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HTC Desire likely headed to U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular, our nation’s sixth largest wireless carrier, could soon be launching the HTC Desire. A U.S. Cellular rebate form was leaked early that clearly displays the Desire. No launch date is available, but the rebate form says customers must purchase their phone from April 16th to July 15th.

We originally expected to see the Desire on every key carrier in every key country, but no United States carriers have officially announced the device yet.

HTC Desire coming soon?

Via: Android Central

Source: Howard Forums

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  • http://www.nashvilletn-real-estate.com Dean Williams

    BAH! Where’s the T-Mobile leak? I’m ready to upgrade from the MT3G, but won’t pay full price for the N1 and I can’t get it with my already discounted family plan.

  • http://Website jen

    I love dedicated keys, and I really love when they’re not touch keys but real physical press and click keys. Touch is great for a lot of things and very flexible, but not for every single function. I also like a dedicated volume control and a dedicated power/lock button. I just don’t see any possible negatives to having those. If you want to duplicate those functions with touch as well, that’s fine, but give me my buttons.
    Hopefully this one can live up to the expectation of the users: HTC Desire Reactions

  • http://Website Dan

    I’ve been hoping this would come out on AT&T– I’m stuck on AT&T and my contract is up and I’m wanting to upgrade from my iPhone 3g. Unfortunately, it looks like AT&T isn’t going to have a decent Android phone any time soon.

    • JAStark87

      rumor has it that at&t is getting the samsung galaxy s and that thing is a beast only behind the evo in my opinion its got an 8gb flash memory or 16gb best display at the last ctia a lil bit ago if i had at&t id be waiting for that phone but thats just my opinion look it up if u dont know what phone im talking about im sure u can find it on here

    • JAStark87

      oh and did i mention a 4inch screen

    • http://Website Pgrizzle

      Motorolla backflip. Were have you been?

      • http://Website J. Mc

        He said *decent* Android phone…and the Backflip ain’t that.

        Oh…you were beign sarcastic….sorry.

  • http://Website chan

    OMFG YES PLZ! USCC isnt that bad….. great coverage in the midwest…. we need a GREAT ANDROID PHONE

  • BiGJaY75

    i was waiting for this phone since feb of this year but once the samsung galaxy s went to fcc with att 3g bands i lost a little bit of interest in this phone.. now it isnt going to att? guess galaxy s will be my new android device.. since im going to it from an unlocked mytouch..

  • http://Website Jesse

    Actually U.S. Cellular is great. I don’t use them personally but most everyone here in Southest Missouri is on them if they aren’t on AT&T. I’m an AT&T user, and the N1 rocks, but if I were on USCC I’d be all over the Desire.

  • http://Website jaymelu

    None sense. The document shown is fake. check out the real one. http://forms.young-america.com/92738_Final_US196_English_1.5.10.pdf

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Looks like an older document.

    • http://Website jellyb

      definitely an older document. Look at the good thru dates.

  • http://Website Android FTW

    why would they put such a nice phone on such a shit carrier. I had USCC and they blow, had nothing but issues with them. I call them AT&T2. Sigh, this should be for T-Mobile. just my opinion :)

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  • http://Website brewcrew

    USCC scores higher than any other carrier for network performance in their markets. ATT and TMobile are garbage. If you want great national coverage you go VZW, if you live in a USCC market and are not a national traveler, you go USCC.

  • http://Website Aaron

    USCC uses VZW network for it’s national plans.

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