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Official Apps2SD support “coming soon” to Android

Android’s dirty little secret may finally be put to rest soon. Ever since the G1 was released, users have been asking Google to provide a solution which would allow them to store applications on their microSD card. Google finally confirmed they were working on the issue when they launched the Nexus One and now it looks like the fix is in.

The infamous Issue 1151 on the Android Google Code page has been updated from assigned to future release. A Googler named San who made the status change left the following note.

Apologies, but I’m not permitted to disclose scheduling information – suffice to say
it’s coming soon :)

Sorry for being vague, and thank you for your continued patience – I sincerely
appreciate it.

Happy friday :)SanAndroid engineer

I don’t know what Google’s definition of soon is, but they are hosting their biggest developer’s conference next month in San Francisco. We already predicted Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1 would be unveiled during Google I/O so there is a small possibility we could see the apps2SD solution in a couple of weeks.

[Thanks Tom for the tip]

Source: Google Code

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  • juanito

    Keep. Hope. Alive.

    Is yesterday too soon?

    This will be great fro stock phones.

  • http://Website Darkseider

    Oh I so can’t wait for this. Apps2SD, Froyo, Flash 10.1, auto updating market, all that’s left is some way for an Android device to make me coffee on demand.

  • http://Website CeZ

    Good, this is exactly why I got the nexus one rather than one with htc sense UI. Bring on the OTA

    • http://Website Inspiron41

      OTA??? heck i’ll install the 2.2 version myself. just like the 2.1 update-1 version!! way too impatient to wait for the OTA lol!!

  • http://www.toddmoses.com Todd Moses

    Yea, this is one of the bad things we have to deal with as early adopters. However, there was worse things when the PC was new and we all survived.

    I would not of given up my Apple IIc in 1986 just because the GUI had not come to the masses yet.

    • http://Website Inspiron41

      my first was ibm p/2. that thing only had 100 mb. it’s sad now that i think of it. but it’s amazing how things changed so fast.

  • http://Website Eurotrash

    SAAAAWEEEEET! All these “supposed” tech writers are always ripping the N1 and saying it was a failure for Google? Well, BRING! ON the Apps2SD, Froyo and Flash! I’m loving my “crappy” N1 …….Good luck with that incredible “cents” UI that will be stuck at 2.1 for the next 2 years……

    • http://Website Inspiron41

      i’m sure they’ll leak a mod version of 2.2 for incredible in less than a month.

      • http://Website eurotrash

        Of course, although I don’t think it will be as soon as a month. But that is for people like us that root our phones. I am talking about the general public and loser CDMA type peeps…..

    • http://Website Eddie Android

      Yeah I love my “crappy” N1 too. Sucks for those ball lickers Verizon and their short lived “Droids” ( “cough” Droid Eris “cough” never got 2.1 “cough”) N1 is paving the way

      • dezvous

        Hahah, Damn can’t we all just be one big happy Android family? Who cares who’s got what phone? We’ve all got an Android phone! No need to splinter the fanbase, that’s good for no one.

        I still love my “jawesome” G1 rooted with N1 2.1.

        • http://Website KwietStorm

          I guess this is the whole ‘fragmentation’ thing I keep reading about. Har har. ..

  • http://Website bubbles kitten prrr

    Bubbles likes official apps on sd support. I love google

  • http://Website adam

    hope it comes out in android 2.2 or 2.5 aka froyo update

  • http://Website zamt

    does that mean the g1 can get more more updates?

  • http://Website Dylan Andersen

    This is huge. Looks like during this year’s fireside chat, Justin doesn’t have to flood the question board with this question, huh? HAhaha. Gonna be an amazing keynote this year.

  • http://Website adam

    hope this come out to android 2.2 os for the cliq

  • stalker

    thats great news.

  • http://Website Leigh

    Good news no doubt, however PROXY SUPPORT PROXY SUPPORT PROXY SUPPORT for wifi networks, not being able to use the phone at work is a major downside on my N1 at the moment

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  • http://Website Me

    Im willing to be that Apps2sd wont be reliant on Froyo, because Im sure a lot of early phones wont get Froyo, look how long its taking to get even 2nd gen Android phones(Hero, Eris, etc.) to even get Eclair.

  • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

    Too little, too late. I’ve given up hope on a 2.x update for the G1; don’t know who should be taking most of the fault, but I’m quite disappointed with all parties–T-Mobile, HTC, and Google. Older phones like the G1 are the ones that need this kind of hack/workaround the most, but I think it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see it, unfortunately. I guess that’s the price you pay as an early adopter, but it feels like we’re getting abandoned.

    What annoys me most is that on the other side of the fence, the early iPhone adopters didn’t get screwed–the original iPhone from 2007 has received every software update through today’s current version, 3.1.3. The upcoming 4.0 is the end of the line for updates for the original iPhone, but at least Apple has been clear about which phones are getting the update. T-Mobile, HTC, and Google haven’t confirmed or denied update rumors–they’ve just left it at a wishy-washy “maybe”. Makes it very difficult to make up my mind on a hardware upgrade, because with the exception of the limited memory, I really do like the G1′s hardware. Don’t really care about front-facing cameras or giant AMOLEDs or battery-hungry CPUs–I just care about memory for apps, because apps are what makes Android better than all the other platforms.

    FWIW, I am currently running Cyanogen 4.1.x with Apps2SD on my G1, and it’s the way Android should have been all along. An almost unlimited amount of space to take advantage of those 50k apps. Only drawback is that even though I’m using a Class 6 microSDHC card, it still feels slower than running apps from internal memory.

    • http://Website Jerry

      stop lying, each progressive iphoneOS has in essence been banned to the previous iphones. Of course if you have your iphone unlocked this isn’t an issue. Also go buy a class 10 card.

      • http://Website Steven

        don’t complain, I had a G1 also and got frustrated with it at times. But then guess what I did to solve the problem? Bought another phone! (nexus one) Now I am as happy as can be

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  • SpykeZ

    Does this mean installing and running apps off the sd card?

  • http://www.cto.med.br Olavo MOretzsohn

    That´s is the right way for Google to be the first at the smartphones market!!! more spaces for apps…my milestone is allways full…!! app2SD now!! app2SD now!!!

    Great Googlers!! hands work!!


  • http://Website Roland

    I need the space on my N1, I only have 48mb

  • NexusOne

    Now this is what I like to hear! I hated rooting my G1 back in the day in order for this to work. Looks like there is one more thing to keep me from rooting my N1.

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  • http://Website Mohammad RAfiee

    there is no benefit in it cause i don’t have 2.2 firmeware why it is not compatible with all versions i still have that prolem and it is not solved for me

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