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Motorola puts a new Twist on Android phone form factors

The Motorola Twist.

Our friend John from DroidDog leaked some photos of an unknown Motorola Android phone this weekend which were quickly pulled down (hint: they are real). Not much was known about the device till Android-France spotted the specs for a Motorola prototype which matches up nicely with the leaked pics.

Codenamed the Motorola Twist, this Android phone features a 2.8 inch QVGA display, 700 MHz TI OMAP 3410 processor, and a square form factor. The leaked pics look similar to the Motorola Backflip, but in a more compact size. The device could feature the same reverse-flip keyboard design of the Backflip, but the Twist name suggest something similar to the Nokia Twist.

Even though the phone comes in compressed form (67 x 67 x 15.8 mm), it should still pack quite a punch with its Texas Instruments OMAP 3410 processor. This CPU is similar to what was used in the Droid (ARM Cortex-A8), but it lacks the dedicated PowerVR graphics processor. The Droid’s OMAP3430 was underclocked at 550 MHz (600 default) whereas the Twist’s OMAP3410 is overclocked to 700 MHz (also 600 default). The major benefit of using an ARM Cortex-A8 based processor is the ability to run Adobe’s upcoming Flash 10.1.

The Twist is slated for a June release and the leaked documents indicate it will support AT&T 3G bands. AT&T already took a chance on an odd form factor with the Backflip, so they should have no issues bringing us another unique Android phone.

Leaked specs of the Motorola Twist.

Via: DroidDog

Source: Android France

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  • SliestDragon

    It took dev. long enough to scale they’re apps from a small rectangle to a bigger rectangle, how long will it take for them to make their app a square…no wonder the word “fragmentation” is thrown around so much.

    • http://www.nexsoftware.net nEx.Software

      My opinion… A screen that small is not able to handle most apps, and most developers will disregard it as a something not worth the time and effort to support. I am sure many apps will work… but most games won’t work so well. Technically speaking, devs have everything they need to support qvga now and should as there are qvga devices out there… but we all know the chances that is being considered on the broad scale are slim.

  • http://Website Brandon

    The most incredible thing is enough people working at Motorola thought this was a good idea for it to be made. Blur is such an epic failure I guess they figured they should fail on form factor as well.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Looks like the successor to the Motocube. I’ve heard this is a very successful phone among teenagers in certain markets, so I see how they could achieve decent sales worldwide. I just find the choice of hardware a bit odd; I guess this might be the first high(ish)-end device with a low-dpi screen.

    Also, notice the screen is not square; it’s QVGA, like the Tattoo, the X10 Mini, and a few others. Notable difference is that it’s landscape in its natural state, but given the device’s form factor, I don’t think it’ll be awkward at all to use it in portrait mode.

  • http://Website AntonioFox

    Honestly… As strange as the “Twist” looks I am glad for it… I currently own a Moto Cliq and have been waiting for android 2.1 for some time. To see Motoblur running in tangent with android 2.1 gives me renewed hope once more for a timely upgrade regarding my device.
    I may be one of the few people that actually enjoys Motoblur, yet android 2.1 solves many of the problems Motoblur was supposed to fix…
    I shall be interested to see just how this new version of Motoblur turns out being that Motoblur just really is not needed anymore…

    • http://Website chris

      You’re not the only one who likes motoblur. The biggest thing for me is syncing FB contacts and news feeds, but I agree that this also gives me hope for 2.1 on my Cliq in the near future…

  • http://Website Vladimir Kelman

    [email protected] will cripple this phone the same way they did it to Backflip. It will include a bunch of undeleteable [email protected] crap, so there will be no place for other appspot anyway.

    • http://Website treefq

      Moto has already said they are not into the Modding. If you want to control your handset get an HTC. So if you go with Moto and AT&T, you have only yourself to blame.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Not that I enjoy any of those apps, but “undeletable” apps are kept on your system partition. They won’t take any of your data space.

  • http://Website Ally Weir

    i was getting excited that this new look motoblur was the 2.1 update all us CLIQ owners have been waiting for but from that spec sheet it is still 1.5 just new looks.


    tbh i dont mind waiting longer as long as 2.1 actually runs faster than the swimming in mud that android is on moto CLIQ/DEX

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