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Official Twitter for Android now available

First we hinted, then we confirmed, now we install. Today Twitter announced that their Android client is now available for download. Full impressions are coming soon, but we wanted to share with our readers that the app is out.

Unfortunately, the official Twitter requires Android 2.1 or greater.

Twitter also shared that they had a great time working with the Android team. In the near future, Google will be open sourcing the code used in this app so that developers can create new experiences using the Twitter APIs.

My guess is we see Twitter fully integrated in Android 2.2 (similar to Facebook and 2.1). Twitter for Android adds the ability to sync all your existing accounts and updates under the Android accounts setting.

ss-actions ss-contacts local search ss-map ss-share ss-timeline

Source: Twitter

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  • http://twitter.com/therickyrescue Ricky Olivares

    Oh it looks so cool! Too bad it’s only 2.1 and above. :o

  • http://davidgiesberg.com David Giesberg

    I’ve been playing with it, and I’m digging it so far. It even has the address book integration like Facebook! Curious to see how performance will be like over time, but I’m encouraged.

  • http://Website geekosphere101

    haha, I JUST paid for the full version of Touiteur this afternoon. Oh well. Downloading the official app now.

    • http://Website Inspiron41

      you can return paid apps for a refund in 24hrs of purchase

    • http://Website dave

      Don’t you get 24 hours to get a refund?

    • http://Website daniel

      uninstall…24 hours to get refund!! :-)

  • http://Website victor

    still pissed that there’s no twitter app on android that will actually caption my picture uploads on its corresponding twitpic page. as far as this app is concerned, there’s no way to edit a retweet unless you type the whole RT manually. syncing is cool, but there’s way too much that needs to be added.

    • http://Website Franklin van Velthuizen

      For the people that like the old style of retweeting: I just uploaded a small application onto the Market called ‘Retweet’. If you share a tweet with that application, it sends back the tweet to the official app using the old style! :)

    • John

      Hey Victor…i know you posted this comment a long time ago but wanted to make sure you knew about Tweetcaster… excellent Twitter. they have a free version that has ads in it… I loved the free one so much i actually paid for the version with no ads.

  • http://Website lazaro

    the sync features will replace your contacts name with their twitter names on your address book. pretty annoying as I don’t know anyones twitter names by heart

  • http://Website tk

    Anyone know if you can install this if you are running the latest Cyanogen ROM (thats 2.1 based) on a G1?

    • Lane

      Yes, I’m running both right now.

  • Vineares

    wtb this for 1.6 : /

  • http://Website @darifresh

    i installed this with damagecontrol rom on my hero without a problem

    its cute but its nowhere near as good as the other options just yet

  • abronia

    I just installed this on my N1 and it’s awesome. I love the animated background.

  • http://Website shmengie

    yes, thank god it’s only for 2.1 and above. we wouldn’t want anyone to actually have access to it.

    • http://twitter.com/AddyR Addison

      there are more phones in the wild running 2.1 now than 1.6.
      and theres always ROM’s.

    • http://Website Gomer

      Right, because we should limit all developers to creating half-tarded apps just so cheap-ass owners of the G1 can hold onto their phones for another 5 years. Get over yourself. Get a new phone, or load up a new ROM, and quit your crying.

      • http://Website Craig

        Okay Gomer why don’t you calm you nerd self down. First I have and love a MyTouch 3G. It runs 1.6 and I’ve had it less than a year. I bought it the day it came out. So yes I am upset. I don’t expect this phone to be up to date for “another five years”, but it would be kinda nice for it to make one year. That’s really not too much to ask from Google. At least not if they intend to keep me as a customer.

      • http://Website Danny

        Whoah, dial down the piss-poor attitude a notch, will you? The G1 isn’t the only phone stuck on a pre-2.1 build. In fact, the majority of android devices out there are running 1.5 or 1.6. I’m a bit curious as to why this app is eclair only and can’t be at least donut-compatible.

      • mitchk

        We’re not “cheap-ass” owners of phone, we fell in love with Android with their first phones they produced and have been using them for a while now and when they bring out new apps that are what make a phone (I mean an official twitter app is quite important to alot of android users) for them to limit this to 2.1 is pretty sucky…

        And yes I could pay to buy a nexus for £400 but unfortunately im tied into a 24 months contract I cant just throw that to side every time a new phone comes out…. As much as id love to its impossible to keep up to date with the newest android device, im sure you’ll be complaining in 6 months when an app come out and you’re phone is stuck on an unfortunate 2.X version with no more updates *meeeh* dont call us cheap arse ¬¬

      • http://Website James

        i wonder if Twitter realizes that it’s missing out on nearly 73% of all android devices with this new app. hmmmm

  • http://Website Russ

    How do I manually link/unlink contact info?

