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Multi-answers about Xperia X10 multitouch

We were a little surprised last month when the Sony Ericsson PR team confirmed to us that their Xperia X10 would not support multitouch gestures. It was thought to be a limitation of the hardware and future versions of Android would never enable it. Now we have conflicting information from a “man on the inside” that claims the X10 will receive Android 2.1 this September and it will in fact include multitouch.

With no U.S. launch date in site, the point may be moot by now. Even if the X10 gets multitouch in September, it will surely be overshadowed by newer devices like the Incredible, EVO 4G, Galaxy S, and so forth.

Is anyone out there still willing to plop down the cash to pick up the X10 if it ever comes out? Does the addition of multitouch change your mind at all or has the X10 outlived its own hype?

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Source: mobiles.co.uk

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  • http://blog.artesea.co.uk Ryan Cullen

    Heard the same thing from Sony Ericsson this week. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • http://Website robertoMZ

      hey guys i’ve found a way to replace mediascape with Eclair’s defaut gallerya!! the one that have the 3d efects and all of that without rooting your phones, also it gaves the phone some multitouch capacity, that proves that SE personal just say lies about the the lack of multitouch by deafault in our greats x10 phones chec the vid —> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVDsa3swlSs

  • http://Website Kevin

    Multi-touch isnt very important to me…. love the x10 and would get the unlocked roger version as soon as the supplies have it in stock..

    • http://Website Chris

      The problem isn’t so much whether or not the phone is good as it is whether or not the carrier is good. I think it’s safe to say that Rogers is not a very good carrier, if not a horrible carrier.

      Maybe dumping down $600 or so dollars on the Nexus would be a better deal. I myself am interested in a new phone as well and am thinking of going unlocked instead.

    • http://Website kriss

      I like this phone, even before its debut, because of its classiness — and it looks like not the usual ‘geeky phone’ we have. The only problem is its android is only 1.6 (too bad because it has a good 8mp cam) This is certainly a great new.
      First Concept Xperia X10..

  • http://Website Se7en2

    I’m one of the many individuals who lusted after this phone when it started making the rounds however many months ago. However, with still no release date, and better phones soon to be released, I have no intention of getting this even if it hits stores tomorrow. Had they released it before all the phones you mentioned were announced, I would have definitely purchased one. Given the better phones soon-to-be released (I’m looking at you, EVO 4G), I can wait.

    • http://Website thegreattaurus

      Just like you I lusted after the X10 and was dissapointed. However with no true successor to the G1 I can’t keep playing the waiting game and wait for the galaxy S pro. I bought the x10 for 530 usd on ebay. When the Galaxy S pro comes out I will sell my x10 and get it.

      • http://Website Torin

        Well now there’s a G2!

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  • http://Website Kennon

    I am pretty sure you meant MOOT point. Otherwise thank you for rekindling my interest in the X10. Now if only they would actually release the stupid phone some people might buy it.

    • http://Website bryan

      the phone has been out for 2 weeks now

  • http://Website michael

    I would be willing to get one. The multi touch is not a selling point for me, it still looks like a great device.

  • http://www.nashvilletn-real-estate.com Dean Williams

    At this point, I almost feel they should scrap the X10 and just release the mini with a QWERTY keyboard. I think my wife would REALLY like that phone. Powerful enough for her, sleek and “sexy”, but with a QWERTY, which she desperately wants.

    The MT Slide isn’t something she’s excited about.

  • http://Website le
  • http://Website elarella

    I was really excited about the X10 when it was announced last November. The onset of new phones made me loose interest in it, but was regained when talk about the release date(s) were in sight. I was thinking of getting the X10i for T-mobile USA, but decided on the Nexus One when I found out that multi touch cannot be enabled due to hardware restrictions. Multi-touch wasn’t too high on my list, but since a lot of apps and future updates may utilize this feature, I decided to settle on the Nexus One. Google is leaving future upgrades to the discretion of the manufacturers and with my experience with past SE products, they are pretty slow when it comes to upgrades and with the advent of Froyo coming out, I feel that the Nexus One will be first in line to get it.

  • http://Website Yuri Andropov

    I’m a Windows Mobile fan who bought a Nexus One and is loving it. Sony Ericsson is doing exactly what it did with the Xperia X1. They announced way early and by the time it got to market, it was beaten out by competitors with similar or better phones for less money. SE then drops overpriced, poor-selling phone like a hot rock and lets users fend for themselves with little or no software updates. If Mediascape and Timescape turn out to be any good, someone on XDA will package them for the Droid and Nexus One. Otherwise, Sony Ericsson is completely irrelevant.

  • http://Website treefq

    My mom is on AT&T and she needs a new phone. She is still sporting a Razor. I am going to tell here to get the samsung.

  • http://Website scoopo16

    This phone is available here full spec and demo shows it will be running android 1.6 with media scape overlay hope this helps some people


  • http://spruiked.posterous.com Brett

    Too little too late. The X10 was supposed to launch here in Indonesia a month ago, but they delayed it. I picked up the HTC Hero instead and am more than happy with that.

  • http://Website Yianni

    I know your main audience is US but i thought you are a global site.. I already have the white and many others in Europe have it., So yes, there are some “out there still willing to plop down the cash to pick up the X10 if it ever comes out”!

  • http://Website Luiz

    I have X10 and Desire, I just bought here in Europe to test it and then stay with one and sell other.
    X10 has a beautiful design, however its hard to fit in your pocket because of the squared corners. The processor of 1Ghz in X10 is something good during browser. However I can see some hangs and lags using it. I tested both phones, and Desire is faster than X10. HTC Sense is really beautiful, it make you fell good :)
    I think that I’ll not wait this 2.1 update for X10, so my choice is Desire.

