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If the X10 lands on AT&T, will anyone buy it?

Reading over the comments left on this site, it looks like the buzz has died down for the Sony Ericsson Experia X10. The phone was unveiled back in November, but no U.S. carriers have announced support for the device.

We have heard over and over that the X10 is almost guaranteed to appear on AT&T, but the carrier has been silent in a time that has many competing phones being announced.  A trusted source of Engadget is now claiming the X10 will finally appear on AT&T around late July.

It was originally pitched as a high-end phone, but the X10 still runs the aging Android 1.6 firmware. There have been signs that Sony Ericsson could update the phone to Android 2.1 this year, but that is not supposed to happen till September. Sony Ericsson also told us the X10 would not support multitouch, but other unofficial sources have offered conflicting reports.

With AT&T set to receive multiple high-end phones this year with Android 2.1 (Dell Streak 5, Samsung Galaxy S, Nexus One), how many are still thinking about Sony Ericsson? Does it need Android 2.1 before you would consider purchasing it? Does the multitouch support (or lack thereof) even matter?

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website Austin

    I’m just going to wait till I can port the UI to my G1, this phone is over hyped, over priced, and not appealing at all unless you’re a spastic teenage adolescent who enjoys the ADD-holding spiral UI.

    Granted and honestly it looks good, but let’s look at all the problems surfaced about it, the keyboard, the lack of updates, the price, no multi touch, it’s own individual market, the list goes on.

    Android moves to fast for hype, it’s not an Iphone that requires some one narrow minded designer to announce it every new year. It was cool for it’s one month, I’m over it now. The snap dragon processor, etc etc etc old news.

  • http://www.internetmarekting-news.de Jojo

    Just to let you know the situation in Germany:
    In Germany the X10 landed on every of the 3 big carriers and Sony Ericsson did a lot of tv advertising. Especially on DSDS (the german “american idol” version). So it will probably get some good sales figures over here. But Android 1.6 and a hefty price tag are a big disadvantages, while the HTC Desire is now available at two of the carriers … so far Android is not that well known in Germany and Sony Ericsson is advertising it as “with timescape” and doesn´t mention Android.

  • http://Website acethug01

    dude just totally discouraged me on this…apparently im still a spastic teenage adolescent

  • http://Website JAG

    no, i think i’ll better wait for HTC INCREDIBLE on t-mo, i bet is going to be less expensive, and much better

    • http://Website thescarletnecklace

      Too bad it’s exclusive to Verison…

  • http://Website jonathan_m

    HTC Incredible on T-MO?? how certain are you or anyone for that matter that it will be coming out on T-Mo?
    I have t-Mo tight now and i was thinking of cancelling my account and move over to verizon. Called them today… damn.. there expensive as hell!!. So if the incredible is goin to come to T-MO, ill just wait till then!

    • http://Website master

      htc increbible wont be on tmo its basically the nexus one but the cdma verison but with htc sense

  • http://www.mobilemartin.com/ Michael Martin

    I still have the review XPERIA X10 unit and use it as my main phone here in the US even though I can’t use 3G being that I have T-Mobile.

    I have been waiting for this phone for well over a year & yes it missed the boat by not debuting late last year as it should have.

    It would have set the bar for Android phones instead of just following the Nexus One/Incredible as it will be eclipsed by shortly by the Evo.

    Regardless of Android 1.6 being the current core of its UI – it still has the largest smartphone screen available & comparably impressive specs.

  • http://Website alongusername1

    If I lived in the US I would go for the HTC Incredible since everything is better compared to the X10, both the hardware and the software. Maybe the N1 if you want fast updates and lots of hacks.

    If the X10 had been released back in November as the first Android phone with a descent camera and a fast cpu together with a bit lower price it would probably had sold well but know, who would seriously pick the X10??? You must be insane to do that, and oh, I’m from Sweden haha :)

  • http://Website Androidawg

    Sony screwed the pooch with this one. Everyone has moved past this phone. In mobile you HAVE to strike while your hype is at it’s peak because something better is ALWAYS just around the corner. They blew it and this phone won’t sell. However, the only chance they have to succeed is by releasing with AT&T because AT&T has the least tech savvy customer base. All those folks want is something pretty to show their “girlfriends”. I will never have anything to say about AT&T, only really dumb people would pay to be punished by them.

  • http://Website thescarletnecklace

    Hell no! Mainly because of what AT&T has done/will do to rid their phones of the Google experience

  • brunswick000

    I have to agree with the fact that SE has basically let consumers down. Ive got an X10 ordered and im basically going to play with it for a few days and make minimal calls on it so I have the option to return it (Rogers). Ill know within a few days if I want to keep it or send it back. Im really loving the look of Samsungs Galaxy S and in my opinion SE making us all wait till Sept just to see if this device will be a real competitor is total BS! I think that google needs to step up and tell these companies and providers that they need to start stepping it up with providing updates to the most recent OS.

  • ectrigo

    Hi Guys , at 3 days ago I got Xperia X10 .. it´s AMAZING .. very quiclky and the interface and the periferics its wonderfull , Mult touch or not .. it´s the better from all !! Milestone , Htc or Iphone .. Besta Regards !!

  • http://Website Cheeba

    I`ve had this phone over in the uk from release date & I love it, to be fair it wasnt great when I first got it, battery life, keyboard etc…. but after the SE updates it fly`s Im not joking it rocks! my iphone 3gs is never in my pocket just the x10 divx on the 4″ screen looks the DB`s had a couple of days play with the iphone 4g wouldnt have it, as andriod is just smart:)

  • http://Website petraeus prime

    its funny, all the negative comments are from people who don’t realize that 2.1 (or 2.2) don’t really bring much to the phone, and are somehow stuck on 1.6 being a lower number than 2.2.

    All the positive comments are from people who actually HAVE the phone and love it.

    I love my x10, the ui is best of all android implementations, and the phone itself looks great, the camera is awesome, what else can i say

    my advice? once you get it, install juicedefender and a task manager/killer app. this phone is blazing fast with amazing battery life once you manage it properly.

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