now UK) does Google Maps + Nav for free.

    • http://Website JBC

      lol I was literally just about to type the same thing. Its becoming rediculous.

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  • http://Website James

    Don’t worry andriod fans, it will run 2.1 and an update is on the way. You Google fans are short sighted, Sure Google Maps is the best free mobile GPS out there today but it won’t hold a candle to the features and user friendly GUI this phone will have. Ask anyone who has a smart phone, andriod or not, and majority would agree their stand alone GPS units are better than what they have on their phones. This phone is what I am sure Garmin is lauching as more of a test pilot to future phones to see how it is recieved and for those of you who have used Gamin Mobile on a Windows Mobile phone (a $99.99 application) you’ll agree this phone for business use will be a game changer, but I do wish it would have lunched with a 1ghz snapdragon processor and Andriod 2.1. In due time I guess.

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