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New Android Market appears in 2.2 firmware

It looks real to me. Our friend Rob from Phandroid has posted some pics of a T-Mobile myTouch 3G running a test version of the Android 2.2 firmware. Not a lot of new information was revealed, but image gives us a preview of a newer Android Market.

It appears the next update to the Market will allow for automatic updating of select apps. A check box is located on the app detail page which allows the user to toggle this feature on and off. This was a major gripe for many Android users, so it is nice to see Google address it.

We know Android 2.2 is coming and new versions of the Market have been tied with firmware upgrades in the past. Hopefully all will be revealed at next month’s Google I/O conference.

Allow automatic updating.

Via: Phandroid

Source: 4chan

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  • http://Website Carloswithac

    Lol @ 4chan being the source.

    • http://Website eena

      hahaha i know, i love it

  • http://Website Furret

    Good… I’m really glad to know there’s another feature I won’t get on my Hero…

  • http://www.facebook.com/JosefPitts AstrayP02

    More fragmentation on the way folks. Stay tuned

  • http://Website @darifresh

    So simple.

    Thank goodness. They finally figured it out

  • http://nickedynick.blogspot.com Nickedynick

    Hurrah! And on a Magic too! Hopefully this means my G1 still has some life left in it :-)

  • http://Website drksilenc

    u mean great another feature u will have on your hero because this update is being pushed to all android phones. and more to the point is that this patch fixes fragmentation because android is just the core and the core can be upgraded without everything else from this point forward

  • Killa

    So I guess this is why there was never any talk about the MT3G getting 2.1 lately. Its getting 2.2 instead, right?

  • http://Website Jonathan Lozinski

    If there isn’t an update for the magic uk to 2.0+ before my contract runs out, then I’m afraid I ain’t getting another android phone. 2 year contract, no update? Sorry, no thanks.

    • http://Website dave

      Surely the sensible response is to just not get another 2 year deal again?

  • http://Website m.H

    Here is my email to HTC after hero update joke.
    (( OK Im going to buy a htc incredibl and enjoy android 2.1 but after a few months android 2.2 or whatever released and again I should waiting for another damn update.you know in android these damn waiting never ends.THE ALL USEFUL LIFE CYCLE OF A HIGH END ANDROID PHONE IS AT LAST 4 OR 6 MONTHS.LIKE MY htc HERO )).AND now here is HTC respond.
    (( Hi, I’m Victor, and I will be glad to assist you today.Thank you for your interest in the new HTC Incredible device. At this time we have no information on when the Android 2.1 update will be released for the Hero device. Once the update is released it will be pushed to your device as an over the air update or it will be posted on our support site for your device. I do apologize for all the inconvenience that this issue may has caused you )).
    All these problems just remind me windows mobile updating issue. I really love Android but now the only thing Android needs is a updating system like windows phone 7 otherwise it became another windows mobile.

    • http://Website JaylanPHNX

      Perhaps if your email had contained anything resembling grammar, you would have gotten a more favorable response. Do me a favor and don’t vote.

  • http://alostpacket.com/ alostpacket

    To all those with gripes about fragmentation, Google is working on the issue, and I seriously doubt the Hero will get left out in the code. Give it some time, or if you really, really cant’ wait and want 2.1+, go ahead and root and install cyanogen’s mods.

    I know these aren’t perfect solutions, but considering Google is working on a solution to fragmentation and you have the root option, it’s really not as bleak and some people make it out to be.

  • http://Website Tzille

    I believe, that this 2.2 will be the next update, not the 2.1. Just saying.

    • http://Website Tzille

      For the 1st Gen Devices, they might just skip 2.1. thats what i meant

  • stalker

    what is the release date.. anybody got any?

    • http://Website Mocha K

      On another post it said May 19th.

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  • http://Website George

    Man android first place windows 2 and symbyan 3

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  • Patrick

    Where do u download this?????? I I’ve been looking for this for like ever..email me with a link or the direct download plzzzz

  • Bob

    What version is this market?

  • yashar

    Android 2.2 market download