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Lava rocks Android-powered Google TV

“We are the People of Lava. A Swedish company with a global vision. We are here to give you a window to the world.”

What is that window to the world? It’s called Scandinavia – the World’s first Android-based TV. The reports of a “Google TV” have been increasing, but this is the first time we have an official product with specs to look at.

The first model to ship will be a 42-inch configuration that costs around $2,500, followed by 47” and 55” units. Powering each device will be an ARM Cortex-A8 based processor, which puts it in line with several second generation Android phones. We know it is enough power to run Flash 10.1 so streaming full HD will be no problem.

The Scandinavia will ship with Android 1.5 and it can be upgraded through the internet. Some Google apps will be included with the TV (YouTube, Google Maps ,Weather, Time, Calendar, Internet Browser), but it looks like People of Lava will run their own app store.

Google does not support apps for TV sized displays (or even officially announced Android for TVs) so that is likely the reason for the alternative store. People of Lava say the open source community will provide the apps along with partners like Facebook and Twitter.

Each Scandinavia TV will be made of a unique blend of natural materials (such as stone and other materials) that will give it a ceramic finish that is “hard as a rock”.

No release date has been announced, but if they have already settled on Android 1.5 it can’t be that far around the corner. Chances are you might see one at a premium hotel before one ever shows up in your local Best Buy.

Hardware specs include:

  • 42“ / 47″ / 55″ MediaTV
  • Full-HD 1920*1080 pixels
  • Backlight LED
  • Processor: SOPC100 (Cortex A8) 833MHz
  • Wireless keyboard
  • Optional USB periphials
  • Operating voltage: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz


  • Built-in Android platform
  • Out of the box applications: YouTube, Google Maps, Weather, Time, Calendar, Internet Browser
  • Free downloadable applications: Facebook, Twitter, Mail… (With more coming on App Store)
  • OS: Android 1,5 Cupcake (upgradable through Internet)

Via: Facebook

Source: People of Lava

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    put this in category ipad aka the unnecessary expense category. Though if I ever decide to step up and quit home computers then maybe…

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    cant wait for cyanogen or someone to root this thing and make their own rom for it … LOL

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      You bet

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    prefer something that’s more realistic, I’m pertaining to the one made by google.

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    I dont see any hd cable inlets. Would be super cool if it were touch screen with the type of screen that doesn’t leave fingerprints.

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    Wiish I could teleport 10 yrs into the future…that way I could head down to walmart and piick up one of these bad bOys up on a hella of a deal! Lol. I’m all for thiis…eventually Ill have one someday…until the world catches up to AndriiOd. Can’t wait! xD

  • http://www.gooogle.in Mita

    Android is free, open-source. So we don’t have to go buy expensive hardware/software to run it. According to comScore findings , Android posted a 5.2 percent gain in markest share in the November 2009 — February 2010 time frame, considerably better than the likes of Apple.

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