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Motorola updates Android 2.1 timeline, no Devour upgrade is planned yet

Motorola posted an updated schedule listing the timelines of Android 2.1 upgrades for their smartphone lineup. Several additions have been made since we last saw the list including the new Backflip, CLIQ XT, and Devour.

The CLIQ XT is essentially the same device as the original CLIQ (minus the keyboard) so it is no surprise that it will be updated in Q2 2010. AT&T’s Backflip also features the same internals of the CLIQ, but it has several customizations added by the carrier that will delay its update to Q3.

Rounding out the trio of new devices is the Verizon Devour, which has no upgrade planned at this time and is under evaluation. The Devour has a different processor than the CLIQ and Backflip so this is the likely reason why it still has no timeline for an upgrade to  Android 2.1. Thankfully, the Devour at least shipped with Android 1.6 (vs 1.5 on other Moto phones) which should make the wait for 2.1 a little easier.

The updated Android 2.1 schedule from Motorola.

Via: Phandroid

Source: Motorola

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  • http://Website Dave

    It’s ok, Motorola…even though I do have a backflip now, I will have long since upgraded to a superior phone by the time you decide to go to 2.1…plus, there is a good chance that a newer version will be released before then, putting you even further behind the curve. Hope that motoblur customization is working out for you…

  • http://Website Dave

    What about the Eris? Does that have the same timeframe as the Droid?

    • http://Website Tim

      The Eris is a HTC phone, so it wont be on this sheet. But the 2.1 leak is in the wild, so it should be sometime soon that we see 2.1 for the Eris. I am betting after the Incredible comes out with the new Sense, something should pop up about the Eris.

  • http://Website Malcolm Northrup

    I have a month old Droid Eris with Android 1.5. Is it in the cards this will be upgraded. If not it.s sure strange to be selling it as a ‘Droid’. By the way I love the phone even with it’s limits as to apps.

  • http://www.mattdemers.com Matt Demers

    Finally! Sometime before June 30th!

  • http://www.stephen-coley.com Stephen Coley

    And as a poor forgotten about UK Dext user, this latest bit of ‘news’ from Motorola offers us absolutely nothing!!! I’ve staunchly defended this company for a long time, but even my patience is wearing a bit thin now… And I’m not alone.

    • http://Website coggy9

      Don’t worry….just root your phone and you’ll be able to download a rooted 2.1 update once we get our hands on it. :)

  • http://Website Kyle

    And still no update on mytouch?

  • http://Website stewart w.

    GUYS. This is strictly for Motorola Phones, not HTC.

  • http://Website Ms. Matrix

    Cool, I’m looking forward to it. I’m wondering what the new update will bring.

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  • http://Website Anonamyous

    About time…….

  • http://Website anonymous

    Last time I’m buying a Motorola. Supported you to get screwed? Everyone one else is on 1.6 and above and my CLIQ is still on 1.5. Talk about taking care of your customers.

    • Dysfunkton

      I’m in the same boat as the rest of the CLIQ users out there. Motorola has not done well with their customers. I’m not buying another of their android phones.

  • http://yahoo.com gene

    i have the devour i love it i wish they had android 2.1 for it thought because i have both phones though the droid and the devour

  • http://www.marcdandoy.com mark

    I’m hoping for the 2.2 update on the Devour.

  • http://Website jamie

    Is it ever going to get a 2.1

  • http://Website do bo

    it should at least be at 1.6 by now. at least then, it would have gps voice-navigation capabilities.

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  • http://Website pat

    it is august any word on android 2.X for the cliq XT?

  • http://Website Urashia

    when is there gonna be an 2.1 update for the cliq xt

  • http://Website XmaX

    quand meme un peu décu de pas avoir de mise a jour 2.1 devour.. surtout si on parle de processeur… le Droid qui est ready 2.1 n’a qu’un processeur 550mhz tandis que le Devour a un 600mhz.. pourquoi dénigrer un si beau telephone.. :(