  • http://Website Brad

    Sorry, I think this phone is missed the boat. Why did SE have to announce this a year before it gets released? Doesn’t make sense to create so much hype and then after all of that it only releases with Android 1.6?

    I’m still cautious about the multi-touch issue. How can the X10 support it if it is not supported by hardware? Will this be a hardware change and if so, will it delay the already delayed release date?

    As nice as the phone looks, I think SE have missed the boat. HTC are announcing phones like the Incredible and EVO 4G which beat the X10 hands down and they release the phones within a few months after announcing it. HTC are also releasing the phones with the latest Android OS.

    I’m still not even sure if the X10 has a digital compass, this is something that has been missed off every specification listing for the X10.

  • http://Website Ray

    I bought an Xperia X10 here in the UK a few months ago having had Nokia handsets for years. (Wish I had stayed with Nokia). Read on …

    A major drawback is the difficulty when attempting to answer the damn thing while driving. It is pretty well impossible and this phone is not user friendly in that regard.

    You cannot set it to one button answer. Try looking at that screen and see if you can guide a finger in the appropriate direction while driving?!

    Battery life is awful, even while keeping Bluetooth switched off all day.

    Trying to text is a joke.

    This is not an intuitive phone and having had this phone for a few months and read the instructions, I will now look to sell it – which is a pity. The media hype and press have given it good reviews due to gizmos, but in my experiences, I will give it a 2 out of 10 for above reasons and others not (yet) mentioned.

    From my experiences as a business user, I wish I had not bought an Experia X10.

  • http://Website fluorman

    Dear all,

    I have a Xperia X10 and recently I tested Opera and discovered that multitouch work on it. Could someone else try the zoom fuction in Opera and confirm that multitouch work on her phone?

    If this work for someone else that mean (I haven’t hacked my phone) the phone support it, it’s just a question of development to implement the multitouch (or it’s a bug in Operam but a nice bug).

    Best regards

  • http://Website Steve

    Ive had my X10 for about 2 weeks now. And trust me, the first thing i did was update the phone once i bought it. the phone still lags, especially when using the camera and mediascape. the battery is okay. But this phone still lacks multi-touch. i downloaded snesoid and nesoid, and multi-touch would be so fuckin perfect to have on the device. too bad its going to be single touch forever. if your waiting for an upgrade or a new phone. FUCKIN WAIT for the iphone 4. Dont fuck up like me.

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  • http://Website ken

    have to buy this phone if it’s has multi touch

  • http://Website Daniel

    infact x10 supports DUAL touch that means (2 fingers only). well every multi touch devices uses 2 fingers so dualtouch is gonna work. u can test dual touch by trying to pinch google map or try to experiment with the opera browser

  • http://Website Sh9shir

    The truth is the X10′s capacitive screen supports true multitouch up to 5 points, however android 1.6 does not, by default. After android 2.0, multitouch was enabled by default, so that is when the X10 will get true multitouch and not a “dual touch” bypass. (dual touch isn’t true multitouch as the screen right now reports only one point to android 1.6 because 1.6 can’t support more than one. so it ‘reads’ or calculates the two points on the screen using the registered point on the screen.)

  • http://Website HQ

    its run in opra multitouch wooooooooooooooooooooooooow :D :D :D :D :D
    im soo hapy for my x10 woooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  • http://Website david davidson

    I got this phone on contract through virgin, they “sold” the device as top of the range model. GREAT! I thought.. the phone arrived two days later, to my suprise it wouldnt connect to the internet. After an hour phone call to virgin they revealed that the phone was that new that they had not received there correct internet data plan yet, and i should check back next month. Yeah.. best phone on the market! My next dissapointment came when i was playing with the phone. Rubbish batt, major lag, no multitouch! Really poor sound level incall. Not to mention having to click on a contact 3 times to ring them (owners know what i mean)

    Now we are running ridiculusly outdated software with no sign of it getting sorted anytime soon. Worst of all im stuck with the x10 for two years! As this is my contract with virgin. With no trade of phone aloud! There sales man who “also owned the phone” didnt tell me all this when i signed, for if he did own an x10 he would have, without a doubt steered me far away from this phone like you’d steer your wife away from a unlimited creditcard for a prestigus clothes store.

    So to conclude, i am your sales man for the x10, i own this phone. For the love of god, stay away from it like you would from a loved up lepper looking for a hug!

  • http://?? 붕양

    멀티 터치가 된다구요 안 된다구요?

  • http://www.funzillion.com FunZillion

    I’ve recently bought an X10 and dont think that there is a big deal not to have multi touch in it.
    Before i was using iphone and i dont find it difficult to operate X10 without multi touch.

  • Rob O

    I realize its glitchy, but a phone is a phone is a phone, I beieve software is the only factor in order to have it run better and be more enjoyable. Each phone seems to be outdated quickly, I am optimistic the android update will bump this phone up to sit comfortably with the big boys. I love the possibilities, I already view my home alarm anywhere I am… I’m not giving up on ericsson yet, I used the w810i for years, and will continue to show my support…

  • http://aaaa aaa

    SE is fucking company basteds r there ? even my dog can make a good software update

  • http://Website linda

    I really wish ihadnt got the xperia x10 here in the uk we are still waiting for the upgrade to 2.1 so cant get flash could do on my old nokia, so many phones out there a billion times better . All the hype by sony ericsson , never ever again .

  • http://Website Raze.JK

    well yeah. if the multitouch doesnt come out soon im gonna sell it and buy iPhone 4 or Blackberry Storm.