    • http://blog.tenkely.net tenkely

      Get to the edit screen for the contact then hit the menu button. you will have join/unjoin options from there.

  • http://Website Addison

    It’s nice, and it looks beautiful, but Twidroid Pro is better still.
    I’m going to keep it installed for the integration features, and use Twidroid most of the time, the same way I use Facebook and Bloo.

  • http://Website Jaymoon

    Looks nice. Works pretty good on my Hero with a 2.1 ROM.

  • http://Website greg

    Right now I’m so upset with Verizon.I bought the Droid Eris in February.I was told the 2.1 update would take place in the first quarter.Still no update and all the good apps are for 2.1.So I guess my money was wasted on the Eris.I may switch to At&t and get a I phone.I’m tired of all the lies from Verizon.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I don’t recall Verizon ever saying an Android 2.1 upgrade would be available in Q1.

    • http://Website kay

      Google or search the android communities to upgrade ur eris to 2.1. Modmymoto.com is good for that stuff

  • http://androidsgirl.com mobil3gen

    No support for multiple accounts yet

  • http://Website Seba

    I read everywhere that the app only works on 2.1 and above, but I was able to installed it from the Market on 2.01 (I’m in Argentina).
    Anyway, I like the app so far.

  • @darifresh

    I’m really lost as to why people still want anything made 1.5 or 1.6 . I understand feeling left behind (believe me i have a hero), but truthfully its not logical. We all knew Google has been playing catch up,(or leave behind depending on if you’re an android fan/stan) and I for one welcome the speedy advancements they’ve been making. IDK about y’all but when I see Iphone and RIM talk about new versions I’m underwhelmed.

    **I remember earlier in the year google acknowledging how this whole situation sucks but that at 2.1/2.2 that they would be slowing down and fixing the whole “lets leave behind the loyal and bless the bandwagon” movement they’re currently on…is that still true (was it a dream?)

    ***i guess i should have a point or message to this stream-of-consciousness type comment so umm.. when it comes to google ROMS and hardware rule…stop letting the carrier rule you and start letting the devs lol

  • http://Website kay

    Eh, I think it looks really cool, but twidroid is still better. I hope this twitter app keeps updating to add auto @ for names, reply all, etc

  • http://plankhead.com Zacqary Adam Green

    With no multiple accounts, a 5 minute minimum refresh rate, and a few other missing features, it’s no replacement for a Pro version of Twidroid or Touiteur, but I don’t think that’s what Twitter was aiming for. It’s good to have installed (and with notifications disabled) for the contact sync and search abilities, while actually using a more fully-featured client on the side.

    Of course, my multiple-account situation is probably more ideal than some others’ may be; I have a public and private account, but everyone I follow with the private account is also followed by my public one, so I don’t miss any contacts in the sync. Others may have a different configuration, and be less fortunate.

    I’d love it if the new Twitter field in Android contacts could be mapped to Twidroid or Touiteur, though.

  • http://Website kris

    I would love to try it out … but unfortunately im still running 1.6 because tmobile hasnt updated there phones yet.. when is 2.1 getting here for tmo

  • mitchk

    Uh 2.1 and above… Thats so ridiculous *meh* wishes for update D:

  • http://Website KZ

    Runs just fine on 2.1 / Cyanogenmod, but after checking it out for a few hours, I find myself going back to Twicca which for my personal preference is the best of the options out there.

    For this “official” client, seems like Twitter tried to make it look graphically pleasing, and almost to the point it mimics the twitter website. I think the trade-off was usability unfortunately. The UI and functionality are all over the place I found. I’m sure they’ll improve these things as the updates come out.

    Twicca, btw @victor does have a separate market download for a Twitpic plug in that integrates very nicely, and actually adds the tweet as a caption to the Twitpic image.

  • http://Website sheilla

    there is so many apps for twitter.. how due you know which one other then going by the stars?? thanks

  • http://Website KZ

    @sheilla … well, a lot of them are free, or have free-versions of their full pay product. you could download them and give them a real-world test drive. Really on the way to go since, a good chunk of usability depends on how YOU use twitter which may be totally different from how others use it (as you can see in some of the posts above)

    Not to promote any of these here or to influence you, but my list at the top are: twicca, Touiteur (free), Hootsuite, Twitdroid, then Twitter.

  • http://Website Dave

    Why doesn’t androidandme’s URL shortening work in it?

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  • http://xxxxx Marcelo Calderon Sacoto

    TThis it is a maid place to meet people

  • bilal

    I am doing research on twitter and for that i need to install its official version on my Android emulator 2.2

    I have installed emulator + Android Market but twitter official version is not listed in the market list and i also try to download through web site but it does not work?
    Kindly let me know how can i install twitter official version provided by Android?

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